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Coco is a parti standard poodle who lived with Garrett and Nanci and Allan here in Tucson. He is white and coco and was born on September 19, 2011. He was adopted into Garrett's home on May 18, 2012 and weighed about 35 pounds. He has green eyes.

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Coco is a littermate of Cappy.

Coco was turned over to Arizona Poodle Rescue on December 29, 2016 to find him a new home. He had to be separated from Cappy because Coco was fighting with him. More on the subject at the bottom of the page.

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New poodle hair cut - June 5, 2012

Taken at McDonald Dog Park in May & June, 2012 - courtesy of Max and Larry

In June 2012, Coco was just learning to play at McDonald Park. His first new friend, besides Garrett, was Trooper. Trooper is two months older and much wiser. He is chasing Coco in this stop-action photo (courtesy of Max and Larry). To see more high-speed shots of Coco and Trooper playing, click here.

More pictures of Coco playing in 2012 are shown below.


Soon after Coco came to live with us, I carried him into the pool to teach him how to find the steps in order to get out.
He did not seem to be afraid of the water and knew how to swim, but he had no interest in going back in. - - hi res

Before and After - - before his first haircut and after his second in July 2012 - - hi res

Coco with Tammi in December 2012

Coco in February 2014 - - hi res - - hi res

Coco in September 2014 - - zoom

Coco in August 2015

Coco in Bryan, Texas in November 2016 - - hi res

Coco in Tucson in December 2016 - - hi res - - hi res

More about Coco
Coco was born on September 19, 2011. He was a rescue and came to live with us in May of 2012. He was surrendered to Lou Murphy at Arizona Poodle Rescue on December 29, 2016 for them to find him a new home. He was fighting with his littermate Cappy and they needed to be separated. Here is the rest of the story.

Coco bonded to Garrett immediately after his arrival and to us. He has always been very submissive to Garrett.

Coco went to the dog park with Garrett and me every day for about a year. He never was comfortable there, usually avoiding interaction with other dogs. He would sometimes sniff noses with other dogs, but he would not let them sniff his butt. If other dogs pursued him in a playful way he will run away; if they chased after him to play, he would stand his ground, bark and snap at them. He would select certain weaker (younger, smaller) dogs and terrorize them by running by them and barking at the back of their necks. He did for short while have one playmate at the dog park, another standard about his size named Trouper.

Coco was extremely bonded to me and had high separation anxiety. He was very shy with other people but has improved over the years and would usually let others pet him.

Coco's littermate Cappy came to live with us in February of 2013. Coco and Cappy got along well right from the beginning of their reunion. They did get into arguments occasionally but never anything serious, never drawing blood. Usually, their arguement lasted only a few seconds and they disengaged on their own. Sometimes I would have to yell at them and break in between them with a knee.

Coco had wanted to be dominant over Cappy since the beginning. Cappy was always neutral; he had no interest in being dominant but was not submissive either. When Coco tried to dominated Cappy by poking at him or standing over him, Cappy would just stand there and look away. However, if Coco got too aggressive, Cappy would defend himself and Coco would back off. They got along just fine 99 percent of the time. However, if Cappy was disadvantaged, say by my disciplining him or Garrett doing so, Coco would take advantage of that and attack him.

In November 2016 while visiting our son in Bryan, Texas, Cappy injured his knee sliding on wet leaves covering a wooden deck. He came running to me yelping and on three legs. Coco attached him viciously, apparently trying to kill him. I got badly injured on the hand while trying to separate them and almost needed surgery. Cappy's leg got reinjured again several times during the next couple of weeks, and Coco tryed to attach him each time. Our vet said that it could take several months for Cappy to heal. We needed to keep Coco and Cappy separated to enable Cappy's leg to heal and to protect him from Coco. We had to keep one of them in a crate or on leash until Coco was taken for rehoming.

Coco is shown in Chris's foster care below.

Coco in foster - January 2017

Coco went to live with his new family at the end of January 2017. He now lives in Palm Springs and has a vacation home in Sedona. He gets to travel and be involved in many activities. He also got a new haircut for his new life. Coco is happy and adjusted in his new home.

Coco's second day at his vacation home in Sedona - - hi res

Coco at his new home in Palm Springs with his new haircut - February 2017
hi res - - hi res

Coco's seventh birthday in his new home - September 19, 2018 - - hi res

2020 - - zoom




The images below show Gizzy before he came to his new home and became Coco.

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