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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Lewis Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Lewis Family.

1906-8-26 Chisholm-Julius Lewis birth of daughter - - 1906-8-26 Chisholm: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Julius Lewis on Thursday, a girl.

1906-10-7 Isaac Lewis Manson store in Buhl - - 1906-10-7 Chisholm: Max Monson and wife have moved to Buhl to take charge of the store of Lewis Bros.

1906-10-7 Isaac Lewis Manson store in Buhl - - 1906-10-7 Chisholm: Work has been commenced on the fitting up of the Karon building recently moved in on Lake street.

1908-9-20 Isaac Lewis ruins from fire - - 1908-9-20 Chisholm: Temporary Chisholm Rises From Its Ruins. Frame Buildings Are Being Erected by Business Men, Who Will Displace Present Structures With Permanent Edifices Next Spring-List of Losses and Insurance-Relief Work. - Brick, stone or cement will replace lumber. Property values hold. Isaac Lewis buys a lot from Dr. Schmidt. Karon brothers will put up a brick structure at Lake street and Central avenue and will also build a double brick structure of one story at the corner of Lake street and Second avenue. Louis Roth is preparing to erect permanent fire-proof buildings immediately.

1908-12-2 Chisholm- Isaac Lewis John Hallock - - 1908-12-2 Chisholm: Sapere & Sons have moved into their new store building and will have the opening this week.

1908-12-2 Chisholm- Isaac Lewis John Hallock - - 1908-12-2 Chisholm: Isaac Lewis will move into his new store building tomorrow. Work on the building was started three weeks ago.

1908-12-2 Chisholm- Isaac Lewis John Hallock - - 1908-12-2 Chisholm: John Hallock will begin work on a two story brick building 25-60 feet this week.

1910-2-3 Chisholm-Rita Lewis young child reading - - 1910-2-3 Chisholm Young People Will Give A Concert. Esther Sapero, Rita Lewis.

1910-4-5 Chisholm Esther Lewis Industrial exhibit - - 1910-4-5 Chisholm Scool Exhibit Begin. Work of Students in Industrial Departments Will Be Shown for Three Days. Myers school, Central school, Monroe school. Fanny Ladin. Esther Sapero, Jeanette Lewis.

1910-6-24 Chisholm-Julius Lewis - - 1910-6-24 News Of The Range. Chisholm Makes Ready For Fourth. Officers for Day Appointed and Program of Sprots Is Arranged. Julius Lewis, S. Sapero, Miss Esther Sapero.

1910-8-17 Chisholm-Julius Lewis & Manson bankruptcy - - 1910-8-17 Carpenters Are Bankrupt. Julius Lewis and Max Manson, copartners doing business as Lewis & Manson at Chisholm yesterday filled a voluntary petition in bankruptcy alleging that as partners they owe $31,152.25.

1912-12-9 Chisohlm- Poor, Winnifred Lewis, Sapero - - 1912-12-9 Chisholm Poor Fund Is Growing. potato admission. Winnifred Lewis, Lewis & Manson store, Sapero & Sons Department store.

1912-12-28 Chisholm-Julius Lewis Odd Fellows - - 1912-12-28 Chisholm Eagles And Odd Fellows Elect. Max Manson, Julius Lewis, Simon Sapero.

1913-1-28 Chisholm Winnifred Lewis school - - 1913-1-28 Chisholm High School Pupils Have Busy Week. Winnifred Lewis.

1913-2-24 Chisholm-Julius Lewis farm co-op - - 1913-2-24 Hebrews Will Have Big Farm. Cooperative Association Formed to Cut Down High Cost of Living. Propose To Purchase Tract of 1,000 Acres. Merchants of Duluth, Hibbing and St. Paul Subscribe Stock for Venture. Hebrew coloney. M. Viener, A. Y Litman, M. B. Abrhamson, H. Stein, Julius Lewis, J. Vertelney, A. Viener, H. Lippman, M. Sosnovsky, R. Cohen, Sam Stein, M. Even, Sam Vertelney, S. Shusterman, Julius Rivkin.

1913-5-9 Chisholm play Jeanette and Winniferd Lewis - - 1913-5-9 Chisholm Class In College Play. High School Seniors Are Planning Production of Three-Act Comedy in May. Winnifred Lewis.

1913-5-17 Chisholm-Winnifred Lewis - - 1913-5-17 Chisholm Grads To Give Playlet. Eighth Grade Students Will Stage "A Little Heroine of the Revolution." Signa Lewis.

1913-5-17 Chisholm- Lillie Cohen - - 1913-5-17 Chisholm High Girls Entertain At Dinner. Lillie Cohen.

1913-6-15 Chisohlm- Jeannette Lewis photo commencement - - 1913-6-15 Principals On Chisholm's Program Of Commencement Exercises. Miss Jeanette Lewis. Chisholm, Salutatorian of High School Graduating Class, photo.

1913-7-6 Chisholm Esther Lewis joing I. Lewis father home - - 1913-7-6 Chisholm. Esther Lewis, daughter of I. Lewis from Minneapolis. make home in Chisholm.

1913-8-24 Chisohlm- Jeanette Lewis photo - - 1913-8-24 Chisholm Girl to Study at Madison. Miss Jeanette Lewis. photo.

1913-8-24 Esther Lewis - - 1913-8-24 Chisholm. Esther Lewis, daughter of I. Lewis from Minneapolis. make home in Chisholm.

1913-8-24 Miss Esther Sapero - - 1913-8-24 Chisholm. Esther Sapero entertained, picnic party. Sadie Levin, Nettie Brill, Tressa Hummelstein of Minneapolis, Jessie Gluckman of Wilminton, Del., Polly Medalie of Gilbert, Esther Sapero, Jeannette Lewis, Lillian Cohen, Fanny Ladin, Dorothy Lewis Ben Marks of Duluth, Waine Medalie of Buhl, Herbert Stollberg, Jake Sachs of Hibbing and Harry Goldenberg.

