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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Friedman Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Friedman Family

2010-10-14 Fred Friedman reappointed as chief public defender - -
Duluth lawyer Fred Friedman has been reappointed Northeastern Minnesota’s chief public defender for a seventh four-year term.

1907-2-26 Plesantly Surprised, Ethel Kall, A. Averbook - - 1907 Superior: Pleasantly Surprised, Ethel Kall, Polinsky, Friedman, Sarah Silber, Nellie Polinsky, Cohen, Rocklin, Minnie Kohen, Kassmir, L. Polinsky, Kassmir, L. Polinsky, H. Sanderson, S. Sanders, H. Hall, M. Lieberman, A. Averbook, C. Harris, M. Kaner.

1907-5-9 Lee Abraham mother Henrietta Friedman obit - - 1907 Mrs Lee Abraham received message announing the death of her monther, Mrs Henrietta Friedman in Shenandoah, PA, at an advanced age

1908-10-25 Friedman Bros. - - 1908 Friedman Quality Tailoring for Critical Dresser. Friedman Bros. Tailors ad.

1908-10-25 Friedman Quality Tailoring for the Critical Dresser ad - - 1908 Tailors

1908-12-20 Virginia, Samuel L. Cohen music - - 1908 Closing Exercises Of Virginia Schools, Samuel L. Cohen, Joseph Lippman, Morris Friedman

1909-3-26 Sans Souci Dance - - 1909 Sans Souci Dance. M. Kohn, L. Bondy, A. Rose, B. Craine, Rose, S. Swerdloff, S. S. Miller, B. Stern, C. Fikelstein, M. Paker, M Nusaum, J. Mendelssohn, M. Silk, P. J. Averbook. ------ 1909 Hibbing, Annie Helstein and David Miller wed, Rabbi Kussem, Louis Helstein, Nathan Nides, Benjamin Friedman, Hyman Miller, Sara Slossberg, Annie Kasmir, Clara Shore, Sara Helstein, Sara Azinski, Morris Helstein, M. S. Shore, Clara Shore, A. Fieldman, Miller, Annie Kasmir, Hymen Miller, Azinski, Sara Azinski, Sara Slossberg, Bronstein, Stein, I. W. Mark, Friend. Jewish People Wed At Hibbing, Young Woman of That City Is United in Marriage With New York Jeweler.

1909-3-26 Benjamin Friedman - - 1909 Jewish People Wed At Hibbing. young Woman of Taht City Is United in Marriage With New York Jeweler. Miss Annie Helstein and David Miller, daughter of I. Helstein. Rabbi Kussem, Louis Helstein, Nathan Nides, Benjamin Friedman, Hyman Miller, Sara Slossberg, Annie Kasmir, Clara Shore, Sara Helstein, Sara Azinski, Morris Helstein. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Shore, Miss Clara Shore, Mr. and Mrs. A. Fieldman, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Miss Annie Kamir, Hymen Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Azinski, Sara Azinski, Sara Slossberg-Superior, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bronstein, Mr. and Mrs. Stein, I. W. Mark-St. Paul, Mr. Friend-Minneapolis.

1909-4-20 Ben Friedman Stag Dinner - - 1909 Stag Dinner, Leo Idzal, Max Albenberg, L. Traubmann, Joe Sattler, Nathaniel Gidding, Joseph Gidding, Ben Friedman.

1909-4-20 Leo Idzal, stag dinner - - stag party for Leo Idzal and not Sattler. His buddies were Max Albenberg, L. Traubmann, Joe Sattler, Nathaniel Gidding, Joseph Gidding , and Ben Friedman.

1909-12-12 Charles Friedman Kalamazoo, MI - - 1909 There is a Charles Friedman photo in a Kalamazoo, MI paper. This might belong to the Duluth Friedman family, same business - Tailorin.

1910-2-10 Friedman Bros Inaugurate Sale - - 1910 In 1911 Friedman Bros. Inc. is formed. - Charles Friedman from St. Paul and Ben Friedman from Duluth.

