Garrett's Friends

Sierra is one of Garrett's friends. She is a young and playful mixed breed. She is probably part heeler or Australian cattle dog and maybe some Brittany spaniel. She lives with our friend Kathy here in Tucson. These photos were taken at the dog park in October 2010.

Sierra and Sophie ............................................ Sierra and Jethro

Sierra, Garrett and Sophie and Jethro

Sierra with Aaron and Garrett in December 2010 - hi-res

Sierra with Aaron and Garrett in December 2010

Sierra as a puppy coming to her new home

Sierra and Kathy hiking in March 2011 - photo by Andee

Sierra with Max in May 2011 - photo by Max and Larry

Sierra hiking on Memorial Day, 2011 - photo by Kathy - - hi-res
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Poor Sierra got cut while hiking in a wash in July 2011.
So, she wore a tee shirt to protect her stitches and here she is modeling the latest in canine fashions
She is fine now.

Sierra made friends with Tazz and Harleywhile they were together during our travels in September 2011

Sierra with Aaron and Kathy in December 2011

Sierra with Nadia

Happy Birthday from Sierra and Kathy - hi res

A photo of sweet Sierra in better times (2019). - hi res

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