Polinsky Family Newspaper Articles

Henry Polinksy (1790-?) is the earliest of the Polinsky tree who has been identified. He was married to Eva Siegel (1790-?). The Polinsky family tree is on a separate page.

A list of old newspaper articles related to the Polinsky family in Duluth is presented below with links to the articles. These newspaper articles and possibly more Polinsky articles are listed in the Old Newspaper Articles - Index.

1880-8-10 Louis Polisky, bay horse lost - -

1895-11-27 Albert Polinsky, Joseph Polinsky,John O'Conner accidental shooting - -

1895-11-28 Polinsky, John O'Conner accidental shooting - -

1896-5-20 Joseph Polinsky, trousers - -

1896-6-9 Isaac Polinsky,was on the war path - -

1896-6-18 Isaac Polinsky assault - - Polinskyh is Conviceted of Assaulting Mrs. Goldstein - -

1896-6-19 Isaac Polinsky assaults Greenfield - -

1897-1-22 John J. Fox and Bertha Polinsky ml - - marriage licenses issued., also Adolph Klein and Rebecca Cohen. - -

1898-12-20 Joseph and C. M. Polinsky,, buy or get slugged - -

1898-12-22 Charles and Joseph Polinsky assault - - for assaulting Prosper Finnette. - -

1898-12-23 Charles and Joseph Polinskys found guilty - -

1899-1-4 Charles and Joseph Polinsky post fine - -

1899-3-16 Polinsky brothers, Chicago newspapers - -

1899-10-18 Albert Polinsky, second hand store, license - -

1900-3-21 C. M. Polinsky, second hand store disagreement - -

1900-4-24 Mary Polinsky and S. Rubloff engagement - -

1900-5-19 Joseph Polinsky, no license - -

1900-5-22 Joseph Polinsky,stiff fine - -

1900-7-12 Isaac Polinsky assaults neighbor Rusch - -

1900-10-16 J. Polinsky, houses, store burn - -

1901-1-11 Marion L. Polinsky and Sol Rubloff wed - - 1901 Marion L. Polinsky and Sol Rubloff wed.Pretty Jewish Wedding. Nearly 400 Friends Witness Polinsky-Rubloff Nuptials at Armory. L. Polinsky, Rev. Hetgation, Sadie Polinsky, George Mesberg.

1901-8-15 J. Polinksy, opera glasses - -

1902-3-11 Albert Polinsky, pawnbroker, gold watch - -

1902-11-7 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed - - 1902 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed. Pretty Wedding In Synagogue, first event of kind in New Adas Israel Congregation edifice. Alpert H. Polinsky marries Eveleth girl. Ceremony one of most largely ever attended in Duluth. Banquet follows, with I.Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Epstein, I. Zenansky, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, gues: Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenburg, Mendal, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.

1903-2-23 Bert Polinsky, Stens Magowsky, skaters, break through ice - -

1903-7-30 Louis Silberstein, Joseph and C. M. Polinsky, finger ring - - petty larceny - -

1905-6-26 C. M. Polinsky, license fee - -

1905-9-6 Dora Polinsky, entertains - - 1905 Dora Polinsky, entertains, Miss Dora Polinsky entertains at party. guests: Sadie Gingold, Florence Levine, Ida Lieberman, Fanny Berg, Lena Rocklin, Bessie Muric, Bessie Rocklin, Sadie Fostoff, Sophie Levine, Rose Lieberman, Rose Wolfe, Sarah Polinsky, Dollie Polinsky, Sheba Polinsky, Sam Goldberg, Morris Kaner, Joseph Berg, Benjamin Gingold, Marvin Chessing, Adolph Rubloff.

1905-10-17 Louis Polinsky, vice president Adas Israel - -

1905-12-16 Eva Polinsky - - 1905 Eva Polinsky, Pupils do well at their recital. Feature of program at Flaaten's Auditorium is Miss Polinsky's reading.Mrs. George E. Budd, Selma Casmir, Sarah Simon.

