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A page in the Family Website for the following Family Names and their Descendents and Friends:
Garon - Kaner/Karon/Canner - Horwitz - Lieberman/Kremen - Hertz - Fritchell - Tatkin - Pasternack/Poster

A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 3000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Zalk Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Zalk Family

1887-9-15 Mark and Zalk - - Duluth Daily News - The City

1895-12-9 250 Hebrews Organize, Finn, Abramson, Zalk , S. Karon

1896-9-29 Zalk, Montefiore - - Dedicate A New Pentateuch, Montefiore cong. Abrahamson, Zalk, Rabbi Eleenberg

1896-11-24 St. Paul, Charles Zalk, hold up, Minneapolis Journal

1898-2-21 Sarah Zalk & Robert Buchman wedding - - Robert Buckman and Sarah Zalk, wedding

1898-3-1 Zalk, Cook, Marks - - In Miss Marks’ Honor,
Hammel, Freimuth, Edelman, Zalk, Buckman, Cohen, Mark, Cook, Josephs, Goldbloom

1898 3-1 Etta Cook - - 1898 In Miss Marks’ Honor. Miss Fanny Marks-St. Paul, Kalamazoo block, Mr. and Mrs. Hammel, Mr. and Mrs. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. Edelman, Mr. and Mrs. Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, Misses Mamie Mark, Henrietta Cook, Etta Cook, Ida Zalk, H. Y. Josephs, C. Goldbloom, B. J. Cook, M. Cook, J. Cook, M. J. Cook, Z. Y. Josephs, M. Mark.

1899-4-5 Zalk, Abrahamson, Cook, Hebrew fire commissioner - - The City. Appointment Is Satisfactory. M. Zalk, W. M. Abrahmson, fire commissioner

1899-4-5 W. M. Abrahamson fire commissioner - - 1899 Appointment Is Satisfactory. M. Zalk says that the appointment of W. M. Abrahamson as fire commissioner is satisfactory to the Hebrews of the city with the exception of Moses Cook. Mr. Cook says there were others.

1899-12-31 C. Solosky - - 1899 Miss C. Solosky, 5th col., Mr. and Mrs. Levine, Mamie Calmenson, Mr. and Mrs. L. Miller, Mrs. and Mrs. S. Mark, Mra. and Mrs. Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Bukman, Mr. and Mrs. I. Orenstein, Miss Frances Mark, Miss Buckman, Miss Fannie Nushaum, MissH. Cook, Miss I. Zalk, Miss Litman, Miss Buckman, Miss A. Cook, Miss C. Solosky, Mrs. G. Golders, Mrs. B. J. Cook, Mrs. Polinsky, Mrs. H. Joseph, Mrs. Dick, Mrs. Z. Joseph.

1900-5-19 Z Zalk natl - - Zigmund Zalk, Max Zalk, naturalization papers

1921-7-24 Moses Zalk - - headline

1901-7-25 Moses Zalk, non-support - - Grave Charges Against Moses Zalk, non-support

1901-7-25 Moses Cook, Zalk - - 1901 Grave Charge Against Zalk. His Wife Has Him Arrested for Non-Support. Guilt Means A Term in Pen. Tale of Domestic Infelicity Unfolded in Police Court. Large Number of Witnesses Are Examined and Decision Will Be Announced Saturday. Moses Zalk, Jewish junk dealer, 708 East Third street, Mrs. Mary Fowler, Moses Cook testified.

1901-7-28 Moses Zalk - - Moses Zalk, case dismissed

1901-11-6 Cook-Josephs wedding, Zalk - - Miss Etta Cook Becomes Bride, Hyman Y. Josephs, guest list, Zalk

1901-11-6 Etta Pauline Cook and Hyman Josephs wed - - 1901 Miss Etta Cook Becomes A Bride. Mr. Hyman Y. Josephs The Happy Groom At A Wedding Last Evening. Jewish Ceremony Is Used. Rabbi Rosenbaum, of California, Assisted by Rabbi Helpurn. Many Costly and Beautiful Gifts-Happy Couple Depart for Trip to San Francisco. Etta Pauline Cook, youngest daughter of Mrs. Ida Cook and Hyman Y. Josephs were married, bride’s mother’s home 20 West Third street. Brother B. J. Cook, Rabbi F. Rosenbaum-San Francisco, Rabbi Helpurn-Duluth, sister Mrs. A. I. Shapira-St. Paul, sister Henrietta Cook, Mae Levy, Nathan Shapira ring bearer, Ray Cook, Gertrude Josephine flower girls, Mr. A. Goldman-Minneapolis, Julius Cook, Sig. Y. Josephs. Duluth Iron & Metal company owner H. Y. Josephs, 725 East Third street. Mr. and Mrs. A. Goldman and son-Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Shapira-St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckman-Superior; Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Levy; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hammell; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heiman; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Max Zalk; Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Edleman; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rocklin; Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Cook; Mr. and Mrs. Z. Zalk; Mr. and Mrs. D. Kassmir?; Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Levy; Mrs. R. A. Cohen and son-Milaca, Minn.; Mrs. H. Rosenblatt, Miss Pauline Levy, Miss May Ley, Bessie Rocklin, Henrietta Cook, Eva Zalk, Ray Cook, Gertrude Josephs; Walter Goldman-Minneapolis; Louis Levy; Hugo Hirschman; Harry Levy; Louis Zalk; Simon Cook, C. J. West, Simon Sealer, Dr. E. A. Severson, Barney Josephs-Marquette, Mich., Julius Zalk, Julius Cook; Sigmond Y. Josephs; Charles Levy-St. Paul; Barny Kin-Indianapolis, Ind.; B. J. Cook; M. J. Cook; H. J. Pullverman-Louisville, Ky.; Nathan Shapira-St. Paul; J. Cohen-Milaca; Nathan Cook.

