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A list of old newspaper articles related to the Witz family in Duluth is presented below with links to the articles. These newspaper articles and possibly more Witz family articles are listed in the Old Newspaper Articles - Index.

1892-7-13 Samuel and Sarah Witz, birth boy - - 1892 Samuel and Sarah Witz, birth boy. Not sure if this boy survived. In 1895 census, Abel/Arthur was 4 months old and the youngest member of the family. Samuel Witz' father must have been Soliman Witz. He was living with the family in 1895. Samuel and Sarah were married for 25 years in the 1900 census. 1875. Samuel immigrated in 1883 and Sarah, Harry, and Lena in 1886.

1896-7-12 Harry Witz, St. Paul Globe, Delano News Co. - - 1896 Harry Witz, Duluth agent for St. Paul Globe, headquarters with Delano News Co. There may be two Harry Witz.

1905-11-5 Rose Witz, Halloween party - - Hallowe'en party, The Jolly Coterie, Selma Casmir, Sarah Simon, Sadie Berkson, Mathilda Berkson, Aronson, Lizzie Helperin, Eva Casmir, Mary Oreck, Nellie Lavick, Ether Shapiro, Bessie Cowl, Rose Witz, Sadie Rocklin, Rachael Oreck, Mr. Becker, Louis Bennett, Allan Rocklin, Harry Levine, Herman Aronson, George Altman, Charles Oreck, Harry Glassner.

1905-11-5 Shapiro, Bondy, Silber Levy, Lewis, Roesnberger - - Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Shapiro, Bondy, Rev. Dr. Mendel Silber, Charles Levy, David Lewis, Milton Rosenberger, S. Y. Josephs, and Samuel Gittleson.

1908-9-12 HarryWitz, cigar, Store Closed - - 1908 Cigar Store Closed, Harry Witz, 1110 Tower avenue, Tom Reed Cigar Co.

1909-3-18 Chisholm, Rose Witz and Samuel Altman wed - - 1909 Chisholm, Witz-Altman, Rose Witz and Samuel Altman, wed, Rabbi Kissam, Dora Witz, Harry Lipman

1909-3-21 Rose Witz and Samuel Altman wed - - 1909 Chisholm: Rose Witz and Samuel Altman Rabbi Kissam, Dora Witz, Harry Lipman.

1910-1-4 Harry Witz, gambling - - 1910 Harry Witz, Gambling House Keeper Is Fined, Raid on Resort of Harry Witz Discloses Six Boys Engaged in Play.

1910-1-10 Harry Witz, check - - 1910 Harry Witz, More Trouble In Store For Witz, Check with which he paid fine for running gambling house is refused by bank.

1910-3-13 Gilbert, dance, Dora Witz - - 1910 Gilbert Hebrew Social and Political club, Endihas hall, Fanny and Jennie Ellis, Ida Lippman, Dora Witz, Lillian Shackz, David Newberg, Ben Craine, Harry Ellis, Irving Stolberg, Sam Lippman.

1910-11-18 Mrs. Witz, Dora Witz, H. Witz, Polinsky, card party - - 1910 Hostess At Cards, Dora Witz, H. Witz, Rogan, Vrain, Witz, Anderson, Larson, Thompson, Sarah Polinsky, Esther Sanders, Alice Wayland, Mabel McDowell, Ruth Borgan, Gertrude Witz, Harry Altman, M. Steinberg, and Clyde Kintz.

1912-6-2 Dora Witz, cards - - 1912 Card party in honor of Mrs. F. Kahan, D. Silverman, M. Finklestein - - guests: H. Finklestein, Tillie Berkson, Jennie Witz, H. Silk, H. Bennett, J. Bennett, S. Altman, Rosenberg, Rifkin, Berg, Berkson, Fostoff, Silverman, M. Cohen, Mrs. Altman, M. Zalk, M. Casmir, L. Fix, S. Casmir, Teplitz, G. Harris, W. Simon, M. Caplow, F. Kahan, Della Fox, Dora Witz, Fanny Altman, Eva Zalk, Jennie Witz, Sadie Berkson, Ida Berkson, Cohen, Sarah Fostoff

1915-7-20 Gertrude Witz, clerk - - 1915 Miss Witz Named Clerk, Gertrude Witz appointed by Deputy Collector Ira Coburn and deputy Louis Levine.

