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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Freimuth Family

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1883-5-7 I Freimuth & Co ad - -
1883 I Freimuth and Co - Successors to Campbell and Smith - metropolitan Dry Goods Store ad

1883-05-22 Freimuth & Company - - 1883-5-22 Ad J. Freimuth & Co. Superior St. Metropolitan Block.

1883-06-08 Freimuth & Company - - 1883-6-8 Ad I. Freimuth & Co. ad Successors to Campbell & Smith. Metropolitan Dry Goods Store.

1883-07-25 Freimuth & Company - - 1883-7-25 Ad The Popular One Price Cash Metropolitan Dry Goods House. Freimuth & Co.

1883-08-18 Freimuth - - 1883-8-18 Ad Freimuth & Co.

1884-02-11 St. Paul, Jacob Sattler & Carrie Abeles wed - - 1884-2-11 Sattler Bros Ad - 1884-2-11 Sattler-Abeles. An Elegant Wedding Yesterday Afternoon and Receptio in the Evening. St. Paul Hebrew society. Mr. Jacob B. Sattler, of the firm of Sattler Bros. and Miss Carrie Abeles, the daughter of Mrs. E. Abeles of St. Paul. No. 532 Canada treet, Rev. Dr. Illivitze of Minneapolis, guests Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein, Miss Nellie Weiss, Mrs. I. Bondy, M. B. Abeles, J. D. Sattler. - - St Paul Daily Globe

1884-06-10 Freimuth & Abeles, Proprietors - - 1884-6-10 Ad The Metropolitan Freimuth & Abeles Proprietors

1884-6-20 M. B. Abeles - - 1884 A Peuliar Case. M. B. Abeles, Freimuth & Abeles.

1884-10-17 Baby contet Freimuth, H. F. Leopold - - 1884-10-17 The Second Day Of Our County Fair Even A Greater Success Than The First. A Large Disply in the Live Stock Department-The Baby Show-Another Peep at the Ladies’ Department. E. S. Hammond, Freimuth & Co., H. F. Leopold had charge of the department of the baby show. Miss Meizger, Mrs. Levy (sisters) , ladies dept. Large attendance. - Duluth Weekly Tribune

1885-10-21 Freimuth and Abeles liquidation - - 1885 Expiration of Co-Partnership. $50,000 worth of Dry Goods, Cloaks, Carpets, Millinery, Blankets, and Gents' Furnishing Goods. Freimuth & Abeles.

1885-11-25 Freimuth & Abeles - - 1885 Freimuth & Abeles, shoplifting.

1886-1-15 Freimuth and Abeles - - 1886 Business Changes. Freimuth & Abeles, D. C. Abeles, M. B. Abeles

1887-03-25 sewing machine Freimuth and Howard - - 1887-3-25 Ad for Freimuth & Howard Agents for sewing machine, 106 West Superior Street. - Duluth Weekly Tribune

1887-08-09 cashier falls into excavation Babcock- I. Freimuth - - 1887-8-9 John Babcock, cashier at I. Freimuth’s fell into an excavation on First avenue west, near Superior street, on Sunday, and was very badly bruised.

1887-08-09 I Freimuth left for New York - - 1887-8-9 I. Freimuth, proprietor of the Metropolitan dry goods store, left for New York city and other eastern points Sunday. He will be gone about four weeks.

1887-11-15 Charity Work Mrs I Freimuth, Silberstein & Bondy - - 1887-11-15 Charity’s Work. “Home for Destitute Women and Children. Mrs. I. Freimuth, stair carpet and two comforts. --- Silberstein & Bondy, a new carpet for reception room.

1887-11- 21 Silberstein, Bondy, Leopold, Levy, Freimuth, Winterfield, Oswold, Levine, Loeb, Van Baalen - - A complete surprise

1887-12-06 insurance damage fire in Metropolitan block - - 1887-12-6 Insurance Adjusted. Superior street and First avenue east fire and Metropolitan block. J. Freimuth carried the insurance and divided it.

1887-12-07 fire damage dry-goods stock Freimuth - - 1887-12-7 Minnesota. A fire the other morning in Metropolian block, one of he finest in Duluth, damaged he building slightly, while water damaged dry-goods stock of I. Freimuh to the extent of nearly $10,000 and contents of law and other offices about $2,000. - - Mower County Transcript, Austin

1888-03-22 I Freimuth, train wreck, blizzard - - 1888-3-22 I. Freimuth, proprietor of the Metropolitan store, was in New York during the blizzard and was on the elevated train that was wrecked. He was in the car that was dashed to pieces, in which twenty persons were wounded and one killed, but he escaped without a scar. Blizzards have ever been kindly disposed toward Duluthians.

1888-04-14 East Second Street Mr. Freimuth, house - - 1888-4-14 Gridley & Mishler have sold to I. Freimuth, the dry goods merchant, the house on lot 2, East Second street, for $9,750, and Mr. Freimuth will occuy it as a family residence. - - St Paul Daily Globe

1889-01-23 I Freimuth new member Chamber of Commerce - - 1889-1-23 Please Give Trains. Can Then Refuse Such a Moderate Request—The Chanber of Comerce. Crimes and Criminals. District Court Proceedings-Two Defaulters-Miss Helen Barry Coming. A Calm Protest. The N. P. Should Blush at These Chamber of Commerce Resolutions. The Chamber of Commerce swore in eleven new members. I. Freimuth. Note: Duluth’s population in 1889 was 40,000 and there is a need for better transportation by train. Duluth is growing rapidly and infrastructure is needed to support it.

1889-08-28 Flood in Duluth Freimuth dry goods - - 1889-8-28 A Flood at Duluth. J. Freimuth drygoods damage $12,000. - - Mower County Transcript, Austin

1891-5-16 Alabama paper Pereyaslav, Semen Romsik1906-1-19 Many dance in Temple Hall Mrs I Freimuth - - 1891 Mrs I Freimuth gives benefit party for family of Russian refugees.

1891-06-06 Freimuth moving stock to Hurst bldg - - 1891-6-6 A. Freimuth is moving his stock of dry goods to the Hurst building. Experienced for nine years in the area.

1891-06-21 Fr Freimuth Hurst bldg opposite Phillips hotel - - 1891-6-21 F. Freimuth leading dry goods house, Hurst building opposite the Philip hotel. Best location in town. Stocked full of dry goods.

1892-1-3 Mrs. Jacob Satter and Mrs. I. Freimuth - - 1892 Mrs. Jacob Sattler and Mrs. I. Freimuth returned to Chicago

1892-1-3 Mrs. Jacob Satter and Mrs. I. Freimuth - - (cropped) 1892 Mrs. Jacob Sattler and Mrs. I. Freimuth returned to Chicago

1892-04-22 doctors offices move out for drygoods store Freimuth - - 1892-4-22 I. Freimuth will soon occupy the entire Metropolitan block with his stock of dry goods. The doctors and other people who have offices there, are preparing to move out. Note: Superintendent Wallace of the Ohio Company’s mine reports on the Missabe Mountain hematite and magnetic ore.

1892-05-27 shop lifting - - 1892-5-27 A Cleaver Detective. Robert Benson Searches a House And Finds Considerable Stolen Property. I. Freimuth $400 valuable black silk lace and other articles stolen from his counters.

1893-11-5 Freimuth's ad - - Illustrations of early Duluth

1895 Freimuths Dry Goods Store ad - - I Freimuth, Proprietor

1895-6-16 Henry Sattler, Freimuth - - 1895 Henry Sattler of New York, guest of I. Freimuth, extensive tour of West.

1895-6-16 Henry Sattler, Freimuth - - 1895 (cropped) Henry Sattler of New York, guest of I. Freimuth, extensive tour of West.

1896-01-01 established 1881 15 years Freimuth - - 1896-1-1 I. Freimuth. Fifteen years ago the store of I. Freimuth was established in Duluth, and has steadily grown in popular favor. It is located at 117 and 119 West Superior. Four floors, each 50 x 140 feet, are occupied with the several departments of the store, which include dress goods, linens, domestic, notions, fancy goods, ladies and children shoes, cloaks, millinary, carpets, drapery, crockery, hardware, and toys. Eah of these departments is kept amply stocked and the buyer is enabled to find great variety and low prices prevailing in each. Mr. Freimuth gives his personal attention to his great store and has by watchful and careful methods built up an immense business..

1896-02-18 Freimuth bid for fixtures - - 1896-2-18 Mr. Freimuth’s Bid. Howard & Haynie stock, fixtures, and leases.

1896-02-29 Freimuth buys stock and fixtures - - 1896-2-29 Freimuth The Buyer. The popular dry goods man purchases the Howard & Haynie Stock.

1896-2-29 Freimuth The Buyer, Howard & Haynes - - Freimuth The Buyer, Howard & Haynie

1896-05-20 F M Fowler of Chicage - - 1896-5-20 Another New Buiding. Supeiror street and Lake avenue. F. M. Fowler of Chicago.

