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Cohen, Mordecia and Ruth Rivka S. Soskriceky - Descendents List
Cohen, Nathan and Gitel Gertrude Polinsky - Descendents List
England, Arthur J Jr and Morley Deedee Tenenbom - Descendents List
Garon, Allan and Nanci Hertz
Gehorsam, Robert (Resnick) an Marla Weinhoff
Slovut, Josephine Gabriella
Slovut, Percy Heather Havah
Wain, Yitzhak Asher

March -


New pages created for surnames with multiple markers in Duluth area cemeteries, and no current pages
.............. and where good family tree data are in our database.
Berzon, Family Data - Descendents List
Caplan, Herschel and Muriel - Descendents List
Chessen Alex and Sadie - Descendents List
Covet, Oscar and Sarah Lewenstein - Descendents List
Evans, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Even, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Finkelstein, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Garrison, Family Data - Descendents List
Gomberg, William and Bertha Roos - Descendents List
Hyman, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Lieberman, Abraham and Anna Lurie - Descendents List
Rossen, Abraham and Libbie Litman - Descendents List
Rubenstein, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Rubin, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Salnick, Max and Eva Handlovsky - Descendents List
Sax, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Schaefer, Leonard P and Helena - Descendents List
Schapery, Harry O and Fannie Burg - Descendents List
Segelbaum, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Shusterman, Family Data - Descendents List
Sigler, Morris - Descendents List
Slafer, Morris and Sarah Freidlansky - Descendents List
Slovut, Israel and Slovia - Descendents List
Solomon, Samuel A and Esther M Soloski - Descendents List
Solomon, Vancor Smil - Descendents List
Sosnovsky, Avrum Esau (Rabbi) and Goldie Finkel - Descendents List
Sosnovsky, E Rabbi - - replace this line by the above one
Spector, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Steinman, Jospeh D and Anna Rebecca Shapiro - Descendents List
Sukov, Louis and Gertrude Litman - Descendents List
Summerfield, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Tessler, Family Data - Descendents List
Troup, Leo and Ethel Greenberg - Descendents List
Tulman, Aaron and Rachel Gendler - Descendents List
Tusin, Harry and Dora Leibovitz - Descendents List
Viener, Moishe Morris Vinitsky and Pearl Oreckovsky - Descendents List
Vinitsky, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Vinitsky, son - Moishe Morris Viener - Descendents List
Vinitsky, son - Abraham E Winer - Descendents List
Weiss, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Wolk, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Yanowitz, Jacob N and Milly Berkowitz - Descendents List
Yonesowitz, Family Data - Descendents List
Zeidel, Meyer and Sarah Lieberman - Descendents List
Zurovsky, Moses and Ester Sobolene - Descendents List



New pages created for surnames with multiple markers in Duluth area cemeteries, and no current pages
.............. and where good family tree data are in our database.
Azuz, Ralph and Pearl - Descendents List
Benesovitz, Gershon nad Sarah Barkovech - Descendents List
Bondy, Gabriel - Descendents List
Bondy, Isaac and Annie - Note: this page is already listed in the index
Bondy, Lewis R and Nellie Weiss
Borken, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Borkon, Family Data - Descendents List
Boznu, Hyman and unknown Bichutskij - Descendents List
Breitbord, Itsik Zorach and Pessah Leah Passon - Descendents List
Brizer, Samuel and Ethel Mazofsky - Descendents List
Brusin, Morris and Esther Yessni - Descendents List
Bubli, Icicas and Esther - Descendents List
Eisenberg, Isaac and Sarah Finn - Descendents List
Eisenberg, Willam and Doris - Descendents List
Fieldman, Aaron and Nesa Helstein - Descendents List
Greenberg, Philip and Molly Grawoig - Family Data and Descendents List
Hillman, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Hurwitz, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Kall, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Karpeles, Leon and Betty Friedman - Descendents List
Lees, Leo and Tilly Bergal - Descendents List
Lenchner, Aaron and Gail - Descendents List
Levey, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Levinson, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Lichterman, Israel and Haska Krugel - Descendents List
Lisman, Louis Lazer and Rebecca Riva Karsner - Descendents List
London, Family Data and Images
London, Joseph and Fanny Weiner - Descendents List
London, Joseph and Sara - Descendents List
London, Morris - Descendents List
London, Phillip - Descendents List
London, Sam and Dora - Descendents List
London, Samuel and Esther Felhandler - Descendents List
Marcus, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Margulis, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Mosler, Leon and Rose Lent - Descendents List
Naymark, Isaac Itsik and Chaia - Descendents List
Nides, Family Data - Descendents List
Norvich Family - Descendents of Sholom Norvitch
Norvitch, Sholom - Norvitch & Norvich Family - Descendents List
Peck, Samuel - Descendents List
Pegler, Herman and Ruth Lent - Descendents List
Perl, Norman and Adeline Wilensky - Descendents List
Rachlin, Michael and Mary Casmir - Descendents List
Rocklin, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Roseman, Harry and Mary S - Descendents List
Rosenfield, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Sachs, Family Data - Descendents List
Sander, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Shapira, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Solon, Abraham L and Ida Fieldman - Descendents Lists
Weisberg, Family Data - Descendents Lists



Andrew, David Michael and Maria Cataldo
Garon, Jeffry and Melissa Albers
Garon, Robert and Mary
Garon, Robin Michelle
Hein, David and Andrea Michelle Shuback
Hertz, Joyce Abbie Shuback Rosenblum
Hertz, Rivian and Alex Ross
Kaplow, Daniel Barch and Marissa Beth Shuback
Pozgay, Mike and Magdalene Kufin - Descendents List
Rich, Family Data - Descendents Lists
Rosenbloom, Adam and Mara Faye
Ross, Alex and Rivian Hertz
Shuback, Fred Raphael
Shuback, Jeremy Alan
Traubman, Lionel II Len and Elizabeth Libby Daugherty Linn

October -


Apple, Harry and Anna Etka Bialobzetski
Blum, Jacob and Theresa - Descendents List
Cohodas & Cohodes Family
Helstein Family
Lazarus, Todd Stewart and Julie Michele Lehrer
Lehrer, Harvey Allen and Nancy Kaufer
Lehrer, Kevin Andrew and Beth Halpern
Milavitz, Suzanne
Nathanson, Isaac Ike and Rose Crown
Orren, Harding Alexander "Bud"
Schneider, Notel and Estera - Descendents List

May -


Abraham, Emanuel and Clara Schloss
Abraham, Henry and Carry Hofheimer
Bialobzetski, Leibol and Anna Weisbirg
Cohen Robert Bialobzetski and Hinda Rachel Wolowsky/Wallach
Covenant Club
Hallock, John and Katie Litman
Hoffman, Irving C. Hoffman and Winifred Irena Gerad Gordon
Hofheimer, A J and Rachel Waixel
Marissa, Erin (Garon)
Progress Club - Duluth
Shapiro, Prentice Pinkus Karon and Marion Stillman
Shapiro, Ronald M and Judith Ellen London
Watts, Kayla Michelle (b 1996)
Weinstein, Connor Max - born 2017
Witz, Samuel and Sarah Hallock



Baykovich, Shmuel Movsha
Cedar, Hyman and Celia Roof - Descendents List
Davis, Cassandra
Davis, David Benjamin and Lynne Marie Golichni
Davis, Richard Charles and Cheryl Pachman
Davis, Susan
Dembow, Herman and Selma Zneimer
Dembow, Jack and Mark Delowery
Duoba, Brent Paul and Grace Noramae Karon
Flores, William and Jennifer Lynn Karon
Goldish, Dan Brian and Annie Laurie Newman
Heller, S H and Bertha
Johnston, Elizabeth Karon Davis (Miller)
Karon, Douglas Mark and Dawn Marie Bissett
Karon, Emilia Eva
Karon, Grace Noramae and Brent Paul Duoba
Karon, Melissa Raleigh
Karon, Ronald Steven and Nancy Ann Embretson
Karon-Flores, Jennifer Lynn and William Flores
Karon-Flores, Sadie Abagail
Kiley, Sean and Judith Plavnick
Litman, Theodor James and Brendalee Berkman
Miller, Abigail
Miller, Elizabeth Karon Davis (Johnston)
Plavnick, Aaron Robert
Plavnick, Jonathan and Barbara Lisak
Plavnick, Katherine Amelia
Plavnick, Mark and Mary Ogus
Plavnick, Robert Louis and Joan Kathryn Schneider
Shragg, Brian and Jennifer Rose Karon
Simon, Mark Simon
Simon, Mary Kathyrn
Simon, Robert and Norma Plavnick
Tilley, Douglas and Rose Leah Karon
Tuminello, Vinnie and Leslie Karon



Bemel, Blaire Stone (born 1997)
Bemel, Hayley Stone (born 1991)
Bemel, Spencer Stone (born 1994)
Caplow, Moses Philip and Bessie Polinsky
Davis, Harry William and Ida Meriam Blehert
Goldberg, Jarred
Goldberg, Jason
Goldman, Joshua and Kristin Greene
Khoury, Nick (born 1989)
Khoury, Tom (born 1991)
Kremen, Janet Dee (Frisch, Thorkelson)
Kremen, Zenith and Merle Ann Epstein
Lerner, Adam
Lerner, Ariel
Lerner, Daniel
Lerner, Harry and Sharon Ruth Goldman
Lerner, Leah
Lerner, Leo
Lunche, Jack Theodore and Sadie Fostoff
Posada Ruthy
Posida, Raul and Mia Lerner
Stone, Alex Michael (born 1990)
Stone, Jeremy E and Kate Cohen
Stone, Zachary Bryan (born 1993)
Waldron, Red and Jessica Goldberg



Bruzonsky, Josehp and Zelda Katz - Descendents List
Buck, Dave and Marsha Meyers
Cohen, Louis and Pashi "Bessie Pesha" Polinsky - Descendents List
Coleman, Shane and Natalie Kremen
Golden, Beth Louise
Golden, David Gerhson and Susan Wilner
Golden, Jay Arnold
Golden, Jeffrey Alan and Jean Courtemanche
Grais, Mordecai Markus and Mollie - Descendents List
Karon, Sarah (1887-1963)
Kremen, Adam
Kremen, Alexander Michael and Michelle Esteban
Kremen, Ayla Mara
Kremen, Benjamin Louis and Laurel McAndrews
Kremen, James Richard and Mine Fatma Sabuncuoglu
Kremen, Oran James Ali
Kremen, Thomas Michael and Marilyn St. John Sayre
Kremen, William David
Maykrantz, Paul and Denise F Moore
Rochlin, Joseph and Lilliam Chodes - Descendents List
Rochlin, Louis E and Perle Shanedling
Rubloff, Solomon Woolf and Mae Mary Polinsky
Sher, Daniel Harris
Sher, Simon and Eva Annie Libberman - Descendents List
Vinokur, Hirsh-Leib - Vinokur/Winokur Descendents



Aquila, Stephen D and Meredith Hahn
Case, Nan Sidney Barkin Robert
Chucker, Brittany Ellen
Chucker, Craig and Diane Wetzell
Dubow, Solomon Boruch and Florence Milavetz
Epstein, Arnold Harry and Ethel EC "Yetta/Etta/Hattie M" CANNER
Gleason, Tom and Cathy Kuretsky
Hahn, Edward and Beth Boiling
Hahn, Richard S and Lynn Chucker
Huggett, Rich and Ashleigh Reibach
Kuretsky, Amy Beth and Anthony Hoff
Kuretsky, Cathy and Tom Gleason
Kuretsky, Steven and Shelby Ohlman
Lurye, Scott Gene
Milavetz, David Jacob
Orloff, Alise Susan
Palko, John and Barbara Hahn
Redman, Joseph Gabriel and Dorothy Pauline Nathanson
Reibach, Ashleigh and Rich Huggett
Reibach, Lori Glen
Silverberg, Jason Michael and Lindsay
Silverberg, Scott
Silverberg, Steven Chase and Gisel Brito



Altman, James Samuel and Jessie Robertson
Berdie, Douglas Ralph
Berdie, Ray and Hilda Maria Arango-Blanco
Chucker, Joseph and Elaine Gewirz
Cohen, Dov Kahn
Genealogy Resources for Kids and Teens
Kahn, Dov (Cohen)
Kernes, Alan Michael
Kerness, Labe and Sarah Popkin - Descendents List (family yet to be connected)
November, George Sheldon and Nancy Johannah Cavanaugh
November, Joseph A and Sultana Banulescu
November, Robert Lynn and Hannah Peavy
Ostrov, Pinchus Paul and Dvora Dora Ostrovsky
Popkin, Joseph and Lily Lena Laurans - Descendents List (family yet to be connected)
Popkin, Charles (Yitzchak) and Mary - Descendents List (family yet to be connected)
Schwenger, Solomon - - Descendents List
Zieff, Linda Popkin
Zien, Morris L and Regina Victoria Berdie



Alberts, Nuna
Berdie, Adolph and Lazarus Metzger Blended Family
Bund, Emanuel and Rose Goldish
Goldman, Henry G and Zelda Rachel Goldish
Kuller, Harry and Rose Tobias
Kuller, Meyer and Sarah Goldie Ruff
Kuller, Mordechai Shmuel and Sarah Gitel
Levitan, Arieh (Aaron) Sax (Solomovich) and Chaya Heubaum
Metzger, Lazarus and Adolph Berdie Blended Family
Miller, Louis Yehuda Leib and Fannie Faege Freida Goldish
Ritz, Abraham and Bessie Siegel
Sax, Arieh (Aaron) Levitan (Solomovich) and Chaya Heubaum
Tobias, Fischel and Lena
Tobias, Joseph "Joe" and Ida Tobiash
Wallace, Ronald Derek (Ronny)
Group Photos - 15 additional old photos have been added to the index
More news articles in the News Article Index (~5900 items) - - Recent Additions - abt 100 more in July
More images in the Cemetery Marker Index (~3021 items) - - recent addtions
..... 224 from misc sources in June - 176 from Adas in June - 30 from misc sources in July - 459 from Superior Hebrew in July



