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A page in the Family Website for the following Family Names and their Descendents and Friends:
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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Goldish Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Goldish Family

1898-7-22 Maurice Goldish obit - -

1899- 12-16 Abe-Alle and Simon Goldish-deed

1997-8-3 Aritst Profile - BOB GOLDISH CLARINETIS - -


1902-10-16 Louis Goldish, police station

1903-4-16 Goldish Fresh Fish ad, bottom, 5 col.

1904-1-21 Goldish fish image ad

1905-9-16 For sale S. Goldish 20 acres house 2 col

1906-4-12 Armory, S. Walt, S. Goldish, baseball

1906-6-5 B. Goldish, postal exam

1906-7-19 Goldish, Sher, transfer of property

1906-11-11 Karon, Goldish, Berkowitz

1906-11-11 Lena Karon, Cohen, Edelson, Goldish, Brown, Zalk, Berkowitz, Simon, Slonim

1906-11-11 3rd col. Lena Karon - - Surprise party for Lena Karon, Milavitz, Call, Levin, Simon, Cohen, Edelson, Goldish, Brown, Zalk, Berkowit, Slouim, Karon

1906-12-2 Magestic theater, Samuel Goldish

1907-3-26 Ida Milavetz and Ben Goldish

1907-5-11 Louis Goldish theater

1907-5-11 Louis Goldish

1907-8-18 Milavitz and Goldish wed

1908-1-20 S. Goldish wed

1908-5-12 Goldish, Majestic Theater

1908-5-12 theater lic., Goldish

1908-6-30 Goldish, Majestic theater

1908-12-16 Bessie Walt Samuel Goldish

1908-12-16 Bessie Walt, Sam Goldish engagement

1909-12-14 Carlson party, Walt, Coran, Goldish

1911-6-27 Bessie Walt and Samuel Goldish

1911-6-27 S. Goldish and Bessie Walt

1912-6-14 Sarah Abrahamson Ely School - - 1912 Grade Schools Turn Out Six Hundred Graduates. Commencement Exercises at Most of Buildings Marks Graduation of Largest Number of Grammar School Children in Duluth's History-Programs Attractive and Well Rendered. - - - Ely School: Sarah Abrahamson - - Jefferson School: Esther Zelda Abrahamson, Ruth Freimuth, Esther Dorothy Levine, Mollie Rudnitzky, Sheba Yesani - - Adams School: Harry Karon, Jennie Winer, Harry Bernard Schneider - - Endion School: Bessie Popkin - - Franklin School: Jacob Garon, Bennie Goldstein, Maurice Fred Lavick - - Washington School: Charlotte Azine, Rose Goldish, Samuel Gotkin, Ida Ruth Kasmir, Bertha Miriam Moscovitch, Allen Rachlin, Ida Ruth Stein, Minnie Myrtle Winer, Marvin Berkson, Rae Leah Cook, Harry Karon, Harry Eli Kenner, Jennie Markus, Bessie Silver, Lean Marion Sonosky, Lizzie Louise Polinsky.

1912-7-15 Moses Montefiore Hebrew School, Goldish

1912-10-6 New Fish Market, L. Goldish

1913-8-3 photo of boat, L. Goldish, Lake Superior Fish Co

1913-9-9 Goldish, new fish boat, maiden trip

1913-10-14 L. Goldish, power boat

1913-10-15 Fishing Tug L. Goldish

1913-10-29 Goldish, North Shore

1913-11-5 L. and T Goldish, faulty motor

1913-11-6 L. Goldish

1913-11-14 Goldish, fierce weather

1913-11-14 Brith Abraham, Dorf - - 1913 B'rith Abraham Chief Honored. Six Hundred Duluth Jews Attend Reception for Dr. Samuel Dorf of New York. Silberstein condemns conviction of L. M. Frank. Dr. Dorf Expresses Pleasure Over Agricultural Progress Made by Jews in the Northwest. C. D. Oreckovsky, J. M. Oreckovsky, Max Zalk, Joseph Weinberg, George Harris, Joseph Verteiney, J. B. Cohen, Samuel Casmir, Joseph Mendel, Benjamin Goldish.

1913-11-23 Goldish, big fish cargo

1913-11-30 Louis Goldish

1913-12-5 Louis Goldish obit

1913-12-5 Louis Goldish blood poisoning obit. - - 1913 Louis Goldish Dies From Blood Poisoning, age 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Goldish, 208 East First street, attempting to dock in Superior, in charge of his father's fish business. obit.

