Garber Brothers Cleaners and Dyers - Duluth
Garber's Cleaners and Launderers - Duluth

Garber Brothers Cleaners and Dyers had several locations in Duluth in the early 1920s. Two ads for this business and a picture of their building are shown below. In the 1950s there was a Garber's Cleaners and Launderers l located at 1015 East Superior Street in Duluth (see ad further down the page). We do not know if these businesses were the same and whether they were owned by the same Garber family. We also do not know who in the Garber family were involved.

Garber Bro, Inc. - Cleaners and Dyers - 1919
source unknown - - hi res

published in the American Jewish World on September 30, 1920.

published in 1922

published in the 1953 Duluth East High School yearbook

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