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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to Temple Emanuel in Duluth. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding Temple Emanuel in Duluth.

1897-12-3 Hebrew congregation Temple Emanuel - -
1897 Hebrew congregation Temple Emanuel

1899-2-17 Rabbi Sigmund Frey, Temple Emanuel - - 1899 Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Sigmund Frey Resigns, Hebrew Leader About To Go To Leavenworth, Kansas, Will Have Charge of the Temple Bnai Gushurun, at Leavenworth. Has Been With the Duluth Temple Emmanuel for Three Years. Gets a Synagogue Well Started.

1899-3-1 Temple Emanuel, Jacob M. Gidding, Bondy, Sillberstein, Florence Silberstein - - 1899 Temple Emanuel Party. Temple Emanuel Aid society, proceeds for building fund.

1920-12-11 Lebendiger, Ford - - 1920 Rabbi Denounces Ford Charges Against Jews. Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger.

1921-11-27 Lebendiger, fund drive - - 1921 Jews of Duluth Open Campaign for Quota of $14,000,000 Fund. Mass Meeting at Shrine Auditorium to Start Drive. Max Korshak-Chicago, American Jewish Relief committee, Dr. Alvin S. Luchs of Temple Emanuel, Rabbi I. Lebendiger of the Hebrew Institute. C. D. Oreckovsky, Hotel Spaulding,

1921-11-28 Lebendiger, fund drive - - 1921 Duluth Jews Raise $12,000 in First Day of Relief Fund Drive. Quota Is Increaed $10,000 to Aid Local People in Need. Max Korshak-Chicago, Shrine Auditorium, Freimuth, Dr. Alvin S. Luchs of Temple Emanuel, Judge W. A. Cant, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Spalding hotel.

1901-7-21 Temple Emanuel party on steamer - - 1901-7-21 Temple Emanuel, party of the steamer Bloomer Girl.

1903-12-29 Hannah Krojanker funeral - - 1903 Hannah Krojanker funeral, Temple Emanuel, Seventh avenue East and Second street.

1905-10-6 Mrs. Clara Oswald obit. - - 1905 Many At Funeral Of Mrs. C. Oswald. Mrs. Clara Oswald, 510 East Third street, Rev. Dr. MendelSilber, Temple Emanuel, Louis S. Loeb, G. A. Klein Samuel Levine, Sig. Levy, Jacob Sattler, Carl Levy, Eastern Star, Charles and Edward Oswald, Mrs. Aaron Heller, Mrs. Ben Heller, Mrs. M. Mannheim.

1905-11-19 Duluth, Temple Emanuel Rabbi Mendel Silber, Separatism

1906-6-3 Rabbi of Temple Emmanuel - - 1906 The Secret of Israel's Survial. Rev. Dr. Mendel Silber Discusses Question Before Congregation at Temple Emanuel on Occasion of Annual Commemoration of "The Feast of the Law." photo of Rabbi of Temple Emanuel.

1907-2-21 Local Improvements - - Assessments: B. Silberstein, Ignaz Freimuth, Samuel Levine, Ben Kenner, S. Karon, Annie Bondy, M Shapiro, Temple Emanuel

1907-4-12 Temple Emanuel - - 1907 Temple Emanuel Services, “Worship and Music”. Sabbath services every Friday evening

1907-12-15 ag Temple Emanuel, Recipe Books

1907-12-15 Temple Emanuel, Recipe Books

1908-3-18 Library, Sattler - - 1908 Of Interest To Women. Will Study Bible History Ad Men. Jewish Women Ask Library Board to Buy Encyclopedia Set. Chautauqua club, Temple Emanuel, Miss Newman, Mrs. Joseph, Mrs. S. Goldberg, Mrs. Louise Freimuth, Dr. and Mrs. M. Lefkowitz, Mrs. H. Y. Joseph, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. A. Abraham, Mrs. H. Abraham, Mrs. Morris Freimuth, Mrs. J. D. Sattler, Mrs. I. Freimuth, Mrs. E. A. Silberstein, Mrs. M. Levy, Miss Elsie Silberstein, Miss Debora Leo, Miss Helen Metzler, Miss Florence Levy, Miss Marian Levy, Miss Hilda Newman.

