Saperos Style Shop - Hibbing, Virginia, Chisholm, Mpls

Sapiros Style Shops were located in Hibbing, Virginia, Chisholm and Minneapolis. The stores sold ladies' apperal. There was an store in Chisholm in 1908 called S. Sapero and Sons that may have been an earlier version of the business. S. Sapero may have been Simon Sapero who was born in 1965.

1908 - - hi res

1921 advertisement ........................................... 1930 Gilbert High School yearbook

Lake Street storefronts in Chisholm between 1st and 2nd Avenues - 1911
including Simon Sapero & Sons dry goods, Hayes & Casey drugs, Viglio Erspamer's hardware, and John Kusma's saloon.
source: Iron Range Research Center - - higher view

1960 Hibbing High School yearbook - - zoom

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