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A page in the Family Website for the following Family Names and their Descendents and Friends:
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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 5000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Jaffe Family. These links are also included in the chronologically sorted main list. There may be others of interest in the main list that are not included here.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Jaffe Family.

1891-10-30 Henry Bloom and Herman Jaffe, fight

1904-4-30 Jaffe, Jewish rag picker - - R. Jaffe, a Jewish rag picker

1906-8-31 Hebrew Club - - Hebrew Club To Meet On Sunday, Berkovitz, Lurye, Pomish, Karon, Kaner, Berkowitz, Jaffe

1906-8-31 Hebrew Club Lurye, Karon, Kaner, Millavitz, Jaffe

1909-4-14 Ben Stone, Fannie Jaffe, asault - - Ben Stone, Fannie Jaffe, assault

1909-10-17 card party - - Holds Card Party, Jennie Arnovitch, Shapiro, Bubly, Pomush, Jaffe, Cohen, Sher, Oreksky , Reveolsky

1910-1-30 A. Jaffee, Nashwauk, Woodmen - - Nashwauk Woodmen And Royal Neighbors Install, A. Jaffee, trustee

1911-1-12 Alex Jaffe, Nashwauk

1911-4-3 Mr. and Mrs. Max Podolsky, wed - - Mr. and Mrs. A. Pomush, Mr. and Mrs.(Lillian Pomush) Max Podolsky, Jaffe, Chucker

1911-4-3 Pomish and Podolsky - -
1911 Mr. and Mrs. A. Pomush, 411 Baxter avenue. Lillian Pomush and Max Podolsky wed, Sarah Pomush, Rose Jaffe, Sarah Chuker, Israel Pomush, Charles Podolsky, Edward Chuker-Bovy.

1911-11-13 Nashwauk, A. Jaffe, fire equipment - - New Equipment For Nashwauk Department, A. Jaffe, fire department

1912-9-6 Rose Karon, Fred Jaffe

1912-10-20 Alex Jaffe, peanut party

1912-10-31 Samuel Jaffe, accident - - Injured Driver Has Chance To Recover, Samuel Jaffe

1912-11-10 Rose Jaffe Isadore Karon wed

1912-12-31 Miller-Jaffe wedding - - Hibbing Girl To Marry Virginia Man, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Virginia, Heyman Miller, Goldie Edelstein, H. Laurie, Rosa Markel.

1912-12-31 Sam Jaffe and Ida Miller wed

1913-1-5 Jaffe, Miller wedding, Hibbing - - Hibbing Girl Weds Virginian, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Mrs. L. Wolfe

1913-1-5 Sam Jaffe,Ida Miller wedding

1913-4-25 Hebrew Brotherhood, Chucker, Jaffe, Karon, Goldberg - - headline

1913-4-25 Hebrew Brotherhood, S. Chucker, Jaffe, Karon, Goldberg

1913-4-25 A. Averbook, Hebrew Brotherhood - - 1913 New Officers Named By Hebrew Brotherhood. Sam Barkovitch, Sam Chucker, J. Jaffe, S. Karon, A. Averbook, I. Goldberg, Elias Chesar.

1913-5-22 Alex Jaffe, finance committe, Nashwauk

1913-6-3 Peter Jaffe father, son Samuel, hearing - - Court Calendar, Peter Jaffe, Samuel Jaffe

1913-8-1 Socialist Party, I. Jaffe, Yiddish - - Will Deal With Konkelís Recall, Socialist, I. Jaffee, Yiddish

1913-12-29 fight against anti-imigration, Jaffe - - Plan Fight On Pending Anti-Immigration Bill, J. Jaffe

1914-7-3- Keewatin, Jaffe and Karon, fire hose, Mpls - - Keewatin Buys 1,000 Feet Of Fire Hose, Jaffe & Karon

1914-12-4 Calumet, Jaffe, Karon - - Calumet Citizens Form Civic Body, A. Jaffe, I. Karon

1915-2-16 Alex and Leah Jaffe marriage

1915-7-30 Jaffe, Calumet - - Calumet, Minn., A. Jaffe, Sam Jaffe

1915-8-9 Litman, Jewish war sufferers - - 1915 Would Have Permanent Fund For The Relief Of Jewish War Sufferers. Jewish Workmen's circle 353, Louis Dorffman, J. Lichten, A. Litman, M. Conoval, I. Jaffe. Hebrew library, room 10 Edison building.

