Goldfine's By-the-Bridge - Duluth
Goldfine's Trading Post

Goldfine's By-The-Bridge was located at 600 Garfield Avenue in Duluth. It was started and owned by Melvin "Monnie" Goldfine.

Goldfine's By-the-Bridge - 1967

The following links connect to news articles about Goldfine's that were published online in the Duluth News Tribune Attic and other places.

-- "Goldfine's By-The-Bridge, 1962" - published online in 2008 - click here
-- "June 20, 1964: Fire at Goldfine’s-By-The-Bridge" - published online in 2015 - click here
- Other online sources:
-- "MANLEY MELVIN GOLDFINE" - obit 2009 - published online in 2009 - click here
-- "Goldfine family | Archives and Special Collections, Kathryn A. Martin Library, University of Minnesota Duluth" - click here
-- Postcard from Goldfine's Bridge Room - 2018/03/21 click here

Goldfine's By-the-Bridge - undated

1947 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1967 Duluth East HS yearbook

1968 Duluth East HS yearbook

The old Goldfine's Trading Post - source: Bob Goldish

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