1917-12-7 Harry Witz Soldiers Chanuka packages - - 1917 Hebrews Send Soldiers Boxes, Forty men of Society who have enlisted will receive "Chanuka Greetings". - Hebrew Brotherhood association, Harry Witz, David Weinberg, M. J. Segal, Charles Levant, Charles P. Meyers, S. H. Kassmir, I. Garon, M. Kane, Joe Vertelany, M. Rachlin, M.L. Zien, Isador Cohen, Hyman Segal, Harry Segal, Dr. George L. Kassmir, J. H. Viener, Joseph Oreckovsky, M. S. Winthrop, Mrs. Marie Kassmir, Mrs. Nettie Segal and Mrs. Ida Goldfine.

1918-2-3 Mrs. Samuel Witz, obit. - - 1918 Funeral of Mrs. Samuel Witz Will Be Held Today. Mrs. Samuel Altman, Harry and Arthur Witz, Mrs. Harris Bennett, Mrs. Samuel Altman, Mrs. Jennie Cowl, Dora Witz, Gertrude Witz, Samuel Witz died two months ag

1919-10-26 Harry Litman and Dora Witz ml. - - 1919 Harry Litman and Dora Witz, marriage license

1919-10-30 Dora Witz and Harry Litman wed - - 1919 Dora Witz and Harry Litman wed, Attractive Wedding At Altman Residence, A. B. Sokolow, Sam Altman, Ida Berkson, Arthur Witz.

1920-1-4 Harry Witz, Louis Azine - - 1920 Attention, Duluth Hebrew Brotherhood, Louis Azine funeral announcement posted by Harry Witz.

1920-3-2 Harry Witz, Pawn shop - - 1920 Miscellaneous licenses Pawn Shop Harry Witz

1920-8-18 Harry Witz, jeweler, watch - - 1920 West Superior Street Jeweler Slashed by Negro. Fight Over Watch Alleged to Have Been Stolen. John Edwards-aka Harry Jordan, Harry Witz.

1920-11-19 Phillip Altman , Young Folks' Club - - 1920 Young Folks' club Phillip Altman, photo, Anna Laskowitz, Sadie Kremen, William Jolson, A. N. Natelson, Frank Krupp, Esther Saksanoff, Cecil Laskowitz, Harriet Krupp, Harry Levine, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Moses Montifiore Hebrew school.

1921-1-13 Harry Witz Spanish War Veteran - - 1921 Spanish War Veterans Install New Officers, Harry Witz.

1921-1-13 Odd Fellows, Harry Witz - - 1921 Odd Fellows To Install. No. 36 I.O.O.F., Harry Witz, chief patriarch

1921-1-14 Odd Fellows, Harry Witz - - 1921 Odd Fellows' Lodge Installs New Officers. Harry Witz, H. Segel.

1921-7-16 Harry Witz, Spaninsh War Veterans - - 1921 Spanish War Veterans Favor Bonus From State, Commander Harry Witz, Fourteenth and Fifteent regiment, Chickamauga and Knoxville, Tenn.

1922-3-30 Harry Witz, auction - - 1922 Harry Witz, auction ad for jewelry sale.

1922-3-30 Harry Witz, jeweler, going out of business - -

1922-9-18 Harry Witz, watch case, photos of sweeties - - 1922 Sweeties' Photos Vanish Too Many Girls For Watch,Harry Witz, watch case, photos of sweeties. Note: interesting story regarding an old tradition placing photos in watch case.

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