1915-8-31 Ben Milavitz, butcher shop, Abe Jaffe, fight - - Man With Discolored Optics Demands ArrestBen Milavitz, butcher shop, Abe Jaffe, fight

1915-9-2 Jaffe, Nashwauk, bondsmen damages - - Nashwauk Damage Case Is Won By Santo Sello, Markus & Jaffe, bondsmen

1915-9-14 Abe Jaffe peddler

1915-12-21 Ben J. Jaffe and Israel A. Markus, bankrupcy - - Ben J. Jaffe and Israel A. Markus bankruptcy

1916-2-16 Fannie Jaffee - - Hibbing: Woman In Roll Of Fagin Is Arrested, Fannie Jaffe,

1918-8-30 Hebrew Woman, Jaffe, Lurye, Kaner, Goldberg, Edelstein

1918-8-30 Woman Natatorium, Jaffe, Lurye, Kaner, Goldberg, Edelstein - - To Place Heating Plant In Womenís Natatorium, Averbrook, Lurye, Jaffe, Rosenbloom, Kaner, Edelstein, Goldberg

1919-7-10 liquor licenses, Milavetz, Jaffe Karon - - headline

1919-7-26 Philip Litman - - 1919 Zionists' Picnic Is Arranged For At Billings Park. Superior Will Be Host to Range and Duluth People-Fete to Be Held Aug. 10. Herman Aronsohn, Charles Arinovitch, Mrs. Ida Harris, M. Greeberg, Isadore Cohen, Alex Shapiro, Frank Webber, M. Lurye, P. Jaffe, E. Lurye, B. Cohen, Burnette Schneider, S. Y. Josephs, Rae Schneider, Hannah Kaner, Mrs. A. Shapiro, Edith Lsky, Byrdle Weingarten, Philip Litman, I. Dorf, Paul Hyman, Louis Kempinsky, L. Simon, A. Soraka, Harold Lasky, Dr. L. M. Harris, Robert Jacobs, Julius Cohen, Albert Marks, Dr. S. Gross, Herman Stulberg, Nathan Nides, Harry Goldberg, Castle Marcus.

1919-12-12 Hibbing, Mrs. I. Jaffe, obit., sons Abraham & Edwin - - headline

1919-12-12 I. Jaffe, obit., Hibbing

1919-12-12 Hibbing-Mrs. I. Jaffe obit. - - 1919 Hibbing: Mrs. I. Jaffe obit. Abraham and Edwin sons.

1920-4-9 Chisholm, Katz, Gordon, Holstein, Kaner, Garber, Siegel, Bubley, Jaffe

1920-4-9 Chisholm, Katz, J. Jaffe, Bubley, Holstein, Kaner, Gordon

1920-4-9 Chisholm, Katz, Jaffe, Bubley, Holstein, Kaner, Gordon - - headline

1920-4-9 ag Chisholm, Gordon, Bubley, Siegel,Kaner, - - 1920 Chisholm - Mrs Sam Katz and guests Mr and Mrs Ben Gordon, Mr and Mrs Paul Holstein, Mr and Mrs J Kaner and Mr and Mrs MW Gordon all of Virginia. Also, Mr and Mrs M Garber, Mr and Mrs M Siegel, Mr and Mrs Ed Bubley and J Jaffe of Hibbing

1920-10-26 Bankman - - 1920 Virginia: Elect Officers, Zionist meeting, Bnai Abraham temple, M. V. Bankman, S. Jaffe, Hyman Cohn, Charles Ostro, Ben Milavetz, Mike Lindeke, Leo Lieberman, J. H. Garon.

1921-7-14 I. Jaffe, Spiro, Brith picnic - - headline

1922-2-25 Hibbing, I. Jaffe, Harry Stone, mash - - headline

1922-8-6 Cohen-Jaffe lic., Virginia - - headline

1922-8-6 Pearl Jaffee and Louis Cohen, ml - - headline

1922-8-6 Louis Cohen and Pearl Jaffee ml. - - 1922 Louis Cohen and Pearl Jaffe get marriage license

1922-10-10 Virginia, B'nai Milavetz, Jaffe, Dorfman, Kaner, Cohen, Simon, etc - - headline

1922-10-10 Virginia, Mesberg, Dorfman, Jaffee, Cohen, Scheiber, Bankman

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Jaffe Family.

To search for a word: Hit control & F (for Find) - then type the word in the box and hit "next"

Most articles were researched and submitted by Karen Alpert Entous.
Primary source: GenealogyBank.com

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