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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Edelstein Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Edelstein Family.

1896-01-07_3 Samuel Edelstein groceries fire insurance 3,500 DNT - -
1896-1-7 The Solon Block Losses. Samuel Edelstein, groceries, $3,500, insurance $2,000.

1896-01-07_3 Typhoid outbreak schools teachers ill DNT - - 1896-1-7 School Notes. Several Teachers Are Ill and A Number of Substitutes Take Their Places. Spring water provided to drink.

1898-06-23_6 Samuel Edelstein and Sadie Cohen ml DNT - - 1898-6-23 Marriage license for Samuel Edelstein and Sadie Cohen

1898-6-27 Edelstein & Cohen wedding - - ‘Nother June Bride, S. Edelstein & Sadie Cohen, Rabbi Abramokivitz, Karon, Polinsky, Kassmir, Oreckowsky, Shapiro - -

1898-6-27 Edelstein & Cohen wed Nellie Karon - -

1898-6-27 Nellie Karon, S Edelstein & Sadie Cohen marry - -

1898 10-01_4 S Edelstein Furniture businesson Tower Labor_world - - 1898-10-1 3rd. col. Labor world S. Edelstein, Furniture. 509-511 Tower avenue. Second hand furniture, stoves, bedding, carpets.

1898-10-08_5 Second Hand Store S. Edelstein Labor_world - - 1898-10-8 Labor world Directory of Duluth and Superior Business Firms. - - - . - - - Clothing and Gents’ Furnishing goods - - - William M. Abrahamson 112 and 225 W. Superior Clothing and Gents’ Furnishing goods. - - - Louis Oreckovsky, 530 West Superior street. - - - M. Cook, 400 West Superior street.. - - - N. L. Summerfield Twentieth avenue west. . - - - . - - - Furs and Fur Goods Made.. - - - H. Gross, 1011 Tower Ave., W. Sup., Wis. . - - - . - - - Groceries, Fruits, Etc. . - - - M. M. Sher, 123 First avenue east. . - - - Livery, Sale Stables, Etc.. - - - J. Hammel & Co., 125-127 West First St. . - - - . - - - Second Hand Goods.. - - - Bloom & Co., 102 West First St.. - - - M. Shapira, 12 First avenue west.. - - - S. Edelstein, 509 tower Ave., W. Sup., Wis. . - - - . - - - Wholesale Liquors.. - - - . - - - B. Heller Liquor Co., 102 W. Michigan Sts. . - - - . - - - Wines, Fine Liquors, Etc.. - - - . - - - M. S. Cook, 509 West Superior street..

1898-10-08_5 St Paul and Duluth Railroad Labor_world - - 1898-10-8_5 St Paul and Duluth Railroad Labor_world - Cropped - The short line between st Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, West Superior

1898-10-15_5 R Edelstein & Co. 2nd Hand Goods 516 Tower Labor_world - - 1898-10-15 Labor world R. Edelstein & Co., Second Hand Goods. 516 Tower avenue, furniture store. Stoves, bedroom sets. - - There may be other businesses Listed

1898-11-19_6 Roy and Samuel Edelstein listings Labor_world - - 1898-11-19-6 Labor world Businesses directory. This edition includes S. Edelstein and R. Edelstein with their locations.- - - - - - Second Hand Goods - - - S. Edelstein, 509 Tower Ave., W. Sup., Wis - - - R. Edelstein & Co., 516 Tower Ave. W. Sup., Wis.

1901-06-12 Morris Edelstein DNT - - 1901-6-12 Judegment Against Morris Edelstein

1904-06-19_[10] B. H. Edelstein brick Opera house Cronin DNT - - 1904—6-19 Lyel Cronin charged with hitting B. H. Edelstein with a brick.

1904-12-24_[12] Martin Edelstein furniture store Superior DNT - - 1904-12-24 Former Superior Man Accused of Forgery. Martin Edelstin (Morris) charged with forgery. Charged with setting a house on fire belonging to T. J. Solon.

1905-01-01_11 Morris Edelstein DNT - - 1905-1-1 St. Paul: Bankrupt Held Under $2,000 Bonds. Morris Edelstein, Charged With Swearing Falsely, Must Face Grand Jury.

1905-05-10_[6] E. H. Edelstein fire five children and wife rescued DNT - - 1905-5-10 Home In Flames; Family Is Saved. E. H. Edelstein, Wife and Five Children Have Narrow Escape From Death.