1896-6-1 Abrahamson chrisening (bris) - - 1896 Notable Christening. (Bris?) W. M. Abrahamson, 4 Piedmont terrace, Hebrew custom, Rev. Appelman Mayor Truelsen, I. Freimuth, B. Silberstein, A. Goldman-Minneapolis, Moses Cook and Lillie Abrahamson child's godparents. Name of baby Nathaniel Oscar Abrahamson. Guests Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sattler, Hyman Yosefowitz, City Clerk Richardson, George L. Hargraves and W. N. Howes.

1897-11-21 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus - - 1897 Mr. and Mrs. Marcus, 523 West Fourth street, 14th birthday party, Sadie Marcus, Dolie Freimuth, Maggie Kolcorn, Nellie Fisher, Beth Fisher, May Levy, Annie Kidd, Lottie Mondchine, Etta Cook, Edna Cargil, Jennie Taylor, Della Marcus, Mrs. R. N. Loomis, Mrs. J. Loomis, Mrs. J. Frankel, Harry Levy, Arthur Levy, Roy Blake, Dolph Crandle, Fred Gullgher, Eddie Loomis Roy ?all, Dick Freimuth, Harry Marcus.

1898 3-1 Etta Cook - - 1898 In Miss Marks’ Honor. Miss Fanny Marks-St. Paul, Kalamazoo block, Mr. and Mrs. Hammel, Mr. and Mrs. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. Edelman, Mr. and Mrs. Zalk, Mr. and Mrs. Buckman, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, Misses Mamie Mark, Henrietta Cook, Etta Cook, Ida Zalk, H. Y. Josephs, C. Goldbloom, B. J. Cook, M. Cook, J. Cook, M. J. Cook, Z. Y. Josephs, M. Mark.

1898-3-1 Zalk, Cook, Marks - - In Miss Marks’ Honor, Hammel, Freimuth, Edelman, Zalk, Buckman, Cohen, Mark, Cook, Josephs, Goldbloom

1899-2-26 I Freimuth - - 1899 I. Freimuth left for the east yesterday afternoon on his semi-annual visit to eastern markets.

1899-8-27 Sophie Freimuth obit. - - Death of Miss Sophie Freimuth.

1899-09-17 Splendid New Store - - 1899-09-17 Splendid New Store. I. Freimuth Will Move Jan 1, into the Fowler Building. Floor Space That Will Be Had at the New Location Will be Two and a Half Times That of the Present Store-New Location at Corner of Superior and Lake Avenue-Finest in the Northwest.

1900-01-24 Changes in Fowler block - - 1900-1-24 Changes In Fowler Block. Getting Ready to Receive Freimuth’s Big Stock. Superior Street and Lake Avenue corner. Under lease to I. Freimuth. E. M. Fowler former owner of Detroit.

1900-01-27 union plumber issues - - 1900-1-27 At Swords Point. Plumbers’ Union and the Duluth Plumbing Co. Have Trouble. Arises over work done on Fowler block, and General strike of Workmen on remodeling of block is threatened-attempt to be made today to settle matters. I. Freimuth addresses assembly.

1900-02-14 Freimuth gone east - - 1900-2-14 Mr. Freimuth Gone East. I. Freimuth left yesterday afternoon on his semi-annual visit to the East? Markets. Accompanying him were many of his department managers. G. D. Young, of the crockery and hardware: Louis Roos, of the notions and underwear: Paul Kritz, of the jewelry. Fred Rasmussen, of the cloaks, and Misses McGindley and Cargill, of the millinery departments. They will be in the East for some time, and the assurance is given that the stocks for the new store will be a revelation to the people of this city.

1900-02-18 Investors S W Huntington, George M. Tallant, I Freimuth - - 1900-2-18 New Department Store. New Firm to Start in I. Freimuth’s Present Stand.

1900-03-22 fixtures - - 1900-3-22 Begins To Move Next Week. I. Freimuth Will Soon Occupy New Quarters in Fowler Block. A modern first class store.

1900-04-01 announcement of move - - 1900-4-1 Special Announcement! New Location Corner Lake Avenue and Superior Street. I. Freimuth. Suit against the Gately Supply Co. by I. Freimujth for $68 alleged to be due on a lease was dismissed. Case of Abraham Levine vs. Ed Ebner sued for $50.

1900-04-04 Gately supplier - - 1900-4-4 Two Cases Disposed of. And Civil Canlendar of Municipal Court is That Much Lighter.

1900-04-05 opening days not far away - - 1900-4-5 New department store of I Freimuth corner Lake avenue and Superior street is fast reaching that point of completion. Unpacking and preparing cases of new goods.

1900-04-05 unpacking - - 1900-4-5 Ad Opening Days Freimuth’s

1900-04-08 employees surprise office chair - - 1900-4-8 Employees Surprise Mr. Freimuth. Office chair upholstered in leather for private office. Short speech acknowledged gift. Wishing Mr. Freimuth complete success in his new venture.

1900-04-10 Freimuth - progress - - 1900-4-10 The Freimuth Opening.

1900-04-10 Freimuth Grand Opening - - 1900-4-10 New Big Store Open. Mr. Freimuth Receives Public In Superb Quarters. Everywhere the Most Modern of Equipment Is Found and the Most Complete Stock. Is Displayed. Thousands Visit the Store at All Hours Yesterday and Last Night. Receives many congratulations. 5,000-6,000 people visit new establishment. Mr. Freimuth has been in business in Duluth for 17 years. Note: Detailed description of each department and floor.

1900-04-10 Freimuth new store - - 1900-4-10 Freimuth’s Grand Opening of the New Store

1900-04-14 Freimuth - plants ad - - 1900-4-14 Freimuth’s ad

1900-05-04 Freimuth dance for employees - - 1900-5-4 Dance For Employes. I. Freimuth Entertains Them at the St. Louis Hotel. 80 couples.

1900-05-20 Rose Freimuth Lillian Abrahamson cropped - - 1900-5-20 cropped article. Young Ladies’ Guild at Lester park. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Miss Lillian Abrahamson, Miss Rose Freimuth.

1900-05-20 Rose Freimuth Lillian Abrahamson - - 1900-5-20 full page. Young Ladies’ Guild at Lester park. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Miss Lillian Abrahamson, Miss Rose Freimuth.

1900-05-26 Freimuth ad - - 1900-5-26 Freimuth’s ad - - Labor World

1900-05-27 Mollie McLaughlin obit - - 1900-5-27 Miss Mollie A. McLaughlin Dies. Operated Upon for Appendicitis and Shock Proves Fatal. Daughter of Thomas McLaughlin, former captain of police in this city and had been employed for a number of years in Freimuth’s store.

1900-06-15 Freimuth ad - - 1900-6-15 Ad Freimuth’s Duluth’s Greatest Store. A Big Bargain Week. AND 1900-6-15 Ad J. Mesberg - - Virginia Enterprise

1900-06-30 Freimuth baseball team - - 1900-6-30 Another Ball Team. Freimuth Club Is Anxious to Get a Game, nine employes o I. Freimuth’s mammoth store. Panton & White established team. - - 1900-6-30 Freimuth Ad - - Labor World

1900-08-19 Freimuth baseball - - 1900-8-19 Will Play Today. Freimuth Athletes and Smith, Farwell Steeler Nine.

1900-09-25 Rosa Freimuth, Alice Abele-Chicago - - 1900-9-25 Personals. W. M. Abrahamson of Ely is in the city. Miss Rosa Freimuth leaves today for Chicago, where she will visit Miss Alice Abele.

1900-10-07 Freimuth - Roos, Australia - - 1900-10-7 A Handsome Gift. Louis Roos the Recipient of One by Fellow Employees. Employ of Mr. I. Freimuth for the past 12 years and will leave in a few weeks for Australia to engage in business with his brother.

1900-11-18 dance Jewish families last column - - 1900-11-18 The first of the series of subscription dances to be given this winter by many prominent Jewish families of the city, took place at Masonic Temple Wednesday evening and was a delightful affair. Silberstein, Heller, Giddings, L. Loeb, Freimuth, Klein, S. Loeb, Hirshman, Satler, Selig, Bondy, Levy, Marcuse, W. Abrahamson, N. Giddings, Kohn, Oswald, Kastriner, Hammel, J. Satler, Lien, J. Abrahamson. Mrs. Giddings, Loeb, Sattler, Kastriner, Zien, L. R. Bondy, Klein, Hammel, Freimuth, A. Bondy, Marcuse, W. Abrahamson, P. H. Levy, Silberstien, Pauline Levy, Irene Silberstein, Satler, J. Abrahamson, Heller.

1900-11-25 Mrs David H Days music class photo - - 1900-11-25 Some of Duluth's Coming Musicians. photo Mrs. David H. Day's music class.

1900-11-27 Charity I Freimuth, Mrs B Heller - - 1900-11-27 Dance For Charity. Annual Ball At the Spalding This Evening. Elaborate Preparations For the Event Have Been Made and the Affair Promises to be One of the Most Successful Ever Held in Duluth-Personnel of Floor and Reception Committee. I. Freimuth.

1900-11-29 Fred Swenson elevatory accident - - 1900-11-29 Nearly Lost A Leg. Fred Swenson Boards Moving Elevator With Bad Results. Gets caught between the carriage and floor at Freimuth's Department Store and an axe is necessary to release him. Had been admonished to keep away, but paid no heed. - - Age 16.

