The Flame / Flamette - Duluth
The Flame Excersion Boat

The Flame was an expensive restaurant that was located on the waterfront in Duluth. It was owned and operated by James "Jimmy" Oreck (1899 - 1982) who was a great grandson of Hykah & Abraham Oreckovsky. The Flamette was a less formal (less expensive) retaurant also owned by Jimmy Oreck. It was located at 2631 London Road in Duluth.

More information about The Flame can be found in a article: Jimmy Oreck's Flame Restaurant - From BBQ Shack to Nightclub - click here. A pdf backup to this webpage has been created in case the webpage should eventually be taken offline: click here.

An extensive history of the Flame, including its earlier years, was published online by with the title The Flame Restaurant. A pdf backup to the online version can be found at click here.



1941 Duluth Central High School yearbook

1942 Duluth Central High School yearbook

Flamette ad - UMD newspaper - December 1965

The Flamette matchbook - date unknown

Garon, Kaner and Goldfarb family dinner at the Flame Restaurant on November 16, 1947. The nature of the occasion is not know.

From left to right around the table:
Shirley Kaner and Sidney Goldfarb, Mickey Kaner, Elmer Kaner, Bert Garon, Arlis Garon (Grossman), Ethel Garon, and Elsie Kaner.
Photo courtesy of Steve Goldfarb - - hi-res

The Flame Excersion Boat

The Duluth harbor excursion business was founded in 1959 by Ted Gozanski, Hyman Kaner and Jimmy Oreck. Gozanski was a partner with Hyman Kaner in an operation called Bum boats. Oreck owned the Flame restaurant. They began with a boat named the Streamliner with a capacity of 96 passengers. Business increased rapidly and shortly after, the Flame, a 108-passenger boat, was added. In 1961, the Streamliner was traded for the Flamingo, a 144-passenger boat. The Flame Excersion Boat was originally docked near the Flame Restaurant.

The harbor tour business later became the Duluth Vista Fleet. More about the bum boats can be found on the page for Kaner Brothers (bum boats).

The Flame Excersion Boat cruising in the Duluth harbor in 1952 with the Aerial Bridge in the background - hi res

The three pictures of the Flame Excersion Boat below
came from post cards created by Gallagher's Studio in Duluth.

The Flame Excersion Boat passing the Flame restaurant on the harbor

The Flame Excersion Boat entering the Duluth harbor

The Flame Excersion Boat showing sightseers foreign ships being loaded from the Duluth grain elevators

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