1908-4-23 Claire Abraham and Dr. Arthur H. Schwartz wed, Miriam and Hazel Levin - - 1908 Miss Abraham and Dr. Schwartz Wed. Union of Prominent Young People Marked by Simple Ceremony. Reception Follows Nuptials. Miss Claire Abraham and Dr. Arthur H. Schwartz wed. Rabbi M. Lefkovitz, Temple Emanuel, Albert Abraham, 1426 East First street. Miss Elsie Silberstein, Rudolph Abraham, Deborah Leo, Miriam Levin, Stella Abraham, Hazel Levin. Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Schwartz-Norway, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. Spadekar-Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schloss-Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. E. Kaiser-Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Abraham-Atlantic City, Mr. W. W. Wittig-Minneapolis, Max Abraham-Minneapolis.

1908-6-7 Temple Emanuel confirmation - - 1908 Temple Emanuel. Confirmation services, Rabbi Lefkovitz, Minnie Helstein, Lillian Levy, Irma Levin Miriam Solomon, Sadie Gingold, and Bessie Altman.

1909-4-14 Zien - - Charities Fare Well By J. D. Zien’s Will, Cleveland Jewish Orphans, Denver Jewish Home for Consumptives, Temple Emanuel

1909-4-14 Zien charities - - 1909 Charities Fare Well By J. D. Zien's Will, Cleveland Jewish Orphans' asylum, Denver Jewish Home for Consumptives, Temple Emanuel, Harry M. Levy administrator, monument for his mother's grave in Russia, father's grave in Prussia.

1910-5-7 Mother's Day, Rabbi Lefkovitz - - 1910 Preaches Sermon On Mother's Day, Rabbi Lefkovitz Delivers Eloquent Memorial on World-Sacred Subject. Rabbi Lefkovitz, Temple Emanuel.

1911-6-3 Esther Abrahamson - - 1911 Confirmation Services At Temple Emanuel. Second street and Seventh avenue east. Esther Abrahamson, 1331 East Second street; Edna Freimuth 1406 East Second street; Marc Goldberg, 427 Tenth avenue east; Edna Krojanker, 1130 1/2 East Third street; Lylilan Shapiro, 2420 East Fourth street. Mrs. J. Walsh, Victor Levein, Miss Hyland, Mr. Victor Kohn-minister.

1912-2-25 Temple Emanuel - - Work Of The Temple Emanuel Aid Society, Hammel, Silberstein, Kohn, Abramhams, Goldberg, Zalk.

1912-3-12 Duluth, Zionism, Temple Emanuel

1912-5-14 Adas Israel, Dr. Horace M. Kallen - - 1912 Leaves for Madison, Dr. Horce M. Kallen, instructor of philosophy, Max Weinberg, 720 East Third street, Adas Israel, Temple Emanuel.

1912-9-11 Adas Israel, Rosh Hashanah - - 1912 Jew To Observe New Year Today. Begins at Sundown and Continues Until Some Time Tomorrow. Services at Synagogues.Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Teplitz and Lefkovitz.

1912-9-28 Rabbi Lefkowitz, photo - - 1912 Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Advises Jews To Till Earth, Rabbi Lefkovits Declares Those in Crowded Districts Should Take to Farming. Shows How Young Man Made Good In Country. Hebrews Are Familiar With Farm Work, He Says-Children Meet Tomorrow. Temple Emanuel, Louis Loeb, Louis Zalk, Dr. S. Gross, R. Geler.

