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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to about 5000 news articles in their original format.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Abrahamson Family

1885-10-18 W. M. Abrahamson and Mark - -
1885 W. M. Abrahamson assistant to Postmaster Day, of St. Paul, is in Duluth on his annual vacation, and will be the guest of his uncle, A. Mark, Isq, of the Louisiana State Lottery company. (Note from Karen: This is probably one of the earliest newspaper articles we have and an indication of the earliest families settling in Duluth.)

1894-11-27 W. M. Abrahmson, stealing coat - - 1894 William Coney will be tried today on the charge of stealing a leather overcoat from W. M. Abrahamson.

1895-11-14 Moses Cook, W. M. Abrahamson - - 1895 Abrahamson Is Hot. Moses Cook Creditors Search a Duluth Man's Home and Store. Suspect Him Of Hiding Goods. He is Incesed and Will Make Things Lively for Several. W. M. Abrahamson is a nephew of Moses Cook. His father Isaac Abrahamson is a brother to Moses Cook. Their old country name was Koch. Cellar, store and residence quarters at No. 16 West Superior St. were searched.

1895-12-23 Hebrew Political Club, Solomon Sax - - 1895 Hebrew Political Club. It held its second meeting yesterday and admitted 40 new members. Alderman Solom Sax of Virginia. President W. M. Abrahamson.

1896-2-16 W. M. Abrahamson charity - - 1896 Judeth Montefiore society, annual ball, Odd Fellows hall, Mesdames S. I. Levin, D. Van Baalen, W. M. Abrahamson, I. Abrahamson, I. Summerfield.

1896-5-25 son born to W. M. Abrhamson Ned - - 1896 A son was born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson of Piedmont Terrace.

1896-6-1 Abrahamson chrisening (bris) - - 1896 Notable Christening. (Bris?) W. M. Abrahamson, 4 Piedmont terrace, Hebrew custom, Rev. Appelman Mayor Truelsen, I. Freimuth, B. Silberstein, A. Goldman-Minneapolis, Moses Cook and Lillie Abrahamson child's godparents. Name of baby Nathaniel Oscar Abrahamson. Guests Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sattler, Hyman Yosefowitz, City Clerk Richardson, George L. Hargraves and W. N. Howes.

1896-9-29 Zalk, Montefiore - - Dedicate A New Pentateuch, Montefiore cong. Abrahamson, Zalk, Rabbi Eleenberg

1896-10-28 W. M. Abrahamson , Hebrew American citizens - - 1896 Splendid Meeting. Hebrew-Americans Rally Rousingly for Sound Money. W. M. Abrahamson. Dr. Gustav N. Hausmann of Chicago, spoke in Yiddish, known as "Boy Orator of Jerusalem". Republican platform.

1896-11-15 W. M. Abrahamson, S. Cook father-in-law - - 1896 S. Cook, father-in-law of W. M. Abrahamson retuned to his home at Wabash, Ind.

1897-10-23 W. M. Abrahmson, fool - - 1897 Fooled The Crowd. Young Man from Seine River Country Has Some Fun to Himself. W. M. Abrahamson.

1897-12-26 W. M. Abrahamson alderman - - 1897 Politics. W. M. Abrahamson

1898-5-4 W. M. Abramson birth of daughter Esther - - 1898 Birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson of No. 141 Munger terrace.

1899-3-13 La Vant and Casmir wedding - - Attendees: Nellie La Vant, David Casmir, Rabbi Abrams, Rabbi Newfield, Henrietta Cook, B. J. Cook, Annie L Vant, Selma Casmir, Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham, Lavick, Mitchell, Albert, I. Isadore, I. Rubenstein, Julius Cohen, Joe Sattler, Kacob SattlerGus Levin, Levy, I. Abrahamson, Krojanker, William Abrahamson, Dave Cohen, L. Oreck, Monschind, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyar Cook, J. Abrahamson, Julius Cook, Ben Katz, Mark, Hanna Cook, Lillian Abramson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark, and Fanny Hass.

1899-3-13 La Vant and Casmir wedding - - 1899 United In Marriage. Miss Nellie La Vant and David Casmir Married Yesterday Afternoon. Rabbi Newfield, Rabbi Abrams, Henrietta Cook, B. J. Cook, Annie La Vant, Selma Casmir, Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham, Casmir, Lavick, Mitchell, Albert, I. Isadore, I. Rubenstein, Julius Cohen, Joe Sattler, Jacob Sattler, Gus Levin, P. Levy, I. Abrahamson, Krojanker, William Abrahamson, Dave Cohen, L. Oreck, Monschind, B. J. Cook, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyear Cook, J. Abrahmson, Julius Cook, Ben Katz, Mark, Henrietta Cook, Hanna Cook, Lillian Abrahamson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark, Fanny Hass.

1899-4-5 W. M. Abrahamson fire commissioner - - 1899 Appointment Is Satisfactory. M. Zalk says that the appointment of W. M. Abrahamson as fire commissioner is satisfactory to the Hebrews of the city with the exception of Moses Cook. Mr. Cook says there were others.

1899-4-5 Zalk, Abrahamson, Cook, Hebrew fire commissioner - - The City. Appointment Is Satisfactory. M. Zalk, W. M. Abrahmson, fire commissioner

1899-9-1 Mrs. Samuels, W. M. Abrahamson Chicago - - 1899 Mrs. Samuels of Chicago who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson, has returned home.

1900-4-28 Lillie Abrahamson - - 1900 Miss Lillie Abrahamson, visited friends in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Chicago.

1900-4-28 Mrs. J. D. Sattler and daughter Maria - - 1900 Mrs. J. D. Sattler and daughter Marie, returned from Grand Forks.

1901-11-24 Adas Israel, Cook, Abrahamson, 4 generations

1901-11-28 Amelia Cook and sons - - 1901 Mrs. Amelia Cook assisted by her sons, Isaac Abrahanson and M. Cook, and grand and great grandson W. M. and Ned Abrahamson.