1901-11-24 Louis Zalk-oratory - - Team Chosen For Oratorical Contest, Louis Zalk

1901-11-26 Max Zalk, president Adas Israel - - Max Zalk, president of Adas Israel, Duluth Iron and Metal Co.

1901-11-28 Zalk, cornerstone - - Corner Stone To Be Laid Today, Mrs. Amelia Cook, Rabbi Sosnofsky, Mayor Hugo, P. J. Neff, Max Zalk

1901-11-28 Cook and Abrahamson - cornerstone - - 1901 Cornerstone To Be Laid Today. Appropriate Ceremonies Will Take Place At New Jewish Synagogue. Mrs. Amelia Cook Honored. Rabbi Sosnofsky, Maor Hugo And P. J. Neff To Speak. List of the Committees In Charge of the Program and Program in Full. Chevra Kadisha and Adas Israel congregation at Third avenue East and Second street. M. Zalk, Rabbi Sosnofsky, Mayor T. W. Hugo, Hon. P. J. Nef, Mrs. Amelia Cook, sons Isaac Abrahamson, M. Cook, grandson W. M. and great grandson Ned Abrahamson. Hon. H. Truelsen, Rev. S. P. Long. Max. Zalk, S. Karon , B. J. Cook, A. J. Klatsky, Isaac Abrahamson, S. Rochlan, M. Z. Casmir, L. Polinsky, J. Kenner, D. Silk, M. S. Cook, S. Rochlan, M. Zalk, J. Polinsky, E. Kenner, S. Karon, M. L. Casmir, F. Sher, H. Weinberg, L. Polinsky.

1901-12-1 Louis Zalk, oratory - - New Departure In School Athletics, Freimuth and Co., Orators Are Chosen, Louis Zalk

1901-12-1 Max Zalk - - Max Zalk, pioneer 1883, Adas Israel president, Duluth Lodge

1902-3-2 Louis Zalk-reading - - Literary Society, Louis Zalk, reading

1902-6-5 Louis Zalk-orator for class - - Class Night Is Success, Louis Zalk, orator for class

1903-6-11 Eva R. Zalk, 8th grade - - Eighth Grade Graduation, Eva R. Zalk

1903-6-11 Fannie Levine 8th grade graduation - - 1903 Eight Grade Graduation. Interesting Exercises Given Last Night at High School. Jefferson: Fannie Levine, Washington: Leopold J. Bondy, Delia D. Siegel, Harriet Levy, Eva R. Zalk

1904-1-18 B'nai Brith - - Brith Abraham Installs Officers, Zalk, Rocklen, Orecowsky, Markovitz, Rosenberg, Orick, Shapira, Feldman, Abrahamson, Bernhard, Seigel

1904-1-18 Brith Abraham Duluth - - 1904 Brith Abraham Installs Officers. M. Zalk, I. Rocklen, G. Orecowsky, M. Markovitz, I. Rosenberg, G. Orick, M. Shapira, H. Feldman, M. B. Abrahamson, S. Bernhard, J. Seigel.

1904-2-2 M. Zalk, Jewish vote - - Mayo Addresses Jewish Voters, Mayor Hugo, Josephs, Lugoff, Weisman, Zalk, Kassmir

1904-3-4 Max Zalk, Russian Girl - - Woman Is Sold Into Slavery, Russian girl, Max Zalk

1904-3-11 Zalk, Josephs - - M. Zalk, H. Y. Josephs, Duluth Machinery Co., enterprise Brick Co. of Wrenshall

1904-6-29 Edith Grace Karon David ,Kensingsberg wed - - Edith Grace Karon-David Kenigsberg wed, Louis Zalk groomsman, Helen Karon maid of honor

1904-6-29 Karon Kenigsberg marriage - - 1904 Karon-Kenigsberg. Miss Edith Grace Karon and David Kenigsberg, S. Karon, Signor Valenza, Helen Karon, Louis Zalk, Hattie Shapiro, Max Coddon, Goldie Karon, Rev. Mr. Truiblatt, S. L. Mark, Sadie and May MarkEtta and Esther Coddon, Max Coddon, Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. Goldeen, Mr. and Mrs. B. Kaner, Mr. and Mrs. S?, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom, Mr. and Mrs. Sher, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Britz, Milton Rosenberger, J. L. Zalk, E. Helperin and Ben Shapiro

1904-7-3 Kenisberg wed. - - 1904 Edith Karon and John Kenigsberg wedding, S. Karon, Helen Karon, Louis Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Kenigsberg, Mr. and Mrs. E. Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. H. Mark, Miss Sarah Mark, Miss Rose Cohen, Julius Cohen, Sam Cohen, B. Cohen, Isadore Cohen, Sadie and May Mark, Etta and Esther Codden, Mr. and Mrs. Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. Goldeen, Mr. and Mrs. B. Kaner, Mr. and Mrs. Somerheld, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom, Mr. and Mrs. Sher, M. and Mrs. Mark Britz, Max Coddon, N. Rochstein, Milton Rosenberger, E. Helpern, Ben Shapiro.