1912-12-1 Leo Shapiro, Louis Zalk, Temple Emanuel

1912-12-21 Christ a Great Jewish Prophet, Rabbi Lefkovitz - - 1912 Christ A Great Jewish Prophet, Rabbi Lefkovits Says Hebrews Revere Him as Such, but as Nothing More. Urges Christmas Spirit Throughout Whole Year, Says Kindliness and Charity Should Not Be Limited to Great Feast Day. Temple Emanuel

1913-10-12 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1913 Atonement Week Services Concluded. Duluth Jews conclude obervation of Yom Kippur in Synagogue and Temple. Temple Emanuel-Rbbi Maurice Lefkovits, Adas Israel synagogue, Sin and Punishment.

1914-1-30 Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits - - 1914 Rabbi to Speak. Birthday Reflection, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Seventh avenue East and Second street.

1914-6-21 Adas Israel, Zionist lecture - - 1914 Zion Lecture Today. The Significance of Zionism, Judge Philip P. Bregstone, Adas Israel synagogue, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Max Oreckowsky.

1914-6-22 Kodivrim - - 1914 Reclamation Of Palestine By Jews Reality, Declares Judge Bregstone; Lauds Dr. Theo. Herzl, Zionist Leader. Dr. Maurie Lefkovits-Temple Emanuel-Seventh avenue East and Secon street. Max Oreckovsky-president of Ohave Zion, Moses Montefiore Hebrew school-Third avenue East and Third street. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Goldberg.

1914-7-17 Fannie Haas obit. - - 1914 Miss Fannie Haas Dead; Resident Of Duluth 30 years, age 57, sister Mrs. P. H. Oswald. Mrs. Manhaim. Temple Emanuel, Second street and Seventh avenue East.

1914-9-19 Rabbi Lefkovits Sermon - - 1914 Rabbi Lefkovits In Sermon Tells About Education For Life. Temple Emanuel. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits. Purpose of Judaism was not to prepare man for the hereafter, but to teach him to exalt and ennoble his life in this world. - - full page

1914-9-20 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1914 Jewish New Year Starts Today; "Shofar" One Feature. Day of Remembrance and Day of Judgement, Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi I Teplitz, Rabbi Lefkovits.

1914-10-5 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1914 Succoth Observance Begin In Duluth. Feast of Tabernacle Will Continue. Eight Days as Thanksgiving Period. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits-Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-4-6 Adas Israel, Pesach - - 1915 Pasover-Pesach Holiday Ends With Tonight. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-2 Adas Israel, American Relief Committee - - 1915 Seek Funds For War Zone Jews. Local Branch American relief Committee Formed-Campaign Planned. Say Russ Kill People As Means Of Relief. Calls Present Conflict Greatest Calamity to Jew Since the Diaspora. American Jewish relief committee, Rabbi I S. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue, Joel Lichten, rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel.Mamie Weinberg, A. Y. Litman, A. Mogelson, I. Stein, Louis Dorfman, Ida Sukov, I. Jeffo, Jewish Workingmen's circle, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, photo, Temple Emanuel Central Conference of American Rabbis, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-9 Adas Israel, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, New Year sermon - - 1915 Jews Hear Peace Sermon As Their New Year Begins. Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, photo, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-10 Adas Israel, Rosh Hoshanah - - 1915 Jewish celebration Will End Tonight. Orthodox Jews to Hold Final New Year Services at Sunset-Reformed Ritual Concluded. Rosh Hoshanah, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-9-11 Adas Israel Rosh Hashanah - - 1915 Rosh Hashanah Rites End; Yom Kippur Next. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits.

1915-9-18 Temple Emanuel and Adas Israel Synagogue

1915-9-25 Adas Israel, Tag Day - - 1915 Today Tag Day For Jews In War Zone. Collections for Sufferers to be Solicited Under Auspices of Relief Committee. Temple Emanuel, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Adas Israel synagogue.

1915-11-25 B'nai Brith anniversary Temple Emanuel Samuel Oreckovsky - - 1915 B'nai B'rith Will Observe Anniversary. Covenant Lodge of Duluth to hold services at Temple Emanuel Tomorrow Night. - Hiram D. Frankel, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, C. D. Oreckovsky, Samuel Weinstein, A. B. Kapplin.

