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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Cook Family

1888-11-17 Isaac L. Cook - -
1888 The Evil Doer. Edward Dyer was brought before Jude Jaques yesterday, charged with assault upon Isaac L. Cook.

1892 Moses Cook and Mary Kreckinsky - - 1892 Moses L. Cook took out a license to marry Mamie Kreckinsky.

1893-1-24 Isaac Cook - - 1893 Isaac L. Cook has gone to Wabash, Ind. He left yesterday afternoon.

1893-4-16 B. J. Cook ad - - 1893 Perfection Reached. B. J. Cook ad.

1893-4-23 B. J. Cook ad - - 1893 We’ve Got to Git! B. J. Cook ad. 9 East Superior Street.

1893-6-4 B. J. Cook ad clothing - - 1893 A Most Gigantic Slaughter Sale. B. J. Cook ad. 522 Superior Street.

1893-6-7 Moses Cook will marry Mary Cook daughter of S. Moses - - 1893 Other Early Nuptials. Miss Mary Moses, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Moses will be married to Moses Cook.

1893-6-28 Moses Cook and Mary Moses ml - - 1893 Marriage licenses: Moses Cook to Mary Moses.

1893-6-29 Moses Cook and Mary Moses wed - - 1893 Moses Cook. Svea? Hall, Mary Moses, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Moses, married Moses Cook. Rabbi Seperetion?. Moses Perlstein-Chicago, Cook-Duluth, Joe Pavian-Minneapolis, J. M. Pavian-Duluth.

1893-7-2 Moses and Cook wedding - - 1893 Other Weddings of the Week, Moses and Moses Cook, Perlstein, Joseph Pavian, J. M. Pavian.

1893-7-2 Moses and Cook wedding - - 1893 Other Weddings of the Week, Moses and Moses Cook, Perlstein, Joseph Pavian, J. M. Pavian. (transcribed)

1894-5-20 Moses Cook Mary Cook, birth of son - - 1894 Births Reported: Son to Moses and Mary Cook, No. 901 London Road.

1895-4-16 Isaac Cook - - 1895 Five Cent Whisky. Isaac L. Cook, brick block on Second av. W. near the Parlor theatre, selling whisky.

1895-11-14 Moses Cook, W. M. Abrahamson - - 1895 Abrahamson Is Hot. Moses Cook Creditors Search a Duluth Man's Home and Store. Suspect Him Of Hiding Goods. He is Incesed and Will Make Things Lively for Several. W. M. Abrahamson is a nephew of Moses Cook. His father Isaac Abrahamson is a brother to Moses Cook. Their old country name was Koch. Cellar, store and residence quarters at No. 16 West Superior St. were searched.

1895-11-17 Moses Cook bankrupt - - 1895 Cook Won’t Return. Bankrupt merchant. Moses Cook, Wabash Ind. Refuses to return to Duluth.

1896-5-7 Isaac Cook - - 1896 application to sell intoxicating liquors, Isaac L. Cook, No. 16 Second avenue west.

1896-6-1 Abrahamson chrisening (bris) - - 1896 Notable Christening. 7 days old son of Wm M. Abrahamson at Piedmont terrace, Moses Cook child’s godparent.

1896-11-6 Cook Abrahamson law suit - - 1896 Cook Found Guilty. Moses Convicted of the Larceny of Ninety Posters. Moses Cook, William Abrahamson, Loeb Brothers, Gus Seipel,

1896-11-8 Isaac Summerfield - - 1896 The assignee of Isaac Summerfield has been authorized to sell the stock in gross.

1896-11-8 Moses Cook, Loeb case - - 1896 Moses Cook Case. Loeb Bros. is said not to be a fake sale, but a genuine sale for the benefit of an insolvent estate.

1897-2-8 Moses Cook - - 1897 Another indictment was against four men. Moses Cook, Isaac Abrahamson, Heiman Cohen, and W. M. Abrahamson.

1897-11-21 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus - - 1897 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus, 523 West Fourth street, 14th birthday party, Sadie Marcus, Dolie Freimuth, Maggie Kolcorn, Nellie Fisher, Beth Fisher, May Levy, Annie Kidd, Lottie Mondchine, Etta Cook, Edna Cargil, Jennie Taylor, Della Marcus, Mrs. R. N. Loomis, Mrs. J. Loomis, Mrs. J. Frankel, Harry Levy, Arthur Levy, Roy Blake, Dolph Crandle, Fred Gullgher, Eddie Loomis Roy ?all, Dick Freimuth, Harry Marcus.

1897-12-22 Julius Marcus and Moses Cook assignment - - 1887 Julius Markus, proprietor of the Misfit Carpet & Furniture store t No. 20 West Superior street, assignment to Moses Cook.

1898 3-1 Etta Cook - - 1898 In Miss Marks’ Honor. Miss Fanny Marks-St. Paul, Kalamazoo block, Mr. and Mrs. Hammel, Mr. and Mrs. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. Edelman, Mr. and Mrs. Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, Misses Mamie Mark, Henrietta Cook, Etta Cook, Ida Zalk, H. Y. Josephs, C. Goldbloom, B. J. Cook, M. Cook, J. Cook, M. J. Cook, Z. Y. Josephs, M. Mark.

1898-3-1 Zalk, Cook, Marks - - In Miss Marks’ Honor, Hammel, Freimuth, Edelman, Zalk, Buckman, Cohen, Mark, Cook, Josephs, Goldbloom

1898-7-27 Moses Cook, Sunday - - 1898 Cook’s Front Door. Judge Gearhart Wrestles With Its Purpose On Sunday. Merchant Gets Up in Reply to Clerks’ Association Prosecution That His Front Door Was Open to Admit Entrance to His Living Rooms in the Rear-Clerks Witnesses Swear to Purchases. Moses Cook, 400 West Superior street. Business conducted on Sunday.

1898-12-15 M. S. Cook saloon - - 1898 Checks forged. Cashed by M. S. Cook, keeps a saloon at Fifth avenue west and Michigan street. W. M. Abrahamson, a clothing dealer, Joseph Oreckovsky & Co., clothing dealers.

1899-2-26 Henrietta Cook, Jennette Glassner-Biwabik - - 1899 Miss Henrietta Cook gave a luncheon Thursday in honor of her guest, Miss Jennette Glassner of Biwabik.

1899-2-26 I Freimuth - - 1899 I. Freimuth left for the east yesterday afternoon on his semi-annual visit to eastern markets.

1899-3-13 La Vant and Casmir wedding - - Attendees: Nellie La Vant, David Casmir, Rabbi Abrams, Rabbi Newfield, Henrietta Cook, B. J. Cook, Annie L Vant, Selma Casmir, Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham, Lavick, Mitchell, Albert, I. Isadore, I. Rubenstein, Julius Cohen, Joe Sattler, Kacob SattlerGus Levin, Levy, I. Abrahamson, Krojanker, William Abrahamson, Dave Cohen, L. Oreck, Monschind, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyar Cook, J. Abrahamson, Julius Cook, Ben Katz, Mark, Hanna Cook, Lillian Abramson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark, and Fanny Hass.

1899-3-13 La Vant and Casmir wedding - - 1899 United In Marriage. Miss Nellie La Vant and David Casmir Married Yesterday Afternoon. Rabbi Newfield, Rabbi Abrams, Henrietta Cook, B. J. Cook, Annie La Vant, Selma Casmir, Mayor Truelsen, Dr. R. Graham, Casmir, Lavick, Mitchell, Albert, I. Isadore, I. Rubenstein, Julius Cohen, Joe Sattler, Jacob Sattler, Gus Levin, P. Levy, I. Abrahamson, Krojanker, William Abrahamson, Dave Cohen, L. Oreck, Monschind, B. J. Cook, H. Hirshberg, H. Y. Josephs, S. E. Gittelson, J. Rothschild, Meyear Cook, J. Abrahmson, Julius Cook, Ben Katz, Mark, Henrietta Cook, Hanna Cook, Lillian Abrahamson, Pauline Levy, Sadie Mondschind, Mary Mark, Fanny Hass.

