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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to Talmud Torah in Duluth. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding Talmud Torah in Duluth.

1914-11-3 Social, Oreck, Oreckovsky - -
1914 Eva Oreckovsky and Charles Finkelstein will wed. Social at Talmud Torah auditorium. Minnie Viener, Ida Oreck,Harry Silverman, W. C. Oxman, H. A. Shark, M. Viener, M. Oreckovsky, J. Altman, Esther Viener, Ida Zurowsky, Sheba Polinsky, Dollie Polinsky, Bess Altman, Esther Fieldman, Jeanette Gomberg, Eva Sosnosky, Esther Zurovsky, Rae Abelson, Bess Silverman, Sadie Fostof, Mae Rocklin, Sarah Kassmir, Esther Sander, Bess Markovich, Sallie Oreck, Rae Zurovsky, Florence Weingarder, Eva Oreckovsky, Selma Oreckovsky, Lena Rocklin, Anna Levine, Sadie Rocklin, Sarah Danieko, Isadore Natelson, Maurice Silk, Isadore Mandelson, Louis Zalk, Abe Aronson, Herman Aronson, Abe Averbrook, Nate Natelson, Dr. S. Gingold, Charles Finkelstein, Dr. S. Gross, A. B. Kaplan, Irwin Oreck, Abe Oreckovsky, Julius Siegel, Lyle Oreck, Sam Garber, Sam Miller, Dr. M. P. Zack, Israel Oreck, Harry Altman, Maurice Altman, Louis Zurovsky and Alex Zurovsky.

1914-11-3 Minnie Viener & Ida Oreck entertained - - 1914-11-3 Miss Minnie Viener and Miss Ida Oreck entertained a dancing party at Talmud Torah auditorium. Eva Oreckowsky and Charles Finkelstein marriage. Chaperones Mr. and Mrs. Harry Silverman. Miss Bess Silverman

1914-11-6 ag Bess Silverman H. Silverman - - 1914-11-3 Miss Minnie Viener and Miss Ida Oreck entertained a dancing party at Talmud Torah auditorium. Eva Oreckowsky and Charles Finkelstein marriage. Chaperones Mr. and Mrs. Harry Silverman. Miss Bess Silverman

1915-3-16 Esther Simon and Samuel Drasin wed - - Esther Simon and Samuel Drasin wed. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Simon 420 East Fourth street, Samuel Draisn-Superior, Adas Israel synagogue, Rabbi Teplitz, Lillian Simon, Lillian Karon, Gust Simon, Samuel Simon, A. Berkson, T. Gotkin, D. Siegal, Dolly Shibel Howard Shibel, Talmud Torah, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldish, Miss Irene Figur, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shibel, Gust Simon, Virginia, Minn.

1915-5-2 Silk, President 18 years, Talmud Torah

1915-7-27 Rose Litman, Nathan Love wed - - 1915 Miss Rose Litman and Nathan Love wed., Adath Israel and Talmud Torah, Karodonsky, Clara Lutin, May Lukin, Dave Litman, Jal Litman, Clara Lutin-Hartford, Conn. Tillie Karodonsky-St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. J. Levenstein-Hurley, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Morris Litman-St. Paul, Mrs. Sarah Levenstein, Port Arthur, Canada.

1915-8-1 Sadie Evana Berkson and Joseph Perlman wed. - - 1915 Perlman-Berkson Wedding Takes Girl To Sacramento, Cal., photo, Miss Sadie Evana Berkson. Mrs. Jennie Berkson, 613 East First street and Joseph Perlman, Sacramento, Cal. Dr. Maurice Lefkovitz. Bess Markowitz, Sara Hurvitch, Talmud Torah clubroom.