1913-11-9 Dorothy and Esther Lewis - - 1913-11-9 Chisholm: Dorothy Lewis visiting Duluth and Superior.

1913-11-9 Dorothy and Esther Lewis - - 1913-11-9 Chisholm: Dorothy Lewis, Esther Lewis, Max Wain, Harry Goldenberg in Hibbing, attended Halloween party given by Lillian Sachs and Sophia Sachs.

1914-4-16 Chisohlm- Hazel Sapero photo - Rita Lewis - - 1914-4-16 Chisholm: Winner. Miss Hazel Sapero, public speaking first place, photo. Rita Lewis took second place last year.

1914-9-20 Chisholm, Jeanette Lewis school - - 1914-9-20 Chisholm Students Depart For Colleges. Jeanette Lewis for Madison, special course in domestic science in the University of Wisconsin.

1915-9-17 Chisholm Sapero piano recital - - 1915-9-17 Chisholm: piano recital, Hazel Sapero, Harriet Lewis, Molly Sapero, Helen Manson, Ruth Lewis.

1915-12-22 Chisholm Harlan Sapero high school - - 1915-12-22 Chisholm Schools Close For Holidays. Elaborate Program Is Given By High School Pupils in Auditorium. Walter Lewis. Harlan Sapero, Ruth Lewis, Hazel Sapero.

1917-9-15 Chisholm- Rita Lewis Red Cross music - - 1917-9-15 Women Will Play Baseball For Benefit Of Red Cross. Chisholm's Female Players Will Cross Bats With Farmers at Togo Fair Sunday. Knitters. Rita Lewis on music program.

1918-4-14 Chisholm, Rita Lewis - - 1918-4-14 Red Cross sGains By School Hops. Chisholm Gives and Mountain Iron Plans Junior-Senior Affairs; Present Tableaux. Mollie Sapero, Rita Lewis-president of the junior class.

1918-5-5 Rita Lewis - - 1918-5-5 First Prize For Speed Goes To Chisholm Girl. other prize winner Rita Lewis.

1918-7-7 Chisholm-Isaac Lewis & Samuel Lewis-B'nai Brith - - 1918-7-7 Jews Of Chisholm, Hibbing Elect Heads, Talk of Plans. Hibbing: B'nai Brith. Simon Sapero, Samuel Goldenberg, Charles Hallock, Isaac Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Lewis Nides, Benjamin Stone, B. J. Medalie, Maurice Rutstein, Harry Margulis, Harry Goldenberg, Samuel Duho, Maurice Rosenberg.

1919-2-28 Chisholm-Rita and Harriet Lewis debate - - 1919-2-28 Chisholm High School Enters Inter Scholastic Debate. March 8 Will Be Big Day When Contestants From Many Schools Will Be Entertained. Rita Lewis entered declamation contest. Harriet Lewis.

1919-3-6 Chisholm-sisters speaking contest Lewis - - 1919-3-6 District Speaking Contest Will Be Held Saturday. Harriet Lewis, sister of Rita Lewis. Two sisters taking high marks in speaking contest.

1919-3-14 Chisholm- Rita & Harriet Lewis phtos cousins - - 1919-3-14 Will Represent Chisholm Schools. Harriet Lewis and Rita Lewis, photos, dramatic contest.

1919-4-5 Chisohlm-Rita Lewis school decorations - - 1919-4-5 Simplicity In Decorations Chisholm School Plan. Junior-Senior ball. Rita Lewis president of junior class.

1919-5-11 Chisholm Rita Lewis representing Chisholm - - 1919-5-11 Represents Chisholm. Rita Lewis, photo.

1919-5-11 Chisholm Rita Lewis typing - - 1919-5-11 Range Students 'Pound Keys' For Spped Records. Eight Schools Are Represented. Miss Mildred Almen of Biwabik Wins Honors. Rita Lewis of Chisholm was third.

1919-5-11 Chisholm-Rita Lewis - full page - - 1919-5-11 (full page - including all the articles from this date)

1919-5-31 Chisholm Rita Lewis photo theater - - 1919-5-31 Chisholm Class To Present 'Fanny And Servant Problem'. Rita Lewis.

1920-2-7 Chisholm Women's Club Rita Lewis Mrs Goldenberg - - 1920-2-7 Chisholm: Chisholm Women's Club. Mrs. M. Wain and Mrs. J. Goldenberg. Rita Lewis.

1921-9-25 Chisohlm-Rita Lewis, Sarah Ravolsky, bridge - - 1921-9-25 Chisholm Girl Hostess at Afternoon Bridge. Rita Lewis. Sarah Ravolsky of Winona.

1922-12-24 Chisholm Lewis - - 1922-12-24 Chisholm School Students Present Christmas Program. Harold Lewis, Rhana Lewis,

1975-08-26 - 1917-Chisholm-8th-grade - - 1975-8-26 - a photo from the Chisholm Tribune Press, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 1975 of the eighth grade graduating class in 1917. My dad, Sam Walter Lewis, would have been 14 in the spring of 1917 (born October, 1903), so that puts him at about the right age. I am pretty certain that he is the boy at the right end of the front row. Interestingly, Hazel LaLonde, who was in his class and that picture, was the mother of our next-door neighbor mom (Laura LaRiviere) between about 1963 and 1966 in Richland, WA. Hazel and dad often sat nearby each other because they arranged the kids alphabetically. She s in the 2nd row of girls and 7th girl from the left, according to her grand-daughter, Nancy, who is my age. - - Jerry Lewis, Jan 2017

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Lewis Family.

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