Ideal Market and Bakery - Duluth

Ideal Market and Bakery was located at 102 West First Street in downtown Duluth. It was owned and operated by Harvey Winthrop who was a son of Mary Tessler and George Winthrop. An article about the store and its closing in 1999 was published in the Duluth News Tribine on January 17, 1999 and republished online on the News Tribune Attic in 2011. Click here to see the article entitled "Ideal Market Closes, 1999" online. Some of the images below were captured from that source. The ads were published in the Duluth East High School yearbooks in the years indicated.

Ideal Market owner Harvey Winthrop, seen here in November 1998..

1978 & 1980 Duluth East HS yearbook

1982 Duluth East HS yearbook

1985 Duluth East HS yearbook

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