Altman, Milton Hubert and Helen "Doddie" Horwitz
Edelson, Jordan Barry
Edelson, Zoe Devra
Goldberg, Aaron and Stephanie Renee Pevenstein
Goldberg, Greg and Nicole Mroz
Goldberg, Moses Michael (born 1873)
Goldish, Andrew
Goldish, David Allan and Rena Friedenreich
Goldish, Eliezer Chaim
Goldish, Jacob Joseph and Belle C Glick
Goldish, Louis and Sona Lebow
Goldish, Suzanne
Hallock, Robert Joseph
Horwitz, Lionel and Georgiana T (Lionel: 1923-2009, son of Sarah Slonim and David Horwitz)
Horwitz, Lionel and Marilyn Walder (Lionel: born 1930, son of Jennie Soloski and Nathan Horwitz)
Kaner, David Samuel
Kaner, Fara Bethany
Kaner, Jolie Dava
Kaner, Lisa Ann (Edelson)
Kaner, Rhody Danielle
Kaner, Richard Barry and Sara Dayan
Kaner, Robert Rob Jeffrey and Ellen Mellow
King, Samuel and Ida Davis - Descendents List
Klatzky, William Chaim and Ada Eata-Itta
Litvak (changed to Meyers) Family - Descendents List
Loewus, Simon and Hannah Sattler
McKenna, Jane Elisabeth
McKenna, Julianna Edith
Meyers (formerly Litvak) Family - Descendents List
Mondschine Family
Romberg, Elihu Yehuda
Romberg, Henry Charles and Ronnie Esther Goldish
Royce, Michael Joel 1944-2017
Schneider, Ephriam A and Jeanette Klatzky - Descendents List
Sher, Albie Micah
Spotts, Joshua and Aviva Tova Goldish
Klatsky - see Klatzky
Klatzky - see Klatsky



Aronheim, Louis and Rosa Roos
Bailer Family
Bensman Family Tree - Descendents of Borukh
Carrier, Meghan
Carrier, Raymond R and Molly Ann Sher
Cohodas, Elger and Barbara Rivella Averbook - Descendents List
Coran, Stephen Edward and Laurie Raffo
Cwodzinski, Steve and Patti Golat
Eisenstaedt, Moses - Descendents List
Eisenstaedt, Rudolph and Louise Kalish
Freedman, Melvin and Gertrude Rubin
Freimuth, William Irving and Eleanor Jewel Abelio
Gallin, Meyer M and Rose Molly Salamowitz - Descendents List
Garber, Dafna Karon
Garber, Donna Rebecca
Garber, Ron Etai and June Cheng
Gidding, J M & Comnpany - Duluth
Gidding, Simon - Descendents List
Glickson, David and Sara Rae Hallock - Descendents List
Goldstein, Mordechai and Gruna - Descendents List
Goldstein, Tobiah and Stacey
Hammel Family - Descendents List
Herrera, Javier and Heather Sher
Holland Hotel - Duluth
Lewis Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Lewis Family - Descendents of Max, Isaac and Julius
Lippman, Leopold and Lina - Descendents List
Medalie Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Medalie, Jacob - Descendents List
Nathanson, Benmamin D and Yetta (Yenta Gita) Lippman - Descendents List
Ringer, Henry and Sadie Cohen - Descendents List
Rubin, Frank and Rosie Canner
Salam, Caroline Marie
Salam, Dianne Joy Mirsky
Salam, Kevin and Tristian Kaye Berry
Salam, Lyle Rusell and Denise Marie Lenck
Salam, Rebecca Anne
Salam, Scott and Heather
Salam, William Tobias
Sher Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Simon, Harlan Gene and Mary Cain
Weinstein, Avery Morgan (born 2012)
Weinstein, Zachary Reid (born 2010)

Oct &


Abrahamson's Family Shoe Store - Superior
Adek's Clothing Company - Duluth
Berger Hardware - Superior
Blustin Optical - Duluth
Boyce Drug Store - Duluth
Bud's (women's clothing) - Duluth
Camera Land - Duluth
Central High School - Duluth
Chester Park Pharmacy - Duluth
City Market - Duluth and Superior
Cohen's - Men's Ladies' and Children's Ready-to-Wear - Superior
Cohen's Grocery - Superior
Cook, M and Sons (sportswear) - Duluth
Cowen and Zimmerman Furnishers and Decorators - Duluth
Crystal Distributing Company, Inc - Duluth
Crystals - The Gourmet's Paradise - Duluth
Dave's Auto Sales/Parts - Duluth
Diamond Theatre - Duluth
Duluth Gun Shop - Duluth
Edelstein Furniture Company - Superior
European Bakery - Duluth
Fair - The Fair - Duluth
Flame, The (restaurant) - Duluth
Freimuth - Hugo Freimuth Fashion Shop, Inc - Duluth
Friedman Brothers, Taylors - Duluth
Garber's Cleaners and Launderers - Duluth
Gershgol's Economy Market & Gershgol's Deli Restaurant - Duluth
Glass Block Store - Duluth
Goldfine's By-The-Bridge
Great Northern Spinning and Knitting Mills - Duluth
Guinn - Sam Guinn (men's clothing) - Duluth
Guthmann Clothing Company - Superior
Holzberg's Launderers & Cleaners - Superior
HTK Marketing Communications (formerly H. T. Klatzky & Associates) - Duluth
Hub Clothing Company - Duluth and Hub Clothiers - Virginia
Ideal Market - Duluth
Independent Meat Market - Superior
Jaffe-Karon Store (dry goods) - Superior
Jeronimus Floral - Duluth
Jewish Fellowship News - Duluth
Josephs, S. Y. Company - Superior
Kaner Brothers (bum boats) - Superior
Kaner, Elmer Grocery Store - Duluth
Kaner's Super-Market - Eveleth
Kempinsky, Louis, Glass and Paint Company - Superior
Kreiman's Book Store - Duluth
Lake Superior Fish Company - Duluth
Lebo's Jewelry Store - Superior
Leopold, A. F. and Bro - Duluth
Levine Fruit and Produce Company (formerly Levine Bros, Company) - Duluth
Lurye - Alex J. Lurye - Duluth
Lurye Furniture Company - Superior
Milavetz Bros (Jewelry and Watch Making) - Virginia
Milavetz Meats and Groceries - Superior
Minnesota Surplus Stores, Inc - Duluth
Minnesota Woolen Company - Duluth
Munic's Service Station - Duluth
Nelson Pharmacy - Duluth
Northern Electric Supply Company - Duluth
Northwestern Wiping Cloth Company - Duluth
Oreck's (originally The National) - Duluth
Overman Company Realtors Inc - Dululth
Palace Clothing - Virginia
Peerless Auto of Duluth, Inc - Duluth
Peoples' Clothing House - Duluth
Popkin Furniture Company - Superior
Reliable Drugs - Duluth
Remington (Sporting Goods) - Duluth
Rudolph's Furniture - Duluth and Superior
Sapero's style Shop - Hibbing, Virginia, Chisholm, Minneapolis
Schraber's - Duluth
Security Jewelers - Duluth
Shapiro's Butcher Shop - Tower
Sharkcraft Clothes - Duluth
Siegel Bros and Siegels - Superior
Siegel Furniture and Hardware Company - Eveleth
Siegel Hareware Company - Duluth
Siegels' Furniture and Appliances - Eveleth
Silberstein & Bondy Store - Duluth
Silver's Dress Shop - Duluth
Stadium Lanes / Clubhouse - Duluth
Stein Drugs - Hibbing
Stone - Edward M. Stone (Bookseller and Stationer) - Duluth
Stone Stores - The Stores of Ed Stone, Ben Kaner & Ben Stone - Cooley & Hibbing
Superior Central Market - Superior
Taran's Market Place - Duluth
Toback's News and Book Shop - Duluth
Universal Electric Company - Duluth
Vertelney - Harry Vertelney (Clothing Store) - Duluth
Vista Fleet / Vista Queen (Tourboat) - Duluth
Wine - Oscar Wine, Tailor - Duluth
Winners Suits - Duluth
Woolfan Department Store / Woolfan Clothing - Hibbing
Zenith Paper Stock & Rag Company - Duluth

Oct &

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Abrams, Dick - Bud's (women's clothing) - Duluth
Abramson, William - Hub Clothing Company - Duluth
Averbook, Joseph M - Diamond Theatre - Duluth
Blehart, Daniel Leonard - The Glass Block Store - Duluth
Cohen Family - City Market - Duluth and Superior
Cohen, Harry I - Remington (Sporting Goods) - Duluth
Cook Family - Peoples' Clothing House - Duluth
Freimuth, Paul - Jeronimus Floral - Duluth
Garon, Israel - Great Northern Spinning and Knitting Mills - Duluth
Glazman Family - European Bakery - Duluth
Goldfine family - Vista Fleet / Vista Queen (Tourboat) - Duluth
Goldish family - Lake Superior Fish Company - Duluth
Gurovitsch Family - Northern Electric Supply Company - Duluth
Karon, Richard - Stadium Lanes / Clubhouse - Duluth
Kenner, Robert - Chester Park Pharmacy - Duluth
Klatzky, H. T. - HTK Marketing Communications (formerly H. T. Klatzky & Associates) - Duluth
Labovitz, Frank - The Fair - Duluth
Laskin, Sid - Dave's Auto Sales/Parts - Duluth
Love, David - Boyce Drug Store - Duluth
Lurye, Harry - Lurye Furniture Company - Superior
Milavetz, Benjamin S - Independent Meat Market - Superior
Oreck, James - Flame, The (restaurant) - Duluth
Ostrowiak, Adek and Anna - Adek's Clothing Company - Duluth
Polinsky, Abraham B - Minnesota Woolen Company - Duluth
Polinsky, Nathan George - Minnesota Woolen Company - Duluth
Remick, Daniel G - Nelson Pharmacy - Duluth
Rubenstein - The Hub Clothiers - Virginia
Sander, Saul - Duluth Gun Shop - Duluth
Schibel, David - Palace Clothing - Virginia
Segal, R. E. - Zenith Paper Stock & Rag Company - Duluth
Seiler Family - Security Jewelers - Duluth
Shapiro, Louis - Camera Land - Duluth
Shark, Henry A -Sharkcraft Clothes - Duluth
Singer, Jerry - Stadium Lanes / Clubhouse - Duluth
Solon, Ronny L - Universal Electric Company - Duluth
Soloski, Harry J - Superior Central Market - Superior
Usan Family - Peerless Auto of Duluth, Inc - Duluth
Winer, Paul A - Reliable Drugs - Duluth
Winthrup, Harvey - Ideal Market - Duluth



Garber, Thomas and Rakita "Rose" - Descendents List
Goldstein, Frank - Descendents List
Guinn Family - News Articles and Pictures
Guthmann Family - Descendents List
Kapilovich, Mike and Devarah Raizel Lavine - Descendents List
Lavine, Abraham and Sarah Klatzky - Descendents List
Miller, Louis Labe and Fanny Fayge Goldish - Descendents List
Ostroviak, Harry and Bebecca Chinsky - Descendents List
Popkin, Samuel and Sarah Fox - Descendents List
Sanders, Kassel and Eva - Descendents List
Titch, Joseph and Libba Buna - Descendents List
Vogel, Louis Ayreh and Hannah Devorah Goldfine - Descendents List
Winer, Abraham E and Jennie Ostrov - Descendents List
Yawicz, David - Descendents List



Averbook, Israel and Annite - Descendents List
Baykovich, Peysakh and Malka Rozhanskiy
Bensman, Leo - Famous Clothing Company
Bergal, Benjamin and Ester - Descendents List
Bergal, Harry - Descendents List
Blehart, Abraham and Yetta Applebaum - Descendents List
Buchman, Israel (1857-1924) - Descendents List
Casmir, George - Descendents List
Chez, Meyer Mel and Sara - Descendents List
Crystal, Israel and Hinde - Descendents List
Deutsch Family - Descendents List
Edelstein Family - Film Theaters - Hibbing
Feldman, Moshe and Chaya - Descendents List
Feldman, William Ralph and Sarah Elimor Markell - Descendents List
Fishman Family - Descendents List
Fishman, Hyman and Rebecca Fishman - Descendents List
Fishman, Jacob and Bessie Randy - Descendents List
Flaks (Flax), Nachum Dov and Miriam Baravick - Descendents List
Flax (Flaks), Nachum Dov and Miriam Baravick - Descendents List
Garber, Jack and Shirley - Captain's Table Cafeteria
Gittelson, Mordechai Max and Chaai Reva Krelitz - Descendents List
Glazman, Y (Glazman Family - Descendents List
Goldberg, Morris and Ida - Descendents List
Gorkin, Samuel and Pauline Fink - Descendents List
Gotkin, Nathan and Fannie Lavick - Descendents List
Gottstein, Isaac and Ida Hallock - Descendents List
Grais, Joseph and Jenny Pazemov Kronick - Descendents List
Greene, Meyer and Rose - Descendents List
Horwitz, Jacob - Descendents List
Horwitz, Julius - Famous Clothing Company
Jacobs, Harry and Etta A Pelti - Descendents List
Kanter, Louis E and Bessie H Cohen - Descendents List
Kassmir, Samuel and Mary Lavick - Descendents List
Katz, E David and Michla Baykovich
King, Philip L and Fanny Mary Zive - Descendents List
Kossoff, Harry and Ethel Weiner - Descendents List
Kreiman, Michael W and Rose Pollach - Descendents List
Kronick, Leib-Mendel and Pesea Baikovich - Descendents List
Lippman, Meir Eliyahu and Zelda Yesner - Descendents List
Love, Harry and Mollie Harris - Descendents List
Munic, Ralph Harry and Minnie Press - Descendents List
Pasator, Ezekiel and Minnie Blidstein - Descendents List
Paster (Pasator), Ezekiel and Minnie Blidstein - Descendents List
Rudolph Family - Descendents List
Sapero, Simon and Rosa Rabinowitz - Descendents List
Schaibel, Schmuel and Anna - Descendents List
Schibel (Schaibel), Schmuel and Anna - Descendents List
Schway, Yankel and Rivkah - Descendents List
Silver, John and Grace - Descendents List
Silver, Phillip and Rose - Descendents List
Taran, Harry Kozlovsky and Sarah London - Descendents List
Usan, Morris and Yentl Levine - Descendents List



