Hiking with the Dogs - Aqua Caliente Hill

The dogs got their exercise with a hike instead of at the dog park during the early morning of May 19, 2011. We hiked on the trail up Aqua Caliente Hill from the trail head at the east end of Fort Lowell Road. The dogs' two-legged companions got their exercise as well during the 90 minute hike up the hill and the 60 minute hike back down. The day was perfect with temperatures about 70 degrees and cloud cover.

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The Aqua Caliente trail head is shown as the circle parking lot on the lower left of the image above.
Our hike started at the north end of the parking lot.
We wound our way up the hill past the point where the trail disappears at the top of the photo.

A group hiked Aqua Caliente Hill again in December 2012. Most of us went only part way but Aaron, Jasper and Sheba climbed to the top.

The pictures above were taken on a hike up to the top of Aqua Caliente Hill with Aaron, Jasper and Sheba in December 2012.
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