1915-12-2 Adas Israel, Hanukkah - - 1915 Candles Lighted In Homes Of city Jews. Celebration of Hanukkah, Feast of Dedication, Is Begun-Festival to Last Eight Days. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Lefkovits.

1915-12-6 Henry Abraham obit - - 1915 High Tribute To Henry Abraham, Rev. Maurice Lefkovits Dwells on His Qualities as a Man. Throng At Residence of Late Merchant. "Death Came to Him as the Light of the Morning," Declares Rabbi.2422 East Third street. Rev. Maurice Lefkovitz, pastor of Temple Emanuel. - survived by widow, daughter Virginia, sister Mrs. H. Stadeker of Chicago, six brothers, Albert, Isadore Abraham-Duluth, Max-Minneapolis, D. C. Abraham-Atlantic City, N. J. Lee Abraham of Superior, and Seymour Abraham, of St. Louis. Elk's Club, Bernard Silberstein, commissioner, Thomas B. Mills, L. S. Loeb, I. Freimuth, G. A. Klein, J. B. Sattler, John E. Samuelson, Joseph Randall, M. G. Levy, William F. Henry, Harris Bennett, George Munsey, Mr. and Mrs. A. Heller, Mr. and Mrs. B. Heller, A. H. Heller jr.-Minneapolis.

1916-1-19 Adas Israel, War Relief - - 1916 Jews Organize For War Relief. To Conduct City-Wide Campaign for Sricken Hebrews in Europe. Will Solicit Funds On Thursday, Jan. 27. May Call Mass Meeting After Campaign and Have New York Speaker. Central Jewish War Sufferers' associaion, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Joseph Oreckovsky, Charles D. Oreckovsky, B. Silberstein. J. L. Magnes-New York. -- Organizations Represented. - Independent Order B'nai Brith - Duluth Hebrew lodge O.B.A. - Duluth City lodge O.B.A. . - Temple Emanuel. - Adas Israel congregation. - Kofered Israel congregation. - Shorae Tzdeck congregation. - Talmud Torah. - Jewish Socialist local. - Arbeit ring. - Young Women's Hebrew association. - Dr. Schecter's Zion Tent. - Sisters of Israel. - Kodivirim club. - Branch American Jewish relief committee. - Ladies' Aid of Temple Emanuel. - Young Women's library. - Bichur Choilim society. -(Interesting list to compare to the Jewish Organizations listed from 1880-1976)

1916-4-12 Gittelson trial - - 1916 Reputable Citizens "Guilty". Their "Trial" Was Mockery. Rabbi Lefkovits Acts as presiding Judge Over Bogus Court. Part of Entertainment Given by Covenant Lodge. Samuel Gittelson, Abe Feldman, Judge Maurice Lefkovits, Abe B. Kapplin. B'nai B'rith , Temple Emanuel. B. Silberstein, J. Schroeder, Charles Oreckovsky, Samuel Weinstein, H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. M. Cook.

1916-9-3 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Duluth Jews Will Observe New Year's. Rosh Hashono and Yom Kippur to Be Celebrted Here Soon. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-9-20 Adas Israel, Joseph Cohen - - 1916 'Infidelity' Of Jews Is Denied. Duluthians Flay Cohn's Statement That Hebrews Worship Christ. "Was Paid To Say It", Rabbi Lefkovits and Commissioner Silberstein Stirred by Bold Assertion. Joseph Cohn, Rabbi Israel Teplitz, Adas Israel congregation, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel. Public Safety Commissioner Silberstein,, Charle D. Oreckovsky, B'nai B'rith.

1916-9-27 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Duluth Jews Will Observe New Year's. Rosh Hashono and Yom Kippur to Be Celebrted Here Soon. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue

1916-9-28 Adas Israel, New Year - - 1916 Jewish New Year Service Are Held. Observance of Rosh Hashana Will Be Continued Until This Evening. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Miss Faith rogers, rs. Donna Ribletio Flaaten, Miss Glenn Bartholomew, R. Burquist, D. Drummond, Charles Helmer. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, An Imperative Necessity, J. Braverman, Hebrew year 5677.

