Captains Table Cafeteria

Captains Table Cafeteria was located inside the Medical Arts Building in Downtown Duluth. It was owned and operated by Shirley and Jack Garber from 1953 until it closed in 1972. The cafeteria was a buffet-style eatery with a nautical theme and included a parrot named “Amigo."

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Origins as Miller's Cafeteria
Shirley and Jack Garber purchased the restaurant in 1953. It had been Millers Cafeteria and continued with that name until 1959. A 1959 remodeling inspired the name change. Miller's Cafeteria was founded in 1887 by J. W. Miller and run by his family until 1953.

November 12, 1912 news article
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September 1, 1912 ad

Miller's Cafeteria post card - undated

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1941 Superior

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1953 East

1954 East

Jack Garber passed away in 1986 at the age of 66

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