1899-4-5 Zalk, Abrahamson, Cook, Hebrew fire commissioner - - The City. Appointment Is Satisfactory. M. Zalk, W. M. Abrahmson, fire commissioner

1899-5-26 Isaac L. Cook - - 1899 Isaac L. Cook, 114 West Superior street applied for a liquor license.

1899-12-5 Moses S. Cook cards - - 1899 Moses S. Cook, card playing in his saloon 433 West Michigan street.

1899-12-31 C. Solosky - - 1899 Miss C. Solosky, 5th col., Mr. and Mrs. Levine, Mamie Calmenson, Mr. and Mrs. L. Miller, Mrs. and Mrs. S. Mark, Mra. and Mrs. Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Bukman, Mr. and Mrs. I. Orenstein, Miss Frances Mark, Miss Buckman, Miss Fannie Nushaum, MissH. Cook, Miss I. Zalk, Miss Litman, Miss Buckman, Miss A. Cook, Miss C. Solosky, Mrs. G. Golders, Mrs. B. J. Cook, Mrs. Polinsky, Mrs. H. Joseph, Mrs. Dick, Mrs. Z. Joseph.

1900-1-14 Anna Krukinsky and Max Rogalsky wed - - 1900 The marriage of Miss Anna Krukinsky of Duluth and Mr. Max Rogalsky of Hibbing. Mrs. M. S. Cook, 1101 East Third street. Rabbi Jacob Elprin, Mamie Gittelson-Minneapolis, Mr. Isaac Summerfield of Cloquet, Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Summerfield, Mr. and Mrs. I. Abrahamson, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mark, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Markowitz, Mr. and Mrs. S. Barnard, Mr. and Mrs. M. Shapiro, Miss Anna Cook, Miss Lillian Abrahamson, Miss Etta Cook, Miss Julia Glasner of Biwabik, Miss Mamie Mark, Etta Shapiro, B. J. Cook, Ben Katz, Moses Cook, Mr. M. J. Cook, Mr. L. Dick, Mr. Julius Cook, Mr. Z. T. Joseph and Mr. I. Isidore of Chicago.

1900-1-14 B Silberstein business trip - - 1900 Mr. B. Silberstein left the first of last week on a business trip in the East.

1900-1-14 Ladies Aid Society - - 1900 Ladies’ Aid society of Temple Emmanuel, Odd Fellows hall, 80 couples, Mr. L. M. Hermann-Chicago, Miss May Levi.

1900-1-14 Lillie Rouchleau and guests - - 1900 Miss Lillie Rouchleau, guests: Hortense Bondy, Stella Bondy, Mae Klein, Elsie Silberstein.

1900-11-26 B. J. Cook - - 1900 B. J. Cook, Superior street clothier, runner’s ordinance. Ben Katz. Moses Cook, 400 West Superior Street.

1900-12-8 Moses Cook - - 1900 Was His Own Fault. Municipal Court Jury Decides Against Moses Cook. He Cashed a Worthless Check For $30.55 at Another’s Request But Fails to Recover. 400 West Superior street, Frank Thorn, Lieberman & Caplow’s store, A. Buthrie the St. Paul contractors.

1901-5-19 Eagle Clothing B. J. Cook ad - - 1901 Clothing Benefit! Ad Eagle Clothing Co. B. J. Cook & Bro. 321 West Superior Street.

1901-7-25 Moses Cook, Zalk - - 1901 Grave Charge Against Zalk. His Wife Has Him Arrested for Non-Support. Guilt Means A Term in Pen. Tale of Domestic Infelicity Unfolded in Police Court. Large Number of Witnesses Are Examined and Decision Will Be Announced Saturday. Moses Zalk, Jewish junk dealer, 708 East Third street, Mrs. Mary Fowler, Moses Cook testified.

1901-9-12 M. S. Cook partnership with M. J. Cook - - 1901 B. J. and M. S. Cook have formed a co-partnership, Cook Bros. hide, felt, and fur business, 14 West Michigan street.

1901-11-5 Etta Cook and Hyman Josephs ml - - 1901 Marriage licenses issued to Hyman Y. Josephs and Etta Cook. 1st. column.

1901-11-5 Silberstein & Bondy Sale of rugs - - 1901 Silberstein & Bondy. Sale of Rich Antique and Modern Oriental Rugs to Commence Today.2nd. column.

1901-11-6 Etta Pauline Cook and Hyman Josephs wed - - 1901 Miss Etta Cook Becomes A Bride. Mr. Hyman Y. Josephs The Happy Groom At A Wedding Last Evening. Jewish Ceremony Is Used. Rabbi Rosenbaum, of California, Assisted by Rabbi Helpurn. Many Costly and Beautiful Gifts-Happy Couple Depart for Trip to San Francisco. Etta Pauline Cook, youngest daughter of Mrs. Ida Cook and Hyman Y. Josephs were married, bride’s mother’s home 20 West Third street. Brother B. J. Cook, Rabbi F. Rosenbaum-San Francisco, Rabbi Helpurn-Duluth, sister Mrs. A. I. Shapira-St. Paul, sister Henrietta Cook, Mae Levy, Nathan Shapira ring bearer, Ray Cook, Gertrude Josephine flower girls, Mr. A. Goldman-Minneapolis, Julius Cook, Sig. Y. Josephs. Duluth Iron & Metal company owner H. Y. Josephs, 725 East Third street. Mr. and Mrs. A. Goldman and son-Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Shapira-St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckman-Superior; Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Levy; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hammell; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heiman; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Max Zalk; Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Edleman; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rocklin; Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Cook; Mr. and Mrs. Z. Zalk; Mr. and Mrs. D. Kassmir?; Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Levy; Mrs. R. A. Cohen and son-Milaca, Minn.; Mrs. H. Rosenblatt, Miss Pauline Levy, Miss May Ley, Bessie Rocklin, Henrietta Cook, Eva Zalk, Ray Cook, Gertrude Josephs; Walter Goldman-Minneapolis; Louis Levy; Hugo Hirschman; Harry Levy; Louis Zalk; Simon Cook, C. J. West, Simon Sealer, Dr. E. A. Severson, Barney Josephs-Marquette, Mich., Julius Zalk, Julius Cook; Sigmond Y. Josephs; Charles Levy-St. Paul; Barny Kin-Indianapolis, Ind.; B. J. Cook; M. J. Cook; H. J. Pullverman-Louisville, Ky.; Nathan Shapira-St. Paul; J. Cohen-Milaca; Nathan Cook.

1901-11-6 Cook-Josephs wedding, Zalk - - Miss Etta Cook Becomes Bride, Hyman Y. Josephs, guest list, Zalk

1901-11-21 Adas Israel, corner stone, Anna Cook

1901-11-24 Adas Israel, Cook, Abrahamson, 4 generations

1901-11-28 Cook and Abrahamson - cornerstone - - 1901 Cornerstone To Be Laid Today. Appropriate Ceremonies Will Take Place At New Jewish Synagogue. Mrs. Amelia Cook Honored. Rabbi Sosnofsky, Maor Hugo And P. J. Neff To Speak. List of the Committees In Charge of the Program and Program in Full. Chevra Kadisha and Adas Israel congregation at Third avenue East and Second street. M. Zalk, Rabbi Sosnofsky, Mayor T. W. Hugo, Hon. P. J. Nef, Mrs. Amelia Cook, sons Isaac Abrahamson, M. Cook, grandson W. M. and great grandson Ned Abrahamson. Hon. H. Truelsen, Rev. S. P. Long. Max. Zalk, S. Karon , B. J. Cook, A. J. Klatsky, Isaac Abrahamson, S. Rochlan, M. Z. Casmir, L. Polinsky, J. Kenner, D. Silk, M. S. Cook, S. Rochlan, M. Zalk, J. Polinsky, E. Kenner, S. Karon, M. L. Casmir, F. Sher, H. Weinberg, L. Polinsky.

