Oreck's (originally The National) - Duluth

Oreck's (women's wear) was located at 29 and 31 West Superior Street in downtown Duluth. Oreck's (formerly The National) was originated by Lena E. Polinsky Oreckovsly (1872-1928) and Gabriel A. Oreckovsky (1867-1956). Gabe was a grandson of Hykah & Abraham Oreckovsky.

news article - August 14, 1921

news article - August 14, 1921

September 30, 1921

undated ad from newspaper



1946 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1947 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1948 Duluth Central HS yearbook

inside the store - 1958

hi res

The following newspaper articles from our News Index related to Oreck's.

1919-6-20 Oreckovsky Purchases Department Store Site

1920-6-30 Oreck's store, suits sell quickly - - 1920 NewsTribune Advertisement Sells Many Suits Quckly; Oreck Store is a Mecca,Lyle Oreck

1921-8-14 Eight Years Ago Oreck - - Eight years ago Oreck's National Store Launched, Now look at it, in 1921

1921-8-14 Department Chiefs, photos, - - 1921 Department Chiefs of Oreck's Incorporated, photos, Percy Oreck

1921-8-14 Percy Oreck photo - - 1921 Percy Oreck, photos of Department Chiefs of Oreck's, Incorporated

1921-8-21 Fall Fashion, Oreck - - 1921 Oreck's Elaborate Fall Fashion Show Dazzles Duluthians at Lyceum Theater

1921-9-21 Knicker, Lyle A. Oreck, Freimuth, Silberstein & Bondy - - 1921 Department Store Chiefs Express Gamut of Views on Knickers. - I. Freimuth & Co., George A. Gray Co., Silberstein & Bondy, Oreck's Department Store, Lyle A. Oreck

2012 street view of where Oreck's used to be - wider view at hi res

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