1901-12-1 Ad for Hub Clothing Co - - 1901 Ad for Hub Clothing Co.

1902-3-6 Amelia Cook obit. I. Abrahamson - - 1902 Mrs. Amelia Cook Dies. mother of I. Abrahamson. W. M. Abrahamson grandson.

1902-4-6 Cook obit. Abrahamson grandson - - 1902 Mrs. Amelia Cook Dies. Mother of I. Abrahamson, 81 years old, 112 First avenue East, W. M. Abrahamson is a grandson of the late Mrs. Cook.

1902-11-7 Albert H.Polinsky and Sara Shapiro wed, guests, Weinberger, Mendel Eppstein, Abrahamson, Windom, Zenansky, Greenburg,

1902-11-7 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed - - 1902 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed. Pretty Wedding In Synagogue, first event of kind in New Adas Israel Congregation edifice. Alpert H. Polinsky marries Eveleth girl. Ceremony one of most largely ever attended in Duluth. Banquet follows, with I.Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Epstein, I. Zenansky, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, gues: Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenburg, Mendal, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.
Pretty Wedding In Synagaogue, First Even of Kind in Adas Israel Congregation Edifice. Albert H. Polinsky Marries Eveleth Girl. Ceremony One of Most Largely Ever Attended In Duluth. Banquet Follows, With DI. Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Eppstein, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, J. Greenburg, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.

1902-11-24 Adas Israel, relief fund - - 1902 Plague Victims Secure Relief. Hebrews of Duluth Raise Contribuions for Cholera. Stricken in Holy Land. Sum of $200 subscribed in Less Than an Hour. I. Abrahamson and J. Polinsky are Soliciting Committee. Expect to Forward $500 to Plague Sufferers in Jerusalem Today, Palestine Rabbi's Appeal. Rabbi Epstein.

1902-11-30 Adas Israel relief fund - - 1902 Relief Sent on to Striken Jews. The Sum totals $500 and the Plague Is Now Abating. Adas Israel, I. Abrahamson, Rabbi Samuel Salant.
1902 Many Mines Shipping Late In The Season, Situation Is Without Precedent in the History of Iron Business in Minnesota, Ten Running at the Close of November.

1903-5-23 Adas Israel, funds for Russia - - 1903 Aid Extended by Duluth Hebrews. $300 Raised for Oppressed People in Russia. I. Abrahamson, M. Cook, J. Polinski.

1903-5-31 W. M. Abrahamson Hub clothing Chicago - - 1903 W. M. Abrahamson (Abramson) proprietor of the Hub Clothing company, left yesterday for Chicago.

1903-12-19 Esther Abarahamson five years old - - 1903 Santa Claus Is In High Favor Youngsters of Duluth and Vicinity Make Their Wants Known. Esther Abrahamson. Five years old. 1215 East First Street. Letter to Santa.

1904-1-18 B'nai Brith - - Brith Abraham Installs Officers, Zalk, Rocklen, Orecowsky, Markovitz, Rosenberg, Orick, Shapira, Feldman, Abrahamson, Bernhard, Seigel

1904-1-18 Brith Abraham Duluth - - 1904 Brith Abraham Installs Officers. M. Zalk, I. Rocklen, G. Orecowsky, M. Markovitz, I. Rosenberg, G. Orick, M. Shapira, H. Feldman, M. B. Abrahamson, S. Bernhard, J. Seigel.

1905-7-12 Jacob Lester Hirsch and Lillian Abrahamson wed - - 1905 Miss Abrahamson (Abramson) Weds Mr. Hirsch. Bride Announces Engagement of Sister-In-Law-Dance and Reception. Lillian Abrahamson (Abramson) married Jacob Lester Hirsh of Fergus Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Abrahamson (Abramson) of 1215 East First street. Rabbi Mendel Silber, Mrs. William Abrahamson (Abramson), Mrs. Julius Abrahamson (Abramson), Ernestine Hirsh, W. M. Abrahamson (Abramson), Harvey Petersberger, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Cook, Samuel Gittelson, Flossie Lazarus, Ned Abrahamson (Abramson), home in Fergus Falls.

1906-6-21 Sam Abrahamson, Light - - 1906 Graduation Party. Mrs. M. B. Abrahamson (Abramson), 516 Fifty-eighth avenue west, nieces Frances Abrahamson (Abramson), Sarah Light, Minnie Light, George Ross, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Tom Doyle, Roy Murnian, Ralph Pond, Jack Boursa, Israel Fieldman, Isadore Abramson (Abrahamson), Sarah Danika, Esther Shapiro, Eva Cochran, Hulda Peterson, and Hattie Marquitz.

1906-7-30 Sam Abrahamson camp - - 1906 Return From Camp. George Chaurette, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Dave and Isaac Fielmann, Adolph Hichs, Thomas Doyle and Roy Murmane returned from Fond du Lac yesterday where they have been camping for a week.

1906-11-19 W. M. Abrahamson and brother Julius sued - - 1906 Haskell G. Fischbein, trustee in bankruptcy for the St. Paul Furniture company sued J. and W. M. Abrahamson (Abramson) for $730 and interest from Dec. 24, 1903. 31 East Superior.

1906-11-23 Julius Abramson and W. M. Abrahamson brothers - - 1906 Suing For Balance On Saloon Fixtures. Haskel G. Fischbein, trustees of the St. Paul Furniture company, Julius and W. M. Abrahamson (Abramson) brothers. $500, bar fixtures for Sterling saloon in the Lowell block.

1907-2-10 Esther Abrahamson - - 1907 Pupils of Miss Myrtle B. Taylor in Hunters Park. Esther Abrahamson (Abramson).

1907-2-15 Mr. and Mrs. L. Marks, parents of Mrs. M. B. Abrahamson - - 1907 Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Abrahamson (Abramson) and son, 516 North Fifty-eighth avenue west, visiting St. Paul, 35th anniversary of the wedding of Mrs. Abrahamson (Abramson)'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Mark, formerly of this city.