1905-1-9 Joseph Zalk, Zion - - Lovers of Zion Install Officers, M. Shere, Joseph Zalk, M. E. Osherman, D. J. Bloom, William Schlosberg, Holzberg, Marcovitch

1905-2-25 Zalk, train - - Says Engineer Had Hard Heart, Zigmund Zalk

1905-3-12 Max Zalk, law - - Shippers Will Fight The Demurrage Bill, Max Zalk, Duluth Machinery Co.

1905-3-21 Henrietta Cook - - 1905 Betrothed Couple Guests At Banquet. Progress club, Spalding, Lionel Traubman of New York, fiancé of Miss Irene Silberstein, Miss Rose Gidding to Max Stern of Chicago, Estelle Levy and Louis Zalk, Henrietta Cook and M. Goodman, Lillian Abrahanson and Jacob Hirsch.

1905-3-26 Zalk, Josephs, Buchman, mercantile store - - Capital of $50,000 For New Company, S. Y. Josephs, Golden Rule Store, Max Zalk

1905-3-27 Henrietta Cook and Goodman wed - - 1905 Popular Jewish Maid Is Wedded. Miss Cook Becomes the Bride of Albert Goodman, of St. Paul. Rabbi Mendel Silber, Rabbi Tipplets, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Hatti Shapiro, Estelle Levy, Delia Finklestein, Maymie Gittleson, Louis Goodman, Louis Zalk, Julius Cook, S. Y. Josephs, B. J. Cook, Sylia Josephs, Ray Cook, Miss Levy, Mrs. Josephs, Miss Gittleson, Miss Finklestein, Miss Shapiro. Mr. Goodman is engaged in the wholesale jewelry business. Guests: Messrs. And Mesdames: L. Nathan, Jacob Bernstein, Albert Shapiro, Mrs. M. Shapiro, Mrs. I. Jacobs, Miss Delia Finklestein. Miss Rae Finklestin, Miss Hattie Shapiro, Morris Goodman, Louis Finklestein, Harry Goodman-St. Paul. Miss Lillian Cook-Chicago, Miss Rose Cohn, A. Cohn, Isadore Cohn-Superior.

1905-5-14 Golden Rule, Max Zalk - - Throng In Store On Opening Day, The Golden Rule, S. Y. Josephs, H. Y. Josephs, Max Zalk, R. Buckman

1905-6-20 Sarah Zalk, graduation grade school - - Big Classes To Graduate, Sarah Zalk

1905-9-22 Julius Zalk, transfer of property - - Real Estate Transfers. Julius Zalk

1905-11-25 Zalk theft of metals - - Theft Of Metals Charged By Zalk, Duluth Iron & Metal

1906-1-19 Dance, Louis Zalk - - Many At Dance In Temple Hall, Mrs. I. Freimuth Gives Benefit Party for Family of Russian Refugees. Many guests

1906-3-4 Kenigsberg - - 1906 Mr. and Mrs. M. Bloom, H. Kassimer, D. Kenigsberg, Max Shapiro, Louis Oreck, G. Oreck, J. Siegel, A. Polinsky, Mrs. S. Karon, Mrs. Milavitz, Helen Karon, Bessie Rocklin, Sadie Rocklin, Lizzie Helperin, Della Siegel, Sarah Simon, Hattie Shapira, Sophie Winstien, Sarah Milavitz, Clara Shapiro, Bessie Markevitz, Mary Shapiro, Selma Kasmir, Eva Kasmir, Minnie Winstein, Rabbi Mendel Silber, Allan Rocklin, Milton Rosenberger, Louis Kanter, Harry Winstein, Isadore Cohen, Julius Siegel, Herman Aronsohn, Louis Zalk, Zien, H. Kernos.

1906-5-18 Mrs. Zalk, hail storm - - Hail storm, Mrs. Zalk

1906-6 Louis Zalk-Stella Levy - - Wedding Invitations Out. Stella Levy and Louis Zalk

1906-6-19 Louis Zalk-Estelle Levy ml - - Marriage Licenses: Louis Zalk and Estelle Levy

1906-6-20 Estelle Levy and Louis Zalk wedding - - Levy-Zalk, Estelle Levy and Louis Zalk

1906-11-11 Lena Karon, Cohen, Edelson, Goldish, Brown, Zalk, Berkowitz, Simon, Slonim

1906-11-11 3rd col. Lena Karon - - Surprise party for Lena Karon, Milavitz, Call, Levin, Simon, Cohen, Edelson, Goldish, Brown, Zalk, Berkowit, Slouim, Karon

1906-11-15 M. J. Zalk - - Gets No Coin To Soothe Feelings, Cloque, M. J. Zalk

1907-1-1 Sigmund Zalk - - Boy Killed In Swith Yards, Sigmund Zalk, Duluth Iron and Metal

1907-1-3 Sigmund Zalk, train accident - - Johnson Funeral To Be Sunday, Zalk

1907-5-8 Max Zalk, H. Y. and S. Y. Josephs - - Fire Breaks Out In Golden Rule Store, S. Y. and H. Y. Josephs and Max Zalk

1907-6-27 Max Zalk cartoon - - Well Known Men Of Duluth In Caricature No. 51 Max Zalk

1907-12-25 Max, Louis Zalk, ear - - Loses His Ear; Asks Damages, Echlekovich, Max & Louis Zalk, H. J. Joseph Duluth Iron & Metal Co.