1905-06-17_[6] Second Hand dealers without licenses. Roy Edelstein DNT - - 1905-6-17 Impending Fines Bring Out Cash. Dealers Arraigned For Doing Business Without License Secure Papers. S. Karon, Sam Weiner, Roy Edelstein, S. Helstein, H. Kall, Sam Harris, P. Handlovesky, S. Popkins, Sam Rosenbloom, and S. Barklousky.

1905-08-14_[3] New synagogue Roy Edelstein Hammond and Sixth DNT - - 1905-8-14 Appoint Committee To Arrange Program. Hammond avenue and Sixth street. New Jewish congregation. H. Sparkberg, A. Holzberg, A. Siegel, L. Larski, S. Rosenbloom, D. Bergstein, R. Edelstein, and E. Cohen.

1905-12-10 M. Edelstein fraud DNT - - 1905-12-10 St. Paul: Is Found Guilty In Perjury Case. M. Edelstein, Who Shipped Goods to Eveleth Will Be Sentenced tomorrow. Morris Edelstein, Eveleth, Minnesota, J. A. Clapp

1905-12-21_[10] Roy Edelstein ad furniture store DNT - - 1905-12-21 Ad The Globe Furniture House, 518-520 Tower Avenue. R. Edelstein.

1906-11-11_2 Lena and Rachael Edelstein DNT - - 1906-11-11 Mr. and Mrs. M. Cook announce engagement of their sister, Miss Mayme Gittelson to Marcus Jaffey of this city. (Duluth). - - - 1906-11-11 Miss Lena Karon surprise party, 127 East Second Street, Sarah Milavitz, Ida Milavitz, Bessie Call, Rachael Levin, Tena Simon, Sarah Cohen, Lena Cohen, Lena Edelson, Rachael Edelstein, Ben Goldish, Israel Brown, Zalk, Henry Berkowitz, Getchel Simon, Joe Sloulm (Slonim ?), Joe Karon, Ben Karon, Barrney Karon.

1908-3-13 Roy Edelstein, stove - - Still On Trial, Orbon Stove & Range Co., Roy Edelstein

1908-5-27 Roy Edelstein - - Cuts Verdict To Avoid New Trail In Range Suit, Roy Edelstein

1908-6-14 Sarah M. Haronimus - - 1908 Schools To End Work This Week. More Than 250 Graduates, Grade and High, Will Receive Diplomas. John Ericsson: Hannah D. Kaner. Matt Carpenter: Sarah Edelstein, Sarah M. Haronimus, Sarah Hornimus, Bessie Florence.

1908-7-26 Roy Edelstein - - Roy Edelstein Busy Up Wiener Clothing Stock, Globe Furniture Co.

1909-1-24 Roy Edelstein, Globe Furniture House ad - - Roy Edelstein, Globe Furniture House ad

1909-6-9 Clara De Hirsh Club, Zein, Karon, Milavitz, Shapiro, Slonim, Edelstein Kaner

1909-8-10 Evelyn Kaner Lena Edelstein - - Evelyn Kaner and Lena Edelstein

1910-5-6 Roy Edelstein, Stewart case - - Stewart case of forged checks, Roy Edelstein, H. Lurye, S. Barkowich

1910-7-13 Brith Abraham Eveleth - - 1910 Eveleth Brith Abraham Selects New Officers. Brith Abraham, Morris Nathanson, Robert Martel, Jacob Stein, D. Edelstein.

1910-7-23 Mark, Karon, Edelstein - - Sarah Mark, Bert Karon, Roy Edelstein

1910-12-20 A. Holzberg Hebrew cemetery association - - 1910 Holzberg Reelected. Presiden A. Holzberg, Hebrew Cemetery association. I. Cohen, Ray Edelstein.

1911-6-2 Roy Edelstein - - Reopens On towr, Roy Edelstein, furniture

1911-11-15 Hibbing, Benjamin D. Stone, Florence Edelstein wed.

1911-11-15 Hibbing, Benjamin D. Stone, Florence Edelstein wed.

1911-11-15 Hibbing - - 1911 Hibbing: Florence Edelstein and Benjamin Stone marriage ---- 1911 Florence Edelstein and Benjamin D. Stone wed, Rabbi Glissnen, Hibbing: Jewish Wedding At Hibbing. Goldie Edelstein, Marcus Rulstein.