1901-11-28 Amelia Cook and sons - - 1901 Mrs. Amelia Cook assisted by her sons, Isaac Abrahanson and M. Cook, and grand and great grandson W. M. and Ned Abrahamson.

1901-11-28 Adas, Israel, Amelia Cook, cornerstone

1901-11-28 Zalk, cornerstone - - Corner Stone To Be Laid Today, Mrs. Amelia Cook, Rabbi Sosnofsky, Mayor Hugo, P. J. Neff, Max Zalk

1902-3-2 Moses Cook saloon - - 1902 Moses Cook, Bowery merchant accused Joseph Lafrange of passing check.

1902-3-6 Amelia Cook obit. I. Abrahamson - - 1902 Mrs. Amelia Cook Dies. mother of I. Abrahamson. W. M. Abrahamson grandson.

1902-4-6 Cook obit. Abrahamson grandson - - 1902 Mrs. Amelia Cook Dies. Mother of I. Abrahamson, 81 years old, 112 First avenue East, W. M. Abrahamson is a grandson of the late Mrs. Cook.

1902-4-7 Amelia Cook obit - - 1902 Funeral Of Mrs. Amelia Cook. Many Sorrowing Friends Pay Tribute To One They Loved And Admired. Reached Age Of 81 Years. Impressive Ceremony Held At Family Residence. Took Prominent Part In Laying Corner Stone of Adas Chevra Synagogue. Family residence, 113 First avenue East. Duluth residence for 132 years. I. Abrahamson-son, W. M. Abrahamson-grandson, Ned Abrahamson-great grandson. Other children of Mrs. Cook, Mrs. A. Mark-Brainerd, Mrs. H. Cohen-Millaca, Mrs. H. Simon-Detroit, Michigan.

1902-4-25 B. J. Cook Eagle Clothing - - 1902 Made Good Selection. B. J. Cook Returns From Successful Purchasing Trip. B. J. Cook of the Eagle Clothing company. Chicago.

1902-5-27 Averbrook, Fostowsky, Cook - - 1902 Sunday Closing Prosecutions. Three Hebrew Merchants Arrested For Alledged Violations Of The Law. Sheehy Files Complaints. Move Backed By Retail Clerks' Union. Evidence Secured Against Several Others and Action Will Be Brought. A. Averbrook, 617 West Superior street, Joseph Fostowsky, 505 West Michigan street, S. E. Gittleson, Anna M. Cook, 400 West Superior street.

1902-7-6 B. J. Cook fishing - - 1902 B. J. Cook, proprietor of Eagle Clothing company and Mr. Winn Hayden, head salesman, Middlebrook, fishing. Black bass.

1902-8-24 B. J. Cook - - 1902 B. J. Cook, manager of the Eagle Clothing company. Beginning a new business in Sault Ste. Marie, Duluth Dredge & Dock company, stockholder.

1902-9-10 Simon P. Cook obit - - 1902 Drinks Acid By Mistake. Simon P. Cook Swallows Fatal Dose Thinking It Was Medicine. Death Is Instantaneous. Considered Brightest Pupil In High School class of 1903. Had Been Studying Hard In Preparation of Fall Work and Health Was Somewhat Broken. S. Y. Josephs’ relative. 314 East Second street. Seventeen years old. Sisters: Mrs. Hyman Y. Josephs-Duluth; Mrs. A. I. Shapiro-Duluth, Brothers: B. J.; M. S.; Julius and M. J. Cook.

1902-9-11 Simon P. Cook obit. - - 1902 Last Sad Rites. Remains of Simon P. Cook Laid to Rest in Hebrew Cemetery. high school student.

1902-9-12 Simon P. Cook obit - - 1902 Last Sad Rites. Remains of Simon P. Cook Laid to Rest in Hebrew Cemetery. 314 East Second street.

1902-11-10 Cook, Freimuth, Joseph telephone - - Duluth Telephone Co., Cook, Freimuth, Josephs

1902-12-29 Moses Cook - - 1902 George Pleydell Laid At Rest. Obit. Moses Cook was an intimate friend of Pleydell.

1903-2-26 B. J. Cook - - 1903 Made Fine Selections. B. J. and Julius Cook Return From Purchasing Trip at Chicago. Men’s clothing and furnishing goods.

1903-5-23 Adas Israel, funds for Russia - - 1903 Aid Extended by Duluth Hebrews. $300 Raised for Oppressed People in Russia. I. Abrahamson, M. Cook, J. Polinski.

1903-10-18 B. J. Cook bus., photo - - 1903 B. J. Cook Rounds Out a Successful Career in Duluth Business Circles. Eagle Clothing company retires from clothing business, sixteen years. New dealings: European hotel, Duluth Dredge & Dock. company. Photo.

1903-10-19 B. J. Cook, Eagle Clothing disolved - - 1903 Dissolution Sale Attracts Many People. B. J. Cook, of the Eagle Clothing Co. Retiring From the Clothing Business.

1904-1-10 David Casmir, Cook, store - - Eagle Stock In D. Casmir’s Hands, D. Casmir, photo

1904-1-21 David Casmir, Eagle Clothing Co - - 1904 Change Of Ownership Sale. Eagle Clothing Company, 321 West Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota. David Casmir, Brockton Shoe Co. purchased entire stock. Ad.

1904-1-21 D. C. Casmir, B. J. Cook, Brocton Shoe Co. Eagle Clothing - - 1904 Fine Clothing At Unheard Of Prices. D. Casmir, Brockton Shoe Co., Eagle Clothing Co.

1904-2-9 Moses Cook hotel - - 1904 Council Hears Report On Hotel. Committee Given More Time to Find Out About Cook Establishment. Moses Cook.

1904-2-9 Moses Cook hotel - - 1904 Council hears report on Hotel - complaintes about Cook's European Hotel on West Superior Street. Unable to distinguish between the hotel and saloon postions of the establishment.

1904-2-15 Moses Cook saloon - - 1904 Will Hear What Cook Has To Say. Council To Hold Special Meeting This Afternoon and Discuss Hotel Matter. Moses Cook, European hotel license, proprietor of the saloon.

1904-2-15 Moses Cook saloon - - 1904 Council will hear what Cook has to say on Hotel matter. - regarding the saloon license for the Cood's European Hotel

1904-9-10 Mrs. Moses Cook obit - - 1904 Cook-Mrs. Moses Cook of 314 East Second street, age 20 (or 29 perhaps) years. Funeral at family residence 2 p.m. today.

1904-9-27 B. J. Cook Haley's restaurant - - 1904 Much Improved. B. J. Cook Adds New Features to Haley’s Restaurant. Remodeled. Home bakery, bread, pastries, rolls, buns, doughnuts, cakes.

1905-3-21 Henrietta Cook - - 1905 Betrothed Couple Guests At Banquet. Progress club, Spalding, Lionel Traubman of New York, fiancé of Miss Irene Silberstein, Miss Rose Gidding to Max Stern of Chicago, Estelle Levy and Louis Zalk, Henrietta Cook and M. Goodman, Lillian Abrahanson and Jacob Hirsch.

1905-3-22 Henrietta Cook and Goodman - - 1905 People You Know. Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Josephs invitations for dancing party at Masonic hall, Miss Henrietta Cook and M. Goodman to be honored. Mrs. Ida Cook issued invitations for the marriage of her daughter Miss Henrietta to M. Goodman. Wedding to take place at home, 109 Second avenue east.

