Popkin Furniture Company - Superior

Popkin Furniture Company was located at 518-520 Tower Avenue in Superior. The store was owned and operated by Arnold Julius Popkin (1915-1988) and his brother-in-law Benjamin J. Marcovich (1907-1964). Arnold was a grandson of Sara Fox and Samuel Popkin and Benjamin was married to Samuel's granddaughter Susan Popkin (1909 - 2003).

Popkin's Furniture in Superior - courtesy of Jeff Missinne - December 2019
"The Superior Public Library provided me with a picture of the Popkin building.
I believe the building is still standing, though long vacant." - Jeff Missinne

captured from a 1993 video advertizement
"The TV commercial frame you have on your web page is not the Popkin Furniture store in Superior, WI.
I believe it may be of a store in Richmond, Virginia; no idea if the families are related.
I can't remember Popkin's in Superior ever doing any TV advertising,
though they were a regular presence in the newspaper for decades." - Jeff Missinne

Some of the Popkin print ads are shown below.

1925 & 1925


1930 & 1933









Anne Rebecca Popkin was the wife of Arnold Popkin. She passed away in 2007.

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