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A page in the Family Website for the following Family Names and their Descendents and Friends:
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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Slonim Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Slonim Family.

1896-1-10 N. Slonim - -
1896 N. Slonim was charged with stealing a bale of sacks

1896-1-10 N. Slonim - - 1896 Minneapolis: N. Slonim was charged before Judge Boyle with stealing a bale of sacks from Cutler & Gilbert warehouse.

1897-7-15 N. Slonim - - 1897 Minneapolis: In Police Court. N. Slonim, arrested on Tuesday night fpr trespassing on the premises of another, pleaded not guilty.

1897-7-17 N. Slonim and Jim Azinsky - - 1897 Minneapolis: More Dispute Than Crime. Judge Edson Disposes of Several Neighborhood Rows. The cases against N. Slonim for injurying private property and for trespassing were again brought up and a case was instituted in connection, by Slonim against Jim Azinsky. assault in the third degree, concluded common family row, dismissed.

1899-8-10 Slonim - - 1899 Action to Quiet Title. real estate by Julius D. Howard and John G. Howard against N. Slonim and Julia McDonald.

1922-4-20 Slonim removal of business - - 1922 Ad: Notice of Removal We hve removed our business from 318 West First Street to 221 West Michigan Street. Slonim Bros.

1922-4-20 Slonim removal of business - - 1922 Ad (cropped): Notice of Removal We hve removed our business from 318 West First Street to 221 West Michigan Street. Slonim Bros.

1903-4-17 Bessie Slonim and Frank Cohen, eng.

1903-4-17 Bessie Slonim and Frank Kohn ag - - 1903 Marriage license issued to Frank Kolm and Bessie Slonim.

1905-7-13 Sigman and Samuel Slonim - - 1905 Club May Have A Local Senate. Missouri Debaters Bring Up Question at Banquet In Y.M.C.A. Rooms. Sigman Slonim.

1905-9-25 Workingmen Club is Formed in Duluth, Samuel Slonim

1906-11-11 Lena Karon, Cohen, Edelson, Goldish, Brown, Zalk, Berkowitz, Simon, Slonim

1907-4-6 M. S. Slonim - - 1907 Progressive Club Will Hold Debate. Independent Progressive Club Odd Fellows' hall,18 Lake avenue north. 'Resolved, That Socialism is not for the Benefit of the People." M. Kaplan of Chicago and M. S. Slonim of Duluth.

1909-2-22 Sigmond M. Slonim, Oscar Siegel, W. and Morris Kaplan - - 1909 Suffrage League Is Formed Here. Dr. Anna H. Phelan and Miss Elsie Ueland Make Addres in Behalf of Cause. Kalamazoo hall, S. M. Slonim treasurer. W. Kaplan, Morris Kaplan, Sigmond M. Slonim, Oscar Siegel.

1909-4-26 -S. Slonim Independent Progressive Club - - 1909 Says Penal Code Fosters Crime. Speaker at Independent Progressive Club Criticizes System of Punishing Lawbreakers. S. M. Slonim.

1909-6-9 Clara De Hirsh Club, Zein, Karon, Milavitz, Shapiro, Slonim, Edelstein Kaner

1910-4-30 Dora Slonim, acid Abraham L. Slonim

1910-4-30 Dora Slonim-acid

1911-6-13 Ed Lurye and E. I. Slonim wed, photo, Pomush

1911-6-13 Ed Lurye and E. I. Slonim wed, Pomush - - Twin Ports Young People Wed, photos, Edward I. Lurye, Mrs. E. I. Lurye (Tena Slonim)

1911-7-13 Susie Goodman and Samuel Slonim, eng.

1912-2-16 Anna Slonim - - 1912 High School News. Junior literary programs Lillian Shapiro, Anna Slonim.

1913-10-18 Sigmond Slonim-Collectivism

1914-6-13 Jefferson, Slonim hs grad - - 1914 Schools Close; Central High Graduates 1914 Class; 490 Grade Pupils Advance. Salter: Goodman Zalk and Morris Zalk. Jefferson: Bennie Slonim, Douglas Goldberg, Fern Goldberg; Honorable Mention. Morris H. Litman, Abe H. Shapiro, Fanny Weinberg.