1905-3-24 Cook and Goodman party - - 1905 Dancing Party For Miss Cook-Mr. Goodman. Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, dancing party, old Masonic Temple, in honor of Miss Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman-St. Paul. Mrs. Victor Kohn, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs. Moses Cook, Mrs. Hirschfield, Mrs. Max Shapiro, Mrs. David Casmir, Mrs. P. H. Levy, Miss Rae Finklestein, Miss Rose Krojanker, Miss Estelle Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Clara Shapiro, Miss Gettleson, Miss Josephine Sattler, Miss Lillian Cook. Messrs. And Mesdames: Louis Hammel, Victor Kohn, I. Freimuth, Joseph Mountner, M. Cook, Robert Marcus, Adolph Freimuth, P. H. Levy, J. Hirshfield, Robert Buchman, D. Casmir, Max Shapiro, W. Gomberg, G. A. Klein, Mesdames: F. Mondshine, A. I. Shapiro, Ida Cook, Delia and Rae Finklestein-St. Paul, Josephine Sattler, Estelle Levy, Clara Shapiro, Irene Silberstein, Elsie Silberstein, Rose Krojanker, Isabelle Cook-Chicago, Ethel Dick-Cincinnati, Alice Martin. Messrs: Mendel Sislber, Dave Loewes, Samuel Levy, Hugo Kohn, Albert Goodman, C. Levy, L. Levy, Louis Freimuth, B. J. Cook, Nathaniel Gidding, M. Rosenberger, J. Cook, M. Cook, D. Rosenblatt, A. Cornfield, Louis Zalk, Charles Oswald.

1905-3-24 Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman, Sattler - - 1905 Dancing Party For Miss Cook-Mr. Goodman. Mr. and Mrs. H. . Josephs gave party, in honor of Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman. Mrs.Victor Kohn, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs. Moses Cook, Mrs. Hirschfield, Mrs. Max Shapiro, Mrs. David Casmir, Mrs. P. H. Levy, Miss Delia Finklestein, Miss Rae Finklestein, Miss Rose Krojanker, Miss Estelle Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Clara Shapiro, Miss Gettleson, Miss Josephine Sattler, Miss Lillian Cook. Guests, Louis Hammel, Victor Kohn, I. Freimuth, Joseph Mountner, M. Cook, Robert Marcuse, Adolph Freimuth, P. H. Levy, J. Hirshfield, Robert Buchman, D. Casmir, Max Shapiro, W. Gomberg, G. A. Klein, Mesdames F. Mondshine, A. I. Shapiro, Ida Cook, Misses Delia and Rae Finklestein-St. Paul, Josephine Sattler, Estelle Levy, Clara Shapiro, Irene Silberstein, Elsie Silberstein, Rose Krojanker, Isabelle Cook-Chicago, Ethel Dick-Cincinnati, Alice Martin, Messrs. Mendel Silber, Dave Loewes, Samuel Levy, Hugo Kohn, Albert Goodman, C. Levy, L. Levy, Louis Freimuth, B. J. Cook, Nathaniel Gidding, M. Rosenberger, J. Cook, M. Cook, D. Rosenblatt, A. Cornfield, Louis Zalk, Charles Oswald.

1905-3-25 Henrietta Cook wed Albert S. Goodman - - 1905 Miss Henrietta Cook weds Albert S Goodman, photos.

1905-3-26 Henrietta Cook and Goodman wed - - 1905 Brides Of March Are Leaving Town. Miss Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman. Miss Rose Gidding and Max Stern-Chicago.

1905-3-27 Henrietta Cook and Goodman wed - - 1905 Popular Jewish Maid Is Wedded. Miss Cook Becomes the Bride of Albert Goodman, of St. Paul. Rabbi Mendel Silber, Rabbi Tipplets, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Hatti Shapiro, Estelle Levy, Delia Finklestein, Maymie Gittleson, Louis Goodman, Louis Zalk, Julius Cook, S. Y. Josephs, B. J. Cook, Sylia Josephs, Ray Cook, Miss Levy, Mrs. Josephs, Miss Gittleson, Miss Finklestein, Miss Shapiro. Mr. Goodman is engaged in the wholesale jewelry business. Guests: Messrs. And Mesdames: L. Nathan, Jacob Bernstein, Albert Shapiro, Mrs. M. Shapiro, Mrs. I. Jacobs, Miss Delia Finklestein. Miss Rae Finklestin, Miss Hattie Shapiro, Morris Goodman, Louis Finklestein, Harry Goodman-St. Paul. Miss Lillian Cook-Chicago, Miss Rose Cohn, A. Cohn, Isadore Cohn-Superior.

1905-3-27 Henrietta Cook Albert Goodman wedding - - Popular Jewish Maid Is Wedded, Henrietta Cook and Albert Goodman

1905-4-6 B. J. Cook, refuse service to negro - - 1905 Negro Wins Suit Against Cook. Retauranteur Must Pay Henry C. Richardson $25 for Failing To Serve Him. J. Cook, proprietor of restaurant at 214 West Superior street.

1905-5-17 Eagle Clothing Co. B. J. Cook sale - - 1905 Big Building Sale. Eagle Clothing Co., B. J. Cook, four story brick building on Superior street between Second and Third avenues West.

1905-7-9 Haley Rest. sold B. J. Cook - - 1905 Haley Is New Proprietor. J. J. Haley too full control of Haley’s restaurant, 214 West Superior street, purchased from B. J. Cook.

1905-10-17 Adas Israel debt paid up - - Church Names Its Leaders. Adas Israel, Cook, Polinsky, Oreckovsky, paid debt

1905-12-19 B. J. Cook Alderman - - 1905 Cook Has Interests Of Tangible Form. B. J. Cook, alderman representative.

1906-3-25 Cook and Goodman wed - - 1906 Henrietta Cook wed Albert S Goodman - Orthodox Jewish wedding

1906-10-24 Moses Cook - - 1906 Dentists Had Right to Remove Electric Sign. Judge Cutting Directs Verdict For Drs. Johnson & Kaake, in Suit Brought by Moses Cook.

1906-11-29 Cook building hotel - - 1906 M. S. And B. J. Cook Block, photo.

1906-11-29 Cook building hotel - - 1906 Photo of M S and B J Cook Block - Hotel property

1907-3-27 Mrs. B. J. Cook - - 1907 Mask Ball By The Sisters Of Israel. Eagles hall, 250 couples, Mr. and Miss Walt, Mr. Aronson of Superior, Mrs. Berkson, H. A. Cohen of Milaca, Joe Swartz, B. J. Cook, Mrs. Hirshfield, Mrs. D. Silk, Harry Silk, M. D. Silk.

1907-3-29 Moses Cook auction jewelry - - 1907 Cook’s Attorney Attacks Charter. Says Provision Barring Auction Sales by Pawnbrokers Is Invalid. Moses Cook. Clothing store and pawn shop at 400 West Superior street.

1907-4-7 Moses Cook jail - - 1907 Cook Is Fined; Goes To Jail. Pawnbroker Will Try to Gain His Liberty on a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

1907-4-9 Moses Cook - - 1907 Moses Cook contends that the ordinance is unconstitutional.

1907-4-12 Moses Cook - - 1907 Moses Cook, local pawnbroker, arguments heard.

1907-4-12 Temple Emanuel - - 1907 Temple Emanuel Services, “Worship and Music”. Sabbath services every Friday evening

1907-4-16 Moses Cook - - 1907 Council Cuts Off License. Moses Cook Punished for Violating Ordinance-Deadlock on City Sealer Continues. Points to Past Good Record. Says a few words in his own behalf. 17 years a citizen of Duluth, conducted business fairly.

1907-4-17 Moses Cook - - 1907 Cook Loses His Habeas Corpus Fight. Judge Cant, Moses Cook. Arrested and convicted. Refuses to settle.

1907-4-21 Moses Cook - - 1907 Moses Cook Will Take An Appeal. Will Attack Validity of City’s Auction Ordinance in the Supreme Court.

1907-5-24 Moses Cook - - 1907 Salesman Sues To Recover Commissions. W. E. Danforth, Moses Cook. Clothing store.