1900-12-02 Mrs. Bondy, Mrs Freimuth, Mrs Heller, Mrs Loeb-charity event - - 1900-12-2 1st col. Duluth Socially. Charity Ball for Childrens home. Mrs. A. Bondy, Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. B. Heller, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Loeb.

1900-12-16 I Freimuth literature, books, publications - - 1900-12-16 A Plunge In Literature. I. Freimuth Presents Great Opportunity in New Book Department.

1900-12-19 unpopular proposal - - 1900-12-19 Project Is Unpopular. New Building for Water and Light Commission. Is Freely Denounced. Local tax payers pronounce the scheme extravagant. Consensus of opinion that additional room should be provided at the City Hall-Patrons of the Department demand concentration of City’s Business-Cheaper Temporary Quarters Suggested. I. Freimuth, B. Silberstein, S. Loeb, Louis Hammell, express opinion in opposition to project and spending money on a new building.

1900-12-23 closed for Christmas debate - - 1900-12-23 No Rest For The Weary. One Department Store Denies Holiday to Clerks. Action is condemned. Special meeting of trades’ assembly is called. Competiers compelled to keep open in defense of their own interests although they object vigorously. The New Store, Freimuth and Silberstein and Bondy Co. express their sentiments. Concern for staff members working on the holiday.

1901-06-08 Freimuth - - 1901-6-8 Order Department Direectory ad. I. Freimuth, department store, Silberstein & Bondy Co., dry goods, etc.

1901-6-27 I. Freimuth, M. Sattler - - 1901 I. Freimuth, M. Sattler, mutual benefits.

1901-6-27 I Freimuth store - - 1907-6-23 (cropped) 1901 Freimuth Store - An association for the mutual benefit of the members has been formed by the employees.

1901-09-03 Freimuth Is Enthusiastic - - 1901-9-3 I. Freimuth Is Enthusiastic. Returns from the east confident of most prosperous fall business. Duluth’s Fame Is Spreading. Heard many inquiries concerning Head Of Lake. Never missed an opportunity to put in a word for his home city while absent. I. Freimuth

1901-9-3 I. Freimuth is Enthusiastic - - Ignatz. Freimuth is Enthusiastic, confidence in fall business, new street pavement

1901-09-29 Morris Freimuth - - 1901-9-29 Mr. Morris Freimuth left Thursday for New York where he will be a buyer for the I. Freimuth department store of this city. He was accompanied by his mother as far as Chicago.

1901-10-17 James K. Steele advertising - - 1901-10-17 Boost For Jas. K. Steel. Is made manager of the Freimuth Department Store. Came 1 year ago, advertising department, promoted to manager. W. G. L. Tucker of St. Paul will take over advertising branch of the business.

1901-12-1 Louis Zalk, oratory - - New Departure In School Athletics, Freimuth and Co., Orators Are Chosen, Louis Zalk

1901-12-13 Christmas holiday opening - - 1901-12-13 Grand Opening. Freimuth’s Scene of Immense Throne Last Evening. Grand holiday opening. Music, Santa Claus, toys, mechanical animals, cut glass, and jewelry.

1902-01-10 George A. Gray financial - - 1902-1-10 George A. Gray, formerly financial and general manager for I. Freimuth, left yesterday for the east. He will engage in business for himself, probably in some good town of the Middle West. Mr. Gray has been with Freimuth for 11 years. He was presented with a gold watch upon his departure, by Mr. Freimuth and the employees of the store with whom he has been so long associated. He expects to return to Duluth before going away permanently.

1902-1-10 Indoor baseball, Sattler - - 1902 Soldier Boys Win The Game. Four Hundred And Fifty Persons See Some Warm Indoor Baseball. Manager Sattler, Freimuth Indoor Baseball club.

1902-02-13 Freimuth sick benefits - - 1902-2-13 Have A Balance Report of the I. Freimuth Benefit Association Is Submitted. The report of the treasurer of the I. Freimuth Benefit association at the first annual meeting shows that during the year the receipts amounted to #111 and disbursements for sick benefits were $80.64, leaving a balance of $30.36. Officers elected. F. P. Robinson, J. K. Steele, H. Carroll, Miss M. Parsons, E. Sattler, J W. Cousins, Karl tern, F. E. Feischman, H. Haney, Charles Johnson, Miss O. Stahlbush, B. Cook, Peter Evanson, Miss Jane Everington.

1902-05-08 June brides window dressing - - 1902-05-8 Very Artistic Window. Fremitus’s Display for June Brides and Sweet Girl Graduates. Mr. Stern window dresser of the store. Western window.

1902-05-31 Louis Freimuth - - 1902-5-31 Sparta. J. B. transacted business here the fore part of the week. Louis Freimuth returned Monday from a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth at Duluth. L. Rubenstein president of the Bank of Sparta, will depart for Chicago next week for a business and pleasure trip.

1902-06-18 I Freimuth on business and parade - - 1902-6-18 I. Freimuth: “I am not in favor of taking the parades off Superior Street. If the crowds come on the street and stand around, they become tired waiting, drop into the stores and do more or less trading. The parades do not interfere with business, but on the contrary help the retail houses.”

1902-07-29 Freimuth plate glass windows broken - - 1902-7-29 Desstruction Is Wilful. Valuable plate glass windows at Freimuth’s damaged by vandals. No reason is assigned. Proprietor satisfied that it is maliciousness. Many valuable plates have been cut and others broken by missiles of some kind.

1902-8-20 Sattler, Freimuth, baseball - - 1902 Trying for a game. Manage Sattler, Freimuth baseball team.

1902-8-22 Freimuth, Sattler baseball - - 1902 Trying For A Game. Manager Sattler, Freimuth baseball team.

1902-11-10 Cook, Freimuth, Joseph telephone - - Duluth Telephone Co., Cook, Freimuth, Josephs

1902-12-12 Freimuth Fall opening - - 1902-12-12 Freimuth’s Fall Opening A Great Success Santa Clause, toy department

1902-12-21 Personals - Freimuth - - 1902-12-21 - three articles - - Mr. and Mrs. A. Freimuth have returned from their wedding trip and will be at home at 1901 West Michigan street after Jan. 15. - - J. M. Gidding will spend the holidays in Salt Lake City with Mrs. Gidding who has been visiting there with her brother in the hope of improving her health. - - Mr. and Mrs. B. Silberstein will go to California early in January to spend the winter. They will be joined in Salt Lake City by Mrs. J. M. Giddings.

1903-02-01 Freimuth Sick benefits solid - - 1903-2-1 Society Is Flourishing. Fremuth Benefit Association Is Financially Solid. President F. P. Robinson; vice president, Frank Fleischman; treasurer, Miss M. Paison; secretary, H. S. Carroll; collector, E. Sattler. The Board of trustees is composed of H. Haney, J. White, Joe Medley, J. Johnson, J. Rockwell and D. Loewus.

1903-05-19 Methodist church - - 1903-5-19 Church Women To Keep Shop. Freimuth Store in Charge of M. E. Workers Today. First Methodist Episcopal Church, a certain percentage of all sales during the day will be donated to the cause.

1903-05-30 Freimuth ball club - - 1903-5-30 I. Freimuth. Department Store. Statement. - - Labor World

1903-06-09 Harry Carroll - - 1903-6-9 Harry Carroll, advertising manager at the I. Freimuth department store, returned yesterday from a trip of ten days, during which he visited Port Arthur, Koochiching, and Winnipeg. He says Koochiching is a hustling town and there is a good future for it, that the railroad is within thirty miles of there now and will soon be completed.

1903-06-19 Freimuth wash goods - - 1903-6-19 Big Wash Goods Sale. I. Freimuth Places 22,000 Pieces Containing Over 100,000 Yards On Sale. Largest purchase of wash goods ever made in Duluth by a retail dealer. Sold at low prices.

1903-06-21 Progress Club Jewish prominent young men - - 1903-6-21 Progress Club Enjoys A Most Successful Season. Photo. L. Levy, M. Freimuth, S. M. Levy. D. G. Loewus, N. Ducas, S. Y. Josephs, S. Bernhard. L. Freimuth, H. Levy, Dr. A. E. Levinson, M. Rosenburg, J. Cook. - - NOTE D. G. Loewns is misspelled in the newspaper article. Should be D. G. Loewus. Steve Freimuth confirmed this and the 1903-2-1 article has it spelled correctly. Loewus was on the board of trustees for the Freimuth department store. He also was in charge of hosiery and underwear.

1903-6-29 Freimuth and Sattler, baseball - - 1903 Freimuths Beat Big Duluths. Victors Take the Fifty Dollar Purse at Superior. $50 win.

1903-07-26 William Anderson elevator operator accident - - 1903-7-26 Leg Is Nearly Torn From His Body. Elevator Boy a Duluth Not Likely to Survive Amputation. - - St Paul Daily Globe

1903-11-17 Mrs. Tillie Rosenblatt - - 1903 Mrs. Tillie Rosenblatt obit. 227 Missage avenue, David B. Rosenblatt, Freimuth dry goods store, Bertha Rosenblatt, Mrs. J. Merele, Charles Fleischer

1904-1-17 Edith Karon,Isadore Cohnen Rocklin, Freimuth

1904-2-12 Jacob B. Sattler, anniversary - - 1904 Anniversary Day Is Celebrated. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler Have Been Married Twenty Years. 213 Fifth avenue west. Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kohn, Mr. and Mrs. M. Levy, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sattler, Emmanuel Sattler, Morris and Louis Freimuth and W. Fanta.

