City Market - Duluth and Superior

City Market was located at 101 East Superior Street in Duluth and at 1027 Tower Avenue in Superior. The markets were owned by the Cohen family (brothers Henry and Leonard) as noted by Jack Abramson below.

Excerpt from Tour Old Duluth by Sheldon Aubut and Maryanne Norton - - source
(Two Bit Tour of Duluth - - The Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas)







This ad was reprinted in a 1996 issue of the Jewish Fellowship News from a past issue.

Edith Cohan and her husband Henry Cohen had owned City Market according to her obituary.

Louis Arthur Handlovsky (1887-1974) worked for City Market until his retirement in 1965.
He previously was the owner and operator of the Sanitary Bakery in Superior.

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