1907-6-20 B. J. Cook and mother trip - - 1907 Mrs. B. J. Cook and mother, Mrs. Ida Cook, 321 Eat First street, eastern trip to Mt. Clemens, Mich., Jamestown exposition.

1908-3-18 Library, Sattler - - 1908 Of Interest To Women. Will Study Bible History Ad Men. Jewish Women Ask Library Board to Buy Encyclopedia Set. Chautauqua club, Temple Emanuel, Miss Newman, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. S. Goldberg, Mrs. Louise Freimuth, Dr. and Mrs. M. Lefkowitz, Mrs. H. Y. Joseph, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. A. Abraham, Mrs. H. Abraham, Mrs. Morris Freimuth, Mrs. J. D. Sattler, Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. E. A. Silberstein, Mrs. M. Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Debora Leo, Miss Helen Metzler, Miss Florence Levy, Miss Marian Levy, Miss Hilda Newman.

1908-6-4 Esther Mary Sosnovsky, George Cook - - 1908 Jackson School, Morris Altman, James Viener, Mary Sosnovsky, George Cook.

1908-8-4 Max Altman - - 1908 Moses Montifiore Hebrew school incorporated, Robert Backman, Joseph Polinsky, M. S. Cook, Charles P. Meyers, Max Zalk, Louis Helstein, Abraham J. Klatsky, Max Altman, Joseph Oreckovsky.

1909-1-27 Weinstein and Simon wed - - 1909 Wedding Is Most Elaborate Event. Reception and Sumptuous Feast Follow Simon-Weinstein Marriage Ceremony. Sarah Vivian Simon and Harold Weinstein-Coleraine, 406 East Fifth street, 500 guests, synagogue, corner of Third avenue east and Third street. Sadie Berkson, Bessie Cowl-Minneapolis, Gustie Simon-Gilbert, Sarah Marcus-Minneapolis, Rose Witz-Duluth, Louis Helperin, Al Lieberman-Bovey, amuel Altman-Chisholm, Isadore Cohen-Chisholm, Robert Simon-Gilbert, Robert Frank, Florence Simon. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weinstein-Bovey, Rabbi Tetlitz, Rabbi Kissan. William Abrahamson, Milton Kraus-Chicago, W. L. Millar, Wolf Simon, M. S. Cook, Nathan Kraus-Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. M. Simon-St. Paul, Alice Fegelson-St. Paul, Mrs. S. Orenstein-St. Paul, Marcia Harris-St. Paul, Mrs. Samuel Pavian-St. Paul, Mrs. William Orenstein-Houghton, Mich. Mrs. S. Frank-South Bend, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. D. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. I. Simon-Gilbert, E. J. Sloan-Bessemer, Mich., Dora Canfield-Minneapolis, Sarah Ripstein-Winnipeg. (Big wedding for its time and lots of guests from out of town.)

1911-1-12 Knights of Pythias, Cohen - - 1911 Knights Of Pythias To Install Wednesday. A. B. Cook, Isadore Cook, Dr. F. W. Gordon.

1911-1-19 Cohen Knights of Pythias - - 1911 Lafferty Made District Deputy. Will Represent Grand Chancellor of Knights of Pythias-Nemadji Lodge Installs. A. B. Cook, Isadore Cohen, Dr. F. W. Gordon.

1911-2-26 Ida Cook

1911-4-6 Nathan Cook orator - - 1911 Young Orators and Declaimers to Hold Preliminary Contests Tonight and Tomorrow. Central high school, Nathan Cook, Nathan Cohen.

1911-12-27 Dave Polinsky, complaint - - 1911 Dave Polinsky, complaint violated city ordinances, petitioners: J. Altman, F. Lahovitz, Sam Barnard, J. Oreckovsky, B. Davidson, Leon SolomonMrs. Cook, Polinsky, aliby Windsor Clothing company, L. Seiden, Abraham Stern, M. Levine, D. Lppan, M. Viener, F. Shapiro, N. Kaplan.

1912-1-21 Mrs. Cook, Polinsky, Alibi - - 1912 Polinsky Aims To Build Alibi, jury in Federal Court hears testimony of Mrs. Sarah Cook, the prisoner's grandmother. Minnie Palmquist also takes the stand. Judge Morris will charge the twelve tomorrow in counterfeiting case. Sam Polinsky, passing counterfeit coins to Mrs. H. Cohen.

1912-3-18 Joe Horwitz - - 1912 "Artaxerxes" Moses Montefiore Hebrew school. Rabbi E. Horowitz, Joe Horowitz, Allen Rachlin, H. Gersehold, Miss T. Berkstrom, Abe Oreckowsky, Eva Salk, Sadie Gingold, Nathan Cook, H. G. Loviejk, Sam Cook, Isidor Usan, Harry Levin, N. Asin, Jacob Usan, M. Altman, S. Meyers, M. Orak, D. Orekowski, G. Cassimir, M. Rosenberg, A. Rosenberg, Sam Cook, S. Slotkowsky, P. Cassimir, S. Meyers, L. Sanders, S. Shore, B. Tobak, T. Garon, Charles Green, S. Singer, B. Shore, Abe Rosenberg, B. Zlotkowsky, Doris Gatkin, A. Price, Abe Littman, B. Harris, E. Seidel, Rose Meyers, Lena Stein, David Silver, Sam Cassimir, Jack Shusterman, M. Oreck, Lilly Weiner, Lena Singer.

1912-6-20 Julius Cook - - 1912 Brought Cash to Court. Julius Cook, saloon keeper at 527 West Michigan street, kept his saloon open on Sunday.

1912-6-21 Mike Polinsky - - Mike Polinsky, cook stove. - -

1912-10-27 Nathan Cook builds boat - - 1912 Duluth High School Student Builds A Speedy Motor Boat. The “Home-Made” Boat In Action. Nathan Cook. Duluth Central High school.

1912-10-27 Nathan Cook builds boat - - 1912 Duluth Central High School student builds a speedy motor boat. Boat compoleted in the manual traing rooms of the high school. With picture.

1912-12-11 Moses Cook, Oreckovsky - - 1912 Gets Verdict Of $2,475 Against Moses Cook. Joseph Oreckovsky against Moses Cook. Twin Ports Clothing company bid.

1912-12-11 Joseph Oreckovsky and Moses Cook, verdict - - 1912 Gets Verdict Of $2,475 Against Moses Cook. Joseph Oreckovsky, damages on stock, Twin Ports Clothing Co.

1913-1-11 father of Mrs M Cook died in Chicago - - 1913 Mrs M Cook has been called to Chicago by the sudden death of her father in that city.

1913-9-14 Moses Montefiore Hebrew School Assn., Joseph Oreckovsky - - 1913 Moses Montefiore School For Jewish Children.- Chartered members: Robert Buchman, Joseph Polinsky, Charles P. Meyers, Meyer S. Cook, Lew Helstein, Joseph Oreckovsky, Max Zalk, A. J. Klatzkey, Max Altman, Charles P. Meyers, Abe Garon, Joseph Weinberg, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Rabbi M. Lefkovits, Rev. E. Horwitz, M. L. Cassmir, Henry Cassmir, M. L. Rine, Sam Kerness, Morris Zien, Isadore Zion, B. J. Cook, William Oxman, Nathan Kris, Gabriel Oreck

1914-1-9 Moses Cook, Abrahmson theaters - - 1914 Issues Permits For Two Playhouses. Moses S. Cook, $65,000 theater, Superior street, old St. James hotel between Second and Third Avenue West.

1914-1-9 Moses Cook, Abrahmson theaters - - 1914 William M. Arbahamson, $35,000 motion picture house on West Superior street between Third and Fourth avenue West.

1914-2-12 Jewish Chautauqua club - - 1914 (cropped) Jewish Chautauqua club, Mrs. M. Levy, Mrs. Henry Abrahams, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. T. D. Jacobs.