1905-3-24 Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman, Sattler - - 1905 Dancing Party For Miss Cook-Mr. Goodman. Mr. and Mrs. H. . Josephs gave party, in honor of Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman. Mrs.Victor Kohn, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs. Moses Cook, Mrs. Hirschfield, Mrs. Max Shapiro, Mrs. David Casmir, Mrs. P. H. Levy, Miss Delia Finklestein, Miss Rae Finklestein, Miss Rose Krojanker, Miss Estelle Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Clara Shapiro, Miss Gettleson, Miss Josephine Sattler, Miss Lillian Cook. Guests, Louis Hammel, Victor Kohn, I. Freimuth, Joseph Mountner, M. Cook, Robert Marcuse, Adolph Freimuth, P. H. Levy, J. Hirshfield, Robert Buchman, D. Casmir, Max Shapiro, W. Gomberg, G. A. Klein, Mesdames F. Mondshine, A. I. Shapiro, Ida Cook, Misses Delia and Rae Finklestein-St. Paul, Josephine Sattler, Estelle Levy, Clara Shapiro, Irene Silberstein, Elsie Silberstein, Rose Krojanker, Isabelle Cook-Chicago, Ethel Dick-Cincinnati, Alice Martin, Messrs. Mendel Silber, Dave Loewes, Samuel Levy, Hugo Kohn, Albert Goodman, C. Levy, L. Levy, Louis Freimuth, B. J. Cook, Nathaniel Gidding, M. Rosenberger, J. Cook, M. Cook, D. Rosenblatt, A. Cornfield, Louis Zalk, Charles Oswald.

1905-3-24 Cook and Goodman party - - 1905 Dancing Party For Miss Cook-Mr. Goodman. Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, dancing party, old Masonic Temple, in honor of Miss Henrietta Cook and Albert S. Goodman-St. Paul. Mrs. Victor Kohn, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs. Moses Cook, Mrs. Hirschfield, Mrs. Max Shapiro, Mrs. David Casmir, Mrs. P. H. Levy, Miss Rae Finklestein, Miss Rose Krojanker, Miss Estelle Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Clara Shapiro, Miss Gettleson, Miss Josephine Sattler, Miss Lillian Cook. Messrs. And Mesdames: Louis Hammel, Victor Kohn, I. Freimuth, Joseph Mountner, M. Cook, Robert Marcus, Adolph Freimuth, P. H. Levy, J. Hirshfield, Robert Buchman, D. Casmir, Max Shapiro, W. Gomberg, G. A. Klein, Mesdames: F. Mondshine, A. I. Shapiro, Ida Cook, Delia and Rae Finklestein-St. Paul, Josephine Sattler, Estelle Levy, Clara Shapiro, Irene Silberstein, Elsie Silberstein, Rose Krojanker, Isabelle Cook-Chicago, Ethel Dick-Cincinnati, Alice Martin. Messrs: Mendel Sislber, Dave Loewes, Samuel Levy, Hugo Kohn, Albert Goodman, C. Levy, L. Levy, Louis Freimuth, B. J. Cook, Nathaniel Gidding, M. Rosenberger, J. Cook, M. Cook, D. Rosenblatt, A. Cornfield, Louis Zalk, Charles Oswald.

1905-5-12 Annex, I Freimuth - - Annex To Store On Superior St., I. Freimuth, merchant

1905-09-03 I Freimuth New York office - - 1905-9-3 I. Freimuth Returns From A Month’s Stay At His New York Office. I. Freimuth returned to Duluth yesterday after a month’s stay at his New York office, No. 4 Washington Place. Engaged in superintending the department buyers in their purchases for the fall campaign.

1905-9-3 N.Y. office, Freimuth - - I. Freimuth Returns From A Month’s Stay At His New York Office

1906-1-19 Mrs. I. Freimuth - - 1906 newspaper article is from the Duluth News Tribune and describes a benefit party given by Mrs. I. Freimuth for Russian Refugees. If you look at the names listed, there is a Milton Rosenberg along with the Oreck, Orecovsky, Karon, Polinsky, etc.

1906-1-19 Dance, Louis Zalk - - Many At Dance In Temple Hall, Mrs. I. Freimuth Gives Benefit Party for Family of Russian Refugees. Many guests

1906-08-21 David S Loewus and Abel engaged - - 1906-8-21 Abel-Loewus. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Abel of 5140 Michigan avenue, Chicago announce the betrothal of their daughter, Alyce to David G. Loewus of this ccity. Engagement reception last week in August. Chicago South Side society. Duluth business circles. Department manager at I. Freimuth’s.

1906-9-19 Morris Freimuth and Rose Krojanker eng. - - 1906 Entertain For The Betrothed Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kronjanker, 1221 East Superior street, daughter Rose Krojanker, and Morris Freimuth. Clara Shapiro, Edith Freimuth, Mrs. H. Herman, Mrs. P. H. Levy, Miss Shipman and Miss Goldine Krojanker. ---- 1906 Rose Krojanker and Morris Freimuth engagement, Entertain For The Betrothed Couple, Ignace Freimuth, Clara Shapiro, Edith Freimuth, H. Herman, P. H. Levy, Shipman, Goldine Krojanker.

1906-9-19 Rose Krojanker and Morris Freimuth eng., Shapiro, Herman, Levy, Shipman,

1906-9-25 Ida Solemovitz

1906-10-14 Eve Thennes Mrs Devaney Freimuth dept store - - 1906-10-14 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Devaney married in German Catholic church in Duluth. Thomas is a partner in Virginia Produce Company and Mrs. Devaney-Miss Eva Thennes, worked for Freimuth department store.

1907-2-21 Local Improvements - - Assessments: B. Silberstein, Ignaz Freimuth, Samuel Levine, Ben Kenner, S. Karon, Annie Bondy, M Shapiro, Temple Emanuel

1907-6-23 Miriam Levin - - 1907 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 213 Fifth avenue west, daughter Miss Josephine Sattler, fiance-Mr. Leo Charles Idzal-Minneapolis. Mrs. M. Cornfield, Miss Enid Freimuth, Miss Miriam Levine.

1907-6-23 Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth - - 1907 Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, 1306 East Second street, Miss Josephine Sattler, Mr. Leo Idzal.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Josephine Sattler, Leo Idzal - - 1907 Reception At Sattler Home. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 213 Fifth avenue West, Miss Josephine and Mr. Leo Idal-Minneapolis, engagement.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Josephine Sattler, Leo Idzal - - 1907 Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, 1306 East Second street, Miss Josephine Sattler and Mr. Leo Idzal.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Josephine Sattler, Leo Idzal - - 1907 Miss Josephine Sattler, Miss Gertrude Givansky, Mrs. W. M. Abrahamson, 1215 East First street.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Josephine Sattler, Leo Idzal - - 1907 Mrs. Victor Kohn, 301 East Fourth street. Miss Sattler and Mr. Idzal.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Josephine Sattler, Leo Idzal - - 1907 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 213 Fifth avenue west, Miss Josephine Sttler and Leo Charles Idzal-Minneapolis., Mr. and Mrs. Idzal-Minneapolis, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. M. Cornfield, Enid Freimuth, Miss Miriam Levin.

1907-6-23 Freimuth, Sattler, Idzal - - 1907-6-23 (cropped) 1907 Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, 1306 East Second street, Miss Josephine Sattler and Mr. Leo Idzal.

1907-6-23 Loeb party for Sattler and Idzal - - 1907-6-23 (cropped) 1907 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 213 Fifth avenue west, Miss Josephine Sttler and Leo Charles Idzal-Minneapolis., Mr. and Mrs. Idzal-Minneapolis, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. M. Cornfield, Enid Freimuth, Miss Miriam Levin.

1907-06-25 Freimuth resigns as president of ButteBalaklava Copper - - 1907-6-25 Mining Company Has New Head. R. B. Dear Succeeds I. Freimuth as President of the Butte BalaklavaCopper company.

1907-6-25 Mining, Freimuth - - Mining Company Has New Head, I. Freimuth

1907-9-5 Josephine Helene Sattler weds Lee Charles Idzal - - 1907 Of Interest To Women. Pretty Wedding At The Spalding. Josephine Helen Sattler of Duluth Becomes Bride of Minneapolis Man. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sattler, 213 Fifth avenue west, and Lee Charles Idzal-Minneapolis. Rev. Maurice Lefkowitz, 200 guests. Misses Rose Krojanker, Martha Padlasky-St. Paul, Clara Shapiro, Janet Idzal, Dorothy Loeb, Marie Sattler, Rose Freimuth, Edna Freimuth. Edward Helperin-St. Paul, David Freimuth, Morris Freimuth, Hugo Kohn, William Fanta. Miss Alice Segelson, Mrs. and Miss Kosing, Dave Abel, Miss Pauline Bernhelm, Ed Heltrin, Mrs. and Miss Rosenblatz, Mrs. Lewis Finkelstein, Miss Celia Finkelstein-St. Paul, Ike Summerfield-Cloquet, Mrs. S. B. Ables, Emmons Ables, Walter Idzal, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Idzal, Misses Ethel and Jane Idzal, Miss Albun-Minneapolis, Mrs. Marion Smith, Mrs. Eva Ables, Samuel Ables-Chicago. Home in Minneapolis.