1914-1-18 Goldish

1914-3-25 Goldish

1914-4-7 Goldish, First Trip of Season

1914-6-19 Michael Siegel and D. Goldish - - 1914 Michael Siegel and uncle D. Goldish

1914-6-25 Michael Siegel and L. Goldish - - 1914 Michael Siegel-Gilbert and L. Goldish

1914-10-6 Michael and John Siegel, Marks, Goldish

1915-1-5 Gimel-Doled Club, Karon, Kenner,Sher, Goldish

1915-3-16 Esther Simon and Samuel Drasin wed - - Esther Simon and Samuel Drasin wed. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Simon 420 East Fourth street, Samuel Draisn-Superior, Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi Teplitz, Lillian Simon, Lillian Karon, Gust Simon, Samuel Simon, A. Berkson, T. Gotkin, D. Siegal, Dolly Shibel Howard Shibel, Talmud Torah, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldish, Miss Irene Figur, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shibel, Gust Simon, Virginia, Minn.

1915-7-17 J. Siegel, Gilbert, brothers - - 1915 Gilbert, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldish, Ros and Sarah Goldish, guests at J. Siegel.

1915-8-18 Goldish, fish unfit

1915-11-12 Adas Israel, War Sufferers - - 1915 Duluth Sends $320 For Jewish War Sufferers. American Jewish Relief, Ben Goldish, Adas Israel congregation, Rabbi I. Teplitz.

1915-12-11 33 tons of Herring, Goldish

1915-12-29 Sam Goldish, fising under ice

1916-1-18 Goldish, ice

1916-1-24 photo, Goldish, winter perils on Lake Superior

1916-1-25 Sam Goldish, rescue, hero

1916-1-27 William Abrahamson raise funds - - 1916 Collect Funds Today For Jewish War Sufferers. Duluth Relief Committee to Conduct City-Wide Canvas for Funds-Pythian Lodge Will Aid Workers. Jewish Central War Relief. Spalding hotel and Duluth banks will receive subscriptions. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-chairman, committee members: B. Silberstein, I. Freimuth, Ben Blumenthal, Max Albenberg, Ben Goldish, M. L. Zien, L. J. Selig, Dr. A. H. Schwartz, Michael Rocklin, L. Fox, George Harris, Nathan Kris, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. M. R. Zack, Dr. M. . Hirschfield and Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, J. J. Robinson, Joseph Oreckovsky, David Sohn, Sig Abraham, David Leowus ?, Sig Levy, Richard Jacobs, Ralph Cohen, Louis Goldberg, Mortimer Bondy, Max Mann, E. G. Levy, Sol Goldberg, William Abrahamson, Sam Mendelson, M. L. Rine, N. E. Lugoff, Leon Traubman, S. Karon, Samuel Kenner, E. A. Silberstein Harris Bennett, A. Litman, Adolph Levy, H. Y. Joseph, Louis Zalk. - - Note from Karen: This was a well organized campaign. I was impressed with how they canvassed the entire Duluth community in the year 1916. - - Note from Jack: I am not sure of the exact breakdown but would bet the leaders were from all of the synagogues in existence at the time, including: Adas Isarel, Tiffereth Israel, Temple Emanuel, Sharret Zedek, Bnai Israel - from West Duluth

1916-7-12 Sam Goldish

1917-4-3 Adas Israel, messages for peace - - 1917 Few Duluthians Send Messages For Peace. One Telegraph Company Transmits 25 Dispatches Advocating Policy of Tranquillity. Telegrams sent to President Wilson, Congressman Clarence B. Miller and Senator Knute. S. Karon, president of Adas Israel and Chevra Kodish, Bob Goldish.

1917-7-10 M. L. Solosky property owner - - 1917 City Will Spend $58,000 For Pipe, Commissioners Appropriate Big Sum for Water and Light Department. Jacob Sher, Sam Goldish, J. M. Rabinovitz, Louis Caplan, J. H. Viener, M. L. Solosky property owners

1917-12-18 Sara and Rose Goldish

1918-9-25 Joe Salnovitz, Jewish Congregation Adas Israel - - Jewish Congregation Chooses Same Officers For New Year, Adas Israel, Samuel Karon, Sam Kaner, Ben Goldish, Morris Widdis, Joe Salnivitz, M. Sosnovsky, Sam Guinn, L. Miller, H. Casmir

1918-9-25 M. Sosnovsky - - 1918 Jewish Congregation Chooses Same Oficers For New year. das Israel, Chevra Kadish congregation, Third avenue East and Third sstreet. President Samuel Karon, Sm Kaner, Ben Goldish, Morris Widdis, Joe Salnovitz, M. Sosnovsky, Sam Guinn, L. Miller, H. Casmir.