1914-2-12 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, anniversary - - 1914 (full page) Thirtieth Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 116 Seventh avenue East. - and - 1914 Jewish Chautauqua club, Mrs. M. Levy, Mrs. Henry Abrahams, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. T. D. Jacobs.

1914-3-17 Cook theater children play area - - 1914 Grand Theater Is To Be Open June 1. Edward R. Salter, Manager of New Playhouse, Arrives to Assume Duties. From Detroit, Mich. Between Second and Third avenues West on Superior street, old St. James hotel site. Vaudeville. Children’s playground. Moses S. Cook proprietor of amusement palace.

1914-3-22 M S Cook theater - also W M Abrahamson - - 1914 progress made on theater between Third and Forth avenue West on Superior street. W. M. Abrahamson

1914-4-26 Moses Cook Grand theater built - - 1914 213-217 West Superior Street. Photo, old St. James hotel, 1,200 seating, Build by Moses S. Cook, cost $75,000.

1914-5-19 Morris Hyman Litman, U.M. medicine - - 1914, Cook, Abe Shapiro, Anna Karon, Morris Hyman Litman-U.M. medicine, Philip Altman, Rachael Hammel, Rebecca Freimuth-music, Doris Phelps, college or university education.

1914-8-25 Moses Cook and Samuel E. Gittelson - - 1914 Moses Cook and Samuel E. Gittelson dispute wall.$451.37.

1914-9-23 A. Nathan Cook naval engineering - - 1914 Nathan A. Cook, son of M. S. Cook of the New Grand theater, University of Michigan, naval engineering.

1914-9-23 S. L. Loeb - - 1914 Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Loeb, 1123 East Superior street, guest Miss Moses of Seattle.

1914-9-23 Nathan Cook naval engineering - - 1914 Nathan A Cook, Son of M S Cook of the New Grand theater, left for Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan.

1914-11-1 Moses Cook Gittelson bus - - 1914 improvement planned on West Suerior street, new business building, Moses Cook and Samuel Gittelson, frontage adjoining the New Grand theater, 99 year lease. Two stories, additional five or six stories possible, will be occupied by Pul Pantaze, 219 West Superior street.

1914-11-5 Sam Litman, high school debate - - 1914 Class Debaters At Central Are Chosen; Schedule Arranged. Sam Litman, Jacob Garon, Sam Gofen, Emanuel Cook, Max Goldberg.

1915-6-10 luncheon - - 1915 Luncheon Is Successful Affair. Temple Aid society, Mrs. S. Goldberg, Rabbi M. Lefkovits, Mrs. S. Mondshine, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. E. A. Silberstein, Mrs. S. Y. Josephs, Mrs. A. Abrahams, Mrs. Joseph Gidding, Mrs. G. A. Klein, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. Leon Selig, Mrs. Josephs, Mrs. Goldberg, Mrs. Rudolph Abrahams, Mrs. M. S. Shapiro.

1915-7-23 Ida Cook, Moses Montefiore building

1915-10-19 Cohen - - 1915 Cook-Cohen Wedding Takes Place Tonight. Miss Lillian Cohen and Barnett J. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. I. Cohen-Minneapolis, Dr. M. S. Hirschfield and Mrs. Hirschfield, 330 East Fourth street, Rev. W. Kissin, Edith Cohen, Josephine Cohen, Benjamin Cohen, Isaac Blooston-Minneapolis, Mrs. A. L. Shapiro, 1215 Woodland avenue.

1915-12-25 Mrs. B. J. Cook, Josephine Cohen - - 1915 Mrs. B. J. Cook, Woodland avenue, sister Miss Josephine Cohen-Minneapolis.

1916-2-26 Gittelson and Cook - - 1916 Cook-Gittelson Investment company will do rea estate and loan business. Officers are Mose Cook, president; Anna May Cook, Vice presidetn; S E Gittelson, treasurer; and L Gittelson, secretary.

1916-4-12 Mondshine - - 1916 Symposium on Jews Given at Temple. Tempe Emanuel Aid society. Mrs. Fannie Mondshine, Mrs. M. Hirschfield, Mrs. Josephs, Mr.S. M. Cook, Mrs. I. Cohen-Superior, S. I. Levin, Miss Elsie Silberstein. Mrs. Max Wetzler Mrs. L. Hirsch, Mrs. Jacob Zien, Mrs. I. Zimmerman.

1916-6-18 Muriel & Sylvia Joseph, Cook, Bondy, Meryle Garon - - Celebrates Her Third Birthday At Afternoon Children’s Party, Inez Minnette Phelps, Muriel & Sylvia Joseph, Cook, Bondy, Meryle Garon and other guests.

1916-6-24 Edith Cohen Mrs. B. J. Cook - - 1916 Miss Edith Cohen, daughter of I. Cohen of Minneapolis is guest of her sister Mrs. B. J. Cook, 1215 Woodland ave.

1916-11-5 Mrs. Moses Cook - - 1916 Mrs. Moses Cook. Twentieth Century Club - program: "Ideals of Womanhood"

1917-1-20 Philip Litman Emanuel Cook Max Goldberg - - 1917 Outings Galore Are On Schedule Of Superiorites. Various Organizations Plan Picnics and Lawn Fetes for Members. B'nai B'rith Theodore Roosevelt, Loge No. 844, Philip Litman and I. Cohen.

1917-3-18 Mrs. Moses Cook - - 1917 Drama League President To Speak On French Drama At Club Meeting. Photo, Mrs. Moses Cook and Mrs. M. S. Hirschfield.

1917-4-9 A. Nathan Cook, M. S. Cook father navy - - 1917 Cook To Join Navy, A. Nathan Cook, son of M. S. Cook, of the New Grand Theater company, graduated School of Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan, commission received, assigned to navy yards near Philadelphia.

1917-6-24 Ralh and Harvey Cook birthday party - - 1917 Four-Year-Old Is Hostess At Birthday Party. Inez Minnette Phelps, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phelps, Jefferson Street, Helen Kunody, Helen Galenta, Helart Blanch, Helen Brooke, Beatrice Goldberg, Renie Lugoff, Ronald Lang, Robert LaBrea, Ralph Cook, Harvey Cook, and Merrill Garon. - Note a few Jewish children.

1917-12-2 Mrs. I. Cohen, B. J. Cook - - 1917 Mrs. I. Cohen of Minneapolis is the guet of her daughter, Mrs. B. J. Cook, Woodland avenue.

1917-12-17 Hazel Blumenthal party, Muriel Garon, Muriel Josephs - - Has Party, Miss Hazel Blumenthal, ninth birthday, Gittelson, Freimuth, Hirschfield, Cook, Phelps, Garon and many guests

1918-4-5 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levine birth of son - - 1917 Girl and Boy Who Lead Classmates Graduating From Central High. Bessie Levine and Emanuel Cook, photo

1918-5-3 Cook, Rivers - - 1918 Movie of a handy Man With An Ax Ends In Police Call. Jacob Cook, 212 North Third avenue East built a house at 301 East Third street. Charles Rivers built a house at 303 East Third street.

1918-5-11 High School photos - - 1918 Seniors Who Graduated From High School This Year: 15 Jessie Cohen, 17. Sadie Gingold, 20. Nathan Cook,

1918-5-11 page 2 high school photos - - 1918 Seniors Who Graduated From High School This Year (page 2): 9. Sadie Saxine, 11. Miriam Solomon, 17. Esther Klatzky, 20. Kenneth Harris?, 32. Norma Cook, Emma Berg, 31. Samuel Ziedel, 35. Bessie Altman, 40. Clara Berg, 45. Lillian Lasky, 54. Marjorie Peck, 59. Mary Simon, 62. Minnie Abramson, 67. Walter Zimmerman.