1908-1-1 Rosalie Krojanker and Morris Freimuth wed. - - 1908 Prominent Young People Wedded. 510 West Second street, Rosalie Krojanker and Morris Freimuth wed. J. D. Sattler, Abby Ables, Esther Levy, Alice Levy, Ethel Idzal, Becky Michael-Minneapolis, Mrs. L. Loewus-New York, J. Schiffman-Chicago. -----1908 Rosalie Krojanker and Morris Freimuth wed, Rabbi Lefkovitz, Prominent Young People Wedded, Robert Kronjanker, J. D. Sattler, Abby Ables, Esther Levy, Alice Levy, Ethel Idzal, Becky Michael, L. Loewus, J. Schiffman.

1908-1-1 Krojanker-Freimuth wed, guests, Sattler, Ables, Levy, Idzal, Michael, Loewus, Schiffman

1908-1-1 Rosalie Krojanker and Morris Freimuth wed, Rabbi Lefkovitz

1908-02-25 D. W. Lowus at Freimuths - - 1908-2-25 Returns From Bridal And Buying Trip. D. G. Loewus, head of the hosiery and underwear department at Freimuth’s department store. Married at Chicago three weeks ago and immediately went on a trip through eastern states. Will return to Duluth on East Fifth street after March 1st.

1908-03-05 Freimuth says conditions improving - - 1908-3-5 Business Slow To Recover In East. I. Freimuth Says Conditions Are Improving Slowly=Buyers Get Fine Stock. Business conditions, financial depression. Middle western portion of country fairing better than New York.

1908-3-18 Library, Sattler - - 1908 Of Interest To Women. Will Study Bible History Ad Men. Jewish Women Ask Library Board to Buy Encyclopedia Set. Chautauqua club, Temple Emanuel, Miss Newman, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. S. Goldberg, Mrs. Louise Freimuth, Dr. and Mrs. M. Lefkowitz, Mrs. H. Y. Joseph, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. A. Abraham, Mrs. H. Abraham, Mrs. Morris Freimuth, Mrs. J. D. Sattler, Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. E. A. Silberstein, Mrs. M. Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Debora Leo, Miss Helen Metzler, Miss Florence Levy, Miss Marian Levy, Miss Hilda Newman.

1909-3-18 Mrs. Louis Freimuth, obit - - Body Of Mrs. Freimuth Will Arrive Today, Mrs. Louis Freimuth, obit. , parents-Henry Abeles

1909-8-1 flood, mine, Seattle, Freimuth - - Freimuth back From Seattle Exposition, I. Freimuth and wife, flood in store

1909-12-28 Copper Company – Freimuth - - 1909 Copper Company control passes – I Freimuth elected as director

1910-01-24 Joseph Freimuth detective white slavery - - 1910-1-24 Result Here Belies Report. Federal Inspector Declares Minnesota Is Free From White Slave Traffic. Police Discover Two Cases In St. Louis County. But Joseph Freimuth Says He Was Unable to Find Anything Wrong in Investigation

1910-1-31 Goldstein - - 1910 Says State Is Workshop For White Slavers. Clifford G. Roe, Former Assistant State's Attorney of Illinois, Tells Men's Mass Meeting at Y.M.C.A. That He Can Prove Existence of Evil in Minnesota. Will Produce Evidence to Refute Report of Government Detective Who Recently Declared Duluth and Twin Cities Free from Recruiters of Immoral Resorts. Joseph Freimuth, Morris Goldstein.

1910-03-13 Miss Hamilton of Freimuths - - 1910-3-13 By Miss Hamilton. Of the Freimuth Department Store Trimming Department. Nets and all-over will be in greater demand. Transparent undersleeve, gimped purposes in lingerie frocks and evening gowns. All-over patterns of large and heavy flowers, connected by slender vine tendrils. Hexagen mesh. Trimmings: demand for metallic braids, gold, silver, steel, or copper. Even in hats. Two tone metal novelties rather than single tone effect. In Paris, chanticlers (French- fierce rooster), roosters, denizens of the barnyard, crowing roosters, fighting cocks, flying birds. Probably the rage.

1910-5-14 A Freimuth Store ranked prominent - - 1910 A Freimuth dry Goods and Men's Furnishings

1910-6-19 Company formed Sattler, Freimuth, Shapiro - - 1910 Shapiro Realty company, Max P. Shapiro, I. Freimuth, J. H. Sattler. $50,000 capital stock.

1910-08-21 Freimuth Dept Store - - 1910-8-21 Ad Car used by I. Freimuth Department store for deliveries.

1911-6-3 Esther Abrahamson - - 1911 Confirmation Services At Temple Emanuel. Second street and Seventh avenue east. Esther Abrahamson, 1331 East Second street; Edna Freimuth 1406 East Second street; Marc Goldberg, 427 Tenth avenue east; Edna Krojanker, 1130 1/2 East Third street; Lylilan Shapiro, 2420 East Fourth street. Mrs. J. Walsh, Victor Levein, Miss Hyland, Mr. Victor Kohn-minister.

1911-8-17 Hazel Levine, Vassar - - 1911 To Leave Soon For College. Eastern Schools Soon Will Calim Many of Duluth's Young Men and Women. Large Number To Attend University of Minnesota. Others Go to Wellesley, Williams and Scores of Institutions of Learaning. Enid Freimuth-Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, Ill.; Hazel Levine-Vassar.

1911-12-05 Joseph Freimuth obit. brothers Adolph, Charles, and I - - 1911-12-5 Funeral Services For Joseph Freimuth. 51 years old, held at residence of his brother I. Freimuth, 1306 East Second street. Dr. M. Lefkovitz, Temple Emanuel officiated in Woodland cemetery. Ill for a number of years, leaves a widow and daughter, residing at 927 East Fifth street. Besides three brothers, other two brothers Adolph and Charles Freimuth, both of this city.

1911-12-05 Joseph Freimuth obit - - 1911-12-5 Joseph Freimuth, 51 years old, died at his residence, 927 East Fifth street, Dec. 3.

1911-12-5 Joseph Freimuth, obit - - Funeral Services For Joseph Freimuth, obit.

1912-02-02 home 1306 E 2nd street I Ferimuth - - 1912-2-2 Pastor Honored By Curch People. Freimuth Home Scene of Reception for Rabbi Lefkovits on Fifth Anniversary Here. 1306 East Second street. Rabbi and Mrs. Lefkovitz, Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. E. Silberstein, Mrs. M. Cornfield, Mrs. D. L. Cohen-St. Paul. Decorated rooms, Th La Brosse orchestra played.

1912-02-11 Freimuth ad - - 1912-2-11 Ad, Freimuth - - ]Freimuth ad buyers New York - Mr. D. G. Loewus hosiery, leather goods, books, etc

1912-03-11 A Few Of Duluth's Working Girls - - 1912-3-11 A Few of Duluth’s Fair Working Girls. photos.

1912-5-15 Galaxy Of Mining Kings Pays Visit To Duluth - - 1912-5-15 Galaxy Of Mining Kings Pays Visit To Duluth. Fee Owners of Fayal, Adams, Spruce and Geneos Iron Ore Properties Come to Northern Minnesota on Annual tour of Inspection-Men Represent Vast Amount of Wealth. History of developers of the mine. Freimuth.

1912-6-14 Sarah Abrahamson Ely School - - 1912 Grade Schools Turn Out Six Hundred Graduates. Commencement Exercises at Most of Buildings Marks Graduation of Largest Number of Grammar School Children in Duluth's History-Programs Attractive and Well Rendered. - - - Ely School: Sarah Abrahamson - - Jefferson School: Esther Zelda Abrahamson, Ruth Freimuth, Esther Dorothy Levine, Mollie Rudnitzky, Sheba Yesani - - Adams School: Harry Karon, Jennie Winer, Harry Bernard Schneider - - Endion School: Bessie Popkin - - Franklin School: Jacob Garon, Bennie Goldstein, Maurice Fred Lavick - - Washington School: Charlotte Azine, Rose Goldish, Samuel Gotkin, Ida Ruth Kasmir, Bertha Miriam Moscovitch, Allen Rachlin, Ida Ruth Stein, Minnie Myrtle Winer, Marvin Berkson, Rae Leah Cook, Harry Karon, Harry Eli Kenner, Jennie Markus, Bessie Silver, Lean Marion Sonosky, Lizzie Louise Polinsky.

1912-11 Duluth Men Eat on Thanksgiving - - 1912 What Duluth Men Want for Thanksgiving: I Freimuth, E A Silberstein

1913-1-8 Eisentaedt and Freimuth eng - - 1913 Engagement Announced. Miss Reines Eisenstaedt and David C. Freimuth, Rudolph Eisenstaedt-Chicago, I. Freimuth.

1913-1-11 Eisenstaedt- Freimuth - - 1913 M&M I Freimuth have gone to Chicago to attend reception in honor of engagement of Reines Eisenstaedt to David Freimuth.