1914-11-20 German students, play Anna Slonim

1914-11-20 Slonim German - - 1914 Apple Scene From "Tell" To Be Given In German By Pupils. Schillerbund German society at Central high school. Anna Slonim, Ruth Siegal, Bessie Simon,

1914-12-16 Young Judea, Chanukah, Slonim, Hurwitz, Garon,

1915-5-20 grads, photo Daneiko, Salnovitz, Siegel, Silk, Simon Slonim - - grads, photo Daneiko, Salnovitz, Siegel, Silk, Simon Slonim

1915-5-20 graduates, photo Daneiko, Salnovitz, Siegel, Silk, Simon Slonim

1915-6-19 Levy, Siegel, , Shapiro, Stenberg, , Winer, Slonim, Zalk - - 1915 C. H. S. Graduates, Levy, Siegel, Shapiro, Steinberg, Winer, Slonim, Zalk.

1916-2-14 Sigmond Slonim-Socialism

1916-5-7 Rabbi Lifkovitz, Slonim,Jewish Workmen's Circle

1916-12-24 Young Judea, Chanukah, Hyman Garon, Slonim, Kaplan

1916-12-24 Young Judea, Hyman Garon, Slonim, Kaplan - - ‘Chanukka Eve’ To Be Given By Club, The Young Judea club of Duluth, Garon, Gotkin, Shapro, Tulman, Silver, Leibovitz, Slonim, Horvitz, Chen, Green, Hunter, Levine, Leibovitz, Rifkin, Oreckovsky, Kaplan, Orek, Alpert, Susnovsky

1916-12-24 Esther Oreckovsky, Chanukka Eve - - 1916 'Chanukka Eve' To Be Given By Club. Young Judea, R. M. Winner, Marvin Oreck, Leona Alpert, Doris Gotkin, Bessie Shapiro, Jacob Tulman, David Silver, Maurice Leibovitz, Hyman Garon, Ben Slonim, Leslie Horvitz, Isabelle Cohen, Charles Green, Rose Hunter, Harry Levine, Leona Leibovitz, Sarah Rifkin, Esther Oreckovsky, Ida Kaplan, Rosa Leibevitz, Dora Susnovsky, Ruth Eifkin

1917-18 Slonim, free reds

1917-1-27 Slonim, attorney - - 1917 Charity Box Of I. W. W. Is Empty. Attorney Slonim Withdraws His Notice of Appeal in Obstruction Cases. Committed To Farm. Offenders Turned Over to Supt. Ward to Work Out Sentences.

1917-4-18 Fieldman - - 1917 'Mimeograph' Sticker For Women Spellers. Men Win "Bee" at "Open House" Party Given by Covenant Lodge. B'nai B'rith, Temple Emanuel, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Abe Feldman, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Temple Ades society: Mrs. Michael Levy, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. M. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. Sigmund Slonim, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Miss Stella Bondy, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Sadie Gingold, Miss Jeanette Gomberg. A. B. Kapplin, E. A. Silberstein, Morris Mark, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Davi Fieldman, Abe Fieldman, Samuel Weinstein, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. Maurice Zack, Charles Rosenfeld, Samuel Nides, Max Rosenfeld. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-ne Bible translation. Helen Kunody, Hazel Blumenthal, Esther Gomberg, Miss Sylvia Josephs.

1917-7-8 photo Botanick, Alpert, Karon, Milavetz, Zalk, Widdes - - photo, Miss Clara Gatonick, guests Alpert, Harris, Melovitz, Slonim, Karon, Averbook, Kassimir, Garis, Zalk, Smith, Winthrop, Widdes

1917-7-8 Clara Botonick - - 1917 Clara Batonick, New York Visitor Honored Guest. Photo, Sarah Alpert, Batonick, Clara Batonick, Rose Harris, Melovitz (Melavitz?), Slonim, Bessie Alpert, Anna Karon, Sarah Alpert, Gertrude Averbook, Bessie Karon, Charles Kassimir, William Garvis, Edward Harris, Maurice Zalk, Goodman Zalk, Smith, Winthrop, Maurice Alpert, Willie Widdes.