1907-6-23 Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson - - 1907 Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson, 1215 East First street, entertained Miss Josephine Sattler and Miss Gertrude Givansky.

1907-7-17 Fanny Abrahamson - - 1907 Bride-Elect Honored. Miss Eva Polinsky, married on the 8th of next month, guest of honor. Mr. and Mrs. Leona Solomon, David Frankfort, J. Oreckovsky, L. Shenowsky, I. Moscovich, A. H. Polinsky, I. Lieberman, J. Cohen, J. Helstein, Mame Weinberg, Dora Polinsky, Sadie Fostof, Frances Light, Fanny Abrahamson (Abramson), Sarah Polinsky, Mrs. M. Weinberg, Robert Rosen-Minneapolis, Louise Meyer-Moline, Harry Weinberg, Morris Nides-Hibbing. Notes from Jack: Eva Polinsky I think is who married Morris Nides. All of the names are Jewish and most I have trees for :); Leon Solomon (his sister I think was Mrs I B Aarons, mother of Helen Widdes); David Frankfort married to Sadie Caplow; J Oreckovsky too many to pick from; Louis Shenowsky - married to Sadie Cohen (Steve Heifitz tree); L Moscovich - no match so far; Albert H Polinsky - married to Sarah Shapiro, parents of Lyle Polinsky; I Lieberman - no match; J Cohen - too many; John Helstein - married to Rose Light on my Abramson tree; Mamie Weinberg never married; Dora Polinsky - married to Joseph Wolfe; Sadie Fostoff - married to Jack Lunche; Frances Light - married to Edward Pease, on my Abramson tree; Fanny Abrahamson - married to Benjamin Lieberman on my tree; Sarah Polinsky - too many to pick from ; Mrs. M Weinberg - Mamie's mother; Robert Rosen - no match; Louis Meyer - no match; Harry Weinberg - brother of Mamie; Morris Nides - groom I think.

1908-3-10 Isaac Abrahamson obit - - 1908 Isaac Abrahamson (Abramson) Called From Life. Well Known Business Man and Prominent Hebrew Dies After a Year's Illness. 62 years old, 15 years in business in Duluth, helped build synagogues in Duluth, St. Paul, and Chicago. President of the Hub Clothing Co., proprietor of Sterling Wine house. Children William, Julius, Oscar of Duluth and Mrs. J. L. Hirsch of Quincy, Ill. Adas Israel synagogue, Third avenue east and Third street.

1908-6-5 Isadore Abrahamson Longfellow school - - 1908 Longfellow School graduate: Isadore Abrahamson (Abramson)

1908-6-12 Kalman Light, fire Abrahmson - - 1908 Light Released From Jail; Hearing Saturday. Kalman Light arrested on charges of attempting to burn his store in West Duluth. signed bail bond for him: W. M. Abrahamson (Abramson), Joseph Oreckovsky, M. Oreckovsky, I. Grettum

1908-7-29 Sam Abrahason - - 1908 Sam Abrahamson (Abramson) and Isadore Fieldman will hike to Minneapolis with the members of the Tiger football team as a training exercise

1908-8-12 Sam Abrahamson football - - 1908 West Duluth to have champion amateur football team this fall. Israel Fieldman, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson)

1908-9-3 W. M. Abrahamson, Eveleth, Virginia game - - 1908 Winner Of Series Will Get $2,000. Eveleth and Virginia Will Battle for Big Stakes in Three Games at Athletic Park. W. M. Abrahamson

1909-1-3 Eva Sosnovsky - - 1909 Miss Lena Azine, 311 East First St., Esther Shapira, Sarah D. Salnovitz, Ada Cohen, Edith Azine, Bessie Canfield, Sarah Casmir, Rose Silk, Lena Finkelstein, Sophie Caplov, Fannie Altman, Eva Oreckovsky, Bessie Rocklin, Minnie Light, Eva Sosnovsky, Emily Nusbaum, P. Averbrook, Irwin Oreck, B. Azine, Louis Goldsberg, Samuel Cohen, Charles Harris, S. Fieldman, Sam Abrahamson, B. Stern, Charles Nattelson.

1909-1-17 Sam Abrahamson visit Rochester, MN - - 1909 Sam Abrahamson (Abramson) has returned to his home in West Duluth after a visit at Rochester, Minn.

1909-1-27 Weinstein and Simon wed - - 1909 Wedding Is Most Elaborate Event. Reception and Sumptuous Feast Follow Simon-Weinstein Marriage Ceremony. Sarah Vivian Simon and Harold Weinstein-Coleraine, 406 East Fifth street, 500 guests, synagogue, corner of Third avenue east and Third street. Sadie Berkson, Bessie Cowl-Minneapolis, Gustie Simon-Gilbert, Sarah Marcus-Minneapolis, Rose Witz-Duluth, Louis Helperin, Al Lieberman-Bovey, amuel Altman-Chisholm, Isadore Cohen-Chisholm, Robert Simon-Gilbert, Robert Frank, Florence Simon. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weinstein-Bovey, Rabbi Tetlitz, Rabbi Kissan. William Abrahamson, Milton Kraus-Chicago, W. L. Millar, Wolf Simon, M. S. Cook, Nathan Kraus-Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. M. Simon-St. Paul, Alice Fegelson-St. Paul, Mrs. S. Orenstein-St. Paul, Marcia Harris-St. Paul, Mrs. Samuel Pavian-St. Paul, Mrs. William Orenstein-Houghton, Mich. Mrs. S. Frank-South Bend, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. D. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. I. Simon-Gilbert, E. J. Sloan-Bessemer, Mich., Dora Canfield-Minneapolis, Sarah Ripstein-Winnipeg. (Big wedding for its time and lots of guests from out of town.)