1916-10-1 Adas Isreal, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Jews Prepare To Observe Yom Kippur. Day of Atonement,Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-10-6 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Yom Kippur To Be Observed By Jews. Day of Atonement Begins at Sundown Tonight and Lasts Twelve Hours. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Maurice Lefkovits. The Law of Conscience. Pure Before God. Rabbi I. Braveman.

1916-10-7 Adas Israel, Yom Kippur - - 1916 Duluth Jews Are Observing Sared Fast Yom Kippur. Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, I. Braveman-cantor, Temple Emanuel, Dr. Mauice Lefkovits.

1916-10-10 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1916 Jewish Succoth to Las Eight Days. Holy Season Begins With New Year's and Concludes With Sheimini Atzereth. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-10-12 Adas Israel, Succoth - - 1916 Feast Of Succoth Begins. Temple Emanuel, Adas Israel synagogue.

1916-10-16 Selig, Temple Emanuel, Abramson

1916-10-19 Esther Abrahamson - - 1916 At Open Meeting. Supt. of Schools Hoke and Orpheum Stars Guests of B'nai B'rith. Superintendent of Schools K. J. Hoke, Temple Emanuel. Bert Levy, Anna Chandler entertain. A sextette composed of May Klein, Esther Abrahamson, Rae Hammell, Sadie Gingold, Miriam Bondy, Alcie Wetzler, Esther Gomberg. A. B. Kapplin president of lodge, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits. "Compulsory education has always been a Jewish tenet."

1917-1-4 Rabbi Rypins, inst. B'nai Brith - - Temple Emanuel, B’nai Brith . Rabbi Rypins Guest Of Honor At Installation

1917-4-18 Fieldman - - 1917 'Mimeograph' Sticker For Women Spellers. Men Win "Bee" at "Open House" Party Given by Covenant Lodge. B'nai B'rith, Temple Emanuel, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Abe Feldman, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Temple Ades society: Mrs. Michael Levy, Mrs. L. S. Loeb, Mrs. M. S. Hirshfield, Mrs. M. Cook, Mrs. Sigmund Slonim, Mrs. H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. Saul Goldberg, Miss Elsa Silberstein, Miss Stella Bondy, Miss Alice Wetzler, Miss Sadie Gingold, Miss Jeanette Gomberg. A. B. Kapplin, E. A. Silberstein, Morris Mark, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Charles D. Oreckovsky, Davi Fieldman, Abe Fieldman, Samuel Weinstein, Dr. Samuel Gross, Dr. Maurice Zack, Charles Rosenfeld, Samuel Nides, Max Rosenfeld. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits-ne Bible translation. Helen Kunody, Hazel Blumenthal, Esther Gomberg, Miss Sylvia Josephs.

1918-5-30 Dr. Moses Gittelson - - 1916 Reputable Citizens "Guilty". Their "Trial" Was Mockery. Rabbi Lefkovits Acts as presiding Judge Over Bogus Court. Part of Entertainment Given by Covenant Lodge. Samuel Gittelson, Abe Feldman, Judge Maurice Lefkovits, Abe B. Kapplin. B'nai B'rith , Temple Emanuel. B. Silberstein, J. Schroeder, Charles Oreckovsky, Samuel Weinstein, H. Y. Josephs, Mrs. M. Cook.

1919-9-7 Mrs. Abe Garon, Hammel, Temple Emanuel - - headline

1919-12-31 Albert Mark, B'Nai B'rith Covenant Lodge - - 1919 Albert Mark Heads B'nai B'rith. Covenant Lodge Elects Officers, Hears Reports on Successful Year Just Closed. Covenant Lodge No. 569. Temple Emanuel, S. B. Copilowish, Morris J. Mark, Norman A. Cook, Jesse L. Cohen, Samuel Nides, Dr. M. S. Hirschfield, Harry Brunswick, Joseph Weinberg.