Cupples, Elizabeth Patrice
Cupples, James Patrick and Marilyn Donna Zatkin
Davis, Noah Israel and Hillary Deutsch
Drubel, Anna Faye
Drubel, Julia Jane
Drubel, Julia Jane
Drubel, Miriam Ester
Drubel, Miriam Ester
Drubel, Richard Bruce and Bayla Sara Weiner
Fisher, Andrew Ryan
Fisher, Curtis Alan and Tammi Lynn Zuckman
Fisher, Lyndsi Danielle
Goldfine, Adam Loren
Goldfine, Amy Rose
Goldfine, Ariel Shayne
Goldfine, Benjamin Henry
Goldfine, Fia Roberta
Goldfine, Jonah David
Goldfine, Mane Movsha (1834-1912) - - Descendents List
Goldfine, Matthew Daniel
Goldfine, Max Michael
Goldfine, Sander David and Margie Joe Stein
Goldfine, Ted Edward Betten snf Julie Piekarski
Goldfine, Tovah Leah
Goldstein, Evan Scott
Goldstein, Neal Larry and Linda Bayle Goldfine
Goodman, Michael Ross and Amy Berenbaum
Greenblatt, Dale Michael and Michelle Bassinger
Kuffel, Daniel Wilton and Sherrill Helene Greenblatt
Kuffel, Randall Leland
Kuffel, Wilton Michael
Lafair, Louis Benjamin
Lafair, Michael Sommerson and Renee Ruth Weiner
Lafair, Rebecca Fay
Rudolph, Laura
Rudolph-Ludwig, Jonathan Michael
Siegel, Benjamin and Tillie Tema Jaffe - - Descendents List
Wall, Joe and Sarah Beth Goldstein
Weiner, Andrew Isaac and Katherine Friedman
Wilk, Jacob Jake and Eva Rose Zalk - - Descendents List
Wilk, Morris and Pearl - - Descendents List
Zatkin, Albert and Elsie Goldfine - - Descendents List
Zatkin, Daniel Joseph
Zatkin, Jane Elise
Zatkin, Sheldon Elliot and Patricia Jane Sullivan
Zuckman, Robert Jay and Laura Scheck



Berger, Bernard (Ben) and Freda Katz - - Descendents List
Berger, Joseph - (1919-1992)
Burgelson, Riva Pasternak
Burgelson, Senia
Elevitch, elder (name yet to be determined) - - Descendents List
Greenfield and Annette Ada Walder
Guvinter, Fanny Pasternak
Johnson, Jody Lyn (Johannessen)
Johannessen, Jody Lyn (Johnson)
Kurzen, Estelle
Ladin, Joseph and Jennie - - Descendents List
Loitzanski (Lussan), Isaac and Anna Geldzinger (Goldfinger) - Family Tree
Lussan Family - Loitzanski, Isaac and Anna Geldzinger (Goldfinger) - Family Tree
Plotkin, Max and Anna Podolsky (aka Shaindel) - - Descendents List



Abramson, Wesley Elliott
Bass, David Robert and Denise Elliott Kenigsberg Bass
Blumenfeld, Jossel (Blumenfeld Family) - - Descendents List
Fergal, Moses Morris and Sarah Ida Siegel - - Descendents List
Ginsberg, Samuel and Eva M Leibovitz - - Descendents List
Gottlieb, Abraham - - Descendents List
Greenspan, Labe (Yitzchak Ari Labe) and Eta - - Descendents List
Jaffe, Nachim - - Descendents List
Kaner, Anna (1893-1959)
Kaner, Rose (1905-1921)
Kenigsberg, Steven S and Rosemary May
Levenson Family - - Descendents List
Levenson, Ben and Mary Yehudis Kurklefsky - - Descendents List
Litman, Hienan (Litochevsky) and Greenblat - - Descendents List
Litochevsky, Hienan (Litman) and Greenblat - - Descendents List
Orensten, Myrna Sue
Orensten, Myrna Sue - Scrap Stories From the Upper Midwest - Peddlers to Processors
Orensten, Sherman Joseph and Rieva Davis - - Descendents List
Passon, Itsek (Passon Family) - - Descendents List
Reinkall Family - - Descendents List
Rigler, Samuel and Neise Husbovitz - - Descendents List
Ruben, Harry and Sarah Kaner (Tanzer, Shapiro, Ruben)
Salnovitz, Kasriel (Solon Family) - - Descendents List
Selin, Catherine (Cathy)
Selin, Joseph
Selin, Lisa and Richard Shearer
Shearer, Richard and Lisa Selin
Siegel, Sabse Chaim and Esther - - Descendents List
Silvian, William and Mollie Kaplan - - Descendents List
Solon Family (Kasriel Salnovitz) - - Descendents List
Tanzer, Arthur and Sarah Kaner (Tanzer, Shapiro, Ruben)
Weinstein Family - - Descendents List



Cohen, Max (Crane) and Sarah Weiner
Crane (Cohen), Max and Sarah Weiner
Dorfman, Benjamin - Descendents List
Junkala, Bridget Lynn Morris Virkler
Kemp Family - Kempinsky, Abraham and Rose Fuga - Descendents List
Kempinsky (Kemp), Abraham and Rose Fuga - Descendents List
Lindeman, Corinne Cori
Markell, Morton Israel and Ruth Raihill
Mekler, Shlioma and Liba Trakhtenberg - Descendents List
Miller, Josh and Nicole Ashley Virkler
Myers Family, Benjamin, Henry and Jacob - Early Jewish Settlers
O'Donnell, Lenny and Shayna Susan Lindeman
Pomush, Eliezer - Descendents List
Shapiro, Sharon Barbara and Norman E Silberberg
Silberberg, Norman E and Sharon Barbara Shapiro
Virkler, Adam Eric
Virkler, Amanda Kaitlyn
Virkler, Bridget Lynn Morris (Junkala)
Widdes Cattle - M. J. Widdes, Inc
Widdes Feed and Farm Supply
Widdes Trailer Sales
Widdes, Hanna Catherine
Widdes, Jacob Henry



Broms, Adam and Carrie Glossner
Broms, Ross and Shira Jacobson
Cohen, Mandel (Rabbi) and Ida Schemiairtz
Fox, Leon and Ida Cohen - Descendents List
Herman, Harold and Jacqueline (Jackie)
Lent, Aaron - Descendents List
Levin, Zechariah Mendel - Descendents List
Morris, LeSandre Danielle
Noon, James Patrick and Julie Ann Sher
Olson, Jeffrey A and Wendy Sue Sher.
Paten, Julius J and Bertha - Descendents List
Salita, Julius and Honey Anne Rubinsky.
Salita, Scott and Alison Rackley
Schachtman, Mindy
Schachtman, Todd Loren and Nicole Ayn Lerner
Schachtman, William and Sylvia Beth Rosen - Descendents List
Sher, David and Fannie - Descendents List
Sher, Michael M and Sarah Cohen
Sher, Yitzhak Ruben and Chesna Palikan - Descendents List
Williams, David
Williams, Scott and Tamara Zuffi
Williams, Tyler
Zwick, Mona Dorfman



Alpert Family - Old News Articles
Ancona, Thomas and Bonnie Gould
Auerbach, Selig Sigmund (Rabbi)
Bender, Paul J (Rabbi)
Berkowitz Family - Old News Articles
Berman Family - Old News Articles
Bernstein, Stephanie (Rabbi)
Bloom Family - Old News Articles
Bloom, Fermetta (Bobke, Fendley)
Boutorwick, Helen Gould
Bubley Family - Old News Articles
Chucker Family - Old News Articles
DeBriyn, Peter Joseph and Belle Mary Berger
Edelstein Family - Old News Articles
Edelstein, Charles Roy and Sara Jo Kroll
Elevitch Family - Old News Articles
Fendley, Fermetta Bloom Bobke
Ferdig, Donald and Arina Gould - - done
Frank, Bradley Richard and Deborah Lynn Debbie Rochlin
Garber Family - Old News Articles
Gerstein, Allison
Gerstein, Evan
Glasser, Abraham Nathan and Estelle Mame Berger
Gordon Family - Old News Articles
Gould, Abbott J and Rita Lindeke
Gould, Neil Norman and Brenda N Robbins
Greenblat Family - Old News Articles
Greenstone, Sidney and Rhoda Ellen Gardner
Gregory, Michelle Ann DeBriyn and James Richard Wake
Hamberger, Wolfgang (Rabbi) (1919-2012)
Hoffman Family - Old News Articles
Holz, Anthony D (Rabbi)
Hyatt, Alex (Rabbi) and Bernice A
Hyatt, Mayer (Rabbi) and Leah
Jaffe Family - Old News Articles
Kaplits, Aron Shimon and Chaya Leah Elizabeth Lizzie
Kenner Family - Old News Articles
Konheim, Jon (Rabbi)
Kremen Family - Old News Articles
Ledendiger, Israel (Rabbi) and Carrie Liberman
Lefkovitz, Maurice (Rabbi)
Levine, Raphael Harry (Rabbi) (1901-1985)
Lippman, Benjamin M
Lurye Family - Old News Articles
Markell Family - Old News Articles
Nadler, Yitzchak irnie Aaron (Rabbi)
Passon Family - Old News Articles
Perlman Family - Old News Articles
Plaut, Walter H (Rabbi) (1919-1964)
Podolsky Family - Old News Articles
Rabinowitz, Stanley (Rabbi) (1917-2012)
Relles, Mayer (Rabbi)
Rochlin, Joel Even William and Roberta Lynn Olson
Rosenberg Family Descendents List - Aron Shimon Kaplits and Chaya Leah Elizabeth Lizzie
Rosenberg Family - Old News Articles
Rudolph Family - Old News Articles
Schechter, Louis Israel (Rabbi) (1930-2010)
Schwartz Family - Old News Articles
Segal Family - Old News Articles
Seigel Family - Old News Articles
Shanedling Family - Old News Articles
Shapiro, Raphael Simon (Rabbi) (1874-1934)
Shenowsky Family - Old News Articles
Shenowsky, Matthew and Rachel Sanders
Shuback, Julius (Rabbi) (1921-2005)
Sigel, Morris and Etta (Eva) - - Descendents List
Silber, Mendel (Rabbi)
Slonim Family - Old News Articles
Sokolow, A. D. (Rabbi)
Sosnovsky, E. (Rabbi)
Stein, Abraham Aaron - - Descendents List
Steinberg, David (Rabbi)
Talmud Torah - Duluth - - Old News Articles
Temple Emanuel - Duluth - - Old News Articles
Teplitz, Israel S (Rabbi)
Traub, David Isaac (Rabbi) (1896-1996)
Traubman Family - Old News Articles
Turchick, David (Rabbi) (1908-1981)
Wake, James Richard and Michelle Ann Gregory
Walt Family - Old News Articles
Weinstein Family - Old News Articles
Widdes Family - Old News Articles
Winner, Herman and Lillian "Rifkah" Simon
Wolf, Jonathan
Wolfe Family - Old News Articles
Woolf, Barry I (Rabbi) (1938-2014)
Woolfan Family - Old News Articles
Zien Family - Old News Articles



Gordon, Greynem and Sheina - - Descendents List (May)
Zneimer Family - Obituaries and Cemetery Marker Images (October)
Zneimer Family - People Images (October)
Karsner, Frank (Frohem) and Leah Geller (Seles/Louise) - - Descendents List
Berger, Max (Rose Rokha Weber, first wife & Bessie Greene, second wife) - - Descendents List

Apple, Elizabeth Liz
Apple, Mollie Rose
Berkley, James David
Berkley, John Daniel Berkley and Cary Creel
Canner, Arnold Harold and Elizabeth “Betty” Jacobs - - Descendents List
Canner, Benjamin Bernard and Rose (Reitze) Kaner - - Descendents List
Canner, Carl David and Carol Opper
Canner, Elizabeth "Liz" Harriet Canner
Carver, Thomas and Amy Beth Jacobson
Chinn, Dan and Julianne Karsh
Coval Family - - Descendents List
Dietch, Morris Katz and Eva Penn
Erickson, Brynn Lee
Erickson, Jacob Steven
Geykhman (Hoffman), Zelik Osher and Roche Rose Beyle Gordon
Golberstadt, Simon and Ethel Anna Wolinsky - - Descendents List
Gordon Family - Early Family Gatherings
Gordon, Chava and Shloima Komas
Gordon, Joseph and Rachel Kravetz
Gordon, Samuel George and Sarah Leah Markell
Gordon, Shmuylo Leyba and Tamara Loeb Winer
Gordon, Simon William and Tanya (Teible) Zipursky
Greenberg, Mack Kenneth and Harriet Florence Canner
Herman, Daniel Noah
Hoffman (Geykhman), Zelik Osher and Roche Rose Beyle Gordon
Hork, Dana Elizabeh and Brand Stephen Weckstein
Hork, Meredith Catherine Hork
Hork, Roger Jeffrey and Marilyn Terry Margolis
Kaner, Sharon M Leader
Karsh, Jonathan and Jennifer Axen
Kenner, Brecken Marie
Klatsky, Jacob and Alta Kovel - - Descendents List
Korsh, Leslie Brian and Jill Ann Nerenberg
Kovel, Samuel and Rose Yorkalweitz - - Descendents List
Latts, Roy J and Sarah - - Descendents List - - Descendents List
Latts, Samuel C and Sarah Helen Rudnitzky - - Descendents List
Mades, Christopher
Mades, Robert and Tammy Lynn Jacobson
Margolis, Charles and Dorothy Doris Wine
Mark, Samantha
Markell, Louis and Sonya Sarah Gordon
Meyerowitz, Ben and Ida Ella Gordon
Nerenberg, Jaclyn Jaci
Nerenberg, Jeffrey Evan and Linda Frailich
Nerenberg, Josh
Nerenberg, Lex Aaron and Leslie Fay Pilch
Nerenberg, Marissa Brooke
Nerenberg, Mark Elliot and Amanda Ivy Pesso
Paula, Albert and Celia Katz Dietch
Pazernov, Shlomo and Mary Kronick
Peterson, Dennin Roy and Lisa Renee Kenner (Erickson)
Raihill, David and Mindell Minnie Gumpler - - Descendents List
Resnick, Hyman and Tillie Kristol - - Descendents List
Resnick, Jacob and Anna Hannah Lippman - - Descendents List
Resnick, William S and Anna Mark - - Descendents List
Saperstein, Jacob and Sadie Sarah Canner - - Descendents List
Siegel, Carl and Bessie L Rothchild - - Descendents List
Singer, Ben and Ida Kantovich - - Descendents List
Toback, Louis and Nellie Kerness - - Descendents List
Ungerleider, Alison
Ungerleider, Rachel
Wagonfeld, David and Alison Berkley
Weckstein, Brad Steven and Dana Elizabeh Hork
Zimmerman, Zigman and Anna Greenstein - - Descendents List



