Edelstein's Furniture Company - Superior

Edelstein Furniture Company was located at 1521 Tower Avenue in Superior. It was at one time called Edelstein-Tepoorten Furniture Company, Edelstein's Furniture and China Store and Edelstein's Furniture and Gift Shop. Roy Edelstein also owned and operated The Globe Furniture House at 518-520 Tower Avenue in Superior (See Edelstein Family Tree.)

The articles and ads shown below were published as indicated.



June 2, 1911


September 29, 1920

Superior High School yearbook - 1924

Superior High School yearbook - 1925

Superior High School yearbook - 1937

Superior High School yearbook - 1939


Superior High School yearbook - 1948

- 1951

- 1954

Roy L Edelstein and the other Edelstein names mentioned are probably the sons of Ida Weinberg and David Edelstein. Their children were born between 1864 and 1892. They are all listed in the descendents list below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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