1919-1-19 Philip Litman - - 1919 Central Debaters To Meet Superior Team. Emanuel Cook, Max Goldberg, Philip Litman.

1919-2-23 Moses S. Cook B. J. Cook building sale - - 1919 Superior Street Property Transferred; Big Deal. 50 feet frontage at 210 and 212 West Superior street, from B. J. and Moses S. Cook to Mrs. O. S. Leithhead. Floan & Leveroos company, hotel, $100,000 for the ground and $37,000 for the building.

1919-4-9 Michigaumi Iron Company – Freimuth - - 1919 District Court: I Freimuth et al to register Cook County real estate

1919-4-16 Ben Garon - - 1919 Wallace Cup is goal of Duluth; Sylvia Josephs, Marvin Oreck, Sidney Buckman, Isadore Saksonoff, Harry Levine, Theodore Cook and Ben Garon

1919-9-12 Mrs. B. J. Cook - - 1919 Musicale At Lighthouse Party Today. Ticket Exchange Will Enable Blind to Hear Music. Mrs. M. Cook plays piano, in charge of entertainment, Telephone number of Lighthouse, Melrose 4464.

1919-10-12 Cook brothers vaudeville theater - - 1919 Old Hotel To Go; Vaudeville Will Take Its Place. Cook Amusement Company Will Build $400,000 Theater on Site of St. Louis Hostelry. M. S. Cook and B. J. Cook, officers of the Cook Amusement company. May 1, 1920 takes possession., 140 x 115 feet in size. 2,400 persons. Frank N. Phelps, general manager of the Cook brothers’ enterprises. Vaudeville, and pictures. Old building’s history, build in 1882.

1919-12-27 B. J. Cook - - 1919 Incorporate Two Million Duluth Concerns. Theater Men, McDougall-Duluth Company Figure in Two New Companies Here. Hamm-Ruben-Finkelstein-St. Paul. William Hamm, Moses L. Finkelstein, Isaac H. Ruben-Minneapolis, Moses S. Burnett, B.J. and Julius Cook-Duluth. New Garrick, New Lyric, New Grand theaters-Duluth, New palace-Superior.

1919-12-31 Albert Mark, B'Nai B'rith Covenant Lodge - - 1919 Albert Mark Heads B'nai B'rith. Covenant Lodge Elects Officers, Hears Reports on Successful Year Just Closed. Covenant Lodge No. 569. Temple Emanuel, S. B. Copilowish, Morris J. Mark, Norman A. Cook, Jesse L. Cohen, Samuel Nides, Dr. M. S. Hirschfield, Harry Brunswick, Joseph Weinberg.

1920-1-20 Laskawitz - - 1920 Jews Plan Drive To Raise %90,000 For Civic Center. Need of Community Building Is Emphasized by Speaker; Series of Meetings Planned. Dr. Benjamin Plotkin, Hebrew Temple, 310 East Third street, J. Cohan, Mrs. Cook, P. Greenspan, C. Greenberg, J. Kaplin, F. Kiel, Miss L. Konigsberg, Miss C. Laskawitz, M. Mogulson, R. Mendelssohn, W. Natalson, S. Rosenberg, T. Saklowitz, Miss M. Saxonoff, J. Schoosterman, M. Solosky, B. Tobak, an L. Tobak.Miss Anna Laskawitz will teach Hebrew songs.

1920-2-5 Louis Karon buys lot - - Moses Cook to Louis Karon lot 57 E 3rd $10,000. Henry Folz to JL Strong lot 8 blk 35 Endion $13,000.

1920-3-2 Abraham I. Levin and Rae L. Cook ml. - - 1919 Abraham I. Levin and Rae L. Cook, marriage license..

1920-7-17 B. J. Cook, Samuel Cook - - 1920 Well-Known Stars And Real Productions Will Feature Finely-Balanced Programs. “Eighteen Carat” Entertainment at “Plated Prices Aim of New Astor Management With a Complete Change of Pictures Three Times Each Week. M. S. Cook and B. J. Cook.

1920-7-18 B. J. & M. S. Cook Duluth theater - - 1920 New Astor Theater Added To Playhouses In Duluth. Pretty Downtown Amusement Place Opened by Finkelstein and Ruben, as Newest of Theaters. M. S. Cook vice president and B. J. Cook treasurer, Finkelstein & Ruben mangers, P. F. Schwie resident general manager. Samuel Cook house manager.

1920-9-20 Community Building Drive, Solosky - - 1920 Jews Plan Drive To Raise $90,000 For Civic Center, Need of Community Building Is Emphasized by Speaker; Series of Meetings Planned. Dr. Benjamin Plotkin, Hebrew Temple 310 East Third street.Volunteer Services, J. Cohan, Mrs. Cook, P. Greenpan, C. Greenberg, J. Kaplin, F. Kiel, Miss L. Konigsberg, C. Laskawitz, M. Mogulson, R. Mendelssohn, W. Natalson, S. Rosenberg, T. Saklowitz, Miss M. Saxonoff, J. Schoosterman, M. Solosky, B. Tobak, and L. Tobak.. S. Solinski. 1921 Mabel Solosky, Anna Laskawitz forms chorus.

1921-1-1 Emanuel Cook - - 1921 Duluth Law Student Endures Hardships on Mountain Trip. Emanuel F. Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Cook, 2415 East Fourth street, student at Harvard law school. Cook graduated from Central high school in 1917.

1921-1-19 Bessie Litman, Young Judea - - 1921 Young Judea Club To Give Play At Duluth High School, Jonas A. Rosenfield, Mary Cohen, Emil Wiener, Nathan Cohen, Sam Braverman, Helen Cook, Bessie Litman, David Sherman, Cecil Gotkin, Nathan Cohen, Eva Lent, Lillian Harris and Bennie Cohen.

1921-1-30 Morris Kohn, violinist - - 1921 Morris Kohn, violinist, other names listed: Rudolph Sega, Mary Cohen, Nathan Cohen, Emil J. Weiner, Eva Lent, Helen Cook, Lillian F. Harris, Bessie Litman, Anna Davis, Cecil Gotkin, Dave Sherman, Ben Cohen, Sam Braverman, Ben Serrant.

1921-1-30 Morris Kohn, violinist, Bessie Litman - - 1921 Violinist to Play at School Recital. Morris Kohn, Louis Gomberg, Rudolph Segal, Mary Cohen, Nathan Cohen, Emil J. Weiner, Eva Lent, Helen Cook, Lillian F. Harris, Bessie Litman, Anna Davis, Cecil Gotkin, Dave Sherman, Ben Cohen, Sam Braverman, Ben Serrant.

1921-2-28 B'nai Brith, spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky - - 1921 Women, Men Will Combat For Spellings Supremacy. B'nai B'rith spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Samuel Gofen, M. E. Altman, Jesse Cohen, George Casmir, Harry W. Davis, Herman Elevitch, Ralph Elevitch, Abe Feldman, D. P. Feldman, Hugo Freimuth, Louis Freimuth, Dr. Samuel Gross, Jacob Garon, Toby Garon, Charles W. Green, A. B. Kapplin, Rabbi I. Lebendiger, Maurice Labovits, Morris Mark, Abe Solon, Joseph Weiner, Harry E. Weinberg, Anna Mark, Mrs. S. Polans, Mrs. Jacob Garon, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. D. Freimuth, Mrs. Lyle Oreck, Mrs. Morris Altman, Mrs. A. Friss, Mrs. I. Lebendiger, Mrs. A. Davidson, Mrs. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. Julius Siegel, Mrs. Oxman, Mrs. J. Leuri ?, Mrs. M. D. Nides, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Miss Anna Mark, Miss Bertha Mendelsohn, Miss Lillian Karon, Miss Mae Klein, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Esther Abrahamson, Miss Ida Berkson, Miss Mayme Weinberg, Miss Lillian Levy, and Mrs. C. A . Saksonoff

1921-3-26 Lebendiger, Purim - - 1921 Duluth Jews To Observe Feast Of Purim Sunday. Duluth Hebrew institute, Sylvia Laskovitz, Elsie Widdes, Mary London, Selma Cohen, Lillian Harris, Helen Cook, Belle Harris, Jennie Horwitz, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Miss Sclarow, Cherry Rine, Ruby Goodman, Helen Segal, Miss Shenowsky, Ida Ostrowsky, Bessie Seiden, Alek Cohen, Eva Bruesen, Ethel Kasmir, Roy Teltch, Bessie Litman, Anna Kane, Helen Segal.

