S. Y. Josephs Company

S. Y. Josephs Company was located at the corner of 13th Street and Tower Avenue in Superior. It was "devoted to the sale of Women's, Misses and Children's Wearing Apparel." S. Y. was part of the Josephs family and maybe loosly connected to the Zalk family Tree.

S. Y. Josephs, H. Y. Josephs and Max Zalk were the proprietors of the Golden Rule store at 17 East Superior Street. There was a fire in the store in 1907 according to a May 8, 1907 news article. The S. Y. Joseph Company was incorporated in 1912 according to a August 25, 1912 news article. The business had previously been called the Boston Store - Superior.

The ads below were published in the Superior High School yearbooks in the years indicated.








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