Milavetz Meats and Groceries - Superior

Milavetz Meats and Groceries was located at 627 Baxter Avenue in Superior. It was owned and operated by A. B. Milavetz who was Arnold Bert Milavetz (1894-1941). Arnold was also a co-proprietor of Superior Central Market, Inc, along with his brother-in-law Harry J. Soloski (1891-1970). Arnold's older brother Benjamin S. Milavetz (1881-1955) was the proprietor of Independent Meat Market in Superior. We are not sure if these store are in any way connected to People's Meat Market also located in Superior and operated by Milavetz and Titch.

newspaper ad - April 3, 1920

It is not clear if this 1918 ad is for Milavetz Meats and Groceries
or for an other store called 7th Street Market.

Superior HS yearbook - 1920

newspaper ad - 1920

Superior HS yearbook - 1941
note different location

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