1915-8-20 Florence Eva Rachlin and William Weizer wed, Cohen - - 1915 Florence Eva Rachlin and William Weizer-Bellaire, Ohio, wed. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rachlin, 425 East Fifth street. Talmud Torah, Rev. W. Kissin, Mrs. Julius Goldberg-Minneapolis, Sarah Rachlin, Sarah Miller-Eau Claire, Wis., Gusta Cohen-Ohio, Mae Rocklin. Benjamin Gingold, Julius Goldberg, Sadie Gingold, Mrs. Samuel Cohen-Ohio, (sister of the bride), Mrs. Julius Goldberg-Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pavian, Ellen Zelda Pavian-St. Paul, Abe Rochlin, Al Rochlin,-St. Paul, Mrs. Samuel Cohen, Gusta Cohen-Ohio, B. Miller, Sarah Miller, Harvey Miller-Eau Claire, Wis. Weizer will make home in Bellaire, Ohio.

1915-10-15 Osewa, officers elected - - 1915 Osewa Club to Give "Hard Times" Party. Ida Tisbell Berkson, 613 East First street, Talmud Torah clubroom, Mary Simon, Bessie Simon, Sarah Kaner-Eveleth, Goldie Marks-Ironwood, Mich., Mollie Rosyn-Minneapolis.

1916-1-6 Samuel Oreckovsky, will - - 1916 Wills Are Filed In Two Duluth Estates. Samuel Oreckovsky, Talmud Torah, Bickur Ghaulin charitable organizations, family, Ester Oreckovsky.

1916-1-19 Adas Israel, War Relief - - 1916 Jews Organize For War Relief. To Conduct City-Wide Campaign for Sricken Hebrews in Europe. Will Solicit Funds On Thursday, Jan. 27. May Call Mass Meeting After Campaign and Have New York Speaker. Central Jewish War Sufferers' associaion, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Joseph Oreckovsky, Charles D. Oreckovsky, B. Silberstein. J. L. Magnes-New York. -- Organizations Represented. - Independent Order B'nai Brith - Duluth Hebrew lodge O.B.A. - Duluth City lodge O.B.A. . - Temple Emanuel. - Adas Israel congregation. - Kofered Israel congregation. - Shorae Tzdeck congregation. - Talmud Torah. - Jewish Socialist local. - Arbeit ring. - Young Women's Hebrew association. - Dr. Schecter's Zion Tent. - Sisters of Israel. - Kodivirim club. - Branch American Jewish relief committee. - Ladies' Aid of Temple Emanuel. - Young Women's library. - Bichur Choilim society. -(Interesting list to compare to the Jewish Organizations listed from 1880-1976)

1916-2-28 Paul Gollop-Lillian Shenowsky wed - - 1916-2-28 - 200 Guests Attend Wedding Ceremony. Miss Lillian Shenowsky and Peter Gollop wed in Talmud Torah hall, Third avenue East and Third street. Rabbi Tepliz. David Sanders, Esther Sander, Robert Gorodnitzky, Nora Shenowsky, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nesberg, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shanedling and son-Virginia, 0Mr. and Mrs. George Nesberg-Eveleth. Lavick’s orchestra.

1916-9-11 Abe Glassman & Anna Siden wed - - 1916 Glassman-Siden Wedding. Miss Anna Siden and Abe Glassman married at Talmud Torah hall. Third avenue East and Third street. 150 guests. Ida Siden-flower girl. Morris Kamenetzky-ring bearer.

1916-9-13 Sarah Kassmir & Morris Silk wed Talmud Torah - - Sarah Kassmir and Morris W. Silk wed

1916-9-13 Sarah Kassmir & Morris W. Silk wed Talmud Torah

1916-9-13 Silk-Kasmir wedding Talmud Torah Hall

1916-10-4 Young Judea, Talmud Torah, Succah - - Judaea Club Will Celebrate Succoth, Rabbi Levine, Marvin Oreck, I. Levine, Jacob Tulman

1916-10-23 A. R. Latts and Goldie Freedman wedding - - 1916-10-23 Two Hundred Attend Latts-Freedman Wedding. Goldie Freedman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Freedman, 2222 West Michigan street, to A. R. Latts, Rabbi Israel Teplitz, Talmud Torah. Miss Sarah Rudnitsky, Sam Latts-brother of groom. return home to 475 Mesaba avenue.