1908-4-19 Louis Zalk - - Births, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zalk

1908-5-14 Zalk - - Gets a Verdict for $105. George E. Hamilton against Max Zalk

1908-6-6 Anna G. Levine graduation - - 1908 Senior Class Finishes And Faces The World. Eighty-Seven Young Men and Women Receive Diplomas From Superintendent Denfeld. Large Attendance Witnesses the Exercises at High School. Simple Dignity the Keynote. Pearl D. Elevitch, Eva Zalk, Anna G. Levine.

1908-6-25 Julius Zalk, drowns - - Hurled Into Lake Workman Drowns, Julius Zalk, Duluth Iron & Metal, brother to Max Zalk

1908-8-4 Max Altman - - 1908 Moses Montifiore Hebrew school incorporated, Robert Backman, Joseph Polinsky, M. S. Cook, Charles P. Meyers, Max Zalk, Louis Helstein, Abraham J. Klatsky, Max Altman, Joseph Oreckovsky.

1909-7-30 Max Zalk - - Heroism Was Not Valued By Road, Max Zalk

1909-9-23 Eva Zalk, music, Boston - - Eva Zalk, study music in Boston, father Max Zalk

1909-11-17 Zalk engagement - - Engagements, Ethel to Max M. Yagger

1909-12-22 Zalk estate - - Wants Damages For Death Of His Son, Max & Louis Zalk, H. Y. Josephs, Duluth Machinery Co. sued by Samuel Zalk, Julius Zalk

1910-3-10 Zalk, liquor - - Desire For Drinks Leads to Larceny, Frank McCorison, Duluth Iron & Metal Co., Max Zalk

1910-5-16 Florence Levine - - 1910 Gives Linen Shower. Miss Sally M. Oreck, 114 East Fourth street, in honor of Miss Bessie R. Nurick. finace Harry Bucman, Sarah Briht, Sarah Nusbaum, Lena Kassmir, Sadie Fostoff, Eva Zalk, Sophia Weinstein, Zela Tremblatt, Esther Kernes, Mary Mesberg, Esther Sander, Bess Rocklin, Eva Rocklin, Jennie Aronsohn, Fannie Nusbaum, Anna Mark, Rose Mark, Anna Orek, Sarah Bazelon, Selma Casmir, Sarah Nusbaum, Dorothy Polinsky, Sarah Polnsky, Berthan Mendelson, Fannie Mendelson, Florence Levine.

1910-5-16 Sadie Fostoff - - 1910 Given Linen Shower. Sally M. Oreck entertained, 114 East Fourth street, in honor of Bessie R. Nurick, to wed Harry Buckman, Sarah Brigh, Sarah Nusbaum, Lena Kassmir, Sadie Fostoff, Eva Zalk, Sophia Weinstein, Zela Tremblatt, Esther Kernes, Mary Mesberg, Esther Sander, Bess Rocklin, Eva Rocklin, Jennie Aronsohn, Fannie Nusbaum, Anna Mark, Rose Mark, Anna Oreck, Sarah Bazelon, Selma Casmir, Sarah Nusbaum, Dorothy Polinsky, Sarah Polinsky, Bertha Mendelson, Fannie Mendelson, Florence Levine.

1910-5-17 Eva Zalk - - Linen Shower given for Bessie R. Nurick, Harry Buckman by Sally M. Oreck, and many guests.

1910-5-17 Bessie R. Nurick, Harry Buckman, linen shower, guest Sally Oreck - - 1910 Linen Shower. Bessie R. Nurick and Harry Buckman, Salloy M. Oreck, Lena Kassmir, Sophie Weinstein, Esther Kernea, Mary Mesberg, Eva Rocklin, Jennie Aronson, Rose Mark, Anna Oreck, Sarah Nussbaum, Dorothy Polinsky, Sarah Polinsky, Florence Levine, Sadie Fostoff, Eva Zalk, Zela Tremblatt, Esther Sander, Bessie Rocklin, Fannie Nussbaum, Annie Mark, Sarah Bazelon, Selma Casmir, Bertha Mendelson, Fanny Mendelson.

1911-2-3 Woodsman, Zalk - - Woodsman Falls 20 Feet; All Night In Snow Bank, Charles Altonen, found by Louis Zalk, Duluth Iron & Metal Co.

1911-6-28 Zalk, Joseph, co-partnership - - Max Zalk, Hyman Y. Joseph and Louis Zalk co-partnership, Duluth Machinery Co. and Duluth Iron & Metal Co.

1911-8-2 Z. Zalk disturbance - - Police Called To Put End To Disturbance, Duluth Iron & Metal Works, Z. Zalk

1911-8-11 Arlyne Zalk, 3 years old, blood poisoning - - Dies of Blood Poisoning., Arlyne Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zalk

1911-11-1 Ohave Zion society, Max Orecovsky - - 1911 Ohave Zion Society Elects Its Officers - A. M. Shulman, Abraham Stern, L. Z. Zalk, Nathan Kris, M. L. Rine, Burt Stern, Max Oreckovsky, M. L. Rine, A. Stern, A. Sunorsky, B. Sudorsky, S. Casper.

