Hiking with the Dogs at the Woodlands
Garrett's Friends

Hiking at the Woodlands with Nadia, Aaron, Garrett and Coco and the rest of the pack. These photos were taken during several walks in the area during August and September 2012. Sat photos of the area are also shown at the bottom of the page.

Starting early in the morning and walking east toward the Rincons
Photo courtesy of Sierra and Kathy.

We walk by the lake as we head east and then by it again on our return.

Some photos courtesy of Aaron and some of Sierra and Kathy.

Click on some of the images below for hi res.

Satellite maps of the Woodlands area are shown below. (Click on the images for hi res.)

Sat photo of the western Woodlands area - hi res

Sat photo of the eastern Woodlands area - hi res

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