Berger, Karlo B and Annie Gjelsvik
Block, Phillip and Jennie Kaner Hart
Canner, Sarah Zoe and Bent-Jorgen (BJ) Perlmutt
Cook, Barnet J and Lillian Cohen
Davis, Joseph Edward and Florence I Levine
Dietch, Zalman (Sam/Solomon) and Sara (Bessie/Pesse) Hoffman
Eliaskovich, Shevakh and Chana Simma Levine - - Descendents List
Fostoff, Joseph and Esther Kerness - - Descendents List
Friedman, Julius and Frieda Sarah Gordon
Friedman, Morris and Gertrude Tepper - - Descendents List
Frumes, Adam Louis
Frumes, Edward Daniel and Janet Benjestorf
Frumes, Harry and Rebecca Leah Klatzky - Descendents List
Frumes, Theodore and Marian C. Zavatsky
Gallop, Abraham and Sara - - Descendents List
Gjelsvik, Annie and Karlo B Berger
Gjelsvik, Erik and Janaina Adriane Weber
Hattie Goldish Memories
Gutter, Michael S and Jessica Klempner
Hallock, Charles and Etta Silk
Hallock, Lazer Heersch and Badonna - - Descendents List
Hart, Jennie Kaner and Phillip Block
Jobin, Seth and Allison Cunningham
Kaplan, Morris and Anna (Fanny "Chae") Hoffman - - Descendents List
Kassmir, George and Miriam Mendel - - Descendents List
King, Rex and Rebecca Sarah Libman
Klempner, Stephanie
Laskin Family - Chana Simma Levine and Shevakh Eliaskovich - - Descendents List
Mallory, Shane and Nicole Mark Cunningham
Mark, Gary and Jane K
Mark, Howard and Edith Mann
Mark, Jeffrey Brian
Milavitz, Aaron Mark
Milavitz, Bruce and Charlene Marie Onesti
Milavitz, Nancy Lee
Milavitz, Sarah Elizabeth
Milavitz, Stephanie Margaret
Nessel, Ariel "Ari" and Rebecca "Becky" Klempner
Newman, Brian and Jenny Tess Hertz-Newman
Oppenheim, Emia and Michael White
Oppenheim, Lauren
Oppenheim, Matthew and Rose Walters
Oppenheim, Monty H and Melissa Comer
Oppenheim, Nicole
Oreckovsky, Charles David and Elizabeth Helperin
Pasternak, Abraham - - Descendents List
Perlmutt, Bent-Jorgen (BJ) and Sarah Canner
Press, Ben and Anne Chaichen - - Descendents List
Rash, Hannah Michelle
Rash, Kevin Michael
Rash, Michael J and Jennifer B Frumes
Rash, Rebecca Anne
Reichman, Samuel and Rosa Blutrach - - Descendents List
Robards, Adam and Danielle Pieper
Rosenstein, Charles and Jennie (Sheyne Vikhne/Janie) Hoffman
Schway, Brian Andrew and Marcy Goldfine
Schway, Carl Dennis and Faith Ilene Kipperstein
Schway, Scott Phillip
Schway, Thomas Barry and Susan Joy Bush
Shanedling, Julius and Annie Reese Meyers
Shanedling, Moses Morris and Sarah Rodgers
Silk, Abraham David and Anna D Hallock - - Descendents List
Spiller, Barnett Benjamin (Beny/Dov) and Sadie B (Simche/Sara) Hoffman
Weinberg, Benjamin Beryl and Hannah Glicka - - Descendents List
White, Michael and Emia Oppenheim
Zneimer Family Obituaries and Cemetery Marker Images
Zneimer Family - - Descendents List
Zweigbaum, Jacob
Zweigbaum, Michael Gary and Elizza Rae Goldfine



Hertz, Izor Naftolie and Frieda Zneimer - - Their Grandchildren
Arnovich, Harry and Hassa Weinstein - Descendents List
Babey, Jeffrey and Joanne Wolfe
Camenker, Louis and Alice Gorkin - Descendents List
Cohen, Crystal
Cohen, Samantha "Sasha"
Cohen, Scott Philip
Hertz, John
Jaffe and Karon Family Reunion Photos - 2003 - 2006 - 2009 - 2012 - 2015
Krupp, Andrea "Annie" Claire
Krupp, Jacob
Krupp, Jeffrey David and Karen Norris
Krupp, Justin
Labovitz, Frank and Rachel Solomon - Descendents List
Mark, Jack Abbott and Dixie Rice
Platkin, Richard Harvey and Rochelle Caplan
Podolsky, Amy
Podolsky, Jason
Podolsky, Lisa
Portnoy, Scott
Post, Steve
Rudolph, Laura
Williamson, Brett and Shelly Lynn Krupp
Wolfe, Johathan Scott and Constance Jarvis
Wolfe, Joseph Jackson and Edith Kremen



Adams, Dan and Sara Hannah Kaner
Bantner, John and Louise Ann Karon
Butwin, Jack Gardner and Rose Naomi Lurye
Cohen, Heather
Cohen, Richard and Patti Post
Cohen, Samuel Louis and Evelyn Lucille Shanedling - Descendents List
Divine, Jason and Mollie Karon
Feinberg, David and Michelle Levy-Feinberg
Feinberg, Dennis and Bonnie
Feldstein, Robert Z and Adrienne Serbine
Flagel, Leslie Feldstein
Garti, Emily
Garti, Jason and Jennifer Feinberg
Garti, Zachary
Hertz Family Photos
Hertz, Jason
Hertz, Justin (Tristan) Throckmorton and Rikki Leigh Sellers
Hertz, Leo Martin
Hertz, Michael
Hertz, Nathan Vincent
Hertz, Rebecca Ida
Hertz-Newman, Jenny Tess
Jardine, Avalon Astra Jade
Karon, Izrail Borukh Karon (aka: Yisrael Elchannan) and Lena Leah Katz - Descendents List
Karon, Manuel Martin and Louise Silk
Karon, Sarah Rachel
Kaufman, Neal and Linda Sue Litman
Kessler, Fredric J and Sara Lynn Karon
Kessler, Kirk Ira
Koslow, Jed and Anne Hoberg
Koslow, Rory and Kimberly Weaver
Kremen, Elizabeth
Kremen, Heather
Kremen, Isadore C and Dorothy Wisnick
Kremen, Molly Ann
Litman, Lisa (Araya Pathwalker)
Lowy, Alice Sarah
Lowy, Rachel Gina
Lussan, Jacob and Rebecca Buchman - Descendents List
Marks, Adam and Kimberly Cohen
Meyrich, Hart Moss
Moss, Jessica Sarah
Moss, Lindsey Allison
Pathwalker, Araya (Lisa Litman)
Platkin, Sarit
Poggemann, Charles J and Kathy Kaufman
Polin, Mathew
Post, Cody Aaron
Post, David and Anna Grace Hertz
Post, Elijah
Post, Jonah
Post, Matthew and Elizabeth
Post, Sarah
Poster and Tatkin Family Photographs
Prokop, Piotr and Jennifer Kremen
Schoenbaum, Michael
Schoenbaum, Natan
Schoenbaum, Yael
Silverstein, Fred and Rose Naomi Lurye
Sternberg, Nathan and Molly Stern - Descendents List
Sternberg, Poster and Tatkin Family Photographs
Tatkin and Poster Family Photographs
Teutsch, Nomi
Teutsch, Zachary and Rebecca Rosen
Urbaniak, Adam and Karen M Kaufman
Winfrey, Jerald and Heather Ann Woltz
Woltz Aaron Michael
Ziporkes, Carl and Sophie - Descendents List



Baratz, Blake Aaron and Sara Beth Goldfine
Bechtel, Timothy Michael and Rachel Vi Frailich
Benowitz, Mara Lipkin
Berkowitz Family Homes in Superior   
(Home locations - Barkovech, Berkowitz, Binder, Edelstein, Weinberg families - Superior - 1898-1920)
Binder Family Homes in Superior   
(Home locations - Barkovech, Berkowitz, Binder, Edelstein, Weinberg families - Superior - 1898-1920)
Bloom, Hyman and Molly Cohen
Bonk, Chaim and Idell Kogen
Boulding, Paul and Sally Meyers,
Brooks, Rachel Allyn
Brooks, Steven and Jamie "Beth Passon
Brownstone, Alan Scott and Donna Jo Hoffman
Brownstone, Jaclyn Ann
Brownstone, Jamie Shaylyn
Brownstone, Michael Dermer
Brownstone, Steven Dermer and Lauren Andrea Pohn
Castino, Christopher and Sara Lynn Frailich
Duffy, Dave and Ilene Myers
Edelstein Family Homes in Superior   
(Home locations - Barkovech, Berkowitz, Binder, Edelstein, Weinberg families - Superior - 1898-1920)
Edelstein, Andrea,
Edelstein, Jeremy
Freimuth, Steven Wayne and Melanie Ann Remick
Gershgol, Jacob and Jennie Cohen (aka: Tama Conoval) - - Descendents List
Gutierrez, Jessica
Hertz, Simon and Jennie Fritchell - - Descendents List
Hoole, David W and Elissa Janine Kaner
Jobin, Seth and Allison Cunningham
Kaner, Ian Michael
Kaner, Kip David and Julie Lynn McCoy
Kaner, Krysta Lynn
Kaner, Lon Shem and Sandra Jean Gutierrez
Kaner, Nellie Ruth
Kaner, Ross
Kaner, Sara Hannah
Lipkin, Rachel Sue and Mindy Sue Benowitz
Markell, Meyer C and Ida Philipps
Mattenson, Mandy I and Ida Rivkin - - Descendents List
Myers, Cynthia N.
Nelson, Lea Ann and David Michael Wieltschnig
Ross, Robert, and Jill Dawn Karon-Ross
Solomon, Andrew Leo and Jessiica Lynne Friedman
Sullivan, Brianna May
Sullivan, Jack
Sullivan, Stephen Bradley Zwinglius and Rhea Lee Kaner
Taran, Mathew Simon and Kristy Lynn Klemm
Weinberg Family Homes in Superior   
(Home locations - Barkovech, Berkowitz, Binder, Edelstein, Weinberg families - Superior - 1898-1920)
Weis, Bart and Tamara "Tammy" Saliman (Ruterbories)
Wieltschnig, David Michael and Leah Ann Nelson
Wine, Aliza
Wine, Mollie Johanna
Zneimer, Samuel - Descendents List



Aronsohn, Joshua Ephriham
Aronsohn, Samuel Tomas
Barth, Samuel and Ruth Milavetz
Bennett, John and Rose (Rachel) - - Descendents List
Bennett, Raymond Sidney and Helen R Markell
Berger, Theodore D and Gladys "Goldie" Ann Markell
Bonk, Corey
Bonk, Ivan Jeffrey
Bonk, Jamie
Bonk, Leslie
Bonk, Marc
Bonk, Melinda
Bright, Morris and Lena Levine - - Descendents List
Cohen, Archie 1910-1951
Coleman, William Lavine
Feldman, Ashley
Feldman, Ben
Feldman, Cary Stephen Feldman and Sue
Feldman, Herman and Cecille Margolis
Feldman, Randy Michael and Donna
Goldberger, Benjamin William
Goldberger, Joseph Michael and Jane Elizabeth Goldman
Goldberger, Sarah Bryna
Goldfine, Leigh Michael and Kristin Sneesby
Goldman, Ronald Jerome and Shirley May Feldman
Gordon Family (from Russia) - - Descendents List
Gordon, Greynem and Sheina - - Descendents List
Gordon, Max (Gorodinzky) and Beatrice Spector - - Descendents List
Graybow, Daniel
Graybow, Joshua
Graybow, Rachel
Graybow, Steven Harlan and Marcia Lynn Feldman
Hopper, Toby Rae Berger
Jaco, Lawrence and Minnie Goldfine
Jaffe, Dani
Jaffe, Jack and Joni Pomush
Johnson, Aaron Gregory and Ronit Limor Yaari
Johnson, Thomas A and Janet H Saffron-Johnson
Kaplan, Joseph J and Chava - - Descendents List
Karon, Ashley
Keil, Frank and Sarah Zlatkovsky - - Descendents List
Krovitz, Samuel and Lena Raca Chesark - - Descendents List
Lindeke, Geoffrey B. 1953-1992
Love, Christopher Preston and Shelly Lynne Reynolds (Lorenzoni)
Markell, Benjamin Maurice and Helga Hidegarde Stenbock
Markell, Herman and Betti Bernice Levine
Markell, Irving Allan and Inez
Markell, Janice Marie
Morgan, Jansen Michael and Britt Margareta Pomush
Morris, Wayne and Naomi Patek
Osherman, Max E and Esther Bloom - - Descendents List
Podolsky, Lisa Diane
Polinsky, Mitchel and Bessie Goldberg - - Descendents List
Pomush, Alexis Heather
Pomush, Bonni Rebecca
Pomush, Britt Margareta and Janson Michael Morgan
Pomush, Courtney Dana
Pomush, Danielle Gabriela
Pomush, Jerry Douglas
Pomush, Lauren
Pomush, Lindsey
Pomush, Mark Wesley and Ann Marie Imobersteg
Pomush, Steve and Bonnie Segal
Ross, Daniel and Cynthia Worthing
Ross, David E. and Jody I. Rosen
Ross, Jason Elliot
Ross, Justin Lee and Jenna Barocas
Ross, Melanie
Ross, Steven Brian and Sima Askari
Saffron, Robert B and Ellen Sue Applebaum
Saxon, Blake
Saxon, Jason and Jamie Gallagher
Saxon, Jenny
Schwartz, Brian and Karen Houston
Schwartz, Holton
Schwartz, Preston
Schwartz, Tammi (Saxon)
Shephard, Charles Nathan and Roben Rosenfeld
Siegel Hardware, History
Sklar, Stuart and Ann Roma Krause
Vertelney, Simcha Avran - - Descendents List
Wengert, Houston
Witkin, Louis and Bessie Daitch - - Descendents List
Wolfe, Samuel and Anna Mary Gordon - - Descendents List