1912-3-18 auto Overland - - Overland, auto model, Roby L. Edelstein, counciulman

1912-03-18_[11] Roy L Edelstein Candidate for Councilman Superior photo DNT - - 1912-3-18 Ad for Roy L. Edelstein Candidate for Councilman photo.

1912-9-1 Mrs. Roy Edelstein (Ida Zalk) - - Mrs. Rosy Edelstein, Ida Zalk, ill

1912-09-01_[15] Mrs Roy Edelstein recovering from typhoid fever DNT - - 1912-9-1 Reported Convalescent. Mrs. Roy Edelstein, 1515 Hughitt avenue, typhoid fever.

1912-10-04_3 Hibbing B. H. Edelstein DNT - - 1912-10-4 Hibbing B. H. Edelstein Center street furniture store, arrested for keeping his daughter out of school. His daughter was watching the store while her father was attending the orthdox synagogue for Hoshama Rabe/Rosh Hashana.

1912-10-04_3 Hibbing B H Edelstein arrested kept daughter out of school DNT - - 1912-10-4 Hibbing Merchants Fight Truancy Law. B. H. Edelstein, Center street furniture store, violating truancy law. Daughter kept out of school. Hoshama Rabe (Rosh Hashanah). Orthodox Jewish church (synagogue). He announces he will fight the case and has a right to keep his daughter out of school to assist him while he is attending church. Herman Buros, Tower Avenue, saloon man.

1912-12-31 Miller-Jaffe wedding - - Hibbing Girl To Marry Virginia Man, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Virginia, Heyman Miller, Goldie Edelstein, H. Laurie, Rosa Markel.

1913-3-26 Roy Edelstein, Globe ad - - Ad, The Globe Furniture House, Roy Edelstein

1913-5-18 Globe Furniture House ad, Roy Edelstein - - The Globe Furniture House, Roy Edelstein, ad

1913-5-28 Edward Bubley, Edelstein - - headline

1913-5-28 Virginia, Latz Bros. vs. Bubley and Edelstein

1913- 6-4 Ben Friedman Merchants Banquet - - 1913 Cooperation Is The Keynote. Talks Made by Duluth and Superior. J. Solon, or Merchants at Local Association's Banquet. Nearly One Hundred Percent At Function. J. Segal, L. Segal, S. Y. Josephs, Louis Shapiro, Roy Edelstein, Herman Aaronson, J. Sharkey, Ben Friedman.

1913-7-23 Hibbing, Latz Brothers, Bubley, Edelstein

1915-3-13 Julius Edelstein - - Edelstein Issues Challenge, Julius Edelstein, roller rink match

1915-10-11 Julius Edelstein - - Auto Strikes Boy; Driver Speeds Away, Julius Edelstein, Roy Edelstein

1915-11-1 Tag Day Pearl Waller - - 1915 Tag Day Receipts Will BeCompiled. Local organization Will Send Funds at Once to Releve War Sufferers. Pearl Waller, Rose Lurye, Sarah Cohen, Rebecca Cohen, Bessie Fontana, Ida Simon, Evelyn Kaner, Jennie Weinstin, Fannie Sorkin, Sarah Waller, M. Kaner, May Cohen, Mary Brown, Blanch Booth, Ruth Gordon, Celia Kaner, Alice Dorf, Florence Murrell, Fannie Ovetsky, Rose Vogel, M. Anovitch, Sarah Cohen, Sarah Pomush, Edith Lasky, Lena Maginsky, Alice Holzberg, Sarah Kaner, Bessie Cohen, Berdie Weingarten, Edith Fieldman, Miriam Solomon, Ruth Arnovitch, Sarah Handlasky, Minnie Holzberg, Jennie Ovetsky, Sarah Haronimus, Esther Schneider, Jessie Weinstein, Molly Handlasky, Sarah Harris, Annie Gittleman, Sarah Greenblat, Fannie Edelstein, Annie Bruder, Mamie Goldstein, Lillian Harris, Helen Weinstein, Annie Buder, Rose Altman, Mrs. M. Sherr, Mrs. R. Edelstein, and Mrs. R. Cohen.