1920-5-23 Shavouth, Eva Brusin - - 1920 Duluthians To Observe Festival. Jews Will Hold Special Program at Temple Today. Shebuoth, Temple Emanuel, Seventh avenue East and Second street. Dr. M. Lefkovits. Maurie H. Blumenthal, Eva R. Brusin, Louis H. R. Gomberg, Molly Harris, Rose L. Hirsh, Annette Claire Hirschfield, Sarah Lisman, Sylvia Lugoff, Rudolph Segal, Ernestine E. Traubman, Blanch H. B. Zien. Maurice Blumenthal, Louis Gomberg, Eva Brusin, Sylvia lugoff, Dave Freimuth.

1920-5-24 Shavouth, Eva R. Brusin - - 1920 Festival Of Sherbouth ? Observed At Temple. Dr. Maurice Lefkovits., Temple Emanuel, Blanch H. B. Zien, Ernestine E. Traubman, Rudolph Segal, Sylvia Lugoff, Sarah Lisman, Annette Claire Hirschfield, rose L. Hirsh, Molly Harris, Louis H. R. Gomberg, Eva R. Brusin, Maurice H. Blumenthal, Louis Gomberg.

1920-9-14 Adas Israel, Le Shono Tovo, Gam Atem - - 1920 Jews Of Duluth Exchange Happy New-YearGreetings. Le Shono Tovo. Gam Atem. Talmud Torah, Cantor Braverman, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel.

1920-11-29 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1920 Feast Of Lights To Be Observed By Duluth Jews. Speial Services to Be Held in Synagogues Begining De. 12. Chanukah, Feast of Lights, Adas Israel synagogue, Temple Emanuel, Rededication, Judas Maccabeas.

1920-12-5 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1920 Duluh Jews To Observe Feast Of Rededication, Adas Israel synagogue,Talmud Torah institute, Temple Emanuel.

1921-3-18 Henry Hurvitz - - 1921 Henry Hurvitz, Editor To Address Jewish College Men At Dinner, Temple Emanuel.

1921-4-22 Temple Emanual - - 1921 Temple Emanuel: Miss Esther Abrahamson, C. Jacobs, R. Cohen, B. Blumenthal, C. P. Meyers, Lou Kantor, Ida Fieldman, Harry Gordon, M. Cook, Ruth Freimuth, Edna Freimuth, Jeanette Gomberg, Mae Klein, Lillian Levy, Horentse Bondy, Rosalind Bondy, Ida Fieldman and F. Josephs.

1921-4-22 Mrs. S. Polans - - 1921 Scouts, Midgets to Help Women in Tag Day Work. Churches to Combine in Effort for Famine Funds. China and Near East relief. Miss Esther Abrahamson, Temple Emanuel, Mrs. S. Pollans, Oreck’s, Jewish Women’s Council: Mrs. S. M. Polans-chairman, Mmes. Maurice Silk, Jack Lunch, A. Karon, Solosky, Julius Siegel, C. P. Meyers, J. Roznu, A. Davidson, M. Altman, N. Garber, D. Miller, L. Lass, William Oxman, Teplesky, D. Pollock, A. Oreckovsky, Joseph Steinman, Harry Weinberg, Percy Oreck. Misses Miriam Rosenstein, Esther Oreckovsky. Temple Emanuel: Miss Esther Abrahamson-chairman, Mmes. C. Jacobs, R. Cohen, B. Blumenthal, C. P. Meyers, Lou Kantor, Ida Fieldman, Harry Gordon, M. Cook. Misses Ruth Freimuth, Edna Freimuth, Jeanette Gomberg, Mae Klein, Lillian Levy, Hortense Bondy, Rosalind Bondy, Ida Fieldman and F. Josephs.

1921-11-29 Adas Israel, Channukah - - 1921 City's Jewish Kiddies Happy-Chanukah. Urn of oil lighting temple of Jerusam, miracle, Adas Isrel ynagogue, Hebrew institute, Rabbi Alvin S. Luch, Temple Emanuel congregation.