1921-4-22 Temple Emanual - - 1921 Temple Emanuel: Miss Esther Abrahamson, C. Jacobs, R. Cohen, B. Blumenthal, C. P. Meyers, Lou Kantor, Ida Fieldman, Harry Gordon, M. Cook, Ruth Freimuth, Edna Freimuth, Jeanette Gomberg, Mae Klein, Lillian Levy, Horentse Bondy, Rosalind Bondy, Ida Fieldman and F. Josephs.

1921-5-30 Lebendiger, Sisterhood - - 1921 Sisterhood Is Formed. Hebrew Institute, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, 1124 East Superior street, Mrs. A . Davidson, Mrs. J. A. Kohn, J. Rosenstein, Mrs. M. Daneiko, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. A. Friss, Mrs. M. Nides, Mrs. I. B. Aarons, Mrs. L. Oreck, Mrs. H. Lavick, Mrs. H. Bennett, Mrs. Lebendiger, Mrs. A. Friss, Mrs. Teplisky, Mrs.M. D. Nides, Mrs. Oxman.

1921-6-21Moses Montefiore Hebrew school, Rabbi Lebendiger - - 1921 200 children, Moses Montefiore Hebrew school, Rabbi Lebendiger, Lesterpark, picnic, Bessie Vertelnay, Bessie Siden, Nathan Ostrov, Nathan Averbrook, Bessie London, Benny Davis, Abraham Cook, S. Natelson, Joseph Polinsky, I. Sklorow, J. Braverman, I. B. Aarons, Rabbi I. Lebendiger, Mrs. Lebendiger, Mrs. Daneiko, Miss Harris, Miss Lipman and Miss Daneiko.

1921-8-21 Julius Cook obit - - 1921 Financial Loss Drives Duluth Man To Suicide. Julius Cook-Found in Brother’s Office With Weapon Near By. Obit. Offices of his brother B. J. Cook, 213 West Superior street. Moses Cook, another brother, Funeral from the home of his brother, 1215 Woodland Ave. Dr. I. Lebendiger officiated.

1921-8-22 Julius Cook obit. - - 1921 Funeral of Julius Cook, 47 Duluth business man, found in brother B. J. Cook's home 1215 Woodland avenue. Cook had shot himself while in his brother's office, 213 West Superior street.

1921-8-24 Julius Cook estate - - 1921 Estate of Julius Cook $34,800, Petition Says. Julius was 47 years old. Mother Ida D. Cook, heirs are mother sisters Etta Joseph-Duluth; Annie Shapero and Hannah Goodman of St. Paul; brothers Barney, Mair, and Moses S. of Duluth.

1921-8-24 Julius Cook estate - - headline

1921-12-1 Mrs. Nathan Cook - - 1921 Women Are Assigned to Home Districts for Relief Drive. American Jewish Relief committee. Duluth to raise funds for suffering refugees of eastern and central Europe. Mrs. M. Cook. Mrs. Louis Hammel, Mrs. Harry Gordon, Mrs. Nathan Cook, Miss Sarah Zobel, Mrs. J. Abrams, Mrs. Abe Solon, Mrs. Ben Goldish, Miss Catherine Barnard, Mrs. Mortimer Bondy, Mrs. S. N. Polans, Mrs. S. Cone, Mrs. Harry Altman, Mrs. Maurice Altman, Miss Alice Wetzler, Mrs. L. Greenblat, Mrs. C. P. Meyers, Mrs. Al Polinsky, Mrs. D. Freimuth, and Mrs. Ginsberg. C. D. Oreckovsky secretary. $18,000 subscribed.

1922-2-11 Jewish Arbor Day, Passon, Goldberg - - Lincoln's Birthday and Chamishoh Oser B'Schvatt" (Tu B'Shuvat). Rabbi Israel Lebendinger, Lillian Harris, Helen Segal, Nathan Cohen, Rudolph Segal, Alfred Weinberg, Marvin Goldstein, Sylvia Laskowitz, Irene Levine, Sylvia Horowitz, Elsie Widdes, Fay Horowitz, Eunice Passon, Freida Brooks, Edith Riskin, Ida Weiner, Vivian Evans, Cheery Rine, Sylvia Stewart, Etta Levine, Mary London, Ruth Goldberg, Anna London, Ruby Aarons, Florence Goldfarb, Susie Bergal, Augusta Vertelney Helen Aarons, Beatrice Verteney, Dorothy Horowitz, Pauline Cwl, Florence Rose, Doris Cwl, Bessie Brooks, Elizabeth Cook, Herbert Samuel, Samuel Braverman, Sydney Green, J. Crystle (Crystal), Sarah Goldfine, Kurnisa.

1922-6-4 B. J. Cook building - - 1922 $100,000 First Street Building Job Pending. Second Avenue West and First Street, B. J. Cook, treasurer of the theater corporation.

1922-6-27 B. J. Cook, theater sold - - 1922 Theater Interests Sold. Twin City Investors Buy Cook Brothers’ Property; Office Building Planned. B. J. Cook, M. S. Cook.

1922-8-24 Sisterhood Cook, Segal, Goldish - - headline

1922-10-5 Mrs. Moses Cook - - 1922 Women Organize For Active Community Chest Drive. Mrs. M. S. Hirschfield, Mrs. Moses Cook.

1922-12-7 Council of Jewish Women, I. W. Averbook - - 1922 Council of Jewish Women. H. Y. Josephs, S. M. Polans, Harry Altman, M. G. Altman, B. N. Davidson, S. B. Copilowish, Charles Finkelstein, J. A. Kohn, Charles Levant, M. D. Nides, I. Oreck, D. Pollock, M. Rose, A. Lurye, A. H. Polinsky, William Silvian, Ida Karsner, Ida Finn, S. Altman, H. A. Shark, I. W. Averbook, Bennett I. Garon, Julius Garon, Ben Goldish, S. Ginsberg, B. Karsner, Kleckner, Henry Lavick, Benjamin London, D. A. Miller, Mohelson, A. Oreck, Sam Sanders, B. Sher, H. Silk, Harry Summerfield, J. Weinberg, M. Wetzler, Esther Abrahamson, A. Garon, J. E. Coil, Ralph Cohen., M. D. Nides, William Silvian, Louis Zalk, Mae Klein,Mayme Weinberg, Shark, Labovitz, Levine, C. P. Meyers, Sam Bailer, Ralph Cohen, B. J. Cook, R Mann, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Lillian Karon, Charles Oreckowsky, A. Oreckowsky, Artur Marks, Q. Kleckner, M. Silk, M. Cook, C. D. Jacobs, Rene Freimuth, J. E. Call, S. J. Sher, Joseph Oreckowsky, A. N. Polinsky, H. A. Shark, Joseph Stieman, A. Davidson, Jacob Abram, Morris Altman, J. Lieberman, J. Garon, R. Mann, Lou Kanter, M.Greenblat, Lyle Oreck, Joseph Bosner, William Oxman, S. Bennett. Rabbi Luchs, Harry Davis, Irene Levine, Mondschein.

1968-12-15 Goldish, Apter, Gross, Abramson - - 1968 photo demonstration the lighting of the Menorah candles, Ida Cook Hebrew School, Bruce Goldish, Beth Apter, Shelly Gross, Jack Abramson

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