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This page provides an index to the early Jewish settlers that came to Duluth and Superior prior to about 1900. Some may be relatives, but others are just people of interest because of their early history. The information came from the collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 that are related to our ancestors and their communities in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (presented elsewhere on this website). Most of the articles were researched and submitted by Karen Alpert Entous.

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The original collection on old news articles is indexed on Old-News-Artices Index page in the secure area of the website. The more recently found and larger collection of old newspaper articles is indexed on the Additional News Articles Index page in the open area of the website. More specifically, news about the earlier settlers can be found on the following news pages: 1869 news and 1870 news. The early Jewish settlers are also indexed with the rest of our relatives in the People Index.


Bondy, Isaac     Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Freimuth, Ignatz     Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Leopold, Asa F. and Henry F.     Brothers and early Jewish settlers of Duluth 1869 news
Leopold, Louis F.     Father of early Jewish settlers of Duluth 1869 news
Silberstein, Bernard and Nettie Weiss     Early Jewish settler of Duluth 1870 news
Silberstein, Edward A.     Son of Bernard Silberstein and early Jewish settler of Duluth
Traubmann, Lionel and Irene Silberstein      Daughter of Bernard Silberstein
Zalk, Louis and Estelle Levy      Early Jewish Settler - first Jewish student attending high school in 1901
Zalk, Max and Gittel Lass      Early Jewish Settler

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Additional Lists of Pioneers

Adas Israel Pioneer members

Hirsch Mark 1885
Shalom Kaner 1886
Benjamin Karon 1888
Abraham Klatsky 1890
Schmuel Sher 1883
David Silk 1880
Harris Holsberg 1880
Phillip Sher 1889
Benjamin Kenner 1889
Samuel Milavetz 1895
Sam Kaner 1895
Sholom Karon 1898
Louis Miller 1895
M. J. Widdes 1899
Israel Garon 1898
David Goldish
Samuel Oreckovsky
William Goldstein
Isaac Abrahamson
Isaac Cook

Agudas Achim Synagogue 1890
Hebrew Brotherhood Congregation
List of pioneers who settled in Superior

Louis and Isadore Helstein
Abe Holzberg
Edward and Louis Lasky
Samuel Oreckovsky
Aaron and Elias Siegel
Azierl Averbrook
Solomon Kaner
Samuel Lewis Popkin

Others from various sources:
Rabbi Mendel Silber
Louis Loeb - bank director, businessman
Moses and Anna Cook - social welfare
Ida Cook - Talmud Torah
H. Y. Josephs - bisinessman, gifts
Harry W. and Ida David
E. Gershgol - businessman
Rabbi David Eisenberg Glueck
Rabbi Sigmund Frey
Rabbi Maurice Lefkowitz
Rabbi Alvin Louchs
Kuppin and Harvey Wessel

The First Jews Arrived in Duluth in 1870

Bernard Silberstein in 1870
I. Freimuth (Ignatz)
Louis and Rosa Hammel
P. H. Oswald
J. H. Winterfield
Sig Levy
Henry F. Leopold
Asher (Asa) F. Leopold
Phillip Levy
Sam Loeb
Isaac Bondy
Ben Heller
J. D. Moise Polinsky
Yankel Levine
L. Polinsky
Louis Cohen
Shapsie Karon
William Goldstein
Isaac Abrahamson
Max Zalk
Jacob Zien
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia - Isaak Landman

Sources of information:
Jewish Fellowship News, A Collection Of Memories Celebrating Jewish Life In The Northland.
They Chose Minnesota, Minnesota Historical Society, Chapter 26
The Jews, by Hyman Berman 1981
A Study of the Jewish Community of Duluth by Joseph M. Papo, 1942
The Jews in Minnesota by W. G. Plaut, 1959
The New Wilderness; Building the Jewish Community in Duluth, Minnesota 1870-1975 by Thelma C. Covner, research paper 1975
A Short History of the Duluth Jewish Community 1870-1976 by Bertha Singer, booklet, 1976
Dedication of Temple Israel, booklet, 1975


"These dusty pages of history have been brushed off lovingly and polished to a glow so that they are likely to last us another century.
This was a joy to put together and I hope that you enjoy viewing them as much as I did.
It has put a smile on my face."
Karen Alpert Entous


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