1909-1-29 Sam Abrahamson hockey - - 1909 Irving Tiger hocky team Will Play Hibbing Hockey team. players include Sam Abrahamson (Abramson)

1909-3-9 Frances Grace Abrahamson & Ben Lieberman wed - - 1909 Will Wed Today. Miss Frances Grace Abrahamson (Abramson) and Benjamin L. Lieberman of Grand Rapids, Minn. brother M. B. Abrahamson (Abramson), 606 North Fifty-seventh avenue west. Rabbi Kissam, Miss Frances B. Light, Miss Miriam Ruth Helstein, Pearl Dorothy Rizkin, Albert Lieberman.

1909-4-17 Isadore Abrahamson - - 1909 Says Boys Beat Him With A Big Stick. Isadore Abrahamson (Abramson), Superior Iron & Metal company.

1909-4-18 Sam Abrahamson entertains - - 1909 Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), 622 North Fifty-seventh avenue west, stag party, Israel Fieldman, Thomas Doyle, Roy Neuman, Roy Drake, George Roy, Ralph Pond, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Webster Briggs, Clifford Girard.

1909-4-20 Leo Idzal, stag dinner - - 1909 Stag Dinner. Leo Idzal, Max Albenberg, L. Traubmann, Joe Sattler, Nathaniel Gidding, Joseph Gidding and Ben Freidman.

1909-8-9 Sam Abrahamson - - 1909 Three Youths Start On Hike To St. Paul. Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Isadore Fieldman, and Roy Munion, Irving football squad.

1909-8-12 Sam Abrahamson hike - - 1909 Boy Hikers Chased By A Station Agent. Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Roy Munion, Isadore Fieldman.

1909-8-20 Sam Abrahamson - - 1909 No Hike For Them. return by railroad. Roy Murnion, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Isadore Fieldman.

1909-9-29 Eva Sosnovsky - - 1909 Surprised By Friends, Miss Lena Azine, 311 East First street, Miss Esther Shapira, Sarah D. Salnovitz, Ada Cohen, Edith Azine, Bessie Canfield, Sarah Casmir, Rose Sha? Lena Finkelstein, Sophie Caplov, Fannie Altman, Eva Oreckovsky, Bessie Rocklin, Minnie Light, Eva Sosnovsky, Emil Nusbaum, Lyle Oreck, P. Averbrook, Irwin Oreck, B. Azine, Louis Goldsberg, Samuel Cohen, Charles Harris, S. Fieldman, Sam Abrahamson, B. Stern, Charles Nattleson

1909-10-3 Eva Sosnovsky - - 1909 Lena Azine, 311 East First street, Esther Shapira, Sarah D. Salnovitz, Ada Cohen, Edith Azine, Bessie Canfield, Sarah Casmir, Rose Silk, Lena Finkelstein, Sophie Caplov, Fannie Altman, Eva Oreckovsky, Bessie Rocklin, Minnie Light, Eva Sosnovsky, Emil Nusbaum, P. Averbrook, Irwin Oreck, B. Azine, Louis Goldsberg, Samuel Cohen Charles Harris, S. Fieldman, Sam Abrahamson, B. Stern, Charles Nattleson.

1910-1-24 Isadore Abrahamson leg injury - - 1910 Coaster Has His Leg Fractured. Isadore Abrahamson (Abramson) Victim of Accident on Fifty-Seventh Avenue West Hill. 15 year old son of Morris B. Abraham, 605 North Fifty-seventh avenue west.

1910-5-25 Ned Abrahamson obit. son of William - - 1910 Boy Is Killed By Fall Down Elevator Well. Young Son of William Abrahamson Pitches Headlong Over Stairway in Astabua Flats. Drops to Basement Three Stories Below. Picked Up By Janitor of Building Unconscious-Lives But Few Hours-No One Saw the Accident-Funeral From Parents' Home This Afternoon. Ned Abrahamson 14 years old. Younger sister Esther, Sterling Wine House, First avenue east and Superior street.

1910-5-25 Ned Abramson obit. - - 1910 Boy Is Killed By Fall Down Elevator Well. Young Son of William Abrahamson, Pitches Headlong Over Stairway in Ashtabula Flats. Drops to Basement Three Stories Below. - - Picked Up By Janitor of Building Unconscious-Lives But Few Hours-No One Saw the Accident-Funeral From Parents' Home This Afternoon. Ned Abrahamson, 14 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Abrahamson. sister Esther, Sterling Wine House First avenue east and Superior street.

1910-7-4 Sam Abrahanson visit - - 1910 Sam Abrahamson (Abramson) has returned from a visit to relatives in St. Paul. His brother Isadore and two sisters are still visiting their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Marks at St. Paul.

1910-9-8 Sam Abrahamson - - 1910 Batonick-Averbrook. Miss Rose Batonick and Parick J. Averbrook were married, Odd Fellows' hall, Rabbi Teplitz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Batonick, 109 First avenue east, Miss Lena Azine, Miss Edith Azine, Abe Averbrook, Sam Abrahamson (Abramson), Ida Azine, will live at 223 West Fifth street.

1910-9-8 Rose Batonick-Patrick J. Auerbrook wed, Rabbi Teplitz, Abrahamson - - 1910 Rose Batonick and Patrick J. Averbrook wed, Rabbi Teplitz, Abraham Batonick, Lena Azine, Edith Azine, Abe Averbrook, Sam Abrahamson, Ida Azine.

1911-6-3 Esther Abrahamson - - 1911 Confirmation Services At Temple Emanuel. Second street and Seventh avenue east. Esther Abrahamson, 1331 East Second street; Edna Freimuth 1406 East Second street; Marc Goldberg, 427 Tenth avenue east; Edna Krojanker, 1130 1/2 East Third street; Lylilan Shapiro, 2420 East Fourth street. Mrs. J. Walsh, Victor Levein, Miss Hyland, Mr. Victor Kohn-minister.