1916-11-26 Socialism and Judaism, Talmud Torah - - Socialist Leader To Lecture Here Tonight, Talmud torah,

1916-11-26 Talmud Torah, Jewish girls education neglect - - Dr. Schecter, Talmud Torah, “The Neglect to Give Jewish Girls a Jewish Education

1916-11-30 Talmud Torah 9th Ball

1916-12-19 Solomon Kernes,golden ann - - Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Kernes, celebrate golden wedding anniversary, Talmud Torah

1917-1-16 Friedman Azine wedding Talmud Torah, Glass

1917-1-16 Two Jewish weddings take place Sunday - - 1917 Two Marriages Take Place Sunday Evening - Friedman-Azine Nuptials Solemnized at Home of bride; Latts-Rudnilzky Wedding at Talmud Torah Hall

1917-3-14 Talmud Torah Young Judea - - Young Judea org., New York Attorney To Lecture At Talmud Torah, Charles Cowen

1917-5-6 Talmud Torah, American Jewish congress - - Jews Will Elect Congress Candidates, American Jewish Congress, Selma Oreckovsky-secretary

1917-5-20 Mr. and Mrs. K. Sander Shenowsky - - 1917-5-20 Honor Guest At Surprise Party. Photo, Mr. and Mrs. K. Sander. Given by daughter Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Winner. Talmud Torah hall. 117 guests. “Love Your Parents”, couple danced, Ruth Shenowsky, Louis Saunder, Lillie Lieberman sang solo, Miss L. Mark and Mrs. Martin Ruth musicians.

1917-9-13 ag Talmud Torah, Zionists, Weitzman - - Zionists Will Celebrate Arrival Of Jewish Leader, Prof. Chaim Weitzman, World Zionist org.

1920-4-16 Adas Israel, Talmud Torah Rabbi Burstin, Chicago

1920-9-12 Talmud Torah, services, Plotkin, Heller

1920-9-14 Adas Israel, Le Shono Tovo, Gam Atem - - 1920 Jews Of Duluth Exchange Happy New-YearGreetings. Le Shono Tovo. Gam Atem. Talmud Torah, Cantor Braverman, Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, Temple Emanuel.

1920-9-27 Talmud Torah $90,000, Plotkin

1920-12-5 Adas Israel, Chanukah - - 1920 Duluh Jews To Observe Feast Of Rededication, Adas Israel synagogue,Talmud Torah institute, Temple Emanuel.

1921-9-18 Minnie Gershgall - - 1921 Young Judea Club Organized for Girls. The Daughters of Zion, Mrs. I. Lebindiger, Talmud Torah, Bessie Litman, Edith Sherman, Eva Lent, Gertrude Sosnosky, Minnie Gershgall, Ida Sclarow, Lena Litman.

1922-4-28 Eveleth, Ephraim Frier, Hebrew teacher - - 1922 Eveleth: To Instruct Jewish Youth The Talmud Torah of Eveleth engaged Ephraim Frier from Minneapolis to instruct Jewish children in the Hebrew language.

1922-8-4 Lebendiger, Talmud torah picnic - - 1922 Games, Races to Feature Talmud Torah Picnic, Hebrew institute, Lester park, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, Julius Garon, I. Garon, Charles Oreckovsky, Miss Mamie Weinberg, League of Nations.

1922-8-4 Garon, Games, Talmud Torah picnic - - headline

1922-8-4 Talmud Torah picnic, Julius and Israel Garon

1922-12-23 Eveleth, Student play, Simon Sax - - 1922 Eveleth: Students To Give Play. Talmud Torah, Rabbi E. F. Freier, Bernice Weiner, Ann Siegel, Rosalyn Ellis, Meyer Perlman, Ruth Feldman, Simon Sax, Gertrude Siegel, Jake Weinberg.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding Talmud Torah in Duluth.

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Most articles were researched and submitted by Karen Alpert Entous.
Primary source: GenealogyBank.com

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