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Many of our Jewish ancestors immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe and settled in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. They came in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This website begins with the Garon, Kaner and Karon families and their extended relatives and includes up to ten generations going back to the late 1700ís in Eastern Europe . It also extends to the other Jewish families who settled in the northern Great Lakes region. The information collected and archived tells us that many are connected from the old country and possibly related through marriages.

The website includes family trees, photos and documents contributed by individual families or found on various genealogy related websites. Collectively they tell a story of courage and persistence in making new homes, creating new businesses and establishing Jewish communities in a new land. There are indices for family names, old newspaper articles, obituaries, cemetery markers and Jewish businesses. Check this website for information about any family names connected to this region.

Much of the general information on the website is open to the public, but the more detailed family data are password protected. For questions and requests for access, contact Allan Garon (webmaster) at

Our family website had its beginnings with us, Nanci and Allan Garon, and the descendents of our grandparents. It has since been expanded to include our huge extended family, our connected families and to many of the other Jews from the Duluth Region. There are webpages for thousands of people who are family members or somehow connected. They include family trees, information, old stories and photographs. There are over 6000 pages and over 45,000 images on this website.

Family Names
Family names from Allan's grandparents:    Garon    Kaner/Karon    Horwitz    Lieberman/Kremen
Family names from Nanci's grandparents:       Hertz      Fritchell      Tatkin      Pasternack/Poster
Extended family names:       Abramson - Alpert - Aronsohn - Baykovitch - Berkowitz - Bondy - Bubley - Canner - Caplow - Casmir - Chucker - Cohen - Cook - Coran - Cowan - Crystal - Daneiko - Davis - Dennis - Freimuth - Garon - Golden - Goldfarb - Goldfine - Goldish - Hammel† - Heifetz - Hoffman - Holzberg - Horwitz - Jaffe - Josephs - Kaner - Karon - Kaufer - Kenner - Lasky - Lefkovitz - Leopold - Mark - Milavetz - Milavitz - Miller - Norvitch - Oreckovsky - Ornstein - Orren - Ostrov - Polinsky - Pomush - Saeks - Salamowitz - Samuels - Shapiro - Sher - Siegel - Silberstein - Simon - Slonim - Sosnovsky - Swenson - Teplitz - Weinberg - Weiner - Widdes - Wine - Zalk - Zien - and more
Connected family names:       Adelson - Altman - Apter - Arnovich - Aronsohn - AzineBear - Baddin - Bennett - Bensman - Berdie - Berman - Blehert - Bloom - Bunin - Cowl - Dorf - Edelstein - Elevitch - Eliaskovich - Gallop - Garber - Gershgol - Goldberg - Goldfarb - Gordon - Green - Greenberg - Greenblat - Grossman - Gurovitsch - Handlovsky - Holzberg - Kenigsberg - Krovitz - Krupp - Laskowitz - Lasky - Lavine - Lebo - Levine - Lewenstein - Litman - Lyrye - Mekler - Meltz - Myers - Podolsky - Polinsky - Press - Rabinowitz - Rubenstein - Rudolph - Schibel - Seiler - Shamblott - Shanedling - Shapiro - Singer - Slovut - Stone - Suster - Taran - Tesler - Walt - Weinstein - Wiener - Winthrop - Woolfan - Yanowitz - Zimmerman - Zlatkovsky - and many more
Many more names:       The selection of names and their placement in the above two categories was somewhat arbitrary. There are many many more family names that are related and/or connected. For another longer list of family/connected names that have been researched, click here. To search for a family name on the entire website, go to the Site Search page.

Open and protected pages
Webpages providing general information are located in the open/public (non-secure) portion of the site and may be found through Goggle searches. A listing of all the people for whom there are webpages on the site is provided in the public People Index. Much of the site is password protected to limit access to family members and friends. When you go into a secure area, you will be asked for a username and password. For access requests, contact Allan Garon (webmaster) at

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The tables below provide links to some of the protected webpages and to some of the open ones. More links to pages in the protected area are provided on the protected Table of Contents

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People's Pages   -   Index (open) of all the people for whom there are pages
People's Pages   -   Index (protected) of all the people for whom there are pages
Obituaries  -   Index for our family and other Duluth-area Jewish families
Cemetery Markers  -   Index for our family and other Duluth-area Jewish families
News Articles  -   Index for our family and other Duluth-area Jewish families
Pictures  -   Index of pictures of other Jewish families from the Duluth area
Businesses, Organizations and Notable Professionals  -   Index for the Jews of Greater Duluth

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Also, suggest what password that you would like to use.

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