1906-1-18 births of daughters to S. Goldfine, Moses Goldfine, and Isaac Polinsky families - -

1906-4-8 Minnie Harris and David Polinsky wed - - Rabbi Teplitz, Jennie Fox, George Harris, Mr. and Mrs. L.Fox. - -

1906-5-23 J. Polinsky bowery money lender, stolen watch - -

1906-6-6 Sadie Polinsky and Isadore Kohn, wed - - 1906 Beautiful Wedding At Jewish Synagogue, Miss Sadie Polinsky and Isadore Kohn Link Fortunes. Rabbi Helperin, Eva Polinsky, Miss Winesberg, Coneau,, Sheba Polinsky, Dolly Lieberman, M. Nides, W. S. Decker, Samuel Moscow, C. D. Oreckovsky, G. L. Polinsky, Louis Oreck.

1906-8-3 Surprise Party, Polinsky - - 1906 Surprise Party, Lilly Blasberg, Fostovsky, guests: J. Lieb3rman, J. Kohn, L. Cohen, I. L. Levine, L. Shenowsky, S. Levine, I. Polinsky, M. Cohen, J. Oreckovsky, K. Sanderson, J. Chessen, T. Nusbaum, A. Sosnovsky, Polinsky, Lieberman, Kassmir, Levine, Shenowsky, Blasberg, Cohen, Annie Cohen, Eva F. Polinsky, Sadie Fostovsky, Esther Sanderson, Rossie Lieberman, Sophia Kassmir, Eva Polinsky, Florence Levine, Eva Zlatkovsky, Sadie Zlatkovsky, Maurice Levine, Dave Sosnovsky, Sam Sanderson, S. Sanderson.

1907-6-7 David Polinsky and Fanny Pass, slander - -

1907-6-8 David Polinsky, Fanny Pass, slander - - Did not slander David Polinsky. Jury finds in favor of woman charged with calling him a fire bug. Fanny Pass, David Polinsky. Joseph Oreckovsky, Mrs. Pass father.

1907-9-27 A. H. Polinsky and Eva Polinsky, linen shower - -

1907-9-30 Julius Cohen, Mrs. Polinsky,Mrs. Stans Jarumusik, kidnaping - - 1907 Witnesses leave for Minneapolis. Police officials and others summoned to testify in "Bessie" kidnaping case. Julius Cohen, Mrs. Polinsky, Mrs. Stans Jarumusik.

1908-3-28 Maurice Kronick and Eva F. Polinsky ml - - marriage license. - -

1908-3-30 Eva Polinsky and M. J. Kronick , wed - - 1908 Eva Polinsky and M. J. Kronick wed, Miss Eva Polinsky is bride of M. J. Kronick, I. Polinsky, Morris J. Kronick, Rev. Israel Teplitz.

1908-10-27 Moses Polinsky obit. - -

1908-10-27 Moses Polinsky obit. - - 1908 Moses Polinsky, obit., Jew Patriarch Dies Of Old Age, was first Hebrew resident of Duluth and Was beloed by his people.

1909-5-26 Louis Polinsky deserts wife Lena Levine Polinsky - - 1909 Louis Polinsky deserts wife Lena Levine Polinsky. Deserted 5 days after wedding, Russian bride of three years ago given divorce decree in Superior Court.

1909-9-18 birth of daughter to Albert H. Polinsky - -

1910-1-16 Albert H. Polinsky, Joseph E. Fox $25,000 - -

1910-3-15 Joseph E. Fox Albert H. Polinsky, Lucile Hales - - 1910 Joseph E. Fox, Albert H. Polinsky, Lucile Hales, Alienation suit will be commenced today

1910-3-18 Albert H. Polinsky,Joseph E. Fox - - 1910 Albert H. Polinsky, Joseph E. Fox, T"hrow 'em both into lake" He says. Archie Gingold dismissed as jouror in Fox alienation suit for hostile expression.