1913-4-20 Eisenstaedt and Freimuth - - 1913 Will Be Wedded April 29. David C. Freimuth and Miss Reine Eisenstaedt. Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, Rudolph Eisenstaedt-Chicago.

1913-4-25 Richard Freimuth and Reane Eisenstadt, wedding - - Goes To Be married, Richard Freimuth, Reane Eisenstadt

1913-06-15 Mrs David Loewus charity - - 1913-6-15 Report On Society’s Work. Mrs. Henry Abraham, Aid society of Temple Emanuel, Mrs. David Loewus, Mrs. Victgor Kohn, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Mrs. Louis Zalk, Mrs. Victor Kohn, Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. Louis Hammell, Mrs. L. S. Loeb.

1913-11-16 Magbiah Club - Enid Freimuth - - 1913-11-16 Magbiah Club will meet. Irene Wetzler, president; Bessie Markowitz, first vice president; Hazel Levin, second vice president; Enid E Freimuth, recording secretary; Mae Klein, corresponding secretary; Anna Mark, treasurer, Selma Oreckovsky, historian,; Helen Wetzler, chairman of the welfare committtee;Sally Oreck, chairman of hte finance committee; Estelle Bondy, chariman of the press committee; Sol Goldberg, founder and adviser; Fanny Altman, head of sewing dept; Elsie Silberstein, head of educational dept

1913-11-23 Enid Freimuth and Anna Mark

1913-12-2 Butte Mine Suit - I Freimuth - - 1913 Butte Mine Suit at an End - President Freimuth says case was compromised by litigant

1913-12-25 Winner of Freimuth Dollss - - 1913-12-25 Winners Of The Freimuth Dolls. Photo. 49 winners

1913-12-25 Freimuth dolls - - Winners Of The Freimuth Dolls

1914-02-08 Frank E. Fleischmann - - 1914-2-8 Frank E. Fleischmann, buyer of toys and china for Freimuths Left for a buying trip to New York.

1914-05-13 Duluth Working Girls Freimuth - - 1914-5-13 Inefficiency Is Great Problem. Employes On Duluth Advisory Board See Difficulty in Maintaining Minimum Wage. May Girls Will Lose Jobs, Says Merchant. Six Dollars a Week Necessary for Employes’ Subsitence, Says Miss Culkin. E. A. Silberstein of Silberstein & Bondy company “Inefficincy Is Problem. Miss Cullin: Women under paid for their skills, dependent on family to sustain them, many are capable.

1914-5-19 Morris Hyman Litman, U.M. medicine - - 1914, Cook, Abe Shapiro, Anna Karon, Morris Hyman Litman-U.M. medicine, Philip Altman, Rachael Hammel, Rebecca Freimuth-music, Doris Phelps, college or university education.

1914-06-08 Cropped Gidding - - 1914-6-8 J M Gidding and Company - cropped ad for Sales Girl.

1914-06-08 jewelry department - - 1914-6-8 J M Gidding and Company - full page including ad for Sales Girl.

1914-6-24 Sidney S. Berdie and Enid E. Freimuth, marriage license

1914-8-19 David C. Abeles, Freimuth - - 1914 D. C. Abele Funeral Held At St. Cloud, Former Duluthian Was Associated in Business Here With I. Freimuth. David C. Abeles obit. brother Herman Abeles, dry goods store, partnership with I. Freimuth. wife, Miss Anna Guthmann-Chicago., two brothers Maurice B. Abeles and Edward Abeles of New York sister in Austria. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sattler, cousins.

1914-09-06 Freimuths - Mr Aune - - 1914-9-6 On Brief Vacation. Mr Aune, advertising manager of the Freimuth department store, is spending Sunday and Monday with relatives in Ashland and Washburn, Wis

1914-10-13 Sattler, needlework guild - - 1914 Needlework Guild Plans Progressing. "Round Ups", Mrs. A. Abraham, Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. J. B. Sattler, Mrs. L. S. Loeb.

1915-7-17 E. D. Sattler, I. Freimuth Dry Goods co. advertising manager - - 1915 E. D. Sattler will succeed Arthur Aune as advertising manager of I. Freimuth Dry Goods company, brother-in-law of I. Freimuth.

1915-9-29 Dorothy Loeb and Ernest Hertz - - Dorothy Loeb Hertz's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Loeb of East Superior Street. There are many parties for them. Mrs.Leon Selig, Mrs. David Freimuth and Mrs. Morris Freimuth host a pre-nuptial affair for her in 1915.

1915-9-29 Loeb-Hertz wed., Freimuth - - headline

1915-10-8 Dorothy Loeb and Ernest Hertz wedding - - Reverand Maurice Lefkovitz marries them at the bride's home in a simple ceremony. Attendants are Virginia Abraham,, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abraham, Walter Meyer of Cleveland, Ohio is best man. Mrs. M. P. Shapiro hosts a luncheon, Mrs. Leon J. Selig entertains a breakfast-bridge, Mrs. I. Freimuth gives a dinner for them at her home, Mr. and Mrs. Loep give a prenuptial dinne. Their plans are to go west, Seattle, Wash. and California for the winter.

1915-12-6 Henry Abraham obit - - 1915 High Tribute To Henry Abraham, Rev. Maurice Lefkovits Dwells on His Qualities as a Man. Throng At Residence of Late Merchant. "Death Came to Him as the Light of the Morning," Declares Rabbi.2422 East Third street. Rev. Maurice Lefkovitz, pastor of Temple Emanuel. - survived by widow, daughter Virginia, sister Mrs. H. Stadeker of Chicago, six brothers, Albert, Isadore Abraham-Duluth, Max-Minneapolis, D. C. Abraham-Atlantic City, N. J. Lee Abraham of Superior, and Seymour Abraham, of St. Louis. Elk's Club, Bernard Silberstein, commissioner, Thomas B. Mills, L. S. Loeb, I. Freimuth, G. A. Klein, J. B. Sattler, John E. Samuelson, Joseph Randall, M. G. Levy, William F. Henry, Harris Bennett, George Munsey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Heller, Mr. and Mrs. B. Heller, A. H. Heller jr.-Minneapolis.

1916-1-26 Relief of Jews, Ben Bloomenthal, etc - - Campaigners Named For Relief Of Jews, Charles D. Oreckosky, Louis Zalk, Silberstein, Freimuth, and many more.

1916-1-27 William Abrahamson raise funds - - 1916 Collect Funds Today For Jewish War Sufferers. Duluth Relief Committee to Conduct City-Wide Canvas for Funds-Pythian Lodge Will Aid Workers. Jewish Central War Relief. Spalding hotel and Duluth banks will receive subscriptions. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-chairman, committee members: B. Silberstein, I. Freimuth, Ben Blumenthal, Max Albenberg, Ben Goldish, M. L. Zien, L. J. Selig, Dr. A. H. Schwartz, Michael Rocklin, L. Fox, George Harris, Nathan Kris, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. M. R. Zack, Dr. M. . Hirschfield and Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, J. J. Robinson, Joseph Oreckovsky, David Sohn, Sig Abraham, David Leowus ?, Sig Levy, Richard Jacobs, Ralph Cohen, Louis Goldberg, Mortimer Bondy, Max Mann, E. G. Levy, Sol Goldberg, William Abrahamson, Sam Mendelson, M. L. Rine, N. E. Lugoff, Leon Traubman, S. Karon, Samuel Kenner, E. A. Silberstein Harris Bennett, A. Litman, Adolph Levy, H. Y. Joseph, Louis Zalk. - - Note from Karen: This was a well organized campaign. I was impressed with how they canvassed the entire Duluth community in the year 1916. - - Note from Jack: I am not sure of the exact breakdown but would bet the leaders were from all of the synagogues in existence at the time, including: Adas Isarel, Tiffereth Israel, Temple Emanuel, Sharret Zedek, Bnai Israel - from West Duluth

1916-02-21 Freimuth employees sleighride - - 1916-2-21 Eastern Star Women Have Entertainment. Irwin Oreck, Mrs. Louis Oreck. - - - 1916-2-21 I. Freimuth department store employees enjoyed their second sleigh ride party of the season. Lakewood chateau, three sleighs, 92 persons in the party.

1916-3-8 Freimuth and Sattler - - 1916 Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, East Second street, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Satter, Seventh avenue East, have gone to Excelsior Springs, Mo., for a few weeks.

1916-6-13 Joseph D. Sattler, obit.-Milwaukee - - 1916 Joseph D. Sattler Dies In Milwaukee. Formerly Resided in Duluth. Was Manager of Freimuth Store. 51 years old, 30 years resident of Duluth., at age 19 employed by brother-in-law I. Freimuth store. Associated with Knitting Mill company. Survived y widow, daughter Marie-Grand Forks, N.D., two brothers, J. B. and Emanuel of Duluth, sister Mrs. I. Freimuth.

1916-8-6 Lissette Abraham and Hugo Freimuth eng - - 1916 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Abraham, 1019 Hughitt avenue, Superior, announce the engagement of their daughter Lissette to Hugo Freimuth of Duluth.