1911-11-6 S. Koren, Louis Zalk, L. Rein - - 1911 Officers Are Installed. Zion sociey, recreation of a Jewish nation in Palestine, synagogue at Third avenue eat and Thirdstreet. President S. Koren (Karon) treasurer, L. Rein, secretary Louis Zalk.

1912-2-25 Temple Emanuel - - Work Of The Temple Emanuel Aid Society, Hammel, Silberstein, Kohn, Abramhams, Goldberg, Zalk.

1912-5-26 real estate transfers - - 1912 Josephs and Zalk, 1st column,

1912-6-2 Dora Witz, cards - - 1912 Card party in honor of Mrs. F. Kahan, D. Silverman, M. Finklestein - - guests: H. Finklestein, Tillie Berkson, Jennie Witz, H. Silk, H. Bennett, J. Bennett, S. Altman, Rosenberg, Rifkin, Berg, Berkson, Fostoff, Silverman, M. Cohen, Mrs. Altman, M. Zalk, M. Casmir, L. Fix, S. Casmir, Teplitz, G. Harris, W. Simon, M. Caplow, F. Kahan, Della Fox, Dora Witz, Fanny Altman, Eva Zalk, Jennie Witz, Sadie Berkson, Ida Berkson, Cohen, Sarah Fostoff

1912-6-2 Mrs. J. Fostoff - - 1912 Mrs. F. Kahan, Mrs. D. Silverman of Pittsburgh, guests of honor. Mrs. M. Finklestein, Mrs. H. Finklestein, Tillie Berkson, Jennie Witz, Mrs. H. Silk, Mrs. H. Bennett, Mrs. J. Bennett, Mrs. S. Altman, Mrs. Rosenberg, Mrs. Rifkin, Mrs. F. Berg, Mrs. J. Berkson, Mrs. J. Fostoff, Mrs. D. Silverman, Mrs. M. Cohen, Mrs. Altman, Mrs. M. Zalk, Mrs. M. Casmir, Mrs. L. Fix, Mrs. S. Casmir, Mrs. Teplitz, Mrs. G. Harris, Mrs. W. Simon, Mrs. M. Caplow, Mrs. F. Kahan, Della Fox, Dora Witz, Fanny Altman, Eva Zalk, Jennie Witz, Sadie Berkson, Ida Berkson, Cohen, Sarah Fostoff, Mrs. Kahan and Mrs. Silverman left for Europe.

1912-9-1 Mrs. Roy Edelstein (Ida Zalk) - - Mrs. Rosy Edelstein, Ida Zalk, ill

1912-9-28 Rabbi Lefkowitz, photo - - 1912 Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Advises Jews To Till Earth, Rabbi Lefkovits Declares Those in Crowded Districts Should Take to Farming. Shows How Young Man Made Good In Country. Hebrews Are Familiar With Farm Work, He Says-Children Meet Tomorrow. Temple Emanuel, Louis Loeb, Louis Zalk, Dr. S. Gross, R. Geler.

1912-12-1 Leo Shapiro, Louis Zalk, Temple Emanuel

1912-12-22 Zalk, Josephs, fish co - - New Trial Granted In Machinery Case, Hyman Y. Josephs, Max and Louis sZalk, Duluth Machinery Co.

1912-12-27 Knights of Zion, Max Oreckovsky - - 912 Duluth Delegation Leaves For Chicago, Knights of Zion, Max Oreckovsky, Mayme Weinberg, Eva Zalk, Zionist congress in Vienna.

1913-1-26 Oreckovsky, Ssilberstein B'nai Brith - - 1913 B'nai B'rith, The Order of Benevolence. C. D. Oreckovsky, Secretary of Local Society; B. Silberstein, William H. Taft, Who was presented a medal by the society. Photos. Louis Zalk-president; Z.J.C. Birnberg-vice president

1913-2-23 Eva Zalk Mark, Oreckovsky, Markovich - - Magbiah Club Formed by Young Jewish Girls, Eva Zalk, Anna Mark, Selma Oreckovsky, Bessie Markovitz

1913-4-15 Joseph Oreckovsky Hebrew Club - - 1913 To Organize Hebrew Club. Young Men's Hebrew association, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, E. A. Silberstein, Max Zalk, Joseph Oreckovsky, and Dr. S. Gross.

1913-4-19 Eva Zalk photo - - Piano Soloist at Church Concert, Eva Zalk

1913-4-20 Young Hebrews Soiety, Joeph Oreckovsky - - 1913 Young Hebrews To Have Society. Meeting will be held this afternoon at Foresters' Hall, Fourth Avenue West and First Street. Prominent Jews Will Address The Gathering. Social Center and Gymnasium Features Desired-Membership of 200 Sought. Rabbi Lefkovits, E. A. Silberstein, Max Zalk, Joseph Oreckovsky, Dr. Samuel Gross.

1913-4-27 Magbia Kenigsberg - - 1913 Magbiah club, Eva Zalk, Sarah Weinberg, Sarah Haronimus, Florence Weingarten, Mrs. David Kenigsberg, Daisy Smart.