1910-2-10 Friedman Bros - clothing - Charles & Ben - inaugurate sale - -

1910-7-18 Herman Yessni and J. J. Friedman store - - 1910 Tailor Invents A New Way Of Measuring; Has An Adjustable Garment. Herman Yessni, 622 East Fifth street. Fitwell system. J. J. Friedman store No. 7 West Superior street.

1911-3-6 Mrs. Samuel Kaner - - Marriage Engagement Announced At Party, Mrs. Samuel Kaner-host, H. Friedman, Julia D. Cohen, many guests

1911-3-6 H. Friedman and Juia D. Cohen eng. - - 1911 Marriage Engagement Announced At Party. Mrs. Samuel Kaner, 1612 Third street, H. Friedman-Superior to Julia D. Cohen-Duluth. Mr. and Mrs. H. Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scneider, Mr. and Mrs. H. Schneider, L. Fridman, Mrs. N. Friedman-Duluth, Mr. and Mrs. A. Schneider. Mr. and Mrs Samuel Kaner, Mr. and Mrs. B. Kaner, Mr. S. Kaner, Miss Etta Friedman-Superior, Mrs. J. Shere (Sher?)-Eckley, Sarah Shere-New York City.

1911-7-15 Friedman Bros. Inc. Charles Friedman, St. Paul and Benjamin Friedman Duluth - - 1911 Certificate of Incorporation or Friedman Brothers, Incorporated. Charles and Ben Friedman.

1912-2-10 Ben Friedman Inaugurate Sale - - 1912 Friedman Bros. Inaugurate Sale. Ben Friedman Gets All the New Styles and Tailoring Ideas on Recent Eastern Trip.

1912-2-10 Ben Friedman, suits and overcoats - - 1912 Friedman Bros. Inaugurate Sale. Ben Freidman Gets All the New Styles and Tailoring Ideas on Recent Eastern Trip.

1912-5-2 Ben Friedman Domestic Woolens - - 1912 Friedman Brothers' Domestic Woolens Arrive.

1912-12-1 Ben Friedman Burrows stock - - 1912 Friedman Bros Make Big Gains. Local Tailors Sell Popular J. Frank Burrows Stock.

1913- 6-4 Ben Friedman Merchants Banquet - - 1913 Cooperation Is The Keynote. Talks Made by Duluth and Superior. J. Solon, or Merchants at Local Association's Banquet. Nearly One Hundred Percent At Function. J. Segal, L. Segal, S. Y. Josephs, Louis Shapiro, Roy Edelstein, Herman Aaronson, J. Sharkey, Ben Friedman.

1913-7-18 Ben Friedman Clearance Sale - - 1913 Friedman's Big Semi-Annual Clearance Sale.

1913-9-22 Ben Friedman fashion - - 1913 Man Cuts Figure In Fashion Week. Duds for Stronger Sex rival Women's in Dash and Style, Says Big Tailor. Benjamin Friedman of Friedman Bros. J. Frank Burrows and H. W. Hodgeson.

1913-10-26 Ben Friedman, Friedman Brothers - - 1913 Friedman Talks On Fall Styles. Short, Stubby Ulsters Gain Favor Rapidly With Duluth's Best Dressers. Ben Friedman, Friedman Brothers.

1913-10-26 Ben Friedman Fall Styles - - 1913 Friedman Talks On Fall Styles. Short, Stubby Ulsters Gan Favor Rapidly With Duluth's Best Dressers. Ben Friedman of Friedman Brothers.

1913-11-5 Ben Friedman checks and subdued plaids - - 1913 Checks In Subdued Plaids For Fall And Winter. Ben Friedman of Friedman Bros. tailors.

1913-11-11 Ben Friedman Cold Snap overcoats - - 1913 Overcoat Trade Best In Duluth. Cold Snap Creates Big Coat Demand at Friedman Bros.

1914-1-27 Ben Friedman great sale - - 1914 Last Week Of Great Sale At Friedman Bros. Ben Friedman

1914-3-16 Charles and Samuel Friedman - - 1914 Local Tailors Show Big Gains. Exhibit at Style Show Attracts Attention to Friedman Bros. Peter Stokke, Charles Friedman, Samuel Friedman, Benjamin Friedman. Lays out the history of the company

1914-4-25 Ben Friedman linens - - 1914 Added Spring Lines Shown By Friedman Bros. Ben Friedman

1914-4-25 Ben Friedman spring lines - - 1914 Added Spring Lines Shown By Friedmn Bros. Ben Friedman of Friedman Bros.