1911-6-15 W. M. Abrhamson Sterling Wine House - - 1911 W. M. Abrahamson, Sterling Wine House, joke.

1911-8-30 W. M. Abrahamson Bijou replaces Princess - - 1911 Bijou To Replace Princess Theater. New Management Takes Over Old House-Extensive Remodeling and Improving to Take Place. W. M. Abrahamson, moving picture theater Twentieth avenue west and Superior street. After remodeling, return to Bijou theater. Three months ago Mr. Abrahamson took over the Savoy theater.

1911-10-4 Abrahamson theater - - 1911 Suit Against Theater Owner. Ole O. Kolstad Sues William M. Abrahamson to Recover Property. Says Defendant Got Fixtures Illegally. W. F. Wright, Who Disposed of Articles, Charged With Unlawful Action.

1911-11-3 Lizzie Abrahamson, Chisohm - - 1911 Chisholm Woman Dies. Mrs. Lizzie Abrahamson (Abramson), wife of Isaac Abrahamson (Abramson) obit.

1912-1-1 W. M. Abramson disputed wages - - 1912 Actor man Fells A Mercenary Foe. Dispute Over Payment of Wages. Savoy theater, Charlton Milam, W. M. Abrahamson.

1912-5-12 W. M. Abrahamson photos of theaters in Duluth - - 1912 What Motion Pictures Have Done to Educate the Public. The History and Development of Film Making Duluth's Delightful Photo Play Houses. Good description of kaleidoscope, drawing a number of pictures in a booklet, magical lanterns, first film, photos of different theaters in Duluth, W. A. Abrahamson, owner and manager of the Savoy Theater, movies and vaudeville.

1912-6-13 Isadore Abrahamson - - 1912 Students' Play Well Received. Industrial High School Present Three-Ac Comedy to Two Big Audiences. Will Receive Diplomas And Quit School today. Meritorious Literary and Musical Program Will Be Feature of Graduation. Isadore Abrahamson (Abramson)

1912-6-14 Sarah Abrahamson Ely School - - 1912 Grade Schools Turn Out Six Hundred Graduates. Commencement Exercises at Most of Buildings Marks Graduation of Largest Number of Grammar School Children in Duluth's History-Programs Attractive and Well Rendered. - - - Ely School: Sarah Abrahamson - - Jefferson School: Esther Zelda Abrahamson, Ruth Freimuth, Esther Dorothy Levine, Mollie Rudnitzky, Sheba Yesani - - Adams School: Harry Karon, Jennie Winer, Harry Bernard Schneider - - Endion School: Bessie Popkin - - Franklin School: Jacob Garon, Bennie Goldstein, Maurice Fred Lavick - - Washington School: Charlotte Azine, Rose Goldish, Samuel Gotkin, Ida Ruth Kasmir, Bertha Miriam Moscovitch, Allen Rachlin, Ida Ruth Stein, Minnie Myrtle Winer, Marvin Berkson, Rae Leah Cook, Harry Karon, Harry Eli Kenner, Jennie Markus, Bessie Silver, Lean Marion Sonosky, Lizzie Louise Polinsky.

1912-7-1 Samuel Abrhamson Missoula, Mont - - 1912 Samuel Abrahamson, resided in West Duluth for 21 years. left for Missoula, Mont., engaged in furniture business. Father M. B. Abrahamson (Abramson).

1912-7-8 Sarah Abrahamson - - 1912 Program For Ely Class Arranged. School Will Graduate 33 Pupils. Exercises Will Be Held Next Thursday. Myrtle Sarah Abrahamson (Abramson), Myrtle Abramson.

1912-12-2 W. M. Abrahamson Jewish comedy, women - - 1912 At The Savoy. W. M. Abrahamson, owner, takes over active management of his playhouse. Hebrew act, comedy, attracting women.

1912-12-6 Gilbert, Gertrude Rubenstein, William Medalie - - 1912 Gilbert School Societies In Interesting Programs. Gertrude Rubenstein, Helia Abrahamson, William Mealie, Goldie Finn.

1913-1-21 W. M. Abrahamson, Empress Theater - - 1913 Work On Empress Will Be Rushed. W. M. Abrahamson

1913-1-31 Abrahamson theater - - 1913 Abrahamson Buys Empress. Makes Announcement He Will Take Possession January 10 and Put In Vaudeville. Will Book Acts From Western Association. Manager Maitland Says the Deal Is Pending and Not Yet Completed. W. M. Abrahamson, manager of the Savoy theater. Joseph L. Maitland.

1913-2-24 Superior-co-op farm - - 1913 Hebrews Will Have Big Farm. Cooperative Association Formed to Cut Down High Cost of Living. Propose to Purchase Tract of 1,000 Acres. Merchants of Duluth, Hibbing and St. Paul Subscribe Stock for Venture. Hebrew colony, Duluth Hebrew Cooperative Farmers association. M. Viener, A. Y. Litman, M. B. Abrahamson, H. Stein, H. Lippman, M. Sosnovsky, R. Cohen, Sam Stein, S. Shusterman, Rivkin.

1913-3-9 Esther Abrahamson - - 1913 Esther Abrahamson, Jacob Garon. In the freshman class, Esther won first place for declamer and Jacob was declared orator

1913-6-8 W. M. Abrahamson, Savoy theater - - 1913 Motion Picture Men Leave For Minneapolis. W. M. Abrahamson owner of the Savoy.

1913-6-25 Mrs. Pearl Abrahamson obit. - - 1913 Mrs. Pearl Abrahamson Falls Dead In Home, age 49., 414 Lake avenue South, widower, several children.

1913-10-5 W. M. Abrahamson gambling - - 1913 No Betting on Results of Series Flashed on Boards. W. M. Abrahamson

1914-1-20 Gilbert, Gertrude Rubenstein - - 1914 Gilbert Students In Prize Program. Orators and Declaimers of High School Will Compete Tomorrow Night. Helmi Abrahamson, Gertrude Rubenstein.