Alpert, Joel
Ansell, Shmuel - - Descendents List
Bernstein, David and Rachel Woolfan
Cannon, Norman and Mary F Weinberg - - Descendents List
Cohen, Harry and Tillie Millman - - Descendents List
Cohen, Lawrence
Frisch, Charles and Helen Benjamin - - Descendents List
Gendein, Charles and Sadie Even - - Descendents List
Glushak, Chaim B (aka: Hyman D Sigel) and Chana (aka: Hannah) - - Descendents List
Goldfine, Eli (Alex) and Rose (Rachel) Schick - - Descendents List
Harris, Carles and Edith Shapiro - - Descendents Li
Karon, Barry Lee and Beth Suzanne Kalman
Karon, Benjamin Allen
Karon, Sarita Lynn
Levin, Irving and Harmony Ethelyn Rivkin
Liberman, Morris and Bessie - - Descendents List
Milavetz, Barry Lee and Kristen Kelli Rene Jensen
Milavetz, Barry Ira and Judith Sue Podell
Novillo, Walter and Nancy Beth Karon (Perle)
Perle, Danielle Francine
Perle, Harvey Steven
Perle, Michelle Silver
Rudolph, Larry S. and Gail E Klein
Schneider, Aam and Pearl Cohen - - Descendents List
Schraber David and Sara (Sonya) Zolotar - - Descendents List
Segal, Charles and Molly Leibovitz - - Descendents List
Sigel, Hyman D (aka: Chaim B Glushak) and Chana (aka: Hannah) - - Descendents List
Spangler, Michael Porter and Cari Lee Zuckman
Stoller, Hyman and Sarah Solomon - - Descendents List
Weinberg, Nathan Edward (aka: Itzhak/Isaac) and Ida Tobie Schwartz - - Descendents List
Widdes, Gerald H "Gerry" - - 1925-2012
Woolfan, Abe B 1888 - 1923
Rivkin Family - - Descendents List
Rivkin, Solomon Meyer and Jennie Sell



Panorama by Aaron
Breakfast with the Dogs - Xmas eve 2014
Altman Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Arnovich Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Bankman Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Berdie Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Berger Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Bern (Bernstein) Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Cohen, Margaret 1902-1960
Craine Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Ellis (Eliashevitz) Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Friedman Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Garon, Simcha Zimel (aka Zelman Suster) and Pesha Baykovich (aka: Bessie) - - Descendents List
Golberg, Marvin Fred and Ida Freda Cohen - - Descendents List
Handlovsky Family - - Descendents List
Horwitz Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Josephs Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Kane Family - - Descendents List
Krelitz Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Kushner, Aaron and Mamie Jaffe - - Descendents List
Labovitz, E. Maurice and Ella Lavine - - Descendents List
Laden Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Lavick Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Levin Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Levine Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Lippman Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Loceff Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
London, Benjamin O and Rose Goldfarb - - Descendents List
Mesberg Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Mesberg, Jacob and Sarah Shenowsky
Morris, Gerald Sander Cohen (1935-2014)
Naividel (Newburg) Family - Families who emigrated from Yurburgh, Lithuania
Naividel, Yosef - - Descendents List
Shallett, Simon Joseph and Yette Laser aka: Cecelia/Dina Loss - - Descendents List
Shark, Lazer (aka: Eliezer/Henry) and Libbie Margrette Levey - - Descendents List
Siden Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Siegel Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Silberstein Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Stein, Aaron in Tucson - 2014
Stein, Nadia and Aaron in Tucson - 2014
Stein, Nadia in Tucson - 2014
Traub, Hermon Jay and Eve Cohen
Yessni, William Wolf and Chaie Sora Bulkin (aka: Mema/Sarah Chaie) - - Descendents List

Nov & Dec


Abrahamson Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Abrahamson, Israel and Ettie Winnick
Abramson Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Casmir/Kassmir Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Cohen Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Cook Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Cook Family, Nathan Abraham Koch (Abrahamson) and Amelia Salvalouich - - Descendents List
Cook, Isaac Louis and Ida Deborah Knikrusky - - Descendents List
Coran Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Fostof/Fostoff Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Freimuth Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Glassner, Martin - - Descendents List
Goldfarb Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Goldfine Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Goldish Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Joelson, Nathan and Fannie Rein - - Descendents List
Kassmir/Casmir Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Klasky, Abraham Jacob and Ida Tyba Soloski (Milovetch) - - Descendents List
Koch, Nathan Abraham (Abrahamson) and Amelia Salvalouich - - Descendents List
Lavick, Issac and Mary Sarah Polinsky - - Descendents List
Myzel, Louis Isaac and Anna Levine - - Descendents List
Oreck and Oreckovsky Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Oxman, William Coleman and Mary Oreckovsky - - Descendents List
Rose, Bruce and Anita Resnick
Sattler Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Schwartz, Simon and Sadie Goodman - - Descendents List
Serbine, Burton and Audree Johnson
Serbine, Henry Alec and Clara Tatkin
Serbine, William and Frances Drebin
Shepard, Harold
Shepard, Samuel and Rebecca Serbine
Shnier, Charles and Elaine Serbine
Siden, Aaron and Sadie Sklarow (Klovievsky) - - Descendents List
Sieden, Louis and Celia (Sadie) Stein - - Descendents List
Simon, Ronald Lee and Marlen Loew
Sklar, Charles and Elaine Shepard
Stewart, Moshe Yosayf (Stolar) and ? Rootberg - - Descendents List
Stolar, Moshe Yosayf (Stewart) and ? Rootberg - - Descendents List
Summerfield Family - Old Newspaper Articles
Wine, David B and Estelle Freedman
Zalk Family - Old Newspaper Articles



Altman, Max - - Descendents List
Aronsohn, Samuel and Rae Phillips - - Descendents List
Cloquet: The Jews of Cloquet
Davidson Family Tree - - Descendents List
Eveleth: The Jews of Eveleth
Hamou, David Hillel
Hamou, Eli Michael
Hibbing: The Jews of Hibbing
Kaufman, Samuel and Sarah Cohen - - Descendents List
Kibort, Adam Cowl
Kibort, Jesse Hirsch and Cym Sutton
Kibort, Jonathon
Kibort, Phillip Marshall and Mary Beth Rutstein
Lebo Family Tree - Descendents of Sarah R Ladin and Samuel Leibovitz - - Descendents List
Leibovitz (Lebo), Samuel and Sarah R Ladin - - Descendents List
Lindeke, Herman (aka: Hyman Ludnovsky) & Ruth Schelobolski (aka: Schiller) - - Descendents List
Litman, Harry E and Dora B Witz - - Descendents List
Litman, Joseph and Tillie Kardonsky - - Descendents List
Margolein, Caitlin Carol
Norvich, Benjamin and Dena Daneiko - - Descendents List
Oxman, Morris and Leah Zekman - - Descendents List
Ross, Alan M and Gwynne
Ross, Barbie
Ross, Jeffrey and Tara T
Ross, Scott
Ross, Steven and Ethy
Ross, Vanessa
Rutstein Family Descendents
Rutstein, Victor Cowl and Ellie Ray Merdinger
Rutstein-Woolley, Rochelle Chelle E and Anthony Cobern Woolley and Family
Sagen, Lester and Anna Lillian Miller - - Descendents List
Schraber, Brett Erin and Deborah Lynn Ornstein
Schraber, Gerald and Sharon Fidell
Shelf, Aaron D and Gittel Kotliavrosky - - Descendents List
Sugarman, Bill and Nicole Ora Schraber
Thoms, Andrea
Thoms, Greg
Thoms, Lori
Thoms, Steve and Lisa Ross
Tower: The Jews of Tower
Tzarfaty, Bezalel and Diane Barbara Krovitz Hamou
Upin, David and Marissa Ethel Rutstein and Family
Virginia: The Jews of Virginia
Weiner Family Tree - - Descendents List
Woolley, Anthony Cobern and Rochelle Chelle Rutstein-Woolley and Family
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Aug and Sep


Baddin, Neal Warren
Karon, Mordechai and Deborah Levine - - Descendents List
Slonim, Mortkhel - - Descendents List
Slonim, Naftel - - Descendents List
Troup, Aaron James (AJ)
Zalk, Leyba Sender and Shender - - Descendents List
Zinkevcz, Jay and Louise Kay Freimuth
Berger, Esther Milavetz
Kaufman, David Milton and Virginia Lee O'Neill
Kaufman, Charles Edward 1951-2002
Poster, Mike and Anna Baron - Descendents List
Poster, Carl and Celia
Kaufmann, Matthew Joseph
Kaufmann, Benjamin Brandon
Kaufmann, Edward - 1928-2002
Garon Family - Jews from Maine
Pomush, Samuel E

June and July


Barry, Mark
Bauer, Andrew and Emma Kahler
Berman, Sam and Lena Singer - - Descendents List
Cohen Family - Chaim Pik - - Descendents List
Cohen, David A and Amy J Cohen
Cohen, Grant
Cohen, Jeffrey Michael
Cohen, Louis Leib and Anna Chana Peck - - Descendents List
Cohn Family Tree
Dickman, Rodger and Bonnie Louise Harris
Goldstein, Emily Faith (born 1995)
Guthman, David and Shana Bear
Harris, Leon and Linda Levitin
James, Nancy Golby
Karon, Judith S. Kaplan
Kernes, Solomon and Selma Lena Kassmir - - Descendents List
Kovitz, Louis and Lena Zetcher - - Descendents List
Levant, Morris and Nellie Sigel - - Descendents List
Levitin, Barry M and Alice Fleischman
Levitin, Benjamin Joseph
Levitin, Erin
Levitin, Martin
Levitin, Milton and Rae Louise Mark
Levitin, Stephen
Levitin, Susan
Pik, Chaim (Cohen Family) - - Descendents List
Plost Family - - Descendents List
Saeks, Robert and Phyllis Linn
Simon, Jacob (aka: Yaakov Tzvi) and Schifre - - Descendents List
Simon, Stephen
Simonowitz, Yitzchok (aka: Isaac Simon) and Bessie
Taub, Adam Michael
Taub, Amy Beth
Taub, Gary and Kim Golby
Yanowitz, Gabriel
Yanowitz, Jacob
Yanowitz, Jason
Yanowitz, Jordan
Yanowitz, Joshua Nathan
Yanowitz, Maxwell "Max" Ethan
Yanowitz, Sara Kate

Apr and May


15 more images in the Group Family Photos Index
Baikovich, Abraham - - Descendents List
Berkowitz, Albert Sam Lena Shapior - - Descendents List
Extended Family Reunion in Minneapolis - 2014
Local and Internet Genealogical Research Opportunities
An expanded list of websites for Jewish Genealogy
Aronovsky, James Steven and Beverley B Tobiansky
Aronovsky, John Myron
Aronovsky, Joshua Keronen
Aronovsky, Samuel Michael and Kimberly Orwoll
Babb, Dan M and Stacy Royce
Babb, Leah
Bans, Steven Frederick and Allison Rogers
Berk, Arye and Miriam Sue Aronovsky
Berk, Pnina
Berk, Shai
Berk, Shoshan "Shoshi"
Berkley, Peter and Nancy Margolis
Binder, Jessica L
Binder, Matthew D
Brewer, Mindy Royce
Broudy, Aubrey and Thalia Yaffery Stern
Carr, Danyelle Nicole Aronovsky Schiebeck
Chiat, Daniel and Mindy Zeidman
Chiat, Larry and Elayne Deutsch
Cohen, Morris Moses "Mesah" and Nellie Karon
Cox, Hallie
Deutsch, Benjamin Robert and Karen S Lester.
Donaldson, Heather Marie Royce
Friedman, Eber Ever (aka: Schneider) and Rahel Rose Riva
Geller, Ari Bryant
Geller, Todd Anthony and Amy Michelle Landy
Geller, Zachary Drew
Gilberstadt, Isadore A and Sarah Resnick - - Descendents List
Greenberg, Isadore E and Cecile Laskawitz - - Descendents List
Grossmann, Anya
Grossmann, Jessica
Grossmann, Knut and Laura Stern-Grossman
Gutovitz, Cory Bennett
Gutovitz, Hillary Jean
Gutovitz, Jeremy Asher
Gutovitz, Joel Matthew
Hoffman, Thomas Andrew and Kimberly Susan Geller
Jews of Greater Duluth-Superior Region- Introduction
Johnson, Dan and Stacy Erin Danov
Kaner, Dana Erin
Kaner, Dean Barry and Donna Johnson
Kaner, Deanne Elizabeth
Kaner-Roth, Avia Liana
Kanter, Daniel Louise
Kanter, Jonathan
Lederer, Charles Arthur Pearl
Lederer, Ethan Jerome Pearl
Lederer, Walter and Joni Pearl
Livingston, Rachel Aron Livingston
Livingston, Rebecca "Becca"
Livingston, Steven and Sara Jean Aronovsky
Machkowsky, Lester S and Marilyn Deutsch,
Margulis, Ted and Shirley
Myers, Brian Evan
Myers, Rachel Erin
Pearl, Joni and Walter Lederer
Phillips, Alexis "Allie" Rose
Phillips, Laureen Pomish
Pomish, Evan Herbert
Pomish, Gregory B and Lizabeth G Oleisky
Pomish, Sydney Lyn
Rabbis of Duluth and Superior
Royce, Arnold and Eleanor Gale Shapiro
Royce, Bruce Lawrence
Royce, Ronald and Ilene
Sarnak, Matthew and Lauren Rabinowitz
Schneider, Eber Ever (aka: Friedman) and Rahel Rose Riva
Sher, Alex Lior
Sher, Davi Simone
Sher, Ralph Andrew
Sher, Zoe
Stern, Philip
Walonick, David Nahaman and Dora (Tarnorudski) Turner
Yaffey, Robert and Doris Keren



