The Hub Clothing Company - Duluth
and The Hub Clothiers - Virginia

The Hub Clothing Company was located at 225 West Superior Street and at 107 West Superior Street in downtown Duluth. William Abrahamson was the proprietor in 1903 and Isaac Abrahamson was president. The business apparently went bankrupt in about 1906 and again in 1921.

The Hub Clothiers was located in Virginia and was owned by the Rubenstein family, brothers Joe, Max and Harry. Although the stores shared a name, I do not know if the businesses were related. Published ads and news articles about the two stores are shown below.

Apr 25, 1896 ad in Labor World

1901 newspaper ad - - hi res

1903 Duluth Central HS yearbook

The Labor World - - 1903-09-05

March 10, 1908

February 23, 1921 - Duluth News Tribune

1948 Gilbert HS yearbook

1954 Gilbert HS yearbook

Isaac Abrahamson was the president of Hub Clothing Company in Duluth and his son William Abrahamson was listed as proprietor. A two-generation list of the descendents of Isaac and his wife Hannah Samuels is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

The Rubenstin brothers, Joe, Max and Harry, were the sons of Tilly "Tillie" Kapplan and Abraham Rubenstein. They are listed in our database as Joseph Rubenstein (1901-1977), Max P Rubenstein (1904-1969) and Harry Rubenstein (1908-1973). Max and Harry were born in Eveleth and all three died in St. Louis County. Abraham and his children and spouses are list below in his two-generation descendents list.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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