1913-6-20 Louis Zalk - - dancing party, Boat club, B’nai Brith, Oreckovsky, Zalk, Gross

1913-8-20 Max, Louis, Zalk, Josephs, workmen - - Asks $5025 Damages For Loss Of Two Fingers, Duluth Iron & Metal Max Zalk, Hyman Josephs, Louis Zalk

1913-9-14 Moses Montefiore Hebrew School Assn., Joseph Oreckovsky - - 1913 Moses Montefiore School For Jewish Children.- Chartered members: Robert Buchman, Joseph Polinsky, Charles P. Meyers, Meyer S. Cook, Lew Helstein, Joseph Oreckovsky, Max Zalk, A. J. Klatzkey, Max Altman, Charles P. Meyers, Abe Garon, Joseph Weinberg, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Rabbi M. Lefkovits, Rev. E. Horwitz, M. L. Cassmir, Henry Cassmir, M. L. Rine, Sam Kerness, Morris Zien, Isadore Zion, B. J. Cook, William Oxman, Nathan Kris, Gabriel Oreck

1913-9-25 Max Zalk, checks - - Check Passer Sought, Max Zalk, Duluth Iron & Metal Co.

1913-11-12 Brith Abraham-Dorf - - 1913 Dorf To Be Honored After Long Absence. New York. Samuel Dorf, Max Zalk, Samuel Kassimer, J. M. Oreckovsky, Rabbi Lefkovits, B. Silberstein speak.

1913-11-14 Brith Abraham, Dorf - - 1913 B'rith Abraham Chief Honored. Six Hundred Duluth Jews Attend Reception for Dr. Samuel Dorf of New York. Silberstein condemns conviction of L. M. Frank. Dr. Dorf Expresses Pleasure Over Agricultural Progress Made by Jews in the Northwest. C. D. Oreckovsky, J. M. Oreckovsky, Max Zalk, Joseph Weinberg, George Harris, Joseph Verteiney, J. B. Cohen, Samuel Casmir, Joseph Mendel, Benjamin Goldish.

1913-12-19 Kenigsberg and Zalk - - 1913 Sadie Gingold, Eva Zalk.

1914-1-7 Zalk, Adele - - Florence I. Levine and Joseph Edward Davis, Adele Zalk attended along with many guests

1914-1-7 Sadie Fostoff - - 1914 Miss Florence I. Levine, daughter of Mrs. I. Levine, 821 Fourth avenue East, Joseph Edward Davis. Masonic temple. Rev. I. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue, Ida Levine, Loy Levine, Anna Levine, Sadie Fostoff, Jack Levine, Michael Levine. Out of town guests: Mr. and Mrs. S. Bernstein-St. Paul, Fanny Scheinbaum-Sioux City, Iowa, Adele Zalk and Mrs. Zalk-St. Paul, Sarah Polin-Minneapolis, Miss Meyers-St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Rubeloff-Chisholm, Mr. and Mrs. D. Nides-Hibbing.

1914-2-10 Louis Zalk - - Fire, building owned by Louis Zalk, Duluth Iron & Metal Co.

1914-2-22 Eva Zalk, piano lessons - - Additional Music Notes, Eva Zalk, Sadie Gingold, piano recital

1914-2-28 Zalk, postoffice - - New Duluth, Denies Foreigners Ask Postal Branch, J. F. Zalk

1914-3-4 Max Zalk, curling club - - Fixtures Of Curling Club Cause Suit, Max Zalk

1914-5-3 photo Eva Zalk, Sylvia Joseph, Sadie Gingold - - photo Eva Zalk, Sylvia Joseph, Gingold, Pupils Of Helene Egyptiade Will Be Heard In Recital

1914-5-13 Eva Zalk wed Jacob Wilk - - Eva Zalk wed Jacob Wilk

1914-6-13 Morris Litman, Zalk, - - 1914 Morris Litman, Goodman and Morris Zalk, high school graduation

1914-6-13 Jefferson, Slonim hs grad - - 1914 Schools Close; Central High Graduates 1914 Class; 490 Grade Pupils Advance. Salter: Goodman Zalk and Morris Zalk. Jefferson: Bennie Slonim, Douglas Goldberg, Fern Goldberg; Honorable Mention. Morris H. Litman, Abe H. Shapiro, Fanny Weinberg.

1914-10-6 Adas Israel, War Relief - - 1914 Duluth Jews Will Strt War Relief. Fund Will Be Collected-Colonel Graves' Fund Grows to $651.50, I Report. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Max Zalk,W. G. Hegardt, Col. C. H. Graves., George L. Shoup, H. C. Fasbender, Neil McDougall.

1914-11-3 Social, Oreck, Oreckovsky - - 1914 Eva Oreckovsky and Charles Finkelstein will wed. Social at Talmud Torah auditorium. Minnie Viener, Ida Oreck,Harry Silverman, W. C. Oxman, H. A. Shark, M. Viener, M. Oreckovsky, J. Altman, Esther Viener, Ida Zurowsky, Sheba Polinsky, Dollie Polinsky, Bess Altman, Esther Fieldman, Jeanette Gomberg, Eva Sosnosky, Esther Zurovsky, Rae Abelson, Bess Silverman, Sadie Fostof, Mae Rocklin, Sarah Kassmir, Esther Sander, Bess Markovich, Sallie Oreck, Rae Zurovsky, Florence Weingarder, Eva Oreckovsky, Selma Oreckovsky, Lena Rocklin, Anna Levine, Sadie Rocklin, Sarah Danieko, Isadore Natelson, Maurice Silk, Isadore Mandelson, Louis Zalk, Abe Aronson, Herman Aronson, Abe Averbrook, Nate Natelson, Dr. S. Gingold, Charles Finkelstein, Dr. S. Gross, A. B. Kaplan, Irwin Oreck, Abe Oreckovsky, Julius Siegel, Lyle Oreck, Sam Garber, Sam Miller, Dr. M. P. Zack, Israel Oreck, Harry Altman, Maurice Altman, Louis Zurovsky and Alex Zurovsky.