1914-5-22 Ben Friedman ad - - 1914 Friedman Sale Gets Big Start. $27.50 I Price Quoted on Tailored to Order Suits By Popular Local Tailor. Ben Friedman.

1914-5-26 Ben Friedman suits - - 1914 Plenty Of Well Dressed Men, Says Friedman.

1914-6-3 Ben Friedman Friedman Bros. - - 1914 Big Friedman Sale Continues Rest Of Week. Ben Friedman.

1914-6-30 Ben Friedman a sale - - 1914 Sunday Advertising Brougt Crowds To Friedman's Yesterday.

1914-7-10 Ben Friedman save money - - 1914 Friedman Sale Makes Good And Saves Men Money!

1914-7-23 Ben Friedman Friedman Bros. - - 1914 Sale To Wind Up On August First.

1915-3-10 Julius Paul, A. N. Friedman, Polinsky - - 1915 Polinsky Asks To Be Released As Surety. Julius Paul, A. N. Friedman, M. Polinsky-bondsmen.

1915-7-16 Ben Friedman Kriterion Film Service - - 1915 Friedman Associated With Film Company. Kriterion Film Service-Minneapolis

1915-7-16 Friedman Associated with Film Company - - 1915 motion pictures in Mpls

1915-8-10 Chisholm, Karlinsky0000 - - 1915 Chisholm: party in Buhl, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rovelsky, Peck, Manson, Frumstein, Sapero, Frisch, Friedman, N. Karlinsky, Mcdali, Brill, Hemmelstein, Blucher, Lewis, Goldenberg, Joseph Karlinsky,

1915-10-23 Ben Friedman bad check - - 1915 Edward G. O'Hearn pleaded guilty to forgery, Ben Friedman 464 Mesaba avenue.

1915-12-29 Etta Friedman, Harry Hyman wed,Rabbi Israel Teplitz, Snyder - - 1915 Etta Friedman and Harry Hyman wed, Rabbi Israel Teplitz, R. Friedman, Rae Snyder, David Hyman.

1915-12-29 Harry Hyman and Etta Friedman wed - - 1915 Hyman-Friedman Wedding Sunday. Miss Etta Friedman, and Harry Hyman. daughter of Mrs. R. Friedman, 411 West Fifth street, Rabbi Israel teplitz, Miss Rae Snyder-Superior, David Hyman of Auora, Minn.

1916-3-6 Samuel Kaner, H. Friedman, Julia Cohen

1916-4-25 Alys Finkelstein and Benjamin Friedman wed - - 1916 Friedman-Finklestein Engagement Announcement. Alys Finkelstein and Benjamin Friedman wed.

1916-4-25 Friedman-Finklestein Engagement Announced - - 1916 Mr and Mrs Lewis finklestein announce engagement of daughter Alys to Benmamin Friedman

1916-5-18 Friedmans Groceries and Confectioneries - - 1916 Ben Friedman Cash Grocery

1916-5-28 Ben Friedman Groceries and Confectionaries - - 1916 Ben Friedman Groceries and Confectionaries.

1917-1-16 Friedman Azine wedding Talmud Torah, Glass

1917-1-16 Friedman Azine, Latts-Rudnitzky wedding - - Edith Azine and Harry A. Friedman wed; Sarah Helen Rudnitzky and Samuel C. Latts wed.