1915-11-1 Alice Dorf - - 1915-11-1 Tag Day Receipts Will Be Complied. Local Organization Will Send Funds ast Once to Relieve War Sufferers. Pearl Waller, Rose Lurye, Sarah Cohen, Rebecca Cohen, Bessie Fontana, Ida Simon, Eveleyn Kaner, Jennie Weinstein, Fannie Sorkin, Sarah Waller, M. Kaner, May Cohen, Mary Brown, Blanche Booth, Ruth Gordon, Celia Kaner, Alice Dorf, Florence Murrell, Fannie Ovetsky, Rose Vogel, M. Anovitch, Sarah Cohen, Sarah Pomush, Edith Lasky, Lena Maginsky, Alice Holzberg, Sarah Kaner, Bessie Cohen, Berdie Weingarten,Edith Fieldman, Miriam Solomon, Ruth Arnovitch, Sarah Haronimus, Esther Schneider, Jessie Weinstein, Molly Handlasky, Sarah Harris, Annie Gittleman, Sarah Greenblat, Fannie Edelstein, Annie Bruder, Mamie Goldstein, Lillian Harris, Helen Weinstein, Annie Buder, Rose Altman, Mrs. M. Sherr, Mrs. R. Edelstein and Mrs. R. Cohen.

1916-4-9 Roy Edelstein - - ‘Pinch’ Swan Hard On Assault Charges, Roy Edelstein

1916-04-09_12 Roy Edelstein DNT - - 1916-4-9 ‘Pinch’ Swan Hard On Assault Charge. Alleged to Have “Swatted” Roy Edelstein in Connection With Court Case. Commissioner Swan Hard.

1917-02-24_6 J Edelstein DNT - - 1917-2-24 Hibbing’s Red Men At Masquerade Ball.

1917-08-30_5 Hibbing-Mrs. E. H. Edelstein injured DNT - - 1917-8-30 Hibbing: Woman Seriously Hurt In Street Car Accident. Mrs. E. H. Edelstein, Pine street, suffered street car accident. Mrs. Edelstein on one side of the tract and her cow on the other. Cow struck by street car which in turn knowcked Mrs. Edelstein. J. Edelstein

1917-10-11 Roy Edelstein, saloon - - Loss Of Check Is New Hitch In Saloon Case, Roy Edelstein, Harris, Jacob Harry Barkovitch

1917-10 -11 Isadore Dorf - - 1917-10-11 Loss of Check Is New Hitch In Saloon Case. Witness Admonished to Look More Diligently-Testify Harris Said He Sold Out. Roy Edelstein, Brunswick saloon license and businss, 924 North Fifth st. Jacob Harris, Barkevitch. Isadore Dorf and Peter Jaffa, called as witness. Tower avenue. Harry Barkovitch and Charles Arnovitz.

1918-04-04_5 Hibbing Fanny Edelstein DNT - - 1918-4-4 Hibbing: A Kiss For A Jitney At Hibbing School Carnival. Exhibitions to Be Given by Girl Divers and Side-Show Attractions on Program. Fanny Edelstein.

1918-06-02_11 Mrs. R. Edelstein Jewish war relief DNT - - 1918-6-2 Campaign For Jewish War Fund Soon To Start. Committees Named and Headquarters Secured for Drive Next Week. Headquarters 816 Tower avenue. Julius Cohan, A. Siegal, Alice Holzberg, Robert Jacobs, E. I. Lurye, Julius Weingarten, Julius Cohen, S. Y. Josephs, E. I. Lurye, Herman Aronsohn, C. Marcus, H. Leibovitz, M. Sher., A. Holzberg, S. Y. Josephs, Mrs. B. Edelstein.

1918-07-01_5 Julius Edelstein draft DNT - - 1918-7-1 Hibbing: Questionnaires Sent At Hibbing. Draft Board Begins Week of Reclassifying Men Beyond First Available Group. Julius Edelstein, Benjamin E. Karon

1918-8-30 Hebrew Woman, Jaffe, Lurye, Kaner, Goldberg, Edelstein

1918-8-30 Woman Natatorium, Jaffe, Lurye, Kaner, Goldberg, Edelstein - - To Place Heating Plant In Women’s Natatorium, Averbrook, Lurye, Jaffe, Rosenbloom, Kaner, Edelstein, Goldberg

1919-2-27 Roy Edelstein, Hibbing - - headline

1919-02-27_5 Hibbing Julius Edelstein Lyric theater robbery DNT - - 1919-2-27 Hibbing: Thieves Steal Clothing/ Hibbing Man Victim. Julius Edelstein, owner of the Lyric theater.