1916-08-27 Hugo Freimuth, Esther Gomberg orchestra - - Columbia steamer leaves Lake avenue dock. The Esther Gomberg orchestra, H. Freimuth and M. Parson in charge of party.

1917-6-8 Bonds, Freimuth, Sattler - - 1917 Bond Total Near The $3,000,000 Liberty loan subscribers, I. Freimuth and employees, David Loewus, E. Sattler, Albert Mark, William Freimuth, Mrs. Rose Freimuth, James David Loewus, Paul Freimuth, Edgar Freimuth, Carol Freimuth, I. Freimuth.

1917-6-19 Freimuth-Abraham wed announcement - - 1917 Freimuth-Abraham Wedding Announced. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Abram announce the marriage of ther daughter Lisette to Hugo Freimuth of this city, in Minneapolis, will make home in Superior.

1917-07-23 Freimuth says - - 1917-7-23 Freimuth Says All Must Help In War. Approves National Defense Plan of Cutting Deliveries-Declares Business Good. Everybody Do His Bit. Avoid Requests for Special Deliveries-Minimize Returned Purchases, He Says. War time has taken away men from the field of labor. Carry small packages with you.

1917-10-19 Max Solosky, Liberty Loan Campaign - - 1917 Salesmen Are Assigned Places. Liberty Loan Campaign Gains in Fource as Time for Real Work Draws Near. District No. 1 E. A. Silberstein, District 6 Hugo Freimuth, District 14 C. D. Oreckovsky, W. M. Bondy, Max Solosky.

1917-12-17 Hazel Blumenthal party, Muriel Garon, Muriel Josephs - - Has Party, Miss Hazel Blumenthal, ninth birthday, Gittelson, Freimuth, Hirschfield, Cook, Phelps, Garon and many guests

1918-01-02 Freimuth Dept Store - - 1918-1-2 ‘Business Good, Outlook Better, Say Duluth Men. Representative Lines Report 1917 Trade Conditions, Optimistic Note. M. M. Gasser Grocery company, M. R. Bush, I. Freimuth, Freimuth department store, profits cut to the minimum, harder to break even, cost of business gone up rapidly, cost of articles gone up, turn over of stock not as rapid. J. F. McCarthy, Charles E. Lewis company, grain business. strong market. banking, Isaac Moore, American Exchange National Bank. favorable.

1918-04-27 Hugo Freimuth Camp Dodge, Iowa, train for army - - 1918-4-27 Hugo Freimuth Gets Uniform; Will Seek Hun Kaiser’s Goat. son of Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth started on the first lap of a journey he has wished to take for some time past, yesterday. He has expressed a desire to be one of the first at Duluth’s boys to get across and get a crack at the Hun. He left for Camp Dodge, Iowa, where he will train for the army.

1918-12-19 Hugo Freimuth, German helmet from France - - 1918-12-19 German Helmet Arrives In Superior; From H. Freimuth who has been on the firing lines, has sent a German helmet from France, which will be on display at Freimuth store in Duluth. It was freceived by Mrs. Freimuth, 1919 Hughitt avenue. Mrs. Freimuth is with the Three Hundred Fifty-seventh Infantry of the Ninetieth division, headquarters troops and expects to be with the army of occupation.

1919-4-9 Michigaumi Iron Company – Freimuth - - 1919 District Court: I Freimuth et al to register Cook County real estate

1919-7-3 Esther Abrahamson motor - - 1919 Miss May Klein, Miss Esther Abrahamson, and Dr. Harry Klein have returned from Lake Vermillion where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Freimuth. They made the trip by motor.

1919-8-10 Esther Abrahamson - - 1919 Confetti To Add Carnival Spirit Today. Home Coming Day Will Be Noisy With Horns and Squawkers. Elsie Silberstein, Mildred Bondy, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Mrs. Hugo Freimuth, Mrs. Harry Gordon.

1919-09-28 Edna Freimuth attending Columbia university - - 1919-9-28 Miss Edna Freimuth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs I. Freimuth, East Second street, has left for Columbia university. Miss Ruth Reimuth is attending Smith College.

1919-9-28 Edna and Ruth Freimuth, college - - headline

1920-2-12 Ad, Freimuth's, Milavetz

1920-5-23 Shavouth, Eva Brusin - - 1920 Duluthians To Observe Festival. Jews Will Hold Special Program at Temple Today. Shebuoth, Temple Emanuel, Seventh avenue East and Second street. Dr. M. Lefkovits. Maurie H. Blumenthal, Eva R. Brusin, Louis H. R. Gomberg, Molly Harris, Rose L. Hirsh, Annette Claire Hirschfield, Sarah Lisman, Sylvia Lugoff, Rudolph Segal, Ernestine E. Traubman, Blanch H. B. Zien. Maurice Blumenthal, Louis Gomberg, Eva Brusin, Sylvia lugoff, Dave Freimuth.

1920-06-15 D. W. Loewus - - 1920-6-15 Duluth’s Quota In Week’s Drive Will Be $20,000. Campaign for Funds for Palestine Restoration Work to Open June 21, Announcement. C. E. Cown-NY, Dr. Peter Marcus-Minneapolis, D. W. Loewus, I. Freimuth, B. Silberstein, B. Beckman, M. P. Shapiro, M. C. Albenberg, Joseph Oreckovesky, S. M. Kaner, S. Capelowitz, H. Witz, L. Fox, W. Silvain, N. Kris, S. Karon, Jos. Davis, Joe Weinberg, James Lavick, F. Labovitz, S. Natelson, C. P. Mayers, H. Segal, A. Megolsanm I. B. Aarons, A. Fieldman, A. Saksonoff, D. G. Loewus, Ben Karon, B. Sher, F. Keil, H. Gordon.

1920-11-20 Duluth Working Girls I. Freimuth Silberstein - - 1920-11-20 Silk Stockings Apeal to Girls, Wage Board Told. Mr. I. Freimuth, B. Silberstein.

1921-2-13 Dancing party, retail sales, Percy Oreck, Morris Freimuth - - 1921 Dancing party, 75 couples, Morris Frreimuth, Percy Oreck, Hogan, Starkweather

1921-2-28 B'nai Brith, spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky - - 1921 Women, Men Will Combat For Spellings Supremacy. B'nai B'rith spelling bee, Percy Oreck, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Samuel Gofen, M. E. Altman, Jesse Cohen, George Casmir, Harry W. Davis, Herman Elevitch, Ralph Elevitch, Abe Feldman, D. P. Feldman, Hugo Freimuth, Louis Freimuth, Dr. Samuel Gross, Jacob Garon, Toby Garon, Charles W. Green, A. B. Kapplin, Rabbi I. Lebendiger, Maurice Labovits, Morris Mark, Abe Solon, Joseph Weiner, Harry E. Weinberg, Anna Mark, Mrs. S. Polans, Mrs. Jacob Garon, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. D. Freimuth, Mrs. Lyle Oreck, Mrs. Morris Altman, Mrs. A. Friss, Mrs. I. Lebendiger, Mrs. A. Davidson, Mrs. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. Julius Siegel, Mrs. Oxman, Mrs. J. Leuri ?, Mrs. M. D. Nides, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Miss Anna Mark, Miss Bertha Mendelsohn, Miss Lillian Karon, Miss Mae Klein, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Esther Abrahamson, Miss Ida Berkson, Miss Mayme Weinberg, Miss Lillian Levy, and Mrs. C. A . Saksonoff

1921-4-22 Temple Emanual - - 1921 Temple Emanuel: Miss Esther Abrahamson, C. Jacobs, R. Cohen, B. Blumenthal, C. P. Meyers, Lou Kantor, Ida Fieldman, Harry Gordon, M. Cook, Ruth Freimuth, Edna Freimuth, Jeanette Gomberg, Mae Klein, Lillian Levy, Horentse Bondy, Rosalind Bondy, Ida Fieldman and F. Josephs.

1921-05-08 Freimuth Dept Store - - 1921-5-8 Freimuth Department Store Is Celebrating Its 38th Anniversary. I. Freimuth. I. Freimuth,117 West Superior street, hard work, proud of institution.

1921-5-8 Freimuth, 38 years, store anniversary - - headline

1921-9-21 Knicker, Lyle A. Oreck, Freimuth, Silberstein & Bondy - - 1921 Department Store Chiefs Express Gamut of Views on Knickers. - I. Freimuth & Co., George A. Gray Co., Silberstein & Bondy, Oreck's Department Store, Lyle A. Oreck

1921-11-18 Freimuth's Double Security Vouchers. ad - - 1921 Freimuth's Double Security Vouchers. ad

1921-11-28 Lebendiger, fund drive - - 1921 Duluth Jews Raise $12,000 in First Day of Relief Fund Drive. Quota Is Increaed $10,000 to Aid Local People in Need. Max Korshak-Chicago, Shrine Auditorium, Freimuth, Dr. Alvin S. Luchs of Temple Emanuel, Judge W. A. Cant, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Spalding hotel.