1914-3-22 M S Cook theater - also W M Abrahamson - - 1914 progress made on theater between Third and Forth avenue West on Superior street. W. M. Abrahamson

1914-3-22 W M Abrahamson theater - also M S Cook - - 1914 M. S. Cook on the site of the old St. James hotel, new Grand theater.

1914-4-25 Esther Abrahamson - - 1914 Dorothy Patton To represent Central School In Contest. Emanuel Cook, Esther Abrahamson.

1914-9-18 W. M. Abrhason prediction - - 1914 Expect European War To End Within 60 Days. W. M. Abrahamson.

1914-10-2 W. M. Abramson photo - - 1914 Empress to Become Classy Hippodrome. Popular Theater Will Offer First of Winter Season's Progrms Sunday. W. A. Abrahamson manager of Empress theater, vaudeville acts, photo.

1914-11-27 W. M. Abrahamson Thanksgiving - - 1914 Thanksgiving, manager of Zelda theater, "Little Lord Fauntleroy, charity-Children's Home and the St. James orphanage.

1915-3-4 W. M. Abramson fire Empress Theater - - 1915 Big Crowd Sees Empress Burn; Damage $15,000. Theater Was to Have Reopened Sunday-Insurance $21,000. All Fire Equipment Fights Three Hours. to Probe Cause-Blaze Believed to Have Started in Basement. W. M. Abrahamson. First opened in 1905 and known as the Bijou theater. Valued at $48,000.

1915-8-8 Minneapolis visitor honored - - 1915 Minneapolis Visitor Honored at Afternoons. Mrs. Jacob B. Sattler, 116 Seventh avenue East, Miss Sylvia Idzal-Minneapolis. Miss Esther Abrahamson, 122 1/2 Seventh avenue East will entertain Miss Idzal on Thursday.

1915-8-8 Visiting young women - - 1915 Visiting Young Women. Miss Minnie Winer, 1 West Fifth street, Miss Eva Rosenbloom-Ely, Miss Anna Oreck-Kansas City, Mr. and Mr. A. Winer, Mr. and Mrs. S. Kasper, Mrs. M. L. Rine, Miss Sra Rachlin, Miss Ida Zurovsky, Miss Lillian Rine, Miss Alice Daneiko, Miss Esther Winer, Miss Esther Viener, Miss Sheba Polinsky, Miss Helen Weingarten-Superior, and Miss Bess Simon.

1915-8-8 Mrs. Jacob B. Sattler entertains - - 1915 (cropped) Minneapolis Visitor Honored at Afternoons. Mrs. Jacob B. Sattler, 116 Seventh avenue East., Miss Sylvia Idzal. - - Miss Esther Abrahamson 122 1/2 Seventh avenue East will entertain Miss Idzal.

1915-8-8 Mrs. Jacob B. Sattler - - 1915 (full page) Minneapolis Visitor Honored at Afternoons. Mrs. Jacob B. Sattler, 116 Seventh avenue East., Miss Sylvia Idzal. - - Miss Esther Abrahamson 122 1/2 Seventh avenue East will entertain Miss Idzal.

1916-1-27 William Abrahamson raise funds - - 1916 Collect Funds Today For Jewish War Sufferers. Duluth Relief Committee to Conduct City-Wide Canvas for Funds-Pythian Lodge Will Aid Workers. Jewish Central War Relief. Spalding hotel and Duluth banks will receive subscriptions. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-chairman, committee members: B. Silberstein, I. Freimuth, Ben Blumenthal, Max Albenberg, Ben Goldish, M. L. Zien, L. J. Selig, Dr. A. H. Schwartz, Michael Rocklin, L. Fox, George Harris, Nathan Kris, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. M. R. Zack, Dr. M. . Hirschfield and Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, J. J. Robinson, Joseph Oreckovsky, David Sohn, Sig Abraham, David Leowus ?, Sig Levy, Richard Jacobs, Ralph Cohen, Louis Goldberg, Mortimer Bondy, Max Mann, E. G. Levy, Sol Goldberg, William Abrahamson, Sam Mendelson, M. L. Rine, N. E. Lugoff, Leon Traubman, S. Karon, Samuel Kenner, E. A. Silberstein Harris Bennett, A. Litman, Adolph Levy, H. Y. Joseph, Louis Zalk. - - Note from Karen: This was a well organized campaign. I was impressed with how they canvassed the entire Duluth community in the year 1916. - - Note from Jack: I am not sure of the exact breakdown but would bet the leaders were from all of the synagogues in existence at the time, including: Adas Isarel, Tiffereth Israel, Temple Emanuel, Sharret Zedek, Bnai Israel - from West Duluth

1916-1-30 W. M. Abrahamson Zelda theater - - 1916 Zelda Manager Has Closed Big Contract For Metro Features. WM. Abrahamson owner of Zelda theater.

1916-4-18 W. M. Abramson Zelda theater - - 1916 Grand Opera Stars Open Engagement At Zelda Today. Enrico G. Prati Elsa De Marchi, W. M. Abrahamson owner of the Zelda theater.

1916-5-3 Gilbert, Gertrude Rubenstein - - 1916 Gilbert Seniors To Give College Drama. Gertrude Rubenstein, Helmie Abrahamson.

1916-5-28 Gilbert, photo graduating class, Gertrude Rubenstein, Helmi Abrahamson - - 1916 Members Of '16 Gilbert Class. Gertrude Rubenstein, Helmi Abrahamson, photo.

1916-6-2 Gilbert, Gertrude Rubenstein - - 1916 Gilbert Graduates Receive Diplomas. Farewell Exercises to Be Held Today-Reception-Dance to Close the Season. Gertrude Rubenstein, valedictorian address. Helma Edla Abrahamson.