1914-11-24 Zigmund Zalk, junk - - $40,000 Copper Stolen Year Ago Located In Junk, Zigmund Zalk, Duluth Iron and Metal Co.

1914-11-25 Max Zalk, curling club - - Curling Club Case Against Max Zalk Ends In Dismissal

1914-11-25 Sigmund Zalk Hyman Zalk - - Arrest Zalk In Copper Robbery, Sigmund nd Hyman Zalk

1914-12-1 Sigmund Zalk - - Hold three For Copper Robbery, Zigmund Zalk, chief witness

1915-2-2 Zigmund Zalk - - Jurymen Are Deadlocked, Zigmund Zalk

1915-2-4 Zigmund Zalk - - Jury Disagrees In Copper Case, Zigmund Zalk,

1915-2-10 Zigmund Zalk - - 8 Of Robertson Jurors Chosen, Zigmund Zalk

1915-4-16 Zigmund Zalk, copper theft - - Robertson Case Crowds Court, Zigmund Zalk, coper theft

1915-6-19 Levy, Siegel, , Shapiro, Stenberg, , Winer, Slonim, Zalk - - 1915 C. H. S. Graduates, Levy, Siegel, Shapiro, Steinberg, Winer, Slonim, Zalk.

1915-12-19 Zalk, dancers

1915-12-19 Zalk, dancers - - Minneapolis Dancers Visit Here En Route To Virginia, Lucile Wilk, E. Reno Wilk, Mr. and Mrs. M. Zalk

1916-1-11 Zigmund Zalk - - Zalk Admits Guilt Of Copper Theft, Zigmund Zalk

1916-1-26 Relief of Jews, Ben Bloomenthal, etc - - Campaigners Named For Relief Of Jews, Charles D. Oreckosky, Louis Zalk, Silberstein, Freimuth, and many more.

1916-1-27 William Abrahamson raise funds - - 1916 Collect Funds Today For Jewish War Sufferers. Duluth Relief Committee to Conduct City-Wide Canvas for Funds-Pythian Lodge Will Aid Workers. Jewish Central War Relief. Spalding hotel and Duluth banks will receive subscriptions. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-chairman, committee members: B. Silberstein, I. Freimuth, Ben Blumenthal, Max Albenberg, Ben Goldish, M. L. Zien, L. J. Selig, Dr. A. H. Schwartz, Michael Rocklin, L. Fox, George Harris, Nathan Kris, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. M. R. Zack, Dr. M. . Hirschfield and Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, J. J. Robinson, Joseph Oreckovsky, David Sohn, Sig Abraham, David Leowus ?, Sig Levy, Richard Jacobs, Ralph Cohen, Louis Goldberg, Mortimer Bondy, Max Mann, E. G. Levy, Sol Goldberg, William Abrahamson, Sam Mendelson, M. L. Rine, N. E. Lugoff, Leon Traubman, S. Karon, Samuel Kenner, E. A. Silberstein Harris Bennett, A. Litman, Adolph Levy, H. Y. Joseph, Louis Zalk. - - Note from Karen: This was a well organized campaign. I was impressed with how they canvassed the entire Duluth community in the year 1916. - - Note from Jack: I am not sure of the exact breakdown but would bet the leaders were from all of the synagogues in existence at the time, including: Adas Isarel, Tiffereth Israel, Temple Emanuel, Sharret Zedek, Bnai Israel - from West Duluth

1916-2-22 Jewish War Relief Garon, Widdes, Kaner, Josephs, Zalk - - Completing Plans For Jewish Meeting, Oreckovsky, Silberstein, Zalk, Josephs,Sher, Garon, Sher, Karon, Kaner, Widdes, and others.

1916-4-2 Oliesky-Zalk wedding

1916-4-2 Sarah Zalk Oliesky wedding - - Oleisky-Zalk Wedding Today, Sarah Zalk, Rymal Oleisky

1916-4-2 Sarah Zalk-Raymal Oleisky ml - - Marriage Licenses, rymal Oleisky, Sarah Zalk

1916-5-30 Avchel- Rivkin marriage - - Avchel-Rivkin Wedding At Minneapolis Home, Rae Rivkin and Arthur B. Avehel, Edith Azine, Rose Goodman, Louis Zalk, Sarah Goodman

1916-8-7 Zalk, postal - - Postal Service, Zalk

1916-9-21 performance - - Three ‘Tops’ In ‘A Wirl Of Pleasure’, Lew S. Zalk

1917-1-23 Zalk, Josephs realty co - - Zalk, Josephs Realty Co., col. 4

1917-1-24 Josephs and Zalk corp - - Zlak & Josehphs Realty Company, articles of incorporation.