1910-3-19 Mrs. Joseph E. Fox on stand - - 1910 Woman relates story of shame. Mrs. Joseph E. Fox in alienation suit, tells court of her immoral life.

1910-3-22 Mrs. Albert Polinsky has faith in husand, Fox - - 1910 Mrs. Albert Polinsky has faith in housband. Albert Polinsky, Mrs. Fox

1910-3-23 Albert Polinsky, Joseph Fox, alienation of affection - - 1910 Alienation suit nears completion. Albert Polinsky declares his relation with Mrs. Fox with Mrs. Joseph Fox were entirely proper. blackmail

1910-3-25 Joseph Fox loses alienation suit - - 1910 Joseph Fox loses alienation suit. Jury declines to award him damages from Albert Polinsky for wife's affection.

1911-5-25 Sam Polinsky, poolroom - - 1911 Harry Rapaport and Sam Polinsky, disorderly pool room.

1911-8-8 Nides, Levant, Shapiro visit - - 1911 Mrs. M. D. Nides, Mrs. Charles Levant, visiting parents L. Polinsky.

1911-8-30 Dorothy Polinsky and Joseph Wolfe, wedding cards - - 1911 Dorothy Polinsky, Joseph Wolfe, cards out for wedding.

1911-9-6 Dorothy Polinsky and Wolfe - - 1911 Polinsky-Wolfe Wedding Occurs At Synagogue need entire article.

1911-12-10 Fannie Shapiro bride reception - -

1911-12-22 Sam Polinsky, money - - Sam Polinsky, passed spurious money - -

1911-12-27 Dave Polinsky, complaint - - 1911 Dave Polinsky, complaint violated city ordinances, petitioners: J. Altman, F. Lahovitz, Sam Barnard, J. Oreckovsky, B. Davidson, Leon SolomonMrs. Cook, Polinsky, aliby Windsor Clothing company, L. Seiden, Abraham Stern, M. Levine, D. Lppan, M. Viener, F. Shapiro, N. Kaplan.

1912-1-21 Mrs. Cook, Polinsky, Alibi - - 1912 Polinsky Aims To Build Alibi, jury in Federal Court hears testimony of Mrs. Sarah Cook, the prisoner's grandmother. Minnie Palmquist also takes the stand. Judge Morris will charge the twelve tomorrow in counterfeiting case. Sam Polinsky, passing counterfeit coins to Mrs. H. Cohen.

1912-2-7 Sam Polinsky, jail - - 1912 Sam Polinsky, jail, Counterfeiter gets two years. Edward Paul, arrested with Sam Polinsky, will be sent to Fort Leavenworth.

1912-6-21 Mike Polinsky - - Mike Polinsky, cook stove. - -

1913-5-8 David Polinsky, bankruptcy - - 1913 Brings suit against bank. Duluth First National defendant in action to recover bankruptcy payments. David Polinsky, pawnbroker, bankruptcy

1913-10-7 David Polinsky, bankrupt - - 1913 Case of Polinsky Nears Settlement, Recovery of Judgments Collected Before Bankruptcy Is In Question,David Polinsky, bankrupt

1914-1-21 Albert Polinsky, diamond - - 914 Jewel Fancier Lands In Jail, Negro doctor with taste for diamonds arrested on a bad check charge. Offers stores papers as payment for rare gems. Officers nab him in pawnshop on "tip" from suspicious jeweler-stores conflict. Albert H. Polinsky, diamond Albert company jewelry store.

1914-3-15 Polinsky, Albert Jewelry - - 1914 Lose caustion on seeing cash, Albert Polinsky is out $250 diamond-stranger in brown is sought. Showed jeweler stolen deposit certificates. Merchant learns both money and documents belonged to Cumberland, Wis., man. Albert Jewelry, Polinsky

1915-3-10 Julius Paul, A. N. Friedman, Polinsky - - 1915 Polinsky Asks To Be Released As Surety. Julius Paul, A. N. Friedman, M. Polinsky-bondsmen.