1916-10-19 Esther Abrahamson - - 1916 At Open Meeting. Supt. of Schools Hoke and Orpheum Stars Guests of B'nai B'rith. Superintendent of Schools K. J. Hoke, Temple Emanuel. Bert Levy, Anna Chandler entertain. A sextette composed of May Klein, Esther Abrahamson, Rae Hammell, Sadie Gingold, Miriam Bondy, Alcie Wetzler, Esther Gomberg. A. B. Kapplin president of lodge, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits. "Compulsory education has always been a Jewish tenet."

1916-12-3 Esther Abrahamson - - 1916 Covenant Lodge To Stage Minstrel Show. Members of Covenant lodge. Little Theater, Ninth avenue East and First street. E. A. Silberstein, Charles Rosenfeld, A. B. Kapplin, Jay Schrader, Max Rosenfeld, Louis Kramer, Barney Scott. Bessie Meyers, Len Traubman, Jeanette Gomberg, Charles Rosenfeld, Esther Abrahamson, Rosalind B Bondy, Jeanette Gomberg, Rachel Hammel, Mae Klein, and Alice Wetzel.

1916-12-12 Esther Abrahamson - - 1916 Covenant Lodge To Give Minstrel Show. B'nai B'rith, Little Theater, Ninth avenue East and First street. E. Ailberstein, A. B. Kapplin, Charles Rosenfeld, Barney Scott, Jay Schrader, Max Rosenfeld, Louis R. Kramer, Bessie Meyers, Len Traubman, Esther Abrahasmon, Rosalind Bondy, Jeanette Gomberg, Rachel Hammel, Mae Klein, Alice Wetzler, Mrs. Barney Scott.

1917-4-18 Fieldman - - 1917 'Mimeograph' Sticker For Women Spellers. Men Win "Bee" at "Open House" Party Given by Covenant Lodge. B'nai B'rith, Temple Emanuel, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Abe Feldman, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Temple Ades society: Mrs. Michael Levy, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. M. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. Sigmund Slonim, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Miss Stella Bondy, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Sadie Gingold, Miss Jeanette Gomberg. A. B. Kapplin, E. A. Silberstein, Morris Mark, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Davi Fieldman, Abe Fieldman, Samuel Weinstein, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. Maurice Zack, Charles Rosenfeld, Samuel Nides, Max Rosenfeld. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-ne Bible translation. Helen Kunody, Hazel Blumenthal, Esther Gomberg, Miss Sylvia Josephs.

1917-6-21 Mrs. Sam Abrahamson - - 1917 Mrs. Sam Abrahamson of Wolfe is in the city.

1917-8-26 Joseph Llitman, exempt - - 1917 Fourth District Exemptions: Jack Levine, Louis Levine, Joseph Litman, M. J. Abrahamson, S. A. Azine,

1918-5-11 Ben Friedman motion picture exhibit - - 1918 Ben Friedman "Fifth Estate" Reviewed At Minneapolis. Motion Picture Exhibitors of Northwest In Convention. Ben Friedman receiving the ehibitors, William Abrahamson of the Zelda.

1918-11-12 Lillian Abrahamson, leg broken - - 1918 Woman Breaks Leg. Miss Lillian Abrahamson, 709 1/2 West Third street.

1918-11-28 Frank Abrahamson obit - - 1918 Frank O. Abrahamson Was Killed In Action, Oct. 27. From Rice Lake township. Served in France. Brother Stanley Abrahamson. Sisters Lillian Abrahamson and Mrs. William C. Turnbull.

1919-7-3 Esther Abrahamson motor - - 1919 Miss May Klein, Miss Esther Abrahamson, and Dr. Harry Klein have returned from Lake Vermillion where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Freimuth. They made the trip by motor.

1919-8-10 Esther Abrahamson - - 1919 Confetti To Add Carnival Spirit Today. Home Coming Day Will Be Noisy With Horns and Squawkers. Elsie Silberstein, Mildred Bondy, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Mrs. Hugo Freimuth, Mrs. Harry Gordon.

1919-12-18 Esther Abramson Chicago visit - - 1919 Miss Esther Abrahamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abrahamson, Seventh avenue East, has returned from an extended visit in Chicago and Cleveland.

1921-2-28 B'nai Brith, spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky - - 1921 Women, Men Will Combat For Spellings Supremacy. B'nai B'rith spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Samuel Gofen, M. E. Altman, Jesse Cohen, George Casmir, Harry W. Davis, Herman Elevitch, Ralph Elevitch, Abe Feldman, D. P. Feldman, Hugo Freimuth, Louis Freimuth, Dr. Samuel Gross, Jacob Garon, Toby Garon, Charles W. Green, A. B. Kapplin, Rabbi I. Lebendiger, Maurice Labovits, Morris Mark, Abe Solon, Joseph Weiner, Harry E. Weinberg, Anna Mark, Mrs. S. Polans, Mrs. Jacob Garon, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. D. Freimuth, Mrs. Lyle Oreck, Mrs. Morris Altman, Mrs. A. Friss, Mrs. I. Lebendiger, Mrs. A. Davidson, Mrs. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. Julius Siegel, Mrs. Oxman, Mrs. J. Leuri ?, Mrs. M. D. Nides, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Miss Anna Mark, Miss Bertha Mendelsohn, Miss Lillian Karon, Miss Mae Klein, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Esther Abrahamson, Miss Ida Berkson, Miss Mayme Weinberg, Miss Lillian Levy, and Mrs. C. A . Saksonoff

1921-4-20 Esther Abrahamson - - 1921 Women to Campaign for China and Near East Relief Saturday. On the committee: Mrs. H. Y. Joseph an Miss. Esther Abrahamson.

1921-4-22 Temple Emanual - - 1921 Temple Emanuel: Miss Esther Abrahamson, C. Jacobs, R. Cohen, B. Blumenthal, C. P. Meyers, Lou Kantor, Ida Fieldman, Harry Gordon, M. Cook, Ruth Freimuth, Edna Freimuth, Jeanette Gomberg, Mae Klein, Lillian Levy, Horentse Bondy, Rosalind Bondy, Ida Fieldman and F. Josephs.

