Rudolphs Furniture - Duluth and Superior

Rudolph's Furniture was located at 18 Lake Avenue North in downtown Duluth and at 1501 Tower Avenue in Superior. The store was started and owned by Maurice Rudolph (1896-1973). After moving to Superior, Maurice joined the staff of Siegel Bros men's store and in 1923 became a partner in the Popkin Furniture Store in Superior. He opened his first Rudolph's Furniture Store in Superior in 1933 and expanded to Duluth in 1948. (The Duluth store had previously been French, Bassett and Scott store.) The Superior business was closed out in 1960. Maurice's son Leonard Rudolph (born 1927) later ran the business.

Salesmen in front of Rudolph's store in Duluth - Leonard is second from the left - 1956


Leonard - 1956

Leonard - 2007

1937 Duluth Central

1939 Superior HS

1941 and 1944 Superior High School yearbooks

1950 Duluth East

1951 Duluth East

1952 Superior

1952 Duluth Central

1952 Duluth East

1953 Duluth East

1954 Duluth East

1956 Duluth Central

1957 Duluth Central

1957 Superior

1967 Duluth East

1968 Duluth East

Exterior view of Rudolph's Furniture Store in about 1920.
This building stood at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 1st Street in downtown Duluth. It burnt to the ground in 1950.
Source: Minnesota Reflections (
Note, however, that Rudolph's Furniture store in Superior was not started until 1933.
The signs on the two sides of the building read, "Complete House Furnishers."

Duluth Rudolph's Furniture Store Fire of 1948
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Maurice passed away in 1973

Maurice's obituary provides some history of his business.

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