1917-9-14 Vertelney farewell - - 1917-9-14 Hebrews Will Honor Enlisted Men. Hebrew Brotherhood Society Arranges for Demonstration in Maccabee Hall. Maccabee hall, 21 Lake avenue North, M. J. Segal, Bernard Silberstein, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Dr. A. H. Schwartz, Abe Feldman, M. S. Winthrop, Sigmond M. Slonim, Harry Segal, Miss Mary Simon, Mrs. H. Segal, Mrs. S. H. Cassmir, Mrs. Ida Goldfine, H. Witz, David Weinberg, S. J. Sher, C. D. Oreckovsky, S. H. Kassmir, C. P. Meyers, H. Segal, H. Cassmir, Joe Verteiney and J. Chessner.

1917-9-16 Jews Drafted - - 1917 Drafted Jews Hailed As Heroes Of Opportunity. Fifteen Men Congratulated by Relatives and Friends at Reception. Miss Rose Silk, Commisioner Bernar Silberstein, DR. A. H. Schwartz, Abe Fieldman, M. S. Winthrop, Sigmond M. Slonim, Dr. Maurice Lefkovitz, H. Witz, David Weinberg, S. J. Sher, C. D. Oreckovsky, S. H. Kassmir, C. P. Meyers, H. Segal, H. Cassmir, Joe Werteiney, J. Chessen. Honored guests: Dr. Samuel Grose, Dr. M. R. Zack, A. B. Kapplin, Albert Bergstein, Jacob Flint, Phillip Brock, Louis Cominker, Arthur A Friedman, Max S. Gordon, Joseph Hurwitch, Davi Kaplan, Isadore Mendelson, George Winthrop, Abe Flint, B. T. Kenner. Officer of the organization Duluth Hebrew Brotherhood: Robert Buchman, Harry Witz, M. J. Segal, Charles Lavent, David Weinberg, S. H. Kassmir, I. Garon, Myer Kane, Charles D. Oreckowsky, Entertainment: Mrs. H. S. Kassmir, Mrs. H. Segal, Mrs. N. Goldfine. Entertainment: Miss Rose Silk, Mrs. Sol Goldberg, Harry Segal, Miss Mary Simon.

1917-9-27 Sigmond Slonim - - 1917 Jury Convicts Maki Of "Criminal Syndicalism" First Time Such a Thing Has Happened in Minnesota-Appeal to Be Taken. Virginia: Attorney Sigmond Slonim-Duluth.

1918-4-22 Sigmond Slonim defends in Trial of Eight - - 1918 Trial of Eight To Start Today. Corbin Settlers, Charged With Discouraging Enlistments, to Be heard in Virginia Court. Sigmond Slonim of Duluth defended many in the case.

1918-5-1 Israel Labovitz - - 1918 Thrift Stamp Essay. Second prizes to High School students: Albert Slonim-Lincoln; 8th Grade Prize Winners. Second Prizes: Sam Cohen-Washington; 7th Grade Prize Winners: Abraham Kernes-Jackson, Marion Laskawitz-Washington; Bessie Rosenberg-Washington, Albert Slonim-Lincoln, Israel Labovitz-Jackson, Winners: Miriam Arnold-Ely.

1918-5-18 Albert Slonim-thrift stamps

1919-2-16 High School News, Lillian Shapiro, Anna Slonim

1919-12-6 Aliens, citizenship, Samuel J. Slonim

1920-2-4 Slonim - - 1920 Miss Anna Slonim has chosen Feb 18 for marriage to Julius L Siegel

1920-2-16 Slonim ad - - 1920 Slonim Bros, Wholesale Men's Furnishings, Etc

1920-2-19 Anna Slomin and Julius Siegel wed, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wiener, Eveleth - - 1920 Miss Anna Slonim and Julius L. Siegel wed. Camels' temple, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Pearl Siegel, Ben Slonim, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wiener-Eveleth, Mr. and Mrs. H. Benesovitz, Irene Marcus, Ethel Benesovitz, Mrs. M. Levitz, Jack Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Wiener, Mr. and Mrs. C. Marcus.

1920-2-19 Anna Slonim and Julius S. Siegel wed - - 1920 Miss Anna Slonim and Julius L. Siegel, marriage date, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Slonim, East Sixth street.

1939-8-3 Lt GM Slonim, grad Annapolis - - 1939 Assignment to the US Naval Attache’s staff in Tokyo for 3 years as a language student received by Lt GM Slonim, 1936 graduate of Annapolis, now visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. SJ Slonim 1614 Jefferson

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Slonim Family.

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