1917-7-8 photo Botanick, Alpert, Karon, Milavetz, Zalk, Widdes - - photo, Miss Clara Gatonick, guests Alpert, Harris, Melovitz, Slonim, Karon, Averbook, Kassimir, Garis, Zalk, Smith, Winthrop, Widdes

1917-7-8 Clara Botonick - - 1917 Clara Batonick, New York Visitor Honored Guest. Photo, Sarah Alpert, Batonick, Clara Batonick, Rose Harris, Melovitz (Melavitz?), Slonim, Bessie Alpert, Anna Karon, Sarah Alpert, Gertrude Averbook, Bessie Karon, Charles Kassimir, William Garvis, Edward Harris, Maurice Zalk, Goodman Zalk, Smith, Winthrop, Maurice Alpert, Willie Widdes.

1917-11-11 YMCA Irving Zalk,Sam Litman, Morris Cohen. Felix Litman - - 1917 Boys At Y.M.C.A. Will Open Basket Ball Season. Teams and Captains Are Chosen for a Successful Season-To Start Tomorrow. Norris Stein, Sam Casmir, Sam Cohen, Sam Litman, Mortimer Altman, Abe Litman, Morris Cohen, Sam Popkin, Rudolph Segal, Irving Zalk, Fexix Litman (Employed Seniors), Morris Silverman, Isadore Walt, Mandy Finklestein, Davy Finklestein, Ben Walt,

1918-6-8 Zigmund Zalk - - Moose Lake: Zalk to Give Guernsey Cow To The Red Cross, Z. Zalk

1918-7-11 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zalk, birth - - Births, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zalk

1918-8-18 Sam Zalk - - Sam Zalk Has Arrived Safely In France; There In Nine Days, corporal, brother Ed Zalk-Model Clothing Co.

1918-8-27 Lylian Shapiro, Louis Z. Zalk eng.

1918-10-13 Duluth Soldiers, Zalk, Azine - - Many European Nations Represented By Duluth Soldiers, Goodman Zalk, Samuel A. Azine, photo

1918-12-22 Louis Zalk and Lillian Shapiro - - Lilian Shapiro and Louis Zalk Wedding

1918-12-22 Lillian Shapiro and Louis Zalk wed, Max P. Shapiro - - 1918 Lillian Shapiro and Louis Zalk Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Max P. Shapiro, Dr. M. Lefkovits.

1919-8-30 Adelle Zalk Levine ml - - headline

1919-11-30 Charles Zalk, Odd Fellows

1920-2-17 plaque who served, Bondy, Goodman Zalk, Elevitch

1920-6-13 Max Zalk - - headline

1920-12-4 Louis Zalk, bank - - headline

1921-5-2 Sam and Edward Zalk - - headline

1921-6-16 Stone Zalk inheritance tax - - headline

1922-8-20 Dr. Morris Zalk, Levy, wed - - headline

1922-9-7 Bernard Silberstein obit. - - 1922 Eulogy, Tribute Paid Merchant Duluth Pioneer. Masonic and Hebrew Services Mark Last Rites at Funeral of Bernard Silberstein. 21 North Twenty-first avenue East, Rabbi Alvin Luchs-Temple Emanul, Dr. Maurice Lefkovitz of Minnapolis, formerly a Duluth rabbi, personal friend of Mr. Silberstein, A. B. Kapplin, Hugo Freimuth, David Loweus, Louis Z. Zalk, Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, Harry Gordon. Sam and Lewis Loeb, Hr. R. Armstrong, George Spaulding, John H. LaVaque, Lionel Ayres.

1922-10-5 Charles Zalk, Veteran's Jewel

1922-12-7 Council of Jewish Women, I. W. Averbook - - 1922 Council of Jewish Women. H. Y. Josephs, S. M. Polans, Harry Altman, M. G. Altman, B. N. Davidson, S. B. Copilowish, Charles Finkelstein, J. A. Kohn, Charles Levant, M. D. Nides, I. Oreck, D. Pollock, M. Rose, A. Lurye, A. H. Polinsky, William Silvian, Ida Karsner, Ida Finn, S. Altman, H. A. Shark, I. W. Averbook, Bennett I. Garon, Julius Garon, Ben Goldish, S. Ginsberg, B. Karsner, Kleckner, Henry Lavick, Benjamin London, D. A. Miller, Mohelson, A. Oreck, Sam Sanders, B. Sher, H. Silk, Harry Summerfield, J. Weinberg, M. Wetzler, Esther Abrahamson, A. Garon, J. E. Coil, Ralph Cohen., M. D. Nides, William Silvian, Louis Zalk, Mae Klein,Mayme Weinberg, Shark, Labovitz, Levine, C. P. Meyers, Sam Bailer, Ralph Cohen, B. J. Cook, R Mann, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Lillian Karon, Charles Oreckowsky, A. Oreckowsky, Artur Marks, Q. Kleckner, M. Silk, M. Cook, C. D. Jacobs, Rene Freimuth, J. E. Call, S. J. Sher, Joseph Oreckowsky, A. N. Polinsky, H. A. Shark, Joseph Stieman, A. Davidson, Jacob Abram, Morris Altman, J. Lieberman, J. Garon, R. Mann, Lou Kanter, M.Greenblat, Lyle Oreck, Joseph Bosner, William Oxman, S. Bennett. Rabbi Luchs, Harry Davis, Irene Levine, Mondschein.

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