More documents in the Obituary Index (1875 items) - - RECENT ADDITIONS - 64
Siegel, Ana Jacqueline (born 1997)
Siegel, Michael (born 1999)
Green, Micah and Karon L Adler
Green, Matthew and Amanda Kirzner
Green, Benjamin
Adler, Steven A and Kim E Butterworth
Adler, Samantha
Adler, Rebecca
Adler, Kira



Champaloux, Steven and Andrea Jean Silver
Edelstein, Melvin Morris and Revenn N Kall
Holzberg, Harris and Theresa - - Descendents List
Karon, Edward Franklin
Karon, Everett Howard and Norene G Silver
Karon, Jacqueline Hope "Jackie" Karon (Hines)
Karon, Michelle Pearl (Freberg)
Keeton, Jeffrey Lloyd
Laskowitz, Joseph and Ida Kernes - - Laskowitz/Lasky Family Tree
Libman, Cary Marvin Libman and Linda Renee Usem
Libman, Hanna Joy
Libman, Michelle Lisa
Libman, Rebecca Sarah
Mark, Ira Berton and Sarah Ann Vreeland
Mark, Rachel Rebecca
Samuels-Schwartz, Rafael Yochal and Mackenzie McIlmail
Simon, Sheldon and Charlann Scheid
Simon, William and Marsha Cohn
Tatkin - Family Tree
Tatkin - Descendents List
Usem, Daniel Maurice
Usem, Jessica
Usem, Mark Allan and Lynn S Mandle
Usem, Samuel and Katie Davis
Usem, Sidney Aaron
Weiss, Benjamin and Alyson Jenna Silver





Brodsky, Francis Tatkin
Bulmer, Jared and Elizabeth Gustin
Cohen, Aaron Harris
Greenblat, David Joey and Lori K
Greenblat, Rick Lane and Elizabeth A Mahn
Gustin, Daniel and Barbara Walt
Gustin, Jeremy
Gustin, Jonathan Gabrielle
Kamens, Sylvan - - Duluth Rabbi from 1963 to 1969
Kozar, Jake and Zola Hertz-Bunzl
Levine Family Tree - - Descendents List
Levine, Elias Levine and Sora Devorah Brantwein - - Descendents List
Medansky, Alan H and Susan Tatkin Schechtman
Nides, Louis and Faye Woolfan
Orensten, Edward Davis and Zipora Lachs
Orloff, Milton and Elaine Chucker
Orlowek, Shira
Partridge, John and Nancy Walt
Partridge, Pryia
Shiff, Sally Nell
Swihart, Tm and Linda Sue Brodsky
Tatkin, Paul
Tatkin, Stephen Craig
Tatkin, Sylvan O and Helen R Rothstein
Wagner, Matthew and Amanda Rachel Sher
Walt, Charles "Chuck" Walt and Jori
Walt, Matthew and Emily Brassard
Walt, Sarah
Walt, Stephen J. and Marlene
Walt, Timothy and Patricia Roberts
Wexler, Allan M and Patricia Fink
Wexler, Jonathan Lewis
Wexler, Lewis B and Beatrice H Chucker
Wexler, Robert Elliot
Wexler, Sheldon D and Mona

Kaner, Katie Milavetz and Sholom Solomon Kaner - - Tabular Descendents List
Stein, Nadia and Aaron's visits in 2013
Tatkin - Descendents List



Arnold, Aidan Steinberg
Arnold, Minnie Steinberg
Barry, Jordan Evan
Barry, Ronald G and Shari Lynn Cohen
Bear, Charles and Blema - - Descendents List
Berkowitz, Avram and Esther Vigusen - - Descendents List
Berkowitz, Harry and Rose Edelstein - - Descendents List
Berkowitz, Yehuda Aharon and Rachel - - Descendents List
Billian, Bruce "Buddy" and Geraldine "Geri" R Shapire
Billian, Cathey
Cohen, Samuel and Sorrell "Sarah" Slonim
Dansinger, Oliver Maddox Pond
Dansinger, Paige and Marcus Pond
Derousseau, Brian I and Hannah A Myers
Edelstein, David and Ida Weinberg - - Edelstein Descendents List
Freeman, Zackary and Jessica Rodich
Gold, Tom
Greer, Alison
Held, Jason Scott
Held, Joel Arthur and Lois Faye Heifetz
Kahner, Daniel Philip and Suzanne Renee Gendler
Kahner, James Abraham
Kahner, Jonathan Elliot
Kiser, Carolyn "Maude"
Martell, Brian and Katie Ann Stone
Mash, Avi
Mash, Eli
Mash, Ezra
Pond, Marcus and Paige Dansinger
Rochlin, Adam
Rochlin, David Samuel and Pamela Rae Finney
Rochlin, Emma
Rochlin, Noah
Salita, Dean and Rebecca Rubinstein
Salita, Jonah
Salonovitz, Joseph and Anna - - Descendents List
Shamblott Family Tree - - Descendents List
Snyder, Benjamin Wayne and Carrie Michelle Held
Stern, Adam and Michelle Katz
Stern, Alan and Cyndi Billian
Stern, Jordan and Nadine Ahbe
Stone, Andrew Robin



Abramson, Moses and Peshe Hurwitz - - Descendents List
Barth, Stuart and Amy
Boroff, Bertha "Rose" Boroff (1895-1951)
Buckman, Sidney
Cemetery Marker Index - RECENTLY ADDED MARKERS
Cohen, Edwin Stuart and Sherry Renee Davidson
Dansinger, Lawrence "Larry" and Karen
Dorfman, Harold and Harriet Mekler
Fefferman, Adam and Deborah Freidson
Freidson, Ben
Freimuth Department Store
Freimuth Family Photos
Freimuth, Dick Charles and Kay Mehaffey
Gallop, Joshua Peter
Garon, Lyle David (1946-2013 - A Memorial - - - For release on Oct 13 (Lyle's 67th birthday)
Goldflam, Sheldon Leon and Marilyn Lea Barth
Gould, Richard P and Diane M Freimuth
Horwitz, Theodore "Ted" and Harriet
Kaner, James S and Mary V Rector
Lee, Arnold St. Jacques and Shirley Markee
Mekler, Amanda
Mekler, Dana
Mekler, Gregg Roger and Wendy Schampan
Mekler, Jachiel (Rabbi) and Brina (Bertha) Garon
Mekler, James -- 1923-1924
Mekler, Mark Kevan and Sara Elizabeth Larson
Mekler, Wyatt Simon
Mekler, Zachary Jocob
Mekler,Joshua Alex
Other Jewish Families of Duluth - RECENTLY ADDED PEOPLE
Sattler, Abraham and Theresa Abeles - - Descendents List
Sherling, Glenn Ross and Sheri Linda Mekler
Sherling, Joseph Blake
Sherling, Ryan Harrison
Swartz (or Swartzwald), Hyman and Jenny Gladstone
Walt, Robert and Mary A.
Walt, Sidney and Joan C Golden

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Pearl, Robert Arthur and Julie Shacter
Stone, Vernon and Winnie Sorenson
Podolsky, Abraham and Rose Breslau Breslav - - Descendents List
Rosenberg, Robert Harris and Faylene Viders

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Blustin, Harold D and Bernice M London
Blustin, Jeffrey S 1951-2007
Blustin, Morton E and Lillian Polinsky - - Descendents List
Cohen, Louis and Anna - - Descendents List
Cowl, Solomon and Ethel Shaprio - - Descendents List
Davis, Harry (1885-1968) - - Descendents List
Goldfine, Harry Abraham and Rose Katz - - Descendents List
Jaffe, Aaron T 'Orzik/Outsick'and Fannie Karon - - Descendents List
Jaffe, Aaron T 'Orzik/Outsick'and Leah Lena Resnick - - Descendents List
Katz Family - - Descendents List
Levine Family Tree Data - - Descendents Lists
Wallack, Max and Pearl Bassin
Wolfe, Lawrence Irving (MD) and Charolotte Avrick
Bloom, Emanuel and Marion Rebecca Yenshay
Woolfan, Emmanuel Bertrand and Priscilla Bonner
Kaner Ancestors - Graphical Family Tree - Generations 1-4



Alpert, John and Gladys Hoffman
Blehert, Frank - Blehert Family Tree
Fergal, Bertha Lewis
Gershuni Family
Geykhman, Itsik (Hoffman) - - Descendents List
Gutman, Brian and Allison Kronzek
Gutman, Eric and Sarah Topper
Gutman, Robbie and Tina Gargotta
Hoffman - Itsik Geykhmam - - Descendents List
Karon, Adam Ira
Karon, Adam: Others with the name Adam Karon
Rutstein, Harold and Harriette F Heiligman
Rutstein, Lester Aaron and Judy Bitran
Rutstein, Melvin Bennet and Lynn Silvermant
Shanedling, Philip and Seva "Bathsheba" Sarah - - Descendents List
Shapiro, Baruch Benjamin - - Shapiro Family Tree (Lithuanian)
Shapiro, Baruch Benjamin - Graphical Family Tree
Wiener, Max "Meier Yitzchak" and Rose "Naomi" Baxter - - Descendents List
A Short History of the Duluth Jewish Community - - 1870-1976
Jewish Fellowship News - Reunion Issue - September 1985



Azine, Naltran Meyer Michael and Anna Ethel Goldberg - - Descendents List
Flint Family Tree
Goldish, Louis H.
Kanenovsky/Cohen Louis and Sarah Steinberg - - Descendents List
Kroot, Samuel and Florence Bertha Glass
Lewenstein, Abraham and Marceline Grignon
Lewenstein, Bruce Alan
Lewenstein, Yshia and Pessie Rader - - Descendents List
Lipman, Jacob and Olga - - Descendents List
Magdalene, Bill and Laure Ellen Weber
Markus, Solomon and Raisa "Resa" Rose Kaner - - Descendents List
Meltz, Abram Melts - - Meltz Family Tree
Milavitz, Joan
Moskol, Moishe and Bassie - - Descendents List
Oreckovsky, Israel and Sarah "Cera" Shapiro
Rubenstein, Abraham and Tilly "Tillie" Kapplan - - Descendents List
Shapiro, Abram Abel - - Descendents List
Weber Family Photos
Weber, Laura Ellen and Bill Magdalene
Weber, Samuel Solomon and Zeporah Silverman - - Descendents List



Apter, Beth D
Apter, Curtis J
Arnovich, Jeffrey Morris and Kendra Lebard
Arnovich, Paul Mason and Elaine J. Erickson
Berke, Lanny R. Levine
Cohen, Bruce H
Cohen, Maurice and Batsheva Sadie Sosnovsky
Daneiko, Girsha - - Daneiko Family Tree
Finn/Pazernov, Moshe - - Family Tree
Gershgol, Isaac and Rose - - - Gershgol Family Tree
Goldberg, Steven A. Goldberg and Sharon Mayhew
Goldfarb, Menachem Mendel and Baila - - Descendents List
Karon, Allan Burton and Edythe Avrick
Karon, Bradley Samuel and Valaria
Karon, Jeffrey Raymond and Nancy K Wiberg
Kenner, Scott S
Magnuson, Dean C and Laura Miriam Karon
Marans, Robert W and Judy Bloomfield
Markus, Howard S
Markus, Ross S and Janis E Koski
Mittler, Elliott D. and Carolyn D. Siegel
Morgenstern Family Tree
Oreckovsky, Abraham and Hykeh - - Oreck/Oreckovsky Family Tree
Ostrin, Clayton and Ella Strimling - - - Ostrin Family Tree
Pazernov/Finn, Moshe - - Family Tree
Pinsky, Norman A and Abigail L Sher
Rudolph, James
Shapiro, Benjamin Labe "Yehuda" - - Descendents List
Shapiro, Moses S and Anna "Mimi Yente" Oreckovsky - - Shapiro Family Tree (Ukrainian)
Sher, Frank T and Deborah S Sher
Siegel, David and Hanna Sara Siegel
Singer, Merle E (Rabbi)
Singer, Samuel and Brindle-Bertha-Brenda Naymark
Tuttle, Robert and Leah Rose "Linda" Lurye
Weston, Ed and Dana J Apter
Ziskin, David and Pauline Wilensky - - - Ziskin Family Tree



Bassin, Carl and Ann Milavetz
Bassin, Helen Dorothy (1926-2011)
Bassin, Samuel (1939-2011)
Breer, Robert Carlton and Katherine Ann Flax
Garon Passenger List - British Isles Transoceanic
Gurovitsch, Benjamin and Mary - Descendents List
Horwitz, Victor - - Family Tree
Kahner, James Merrill (1955-1998)
Kaner Passenger List - British Isles Transoceanic
Kaner, Selmer and Raisa Rose
Karon Passenger List - British Isles Transoceanic
Kenner Passenger List - British Isles Transoceanic
Kremen Descendents List
Kremen, Alan Frazier
Kremen, Mark Edward
Krupp Family Tree
Mark, Ann
Podolsky, Sherman and Ellen Ruth Krupp
Shapiro, Zevulun Zavel and Dinna - - Shapiro Family Tree
Taran, Samuel and Mollie - - Family Tree
Vogel, Nathan Zev and Layah - Descendents List
Widdes, Henry "Chaim Yosef Vides" Widdes and Bassie Ginsberg
Wiener, Jonathan Marc and Judith Fiskin
Woolfan, Samuel and Ietta Ginsburg
Woolfan, Samuel and Ida Stein - Descendents List
Woolfan, Simon and Olive Mallory
Woolfan, William E. Jr. and Elizabeth Mertie Casteel
Zien Family Tree