1921-12-16 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1921 Chanukah Is Next on Jewish Calendar. Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Temple Emanuel, Judah the Maccabee legend.

1922-9-6 Bernard Silberstein obit. - - 1922 Masons to Hold Silberstein rites at Temple Today. pioneer Duluth merchant, 21 North Twenty-first avenue East. Palestine lodge of Masons. Members of Covenant lodge, Independent order of B'nai B'rith pall bearers. Rabbi Alvin Luchs of Temple Emanuel, Dr. Murice Lefkovits of Minneapolis, formerly a Duluth rabbi. Leonard Young. Servied as commissioner form 1915 to 1919. Silberstein & Bondy store.

1922-9-19 Adas Israel, Jewish New year 5683 - - 1922 Jewish New Year to Be Observed in Synagogues. stores operated by Duluth Jews will close in observance. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Temple Emanuel, 5683, beginning of the world, Old Testament, Rosh Hashonah, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement, holiest of Jewish holiday, Rabi Israel Lebendiger, Hebrew institute, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Adas Israel, First Unitarian church, Rabbi Luchs, Reformed Jews observe for one day.

1922-10-1 Morris Cohen, Yom Kippir Ball - - 1922 Jewish Club to Give Festial Year Ball. Yom Kipper ball, Odd Fellows’ hall, proceeds go to Hebrew institute, Third avenue East and Third street. Nathan Kremen-president, Rabbi Alvin Luchs-Temple Emanuel, H. Y. Josephs-ardent supporter, Irving Raihill, Morris Cohen-treasurer, Sam Rosenberg-secretary, I. Saksonoff, Charles Greene, Ralph Elevitch, Ralph Levine, Ben Davis, and Sam Segal-directors.

1922-12-2 Mathilda Metzger Zien obit. - - 1922 Mathilda Metzger Zien obit., husband Jacob D. Zien of Duluth died 1908, Temple Emanuel, immigrated 1885, sisters Mrs. Sig Levy of Milwaukee, brothers R. F. Berdie of Duluth, Philip Berdie of Milwaukee, Louis Metzger of St. Paul, Julius Metzger of Germany. pall bearers L. F. Loeb, I. Freimuth, Max Albenberg, L. Abrahams, L. Hammel and G. A. Klein, nephews

1922-12-5 Mrs. Mathilde M. Zien obit. - - 1922 Jewish Church, Orphanage Receive Aid in Zien Will. Mrs. Mathilde M. Zien left estate valued at $41,700. Temple Emanuel congregation-Duluth, Jewish Orphan home-Cleveland. perpetual care and improvement of cemetery lot where her husband and father are buried, tombstone, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces.

1953-9 Sandra Goldfine & Leon Weiner wedding - - 1953-9 Sandra Goldfine & Leon Weiner wedding. Photo Sandra Rae Goldfine, Leon Weiner Wed. Temple Emanuel. 1722 East Seventh street, daughter of Fannie Goldfine. Son of Mrs. Esther Weiner and Isadore Weiner-Houston, Texas. Erwin Goldfine, Mrs. Manley Goldfine, Mrs. Bernard Bell, Miss Lottie Frankel-Houston, Cecil Berman-Los Angeles, Raena Goldfine, Tammi Gershgol, Harriett Bergstein, Isadore Weiner, Sol Weiner, Abe Weiner, Bernard Bell, Max Kamen-Houston, William Overman, Manley Goldfine. Home at 102 Carson Courts-Houston. - - Out of town guests: Mrs. Isadore Weiner, Mrs. Abe Weiner and son, Mrs. Sol Weiner, Mrs. Max Kamen-Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frank,-Denver, Janice Kessel-Roswell, N.M., Joan and Barbara Heilbranner-Milwaukee, Mr. and Mrs. Al Zatkin, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lavick-Oakland, Elmer Widman-Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. Max Falk-Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Betten, Mr. and Mrs. Merril Rogoff, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Miller-Green Bay, Mrs. Walter Bloch-Burlington, IA, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bernstein, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dorfman, Chicago

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