1915-5-3 Jack Polinsky, Sam Polinsky, accident - - 1915 Lad Near Death; Struck By Auto. Jack Polinsky, 12, drops from wagon in front of Jitney-sustains fractured skull. Accident declared to have been unavoidable. Follow lost belongs in Ohio flood two years ago, says father. Jack Polinsky-son, Sam Polinsky-father.

1915-7-18 Samuel Rabinowitz - - 1915 Counterfeiter is son of Duluth man. H. Rabinowitz, Jewish shochet, Robbin' father. Man arrested in Chicago is identified through efforts of News Tribune. Brothers and sisters keep parents 'in dark'. Mother Clings to the belief that her boy is innocent. Samuel "Robbins" Samuel Rabinowitz, son of Heiman Rabinowitz, borther David.

1915-9-15 Jack Polinsky improving - -

1916-1-25 Samuel M. Fink and Minnie Viener - - 1916 Samuel M. Fink and Minnie Viener, Adash Israel, Della Fink, James Viener, Esther Viener, Rae Zurovsky, Esther Zurovsky, Dolly Polinsky, Ida Orec, Bessie Altman, Dorothy Viener, Cera Find, Ida Zurovsky, Sheba Polinsky, Minnie Winer, Helen Weingarten, Rosalind Oreckovsky, Ralph Oxman, Eriwin Oreckovsky, Lew Perlman, Milton Rosen, Harry Steinman, Nate Cowden, Morris Kanter, Abe Aronsohn, Rev. Wolf Kissim.

1916-12-3 Celia and Leo Polinsky, shoplifting, Isador Simon - - 1916 Suspects held for alleged shoplifting. Celia and Leo Polinsky arrested. Isador Simon clerk.

1917-2-18 Michael Polinsky, asthma - - 1917 asthmatic Must Serve Senence, Court disreards pleamade by Polinsky, Violtor of Liquor Law. MichaelPolinsky.

1919-1-18 Ida Polinksy, Louis Plinsky estate - - 1919 Ask Adminiration: IdaPolisky, Louis Poinsky estate. Sam Sander.

1919-5-21 Jennie Polinsky and Mike Litman ml. - - 1919 Mike Litman and Jennie Polinsky, marriage licenses.

1919-8-22 Sarah Polinsky, Sara Rifkin - -

1919-9-28 Dollie Polinsky, Mrs. Joseph Wolfe, sister - -

1920-10-30 Al Polinsky, recover car - -

1921-3-16 Minnie Polinsky estate - - 1921 Minnie Polinsky, Husband Claims Estate.

1921-12-10 Harry Goldstein, Polinsky, car insurance - - 1922 Autoist Sues for $4000.Harry Goldstein and A. H. Polinsky file against Northwestern-Insurance company. auto.

1921-12-19 Polinsky, Henderson switch - -

1922-4-23 divorces Morris and Laura Polinsky, Morris L. and Mae Zien - -

1922-9-24 Albert H. Polinsky construction of building - - 1922 Ground Lesed for $50,000 Duluth Businss Building, Albert H. Polinsky and associates. realstat and invstmen business, reires from jewelry busines.

1922-11-8 Dolly Polinsky and Nate Natelson wed - - 1922 Dolly Polinsky an Nate Natelson wed, Rabbi Lebendige.

1922-12-5 Albert Polinsky, building - - 1922 Pattison Estate Sells New Jersey Building To Polinsky, Albert H. Polinsky and E. R. Ribernack, formerly erected by William S. Woodbridge and W. H. Pattison.

1922-12-10 A. H. Polinsky - - 1922 Superior Street Block Bought By Two Duluthians. New Jersey Building Sold by Pattison Estate at $300,000 Consideration.A. H. Polinsky and E. . Ribenack.

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