Apple, Fred and Jan Nerenberg
Breer, Robert Carlton and Katherine Ann "Kate" Flax Cordes
Even-Israel, Liza O Ferszt
Farber, Jerome Joe E and Ethel Tatkin
Ferszt, Daniel M
Ferszt, David and Robyn Tatkin
Ferszt, Natan and Moussie Lesches
Ferszt, Tzvika
Gilfix, Hannah
Gilfix, Steven and Jeannie Levinson
Gilfix, Zachary
Horwitz, Abraham and Rebecca     from Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Horwitz, Abraham and Leona     from Minneapolis
Kaner, David Morris and Eva Reva Layah Kaner
Kaner, Jeff Elliot
Kaufman, Arthur Sidney 1924-1944
Lovick, Arnold Richard and Marsha Epstein
Markell, Herman and Tobie Karon
Milavetz, Max 1896-1918
Morris, David and Sara Ferszt
Morris, William Gary Cohen and Cheryl Gottlieb
Schroeder, John Bradley and Geraldine Syndie Walt
Schroeder, Katherine Mae born 2011
Schroeder, Paul Bradly and Stacia Joyce Robinson
Seltzer, Jody Seltzer
Seltzer, Robert "Rob"
Serbine, Lillian
Shnier, Carole Serbine
Simon, Jerold "Jerry"
Tatkin, Alexander Russell
Tatkin, Allen G and Leatrice Joy Goldberg
Tatkin, Jeanne (1904-1962)
Tatkin, Kat
Walt, Geraldine Bolter
Walt, Michael and Mary Vogel
Weinhoff, Harold and Elayne Lieberman
Weinhoff, Larry



Abuhan, Shai and Mirit Zunis
Bobinsky, Aaron - - Bobinsky/Aronsohn Family Tree
Bunin, William Samuel
Cohn, Robert
Cowl, Ida and second husband Felix Hestrin
Cowl, Jay and Jacquline Schmidt
Dietz, Benjamin and Caroline Padro
Drobman, Harry and Lena Kaufman
Eliaskovich, Shevakh and Chana Simma Levine - - Family Tree
Gillman, Jonas H "Jerry" and Beverly Cyril Karon Bunin
Hallack, Isaac Eliahu and Chasa Kagan - - Family Tree
Hertz Cousins Reunion - 2004
Hertz Cousins Reunion - 2011
Hestrin, Felix and Ida Cowl
Hewson, Kathleen (Kathy)
Hicks, Parker and Allison Dietz
Lebo, Arthur Michael and Nancy Ruth Rasmussen
Lebo, George
Lebo, Nancy
Lebo, Natalie
Lebo, Nicole
Lebo, Scott
Lebo, Sherman
Linderman, Roxanne Lee Margolien
Margolien, Brooks Lazar and Stephanie
Margolien, Daniel
Margolien, Lydia (born 2000)
Margolien, Maximilian (born 2007)
Moscovich Family Tree
Oppenheim, Meers and Claudia Yvonne Oppenheim
Oreckovsky and Oreck Family
Polinsky Family Newspaper Articles
Polinsky, Harry - - Family Tree
Saletan, Ira and Suzanne A Ione Shiff
Shiff, Sanford Nathaniel "Sandy" and Anne Weeks Rollings
Traubman McCormack, Ernestine
Vides, Jacob David - - Family Tree
Werden, Alexander
Werden, Jacob Daniel
Werden, Jeremy
Wine, Richard Lyle
Witz Family Newspaper Articles



Abramson, Martin J. and Bessie Schaeffer - - - Abramson Family Tree
Abramson, William S. (born 1925)
Anderson, Aimee Jo Berger
Bear, Hymen E and Eadie A Kenigsberg
Bloom, Theodore S and Loretta Edelstein
Freimuth, Donald and Gita Hart
Goldberg, Richard Charles and Maryanne A Kahler
Goldberg, Sheldon Lewis and Joanne Ansel
Goldfine, Howard Allan and Margaret A Auer
Goldfine, Louis and Seena L. Hart
Goldman, Julius and Ethel Kremen
Gross, David Marc and Lynn M Sievi
Joseph, Leonard and Harriet Schibel
Kadesovitz, Laurance (1910-1966)
Kaner, Jay Everett (1932- )
Kaner, Seymour Lawrence and Betty Payne
Kanter, Douglas R and Cindy R Finn
Karon, James and Sophie Levine
Kremer, Stephen B and Roberta Sue Arnovich
Kuretsky, William H and Janis Rae Lurye
Lavine, Steven David and Janet Sternburg
Niskin, Stanley and Rubie Lorraine Karon
Pagel, Michael and Deborah Goldberg
Schechter, Milton and Katherine Ruth Goldfine
Schulman, Shirley Miriam Siegel
Sigel, Melvin and Delores Harriet Kaner
Simon, Kenneth D and Bebe Feuerstein
Winthrop, Edward Leon and Tevi
Apter, Adam Benjamin and Ana Lillian Church Grossman
     Ariel Melech Apter
Apter, Alexander D
Apter, Abbot G and Pasha Parks
Slomin Family Tree
Slonim, Ephraim and Sevah "Zlatte Leah" Karon
Widdes, Samuel "Shmul/Sam" and Ella Poswolsky



Berdie, Phillip and Helen Heyn - - Berdie Descendents List
Berdie, Sidney Siegfried and Enid Freimuth
Cohen, Aaron (1924-1945)
Goldetsky, Gary and Judy Schloff
Goldetsky, Joel
Goldetsky, Shira
Holmes, Joe and Lourdes Hidalgo
Holmes, John David and Susan Rachel Walters
Jews of Duluth Intro
Kaner, Margaret (1911-1998)
Karon, Benjamin Edward (1896-?)
Kenigsberg, Leah (1905-1923)
Lew, Jason Aaron and Jennifer Brett Sher
Lindeke, Mike and Ann Freda Groman
Milavetz, Arnold Bert and St Onge
Milavetz, Oscar 1900-1977
Milavitz, Marc and Anita
Ostrov, Harry (1914-1991)
Pomush, Arllyn Jay and Marsha Levine
Schreiber, Roy and Sally Karon Green
Shapiro, Joseph and Sarah Kaner
Sher Family Tree
Sher, Amanda Rachel
Sher, Gerald Robert "Jerry"
Sher, James and Dagny Peterson
Sher, James Alan and Linda Sue Weisbrod
Sher, Neil Charles Sher and Fern Louise Goldman
Sher, Richard Philip and Linda Sue Zellinger
Shiffman, Jessica Rachel "Jessie"
Slovut, Mitchell Louis and Beth Marcia Kuller
Walters, Joe and Lois Corrine Pratt
Watts, Elise Karon Schreiber
Worcester, Paige
Apter, Adam Benjamin and Ana Lillian Church Grossman
Berdie, Craig A G
Berdie, John Phillip and Shirley Rosalyn Sher
Berdie, Mitchell John
Kaner, Lena (possibly Mrs. Lena Leah Katz Karon)
Resnick, Heidi
Salam, Henry and Tillie Fagen
Salam, Richard William ( - 2001)
Salam, Samuel and Rhea
Shiffman, Samuel "Sam" and Reine Adair Berdie
Solomovitz, Sabse "Sam" and Mary (Ida Mary?) Kurklefsky Levinson
Zalk, Zalkind Peysakh
- - with descendents list
Zalk, Michael David



Belinsky, Abraham and Sophie Tatkin
Berger, Nathan and Murial "Minnie" Tatkin
Berman, George and Betty "Bessie" Stewart
Berman, Samuel H. and Ida Lent - - with descendents list
Bierman, Julius and Phylis Karsner Dietz
Elisha, Taeer
Elisha, Ynon and Yaeil Shefner
Feil, Howard and Zichrini "Rini" Elisha
Flesch, Abner and Orina Zidkani
    Ahi-Noam Flesch (born 2005)
Flesch, Hagit
Flesch, Josef and Nava Posavilov
Flesch, Netanel
Flesch, Ossi Itzhak and Miriam Heifetz
Flesch, Vered
Gati, Ofer and Iyar Elisha
Handlovsky, Samuel Howard "Sam"
Hartman, Ilan and Silvan Elisha
Hechter, Ariel
Hechter, Michael
Hechter, Sam
Heifetz, Asaaf
Larner, Beverly Tatkin Ziv Seligson
Levinson, Alex and Esther Tatkin
Margalit, Shmuel Yitzhak and Ronit Arussi
Ostrov Family Tree
Rosen, William Sanders and Esther "Timmie" Hakim
Ross, Paul and Gita P. Handlovsky
Tatkin Family Data Births, Deaths, Marriages, Immigration
Tatkin, Adolf and Gertrude (Getal) Gilman
Tatkin, Irving "Taddy" and Phyllis Goral
Tatkin, Jacob Samuel and Fannie (Feiga) Goldberg
Tatkin, Jacob and Ida Helperin
Tesler Family Tree
Weinreb, Dana
Weinreb, Doron Benjamin
Weinreb, Maya
Weinreb, Shlomit Flesch
Winthrop, George Enoch and Mary Tessler
Wishman, Abraham and Eva Ostrov
Zisman, Liat and Liel Elisha



Garrett's Friends - Picture Index Page
Aronovsky, Alvin Joseph and Manne Eckstein
     Bennett, Connor Quinn
Berkowitz, Tevya Osher and Bailla Shirvent
Blehart Family Tree
Cohen, Basha Bloom
Cox, Mike and Linda Aronovsky
Edelstein, Roy L. and Ida (Chaya) Zalk
Elevitch, Bernard Jacob "Burr"
Gaard, Frank and Pamela Schloff
Gordon, Samuel 1989-1959
Kaner, Lawrence Marvin "Larry"and Barbara Rachline
Karon, Berchik "Berenick/Bertzik/Berko" and Elka Arenson
Kurzen, Aaron
Kurzen, Harry and Katherine "Kate" Poster"
Litman, Maurice "Moe" and Selma Poster
Lowy, Laurence Joel and Patricia "Patsy" Fay Moss
Lurye, Harry and Honnie "Chane Reve" Edelstein
Lurye, Rose Naomi "Nechame"
Miller, Dolly Schibel Blumberg
Moss, Stephanie "Stevi"
Pasternack, Joseph and Sarah Eta "Bubbie"
Podolsky, Arthrur L "Bake" Podolsky and Helen Seigel
Podolsky, David R. and Lynette Malkin
Podolsky, Sara Page
Popkin, Harry and Sarah "Ziere" Brodsky
Seltzer, Avron M "Bud" and Lois Karon
Widman, Elmer and Liby B "Tiby" Goldfine
Zalk, Shmuel "Samuel" and Rachel/Roe Reyza - - with descendents list
Zeller, Clifford L. and Karen S.



Moss, Arthrur J. and Alice S. Litman
Litman, Neil N and Zelda H. Simon
Soloski, Theodore and Fayga Cohn
Horwitz, Nathan and Jennie Soloski
Horwitz, Lionel and Georgiana
Benhaim, Olivier and Amy Ruth Bearmon
Sieger, Michael D and Paula Susan Bearmon
Black, Sigmund and Rita Phyllis Bennett Perlman
Therriault, Lynne Garon Klein
Levy, Dale Ross
Walton, Pati Meyer
Bloom, Henry and Tova Freidel Goodman
Whiley, Scott and Paula Rudolph
Goldish, Susan Rose and Michael Hall
Hall, Michael and Susan Rose Goldish
Davidovich, Hiam - Davis Family Tree
Davis Family Tree - Descendents of Hiam Davidovich
Jeffreys, Ryann Rose
Chauvin, Hunter Austin and Shirley Lizette Bell coming soon
     Chauvin, Abrey coming soon
Dorf, Hyman Charles and Esther Sperling
Goldfarb, Kenneth Robert and Sharilyn Lea Rien



Records below are included in the database - those above are not
Garrett - - Garrett's Friends
Kuller, Zalman and Rebecca “Rivah” Leah Tobias
Weiner, Leon and Sandra Rae Goldfine
Davis, Buddy and Jan Berman
Kvasnik, Scott and Lindsay Shapiro
Kantor, David and Diane Phillips
Goldfarb, Kenneth and Shai Rien
Brownstone, Barry
Brownstone, Randy Howard
Chucker, George Barton "Barton" and Michelle Medick
Chucker, Ingrid Kimberlee
Davis, Buddy and Jan Berman
Friedman, Thomas L. and LeeAnn A. Winter
Garber, Mitchell and Sarah Leah Jaffe
Garon, Aurelie and brother David
Gjelsvik, Atle and Carol Canner
Goldfine, Harry N and Margaret L "Peggy" Friedman
Goldish, Abraham M and Sadie Dora Tobias   
with descendents list
Goldish, Samuel S and Esther Yawitz (Javitz)   
with descendents list
Gordon, Sylvia Goldfine Koval
Greenblat, William Leonard
Kaner, Jack B and Mae Frumes
Kaner, Marshal Sidney and June Evelyn Kannerwurf
Kaner, Robert Louis
Kaner, William Howard and Arline Thelma Solon
Kantor, David and Diane Phillips
Karon, Abraham Itzik "Itza" and Libby Hanna Miller
Karon, Baruch Itsyko and Golde Chana
Koval, (Jack) Sylvia Goldfine (Gordon)
Kuller, Zalman and Rebecca “Rivah” Leah Tobias
Kvasnik, Scott and Lindsay Shapiro
Nathanson, Herman and Rose
Oppenheim, Joost Joe and Elizabeth Ann Kaner
Reibach, Robert E and Allyson Raab Chucker
Simon, Aron and Gussie Nieman
Simon, Isadore (IE) and Gertruce Levin
Simonowitz, Jacov and Schifre
Tobias, Tevia (Theodore) and Pere Sarah Salisnich   
with descendents list
Weiner, Leon and Sandra Rae Goldfine