1919-03-07_4 Lizzie Edelstein DNT - - 1919-3-7 Ask Removal Of Case To United States Courts. Libie Edelstein against Mesaba Railway company.

1919-03-12_3 Hibbing Lizzie Edelstein court case DNT - - 1919-3-12 One Cow Figures Big In Federal Court Action. Lizzie Edelstein against Mesaba Railway company. Aug. 29, 1917.

1919-11-28_5 Hibbing Louis Deitch & Rose Edelstein wed DNT - - 1919-11-28 Hibbing: Wed At Workers’ Hall Louis Deitch and rose Edelstein.

1919-12-20 Ray (Roy) Edelstein, cemetery - - headline

1920-1-23 Abe and Roy Edelstein - - headline

1920-01-23_6 Abe Edelstein dance DNT - - 1920-1-23 Is Host At Dance. Abe Edelstein, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edelstein, 1708 Ogden avenue was host for young people dancing party.

1920-9-29 Edelstein, Hibbing, store - - headline

1920-09-29_5 E. H. Edelstein new building DNT - - 1920-9-29 Hibbing: $15,000 Store Under Way In New South Hibbing. E. H. Edelstein store building on third avenue South. Furniture business.

1921-4-20 Roy Edelstein, tax - - headline

1921-04-20_10 Roy Edelstein DNT - - 1921-4-20 Superior man Claims Assessor ‘Gyped’ Him. Roy Edelstein, 1708 Ogden avenue.

1922-06-25_10 Walter Edelstein violinist DNT - - 1922-6-25 Hempel gives ‘Doll Clothes’ to Hospital. Madam Alda Also Gives Toys, Dolls to Charity Hospital. A new violinist was also heard. He is Walter Edelstein, a pupil of Franz Kneisel. Mr. Edelstein has had considerable experience as a solo violinist, and is looked upon by his teacher as a pupil of exceptional promise.

1922-9-17 Hibbing, Nellie Rutstein and Julius Edelstein, Rabbi Gussie, Hallock - - 1922 Hibbing: Nellie Rutstein and Julius Edelstein wed, Rabbi Gussie, E. H. Edelstein-Brooklyn, Charles Hallock, Badonna Hallock.

1922-9-17Edelstein Rutstein - - 1922 Hibbing: Miss Nellie Rutstein will become the bride of Julius Edelstein

1922-09-17_4 Hibbing Nellie Rutstein & Julius Edelstein wed DNT - - 1922-9-17 Hibbing Girl To Wed. Miss Nellie Rutstein and Julius Edelstein . E. H. Edelstein, 111 First avenue, Brooklyn. Cousins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hallock gave bride away. Badonna Hallock played wedding march.

1922-09-30_12 Arthur and Julius Edelstein DNT - - 1922-9-30 Merit Badges, Emblems Given Scouts In Court Of Honor. Julius Edelstein.

1933 All Nation's Tournament, Hebrews chamions, SSTC - - Personnel of the champions: Harrie Zeleznick, Edward Singer, Leo Singer, Mike Barr, Martin Even, Joe Goldfine, Merton Singer, Arthur Edelstein, Peter Fergal

1941-6-29 Benjamin and Lyba Edelstein - 50th - - 1941-6-29 Hibbing Daily Tribune. Benjamin and Lyba Edelstein-50th Edelstein’s Golden Wedding; Daughter’s Nuptials Sunday. - - Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Edelstein photo. Superior Wisconsin 1902, Hibbing, Minnesota, Ore Capital Edelstein Furniture company in North Hibbing, 10 children: Mrs. Ben Florence Stone, Mrs. Morris Goldie Rutstein, Mulius Edelstein, Mrs. Lewis Rose Deutsch-Virginia, Sam Edelstein-Hibbing, Mrs. Abe Jen Arganoff-Sioux City, Iowa, Max Edelstein-Hibbing, Michael Edelstein-Eagle River, Wis., Ethel Edelstein-Hibbing, Mrs. Morris Sylvia Goldberg-Superior, Wis. Great Granson Robert Allen Zimmerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Beatrice Stone Zimmerman-Duluth. Miss Ethel Edelstein and Mr. Devine exchange nuptial vows. Rabbi Samuel I. Porrath.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Edelstein Family.

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