1921-5-2 B'nai B'rith - - Fraternity Shatters Precedents, Bernard Silberstein Made Life Member of Order of B'nai B'rith. Henry Monsky of Omaha, Neb., W. M. Abrahamson, A. B. Kapplin, Charles D. Oreckovsky, D. P. Fieldman, Dave Miller, Harry Gordon. RabbiJesse Cohen, Israel Lebendiger, S. B. Copilowisch, Ben Miller, Samuel Nides. New Members: William M. Abrahamson, J. J. Abram, Harry E. Altman, Al Aron, Mortimer W. Bondy, Harold J. Brody, Joseph E. Coll?, Charles M. Cohen, Harry Lewis Cohen, Jacob Crystal, Michael Danaiko, Louis Fishman, Louis Gallop orris Garrison, Oscar Goldstein, Samuel Gotkin B. Louis Green, Monte A. Greenblat, Ben J. Kenner, Herman N. Kramer, Frank Krupitzky, Morris Krupitzky, Louis J. Lasky, Samuel C. Latts, Jak Levine, Morris Levine, Irving M. Levinson, SamLevinson, L. S. Lugoff, Abe H. Miller, Isadore Mogelson S. Natelson, Percy E. Oreck, David Oreckovsky, Max D. Orinstein, David B. Pollack, D. Raihill, Frank M. Riskin, Mandy Rosenberg, Chas. A. Saksanoff, Samuel Sander, Robert Schway, Hyman L. Segal, Hyman W. Segal, Jack E. Segal, Sam J. Segal, Chas. S. M. Segalbaum, Samuel Shore, Sam Simon, Morris Slavoot, J. Slonim, Abe L. Solon, John L. Sosnosky, Joseph Steinman, Harry Vertelney, Louis Weisberg, Ed Zalk, Samuel Zalk, Wolf B. Zien, A. Zurovsky.

1921-5-30 Lebendiger, Silberstein, 50 year Jubilee - - 1921 250 to Observe 50-Year Jubilee For Silberstein. Jewsof Two States to Honor Duluth Merchant at Celebration. Silberstein initiated into the B'nai B'rith order in 1871 Detroit, Michigan, Henry Monsky-Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Oreckovsky, William M. Abrahamson, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, S. B. Copilowisch, A. B. Kapplin, D. P. Fieldman, Samuel Nides, Jesse Cohen, Ben Miller. Silberstein elected to commissioner in 1915-1919.

1921-6-21 Mrs. I. Lebendiger, sisterhood - - 1921 The Sisterhood, Hebrew Instititute, Mrs. William Abrahamson, Mrs. Joseph Oreckovsky, Mrs. James Velner, Mrs. E. J. Davis., Mrs. Lyle Oreck, Mrs. I. B. Aarons, Mrs. lavick, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Friss, Mrs. I. Lebendiger.

1921-9-23 Abraham Abrahamson, Ironwood obit - - 1921 Ironwood, Mich. Pioneer Dies En Route to Hospital. Abraham Abrahamson, 50, obit.

1921-10-16 Hannah Abrahamson obit. - - 1921 Funeral of Aged Woman. Mrs. Hannah Abrahamson 72, 122 Seventh avenue East. obit.

1921-10-18 Hannah Abrahamson obit - - 1921 Mrs. Hannah Abrahamson, 72 years old, 122 Ninth avenue East. Oct. 15, Interment at Jewish cemetery, obit.

1922-6-18 Alice Wetzler - - 1922 In honor of Miss Alice Wetzler, a bride elect. Miss May Kline and Miss Esther Abrahamson will give a luncheon on Friday.

1922-6-18 Ladies of Adas Israel - - 1922 The Ladies of the Adas Israel congregation will give their first annual dance on Tuesday night at the Odd Fellows' hall, corner of Lake avenue and First street.

1922-12-7 Council of Jewish Women, I. W. Averbook - - 1922 Council of Jewish Women. H. Y. Josephs, S. M. Polans, Harry Altman, M. G. Altman, B. N. Davidson, S. B. Copilowish, Charles Finkelstein, J. A. Kohn, Charles Levant, M. D. Nides, I. Oreck, D. Pollock, M. Rose, A. Lurye, A. H. Polinsky, William Silvian, Ida Karsner, Ida Finn, S. Altman, H. A. Shark, I. W. Averbook, Bennett I. Garon, Julius Garon, Ben Goldish, S. Ginsberg, B. Karsner, Kleckner, Henry Lavick, Benjamin London, D. A. Miller, Mohelson, A. Oreck, Sam Sanders, B. Sher, H. Silk, Harry Summerfield, J. Weinberg, M. Wetzler, Esther Abrahamson, A. Garon, J. E. Coil, Ralph Cohen., M. D. Nides, William Silvian, Louis Zalk, Mae Klein,Mayme Weinberg, Shark, Labovitz, Levine, C. P. Meyers, Sam Bailer, Ralph Cohen, B. J. Cook, R Mann, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Lillian Karon, Charles Oreckowsky, A. Oreckowsky, Artur Marks, Q. Kleckner, M. Silk, M. Cook, C. D. Jacobs, Rene Freimuth, J. E. Call, S. J. Sher, Joseph Oreckowsky, A. N. Polinsky, H. A. Shark, Joseph Stieman, A. Davidson, Jacob Abram, Morris Altman, J. Lieberman, J. Garon, R. Mann, Lou Kanter, M.Greenblat, Lyle Oreck, Joseph Bosner, William Oxman, S. Bennett. Rabbi Luchs, Harry Davis, Irene Levine, Mondschein.

1922-12-23 George Abramson, Virginia - - 1922 Virginia College Students Return Home for Holidays. Uniersity of Minnesota. Harry Milavets, Dave Milavets, George Abrahamson,

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