1919-3-16 Purim Ball, Goldish

1919-11-30 Goldish, late return

1921-1-7 Goldish, stuck in village

1921-12-1 Mrs. Nathan Cook - - 1921 Women Are Assigned to Home Districts for Relief Drive. American Jewish Relief committee. Duluth to raise funds for suffering refugees of eastern and central Europe. Mrs. M. Cook. Mrs. Louis Hammel, Mrs. Harry Gordon, Mrs. Nathan Cook, Miss Sarah Zobel, Mrs. J. Abrams, Mrs. Abe Solon, Mrs. Ben Goldish, Miss Catherine Barnard, Mrs. Mortimer Bondy, Mrs. S. N. Polans, Mrs. S. Cone, Mrs. Harry Altman, Mrs. Maurice Altman, Miss Alice Wetzler, Mrs. L. Greenblat, Mrs. C. P. Meyers, Mrs. Al Polinsky, Mrs. D. Freimuth, and Mrs. Ginsberg. C. D. Oreckovsky secretary. $18,000 subscribed.

1922-1-19 Sam Goldish, not connected to

1922-4-29 Duluth,Goldish cargo

1922-8-24 Sisterhood Cook, Segal, Goldish - - headline

1922-12-7 Council of Jewish Women, I. W. Averbook - - 1922 Council of Jewish Women. H. Y. Josephs, S. M. Polans, Harry Altman, M. G. Altman, B. N. Davidson, S. B. Copilowish, Charles Finkelstein, J. A. Kohn, Charles Levant, M. D. Nides, I. Oreck, D. Pollock, M. Rose, A. Lurye, A. H. Polinsky, William Silvian, Ida Karsner, Ida Finn, S. Altman, H. A. Shark, I. W. Averbook, Bennett I. Garon, Julius Garon, Ben Goldish, S. Ginsberg, B. Karsner, Kleckner, Henry Lavick, Benjamin London, D. A. Miller, Mohelson, A. Oreck, Sam Sanders, B. Sher, H. Silk, Harry Summerfield, J. Weinberg, M. Wetzler, Esther Abrahamson, A. Garon, J. E. Coil, Ralph Cohen., M. D. Nides, William Silvian, Louis Zalk, Mae Klein,Mayme Weinberg, Shark, Labovitz, Levine, C. P. Meyers, Sam Bailer, Ralph Cohen, B. J. Cook, R Mann, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Lillian Karon, Charles Oreckowsky, A. Oreckowsky, Artur Marks, Q. Kleckner, M. Silk, M. Cook, C. D. Jacobs, Rene Freimuth, J. E. Call, S. J. Sher, Joseph Oreckowsky, A. N. Polinsky, H. A. Shark, Joseph Stieman, A. Davidson, Jacob Abram, Morris Altman, J. Lieberman, J. Garon, R. Mann, Lou Kanter, M.Greenblat, Lyle Oreck, Joseph Bosner, William Oxman, S. Bennett. Rabbi Luchs, Harry Davis, Irene Levine, Mondschein.

1924-8-8 Sam Goldish faces charges - - 1924 Sam Goldish 312 E 5th . . self-styled representative of “Star Fish co” with warehouses on Lake Ave S faces a sentence of 5yrs in Federal prison if convicted of the charge of using the mails to defraud

1930-1-3 Finesilver and Goldish, lawyers

1931-1-1 Finesilver and Goldish

1937-4-12 Benjamin Goldish, Jewish Values

1960-9-25 Marilyn Ruth Goldish and Estreicher

1963 Louis H. Goldish

1968-12-15 Goldish, Apter, Gross, Abramson - - 1968 photo demonstration the lighting of the Menorah candles, Ida Cook Hebrew School, Bruce Goldish, Beth Apter, Shelly Gross, Jack Abramson

1969-8-22 Marvin Goldish

1977-9 Morris E Klasky JFN - - 1977 Morris E. Klasky - How it Started. Rabbi Bender suggested an organization called THE JEWISH FELLOWSHIP CLUB. Benjamin Pass was elected President; vice presidents, Morris Klasky, Ben R Greene, Sam Altman; Rec Sec, Harry Segal; Corres Sec, Ben L. London; Treas, Robert J Karon; Sgt at Arms, Mandy Horowitz; Directors were as follows: Alex J Lurye, Ben Goldish, Louis Fishman, Dr S S Rosenbloom, John Cohen and Rabbi Paul Bender

1982-3-23 J. Joseph Goldish

1986-3-17 Minnie Goldish, obit.

1986-7-17 Jacob Goldish obit.

1988-10-19 Samuel S. Goldish obit.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Goldish Family

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