Keeley Stein (1999-2012)
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Keeley was a German shepherd who lived with our grandson Aaron and his family on a farm in Pennsylvania. Keeley and Garrett are "cousins," related by way of the extended family tree of their two-legged companions. Keeley was born in March 1999 and passed away in September 2012.

Keeley was very smart and wants to be a working dog. She has gone through basic training and some agility training. She has a fantastic nose. If you take her ball away and hide it, she will search until she finds that exact ball. She will walk past the hiding spot, catch the scent and go back and grab it. Keeley is always ready to play ball and usually has one or two toys in her mouth.

Keeley at home in August 2011

Keeley at home in December 2011 - photo courtesy of Aaron

Goodby Keeley - see you on the Rainbow Bridge - September 2012

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