Benji Brulee
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Benji Brulee is a chocolate brown standard poodle. He is the son of Sammie and Teddy. He was born in Tucson in May 2012. He is a friend of Garrett and lives with our friends and neighbors Nancy and Abe here in Tucson.

In March of 2018, Benji got a new sister named Bebe.

More pictures of the offspring of Sammie and Teddy are on the page for Sammie and Teddy's Pups. Benji's pictures are arrainged from newest to oldest.

Benjy at his fifth birthday in May 2017

The five pictures above of Benji with Creme and Abe were taken at McDonald Park in November 2012

Benji met Creme's friends Coco and Garrett in mid July.

Benji at two months and 14 pounds in early July

Benji in late June.

Benji in early June.

Benji at about a week old in May 2012

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