Aaron with Garrett and Coco and their Friends - - 2012
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My grandson Aaron (nine years old) came from Pennsylvania to visit us here in Tucson for almost the entire month of August 2012. He came with his mom and his sister Nadia.

This first picture shows Aaron with his dog Keeley and his friend Tyler.

The rest of the pictures on this page were taken during his visit. Many were taken during our Breakfasts with the Dogs.

In the first picture below, Aaron is walking Jasper and Maximus on the patio at Arizona National (zoom in).

In the pictures above: Aaron is with Max again, then with Sheba, then with Benji, then with Sierra and with Garrett and Coco.

Aaron is shown with the ponies we saw during our hike in the Woodlands

When not at the dog park, Aaron was learning how to swim and practicing hard

Click on the images to see videos of Aaron swimming

Aaron also got to hike on Mt. Lemmon with Kathy and Liz

Aaron road to the dog park and Breakfast with the Dogs in the Mustang with Garrett and Coco.

Aaron visited us in Tucson again in December 2012

The two pictures above were taken on a hike up to the top of Aqua Caliente Hill with Jasper and Sheba.

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