1921-12-1 Mrs. Nathan Cook - - 1921 Women Are Assigned to Home Districts for Relief Drive. American Jewish Relief committee. Duluth to raise funds for suffering refugees of eastern and central Europe. Mrs. M. Cook. Mrs. Louis Hammel, Mrs. Harry Gordon, Mrs. Nathan Cook, Miss Sarah Zobel, Mrs. J. Abrams, Mrs. Abe Solon, Mrs. Ben Goldish, Miss Catherine Barnard, Mrs. Mortimer Bondy, Mrs. S. N. Polans, Mrs. S. Cone, Mrs. Harry Altman, Mrs. Maurice Altman, Miss Alice Wetzler, Mrs. L. Greenblat, Mrs. C. P. Meyers, Mrs. Al Polinsky, Mrs. D. Freimuth, and Mrs. Ginsberg. C. D. Oreckovsky secretary. $18,000 subscribed.

1921-12-28 Grand Lodge, Oreck - - 1921 Kapplin Chosen Head of Covenant Lodge, B'nai B'rith, A. B. Kapplin, S. B. Copillowish, Harry A. Shapiro, Charles Green, S. J. Segal, Hugo Freimuth, Lorenz Freedland, C. D. Oreckovsky, Albert Mark, D. H. Miller, Dr. Harry Klein, D. P. Fieldman

1922-2-9 Freimuth-Guthmann wed, guests, Abeles, Kohn, Berdie, Sattler, - - 1922 Ruth Freimuth and Milton Guthmann wed, Rabbi Luchs, Edna Freimuth, I. Freimuth, Louis Guthmann, David Guthmann, Annie Abeles, Victor Kohn, Sidney Berdie, J. D. Sattler, Abbey Abeles.

1922-2-9 Ruth Freimuth and Milton Guthmann wed - - 1922 Miss Ruth Freimuth and Milton Guthmann wedding. Rabbi Luchs, parents Mr. and Mrs. I. Freimuth, East Second street. Edna Freimuth, sister of rie, Mrs. I. Freimuth-mother, Louis Guthmann-Chicago, best man. Guests, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guthmann, Mr. and Mrs. David Guthmann, Mrs. A. Wilson, Mrs. Annie Abeles, Mrs. Victor Kohn, Mrs. Sidney Berdre-Chicago; Mrs. J.D. Sattler-Milwaukee, Mrs. Abbey Abeles-Minneapolis.

1922-2-9 Ruth Freimuth Guthmann wedding - - headline

1922-02-14 Freimuth Folk Attend Culb Banquet - - 1922-2-14 125 Freimuth Folk Attend Culb Banquet. Employes’ Benefit club, at the Chamber of Commerce. Officers elected Albert mark-president, Miss A. Rathman-VP, Miss H. Iverson-recording secretary, Miss Gladys Gerard-financial secretary, and Miss Mabel Renquist-treasurer. D. C. Freimuth, August Holmstrom-trustees. Program followed, Betty Letterman, Emily Olson, Clara Vinson, Esther Holmstron, Gladys Gerard.

1922-3-8 Union of American Hebrew congregations - - 1922 Duluth Takes Part in Revivial for Aid of Jewish Religion. Chisholm, Eveleth, Keller, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia an Winona will be visited by rabbis and laymen from St. Paul and Duluth to promote a revival and development of the Jewish religion. Conducted by the Union of American Hebrew congregations. Rabbi Elvin E. Luchs, Alvin I. Freimuth, Rabbi Jacohb I. Meyerovitz, Jacob Dittenhofer.

1922-3-10 Rabbis and laymen for smaller communities - - 1922 Rabbi Offers Nearby Towns Religious Aid. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, I. Freimuth, Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Help establish synagogues in Chisholm, Eveleth, Hibbing, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia, and Winona.

1922-5-7 Lebendiger, new citizens, B'nai Brith - - 1922 New Citizens Are Urged to Show Obedience to U. S. Rabbi Alvin Luchs, Covenant hall, Duluth Americanization committee, B'nai B'rith. Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Duluth Recreational orchestra, Boy Scouts, Homer B. Hursh, American Legion, I. K. Lewis, Ralph Dunning, Warren E. Green, Judge Bert Fesler, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, H. J. Steel, Hugo Freimuth.

1922-9-7 Bernard Silberstein obit. - - 1922 Eulogy, Tribute Paid Merchant Duluth Pioneer. Masonic and Hebrew Services Mark Last Rites at Funeral of Bernard Silberstein. 21 North Twenty-first avenue East, Rabbi Alvin Luchs-Temple Emanul, Dr. Maurice Lefkovitz of Minnapolis, formerly a Duluth rabbi, personal friend of Mr. Silberstein, A. B. Kapplin, Hugo Freimuth, David Loweus, Louis Z. Zalk, Dr. E. Z. Shapiro, Harry Gordon. Sam and Lewis Loeb, Hr. R. Armstrong, George Spaulding, John H. LaVaque, Lionel Ayres.

1922-12-2 Mathilda Metzger Zien obit. - - 1922 Mathilda Metzger Zien obit., husband Jacob D. Zien of Duluth died 1908, Temple Emanuel, immigrated 1885, sisters Mrs. Sig Levy of Milwaukee, brothers R. F. Berdie of Duluth, Philip Berdie of Milwaukee, Louis Metzger of St. Paul, Julius Metzger of Germany. pall bearers L. F. Loeb, I. Freimuth, Max Albenberg, L. Abrahams, L. Hammel and G. A. Klein, nephews

1922-12-7 Council of Jewish Women, I. W. Averbook - - 1922 Council of Jewish Women. H. Y. Josephs, S. M. Polans, Harry Altman, M. G. Altman, B. N. Davidson, S. B. Copilowish, Charles Finkelstein, J. A. Kohn, Charles Levant, M. D. Nides, I. Oreck, D. Pollock, M. Rose, A. Lurye, A. H. Polinsky, William Silvian, Ida Karsner, Ida Finn, S. Altman, H. A. Shark, I. W. Averbook, Bennett I. Garon, Julius Garon, Ben Goldish, S. Ginsberg, B. Karsner, Kleckner, Henry Lavick, Benjamin London, D. A. Miller, Mohelson, A. Oreck, Sam Sanders, B. Sher, H. Silk, Harry Summerfield, J. Weinberg, M. Wetzler, Esther Abrahamson, A. Garon, J. E. Coil, Ralph Cohen., M. D. Nides, William Silvian, Louis Zalk, Mae Klein,Mayme Weinberg, Shark, Labovitz, Levine, C. P. Meyers, Sam Bailer, Ralph Cohen, B. J. Cook, R Mann, Esther Abrahamson, Mae Klein, Lillian Karon, Charles Oreckowsky, A. Oreckowsky, Artur Marks, Q. Kleckner, M. Silk, M. Cook, C. D. Jacobs, Rene Freimuth, J. E. Call, S. J. Sher, Joseph Oreckowsky, A. N. Polinsky, H. A. Shark, Joseph Stieman, A. Davidson, Jacob Abram, Morris Altman, J. Lieberman, J. Garon, R. Mann, Lou Kanter, M.Greenblat, Lyle Oreck, Joseph Bosner, William Oxman, S. Bennett. Rabbi Luchs, Harry Davis, Irene Levine, Mondschein.

1932-6-10 Commencement - Duluth Central HS - - Jewish Students include: Albert A Abramson, Sylvia Adelson Mattenson, Freda D Bergal Kurson, Edward Isadore Cohen, Burton Wallace Davidson, Nathan Davis, Martin M Even, Harold Fostoff, Edgar Freimuth, William Irving Freimuth, Robert Gallop, Sam Gallop, Harry L Garon, Lillian Glasser Rosen, Betty L Glazman Reiss, Goldie Jery Gordon Boznu, Betty Green Mangel, Ida P Green, Pearl, Karsner Shapiro, Norman G Levine, Yale Byron Levine, Harold Irving Lindeke, Morris Louis Meltz, Jane Milavetz Baddin, Fay Enid Oxman Traubman, MItchell Polinsky, Irving D Schneider, Jane Z, Sher Siegel, Frank Shusterman, Eva Singer Shamblott, Rosalyn Singer Shamblott, Bessie Slovut Stein, Jeanette Leah Soloski Scot, Marvin Jerome Stewart, David Taran, Ruth B Vertelney Klein, Getchell Widdes

1937 U.S.SchoolYearbooksForRuthOreckovsky and Leo Cohen - - 1937 photo of Leo Cohen, mention of Charles Freimuth, Sherman Naymark, Robert Friedman, Victor Weinberg, Shirley Karsner, Daniel Wiener, Irene Jacobson, Helen Horitz, Ruth Oreckovsky, Dorothy Shusterman, Anna Gordon, Phillip Golden.

1945-5-11 Senior Class Play - Duluth Central HS - - Sylvestor Sher, Joel Labovitz, Phyllis Freimuth Rudolph, Gail Altman Meissner, Sarah Zien Herzog, Elinor Siegel Leipzi and Esther Pearl Goldberg

1961-10-18 Freimuths to quit business today - - Freimuth 's Department Store, Duluth's oldest family-owned firm, will go out of business at 5:15 p.m. today.

2011-2-6 Freimuth Department Store, heart of downtown Duluth - - Freimuth’s Department Store was located in downtown Duluth at the corner of Superior Street and Lake Avenue, on the site of what is now an open plaza next to the Minnesota Power building, where the city Christmas tree is displayed each year.

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