1917-9-16 Jews Drafted - - 1917 Drafted Jews Hailed As Heroes Of Opportunity. Fifteen Men Congratulated by Relatives and Friends at Reception. Miss Rose Silk, Commisioner Bernar Silberstein, DR. A. H. Schwartz, Abe Fieldman, M. S. Winthrop, Sigmond M. Slonim, Dr. Maurice Lefkovitz, H. Witz, David Weinberg, S. J. Sher, C. D. Oreckovsky, S. H. Kassmir, C. P. Meyers, H. Segal, H. Cassmir, Joe Werteiney, J. Chessen. Honored guests: Dr. Samuel Grose, Dr. M. R. Zack, A. B. Kapplin, Albert Bergstein, Jacob Flint, Phillip Brock, Louis Cominker, Arthur A Friedman, Max S. Gordon, Joseph Hurwitch, Davi Kaplan, Isadore Mendelson, George Winthrop, Abe Flint, B. T. Kenner. Officer of the organization Duluth Hebrew Brotherhood: Robert Buchman, Harry Witz, M. J. Segal, Charles Lavent, David Weinberg, S. H. Kassmir, I. Garon, Myer Kane, Charles D. Oreckowsky, Entertainment: Mrs. H. S. Kassmir, Mrs. H. Segal, Mrs. N. Goldfine. Entertainment: Miss Rose Silk, Mrs. Sol Goldberg, Harry Segal, Miss Mary Simon.

1917-11-11 Sarah Alpert engagement, photo - - 1917 Miss Sarah Alpert (daughter of I. Alpert) engaged to Abe Friedman of Duluth

1917-12-11 Sarah Alpert, A. Friedman, Rabbi Teplitz, Harris, Averbrook, Oreckowsky - - 1917 Sarah Alpert and A. Friedman wed, rabbi Teplitz, I. Alpert, Bessie Alpert, E. Harris, Lillian Irene Averbrook, and Irene Oreckowsky.

1918-4-29 Garon Knitting Mills, Friedman

1918-5-11 Ben Friedman motion picture exhibit - - 1918 Ben Friedman "Fifth Estate" Reviewed At Minneapolis. Motion Picture Exhibitors of Northwest In Convention. Ben Friedman receiving the ehibitors, William Abrahamson of the Zelda.

1919-1-19 Harry Shapiro and Gertrude Azine marry - - 1919 Miss Azine Will Marry. Harry Shapiro, Groom; Wedding to Take Pace Today. Gertrude Azine and Harry Arthur Shapiro. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi A. B. Sakslow, Rabbi I. S. Teplitz, Minnie Averbook, Ida Azine, Bessie Shapiro, Florence Glass, Harris Shapiro. William Glass, Florence Glass, Alfred Glass, Harry A. Friedman, Samuel Weiss, Max Yettra, David Azine.

1922-3-24 Morris Wolfe Hibbing - - Menorah Orators to give symposium at Duluth Club - Morris Wolfe of Hibbing is coach and business manager of the team. Marvin Oreck of Duluth, Max Shapiro, Gerald Friedman, Harry Cohen, David Goldstein

1922-8-22 Rae Schneider and A. N. Friedman wed, Rabbi Teplitz, Kaner, Frumes, Handlovsky, Cohen,

1922-8-22 Schneider-Friedman wed, guests, Hyman, Morganstern, Titch, Bergstein, Simon, Garon, Harris, Holzberg, Rudolph, Marcus - - 1922 Rae Schneider and A. N. Friedman wed, Rabbi Teplitz, A. Schneider, Esther Schneider, Hannah Kaner, Mae Frumes, Handlovsky, Roslyn Kaner, Jeanette Kaner, Sylvia Cohen, Jeanette and Esther Schneider, Ruth Hyman, David Morganstern, Titch, Albert Bergstein, Louis Simon, Tobias Garon, Dr. L. M. Harris, Phillip Hozberg, Maurice Rudolph, Jack Marcus, Nathaniel O.Schneider, Barnett Tayne, Harry Morganstern, David Morganstern, L. J. Miller, Harold Miller, J. Schneider, J. Shere.

1937 U.S.SchoolYearbooksForRuthOreckovsky and Leo Cohen - - 1937 photo of Leo Cohen, mention of Charles Freimuth, Sherman Naymark, Robert Friedman, Victor Weinberg, Shirley Karsner, Daniel Wiener, Irene Jacobson, Helen Horitz, Ruth Oreckovsky, Dorothy Shusterman, Anna Gordon, Phillip Golden.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Friedman Family

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