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A page in the Family Website for the following Family Names and their Descendents and Friends:
Garon - Kaner/Karon/Canner - Horwitz - Lieberman/Kremen - Hertz - Fritchell - Tatkin - Pasternack/Poster

A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Coran Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Coran Family

1907-4-4 Mami Coran music - - headline

1907-4-4 Mamie Coran

1907-4-7 Mamie Coran entertains - - headline

1907-4-7 Mamie Coran, Bessie Lieberman

1907-4-7 Coran, Litman - -

1907-4-7 Abraham Litman - -
1907 Mamie Coran, 122 East Second street, Walt, Coran, Rosa Kaner, Eva Finkelstein, Dora Levine, Rena Simon, Bessie Walt, Sarah Slomin, Bessie Liberman, Esther Simon, Zalda Coran, Israel Kaner, Alex Coran, Abraham Litman, Sam Walt, Joseph Shusterman, Samuel Walt.

1908-6-4 Annie Henrietta Coran, Washington School - - headline

1908-10-4 Rose Coran, Edith Karon party

1909-12-14 Carlson party, Walt, Coran, Goldish

1910-7-4 kag Bundle Shower,Sadie Coran - - headline

1911-2-19 Mamie Coran shower - - headline

1911-3-14 Sam Hoffman & Mamie Coran wed lic - - headline

1911-3-19 Coran-Hoffman wedding - - headline

1914-5-24 Rose Coran - - headline

1914-5-27 Rose Coran, Fanny and Edith Karon, Ruth Siegel

1915-3-21 Edith Karon, Rose Coran, Ruth Siegel, Sarah Kanner, Lieberman

1915-3-21 Hostess at Theater Party, Kanner, Coran - - Hostess At Theater Party, Lillian Lieberman, Edith Karon, Rose Coran, Ruth Siege, Sarah Kanner

1915-6-9 Rose Coran - - headline

1915-6-16 Rose Coran - - headline

1915-11-2 Edith Karon, Siegel, Lieberman, Coran

1915-12-1 - - Hattie Markowitz, Glass Block tea room, Rose Coran, theater party, and Osewa club, Miss Rose Simon, and I. Orecovsky, A. S. Leiberman-Thief River Falls

1916 Rose Coran runner up - - headline

1916-1-12 Azordelyn society, Karon, Lieberman, Coran, Siegel - - headline

1916-6-11 Lillian Lieberman - - 1916 Shower Given For Minneapols Brie-to-be. Miss Lillian Lieberman 401 1/2 East Fifth street. Miss Rose Winner-Minneapolis, Tibel Berkson, Sara Kahner (Kaner?)-, Mr. and Mrs. morris Winner, Esther Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. S. Segal, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ruth, Mrs. L. Passes-Minneapolis, Miss Minette Averbrook, Miss Ruth Raihill, Charlotte Azine, Rosalie Coran, Mamie Levine, Ruth Siegal, Marian Brucco.

1917-3-6 Abraham Goldfine usher at Wine wedding! - -Miss Coran The Bride Of Oscar Wine, Abraham Goldfine, usher

1917-3-6 Coran-Wine wedding - - headline

1917-11-12 YMCA, Jake Coran-Team6, Bondy-Team1 - - headline

1918-2-12 Jake Coran, musical - - headline

1918-4-20 Jake Coran, thrift army - - headline

1918-5-1 Rose Coran, Gladys Hoffman - - headline

1918-5-10 Jake Coran, Sophmore - - headline

1918-5-25 Alex Coran, San Francisco - - headline

1918-9-1 Alexander Coran - - headline

1918-12-13 Jake Coran, Zenith - - headline

1919-1-30 Jake Coran, Central HS, musical comedy - - headline

1919-2-22 Fanny Coran and Louis Saeks engagement - - headline

1919-2-23 Coran, Saeks, Groman

1919-2-23 Coran-Saeks wed, guests,Hoffman, Abelman, Lipman, Kaner, Groman - - 1919 Announce Marriage of Daughter in Michigan. Fanny Mildred Coran and Louis Saeks, Abraham Coran, B. Saeks, C. Abelman, Samuel Hoffman, Henry Lipman, W. Kaner, A. Groman, G. Berkson.

1919-3-23 Jacob Dennis and Ann Henrietta Coran eng - - headline

1919-3-27 Maurice Karon Captain

1919-6-15 Anna Coran and Jacob Dennis - - headline

1920 Coran & Dennis ad - - headline

1927-10-6 Ironwood, MI, Saeks, Coran

1929-7-1 Abraham Coran obit

1930-3-10 Ironwood, MI, Saeks, Coran, Billy Saeks (date has been corrected)

1932-10-7 Ironwood, MI, Saeks, Coran, Hoffman

1932-10-12 Ironwood, MI, Saeks, Coran, Glass

1948-8-25 Lena Coran obit

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Coran Family

To search for a word: Hit control & F (for Find) - then type the word in the box and hit "next"

Most articles were researched and submitted by Karen Alpert Entous.
Primary source: GenealogyBank.com

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