Barkin, David "Duddy" and Lillian Ina "libby" HERSHON
Barkin, Harry Arron and Annie Barkin
Bunin, William Howard and Beverly Cyril Karon
Canner, Abraham Herschel Salamowitz
Canner, Abraham Herschel Salamowitz and Hannah Freida Lipman Fine Davidovitz
Canner, Arnold K "Arnie" CANNER and Faith Marilyn BORNSTEIN
Canner, Barry Steven
Canner, Benjamin Samuel CANNER and Mary LANDY
Canner, Carl "Kasriel" and Esther Etta Canner
Canner, Edwin (Ed) Martin "Edward" and Merna Kostick
Canner, Isaac "Ike" CANNER and wives Sarah and Bessie Levine
Canner, Louis E "Eliyahu Lev" Canner and Annie R Salomowitz
Canner, Minnie 1900-1983
Canner, Neil Edward
Canner, Paul M (1953-1998)
Canner, Ross G (1959-1981)
Canner, Solomon Sholem "Yisrael Yishrol Samuel Sims Shalom" and Mary Fine
Canner, Stanley Lewis and Roberta Isaacson
Chapman, Matt and Sarah Janelle Widdes
Christ, Michael T and Susan Lynn Winthrop
Frisch, Adam Bennett and Katherine "Katy" Tresness
Handy, George and Ruth Fine Bennett
Kalin, Jeremy and Hope Elizabeth Frisch
Kaner, Borukh Yankel and Gutel
Kaner, Shmuyla Shebsel Karon and Getal Rasa Kohn
   with Complete Descendents List
Karon, Mayer "Itsyk Meyer-Shebsel"
Orman, Spencer and Marnie Joanna Frisch
Robert, R. Miles
Salamowitz, Abraham Herschel and Mary/Khaya Ida
Salamowitz, Ruben and Vitel Rachael TOBIAS
Svietovsky, Boris and Celia Dorothy Canner
Thal, Cory Evan and Julianne
Thal, Robert Whitney
Trockman, Daniel and Anne Frisch
Weinstein, Joseph and Gretchen Kane
Widdes, Ben
Widdes, Joshua Eliot and Nicole S Urevig
Widdes, Sam
Winthrop, Bradley Thomas
Winthrop, Douglas Andrew and Yamilee Bermingham
Wise, Benjamin N
Wise, Lawrence and Rosalind Sarah CANNER
Obituary Index
Photo collection from Cindy Cowan



Blom, Michael Joseph and Virginia Roster P J Chinema
Blom, Peter Joseph
Bloom, David
Canner Family from Boston
Crystal, Jacob and Rachel Beckkes
Fischer, Olivier and Deborah Slovut
Freed, Dan and Rachel Slovut
Handlovsky, Samuel H and Ethel
Kaner, Shebsel Sabsie and Reva Rivka "Eva Danabursky" Ginsberg
Ostrov, Dave and Lena Cohen
Presley, Jesse Garon
Rifkin, Israel and Anna Rose Baron
Slonim, Nathan and Shana Raza Norvitz



Smith, Michael Anthony and Rebecca Kay Wolfe
Gonzalez, Janis Elaine Cowan Thal
Cowan, Cynthia Maren
Bubley, Edward and Dvarel (Doris) Shapiro
Weinstein, Steven and Leslie Nicole Pottorf
Pottorf, Jamie Lyn
Portoff, Allison Ross
Coran, Abraham and Lena - page 2
Coran, Abraham and Lena - page 3
Cohen, Isadore and Sarah Coran
Coran, Alexander Ralph "Alex" and Mamie Friedman
Coran, Jack and Edith Smith
Dennis, Jacob and Ann Henrietta Coran
Hoffman, Sam and Mamie Coran
Ornstein, Joseph and Marie Coran
Saeks, Louis and Fanny Mildred Coran
Simon, Isadore and Rose Perl Coran
Wine, Oscar and Sadie Zelda Coran



Portnoy, Robert Eric
Cowl, Harry H. and Gerraldine Golden
Milavetz, Gary and Mary Elizabeth Teresi
Zalk, Louis and Estelle Levy     
Early Jewish Settler
Zalk, Max and Gittel Lass     
Early Jewish Settler
Sumnicht, Rene
Weissman, Simeon and Evelyn S. Greenblat
Walt, Charles 1875-1908
Slovut, Hannah Danielle
Slovut, Maya Adi
Slovut, Talia
Additional Old-News-Articles - Index
Old News Articles 1869, 1870, 1880, 1882, 1883, 1887, 1888, 1889
Index of Early Jewish Settlers
Harlow Julia Sondell



Additional Old-News-Articles - Index
Old News Articles 1969, 1870, 1880, 1882, 1883, 1887, 1888, 1889
75 additional cemetery markers added at the bottom of the page
Keeton, Nancy Anita
McNally, Bernard L and Linda Fae Passon
Taran, Barry G. and Susan Rae Passon
McNally, Syril Passon
Taran, Jess Samuel Passon and Elizabeth Blumenfeld
Rudd, Ralph Richard
Rudd, Edward Alan
Olsen, Deborah
Rudolph, Raena Claire Goldfine
Rochlin, Harvey Robert and Harriett Lee Kaner
Schwartz, Nathan and Darlene Pomush
Stone, Alan Bennett and Lou Ann Solverson
Wiener, Paul Herman and Gail Frances Hughes
Sher, Emery
Jaffe, Elia Marta
Jaffe, Benjamin Lewis
Lipkin, William Steven and Julie Ann Wegscheid
Maxwell Sidney Milavetz   (born 1998)
Nicole Mae Milavetz   (born 1999)
Olivia Milavetz  (born 2004)
Milavetz, Zoe Bess Resnick   (born 1995)
Milavetz, Talia Mya   (born 1995)
Milavitz, Seymour and Sharon R. Jacobs
Bondy, Isaac    
Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Freimuth, Ignatz    
Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Holzberg, Abraham and Anna Litman
Kaner, Moses Aaron and Gite Rivka
Karon, Jan     
The Author - Not related as far as we know
Leopold, Asa F. and Henry F.    
Brothers and early Jewish settlers of Duluth 1869 news
Leopold, Louis F.    
Father of early Jewish settlers of Duluth 1869 news
Litman, Raphael "Ralph" and Rachel Shark
Silberstein, Bernard and Nettie Weiss    
Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Silberstein, Edward A.    
Son of Bernard Silberstein and early Jewish settler of Duluth
Traubmann, Lionel and Irene Silberstein     
Daughter of Bernard Silberstein



Altman, Max William and Annie Ada "Anan" Smallandald
Altman, Philip and Bessie J "Krupitsky" Krupp
Astren, Alex and Lorraine R. Goldish
Cohen, Charles "Chuck" and Kelly Fraser
Davis, Heather Elizabeth
Efron, Stan and Suzanne Agranoff
Fechisin, John S. and Diane Mark
Freidson, Jeffrey W. and Judith Milavetz
Freidson, Jenne
Green, David Bryce and Andrea Beth Milavetz
Hamou, Samuel Chaim
Hartman, Ann Louise Cohn
Jaffe, David and Marsha J. Adsit
Jaffe, Lawrence Paul and Jane Sand
Karon, Jennifer Rose
Karon, Mark Jeffrey and Janice G Charney
Karon, Mollie B.
Karon, Robert Lawrence and Patty Ruben
Kiener, Harold and Harriet Marian Goldish
Milavetz, Barry Lee and Kristen Kelli Rene Jensen
Milavetz, Robin Lynn
Schloff, Larry D.
Shark, William Mark and Lorelei Goldman
Platt, Adam and Alex - - Brothers and Musicians
Chester Park School class photos
Krovitz, Jonathan
Altman, Ralph - WWII POW


Greenblat, Andrew
Milavetz, Solum Shale and Sarah Jennie Stoller
Gerstein, Mark D. and Julia Wolf S.



Budd, Jeffrey James "Jeff"
Budd, Michael Steven "Mike"
Ezra, Dan and Cheryl Diane Jaffe
Field, Jenna "Jeanne" Berman Field
Garber, Alisa Rose
Garber, Amy Elizabeth
Garber, David and Judy Blatteis
Garber, Jennifer
Garber, Leslie Ann
Garber, Marc
Jaffe, David Charles and Lisa West
Kaner, Sapsel and Chasa Malka     
Karon, Marshall and Rosemary Roesner
Karon, Soloman Shmuel Shebsel and Getal Rasa "Rachel" Kohn
Milavitz, Baruch Shoul and Raiza
Murman, Jeffrey and Gloria Marks
Orlowek, Charles and Sharon A. Liss
Orlowek, Nathaniel "Nate"
Platt, Adam
Platt, Alexander William
Plaus, Michael and Barbara Karon
Rabinowitz, Cyril Jonathan 1957-2008
Silverman, Edward and Helen Golden
Silverman, Emily Nora
Silverman, Judith Hava
Suster, Leyba and Khana
Winokur, Alexander Ariel
Winokur, Benjamin Galen



Aronovsky, Samuel and Dorothy Kardonsky
Atkin, Morris and Charlene Benesovitz
Benesovitz, Hyman and Rachel Slonim
Budd, Hyme A. and Goldye Sonia Karon
Farber, Michael and Miriam Weber
Finn, Nathan E. Pazemov and Sarah "Sarah Freidel" Kaner
Gordon, Nicole Michelle
Goldfarb, Max and Ida Bergal
Goldfarb, Samuel "Azriel" and Ann "Channa Trossman" Goldfarb
Jaffe, Peter Pesach and Bella Kaner
Jaffe, Alex and Leah Berger
Jaffe, Benjamin and Rae Brenner
Jaffe, Sadie 1888-1908
Jaffe, Sam 1893-1930
Kaner, Beatrice and Sidney -- brother and sister
Kaner, Yehuda Labe ?-1908
Karon, Aaron Seleg 1901-1922
Karon, Arnold and Ethel Bernstein
Karon, Barney 1894-1979
Kaner, Israel Shapsie
Karon, Justin A. and Pearl Kvasnik
Karon, Kasreal and Bessie Kaner
Karon, Kenneth Avrum and Judy Joy Crystal
Karon, Peter I. 1879-1926
Solomovitz, Ida Ethel 1883-1906
Weber, Myron L.
Weiss, Stanley and Beverly Kaufman
Winokur, Melvin H. and Ruth Fay Karon
Kaner, Samuel H. and Rose Pomush
Jaffe-Karon Store



Davis, Karen K.
Fidleman, Shirley Friedman
Friedman, Albert
Friedman, Robert
Rose, Janice (Fidleman)
Schloff, Ruth Friedman
Speegle, Zane and Stacy
Stern, Louise Friedman (Gordon)
Woolfan, William
Zeller, Roslee "Lee" Friedman
Hats On Hats Off - - News analysis by Karen Alpert Entous
Stone, Benjamin and Florence Edelstein



Aronauer, Ethan Adam born 2009
Beaver, Colton Jason born 2009
Green, Tiffany Lee
Coran, Abraham Abbe Akir and Lena Freda Bicovitch
Coran, Elijahu and Gute Rochel Plost
Neill, Rebecca "Becca" Alison
Mitchell, Anastasia
Neill, Rachel Stix Neill
Spratt, Gladys A. Aronsohn Weiner
Solomovitz, Sam
Aronovsky, Nathan and Sarah Hannah Jaffe
Stone, Arthur and Margaret Kolar
Stone, Gary and Sandra Finkelstein
Stone, Joel R. and Marcia Grodnick
Bemel, Sanford B. and Cheryl S. Stone
Khoury, Lee and Sandra E. Stone
Nanci and Allan 45th Wedding Anniversary Tribute
Kaner/Karon Reunion -Twin Cities - August 2009
Karon Reunion -California - July 2009
Garon, Tim - page 2



Chucker, Elias and Chia Rachel Kaner
Donner, Samuel J and Hazel Goldie Karon
Finn, Lieba Mendel Pazernov Finn and Rifka Sigel Finn
Garon, Laura
Garon, Melody (Cora Stix Friedman Neill Mitchell)
Green, Daniel
Green, Jennifer Karon
Green, Mary Jean Retterbush
Karon, Yitzhak Isadore and Rose Jaffe
Mitchell, Cora Stix Friedman (Neill) -- nee Melody Garon
Tatkin, Roberta "Robi"
Tatkin, David and Carolyn R.
Tatkin, Stan and Tracy Bolderman
Winokur, Robert Michael and Vanessa Lewis

Green, K.C. (Kerry Carson) and Teresa Clements (Pendleton)
     Cody Alexander Pendleton (born 1992)
     Candice Elizabeth Pendleton-Green (1993)
     Angela Margaret Green (1996)
     (John) Carson Green (2003)
Tatkin, Albert and Antoinette Fisher
Garon, Lynne Suzanne Edwards
Haskovitz, Barrie Edward (1952-1997)
Kaner, Robert Lowell and Annette "Netty" Walonick
Zaroff, David and Amy Schachtman
Broms, Tim and Marilyn Schachtman
Lovick, Sam "Yankalovich" and Elizabeth Tatkin
Apter, Abbott G. Apter and Eileen M. Johnson
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Garon -- Others With the Name Garon
-- From Ma Vital Records -- 1840-1910
Kaner -- Others With the Name Kaner
-- From Ma Vital Records -- 1841-1915
Karon -- Others With the Name Karon
-- From Ma Vital Records -- 1841-1915

Green, Scott Wesley
Milavetz, Jacob Yankel 1837-1912
Yanowitz, Gerald "Jerry" and Suzanne d'Arcy
Yanowitz, Joel and Amy Metzenbaum
Yanowitz, Alan E. and Dara Gaynes
Rudolph, Leonard H. and Phyllis A Freimuth
Manis, Marc D. and Harriet Jo-Ann Perlman
Perlman, Robert William and Debbie Krasnow
Perlman, Alan Lewis and Michelle Vargas
Perlman, Melissa Samantha
Krovitz, Jeremy Andrew (born 1996)
Lewis, Claudia Nicole
Silver, Thomas C. and Anita Hope Lurye
Bennett, Kim Beverly
     Pedro, Justin Michael
     Pedro, Devon Marille
Bennett, Jeffrey Sheldon and Ellen Boland
Bennett, Monica Lee
Bennett, Suzanna Marjorie
Bennett, Stephen Mac and Teri
     Bennett, Samuel
     Bennett, Evangeline
Bennett, Maxwell Cooper
Lyle, Scott Seaforth and Leah Mari Bennett
     Lyle, Keira Bennett
     Lyle, Nolan Seaforth

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