Aaron with Garrett and his Friends - 2010
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My grandson Aaron came from Pennsylvania to visit us here in Tucson for almost the entire month of December 2010. The pictures were taken during this visit, except where noted. Most of the pictures were taken during his daily visits to the dog park. For pictures taken during Aaron's visit in December 2011, click here.

Aaron with Garrett - at home, in the van and at the dog park

Aaron with Bailey and Sparkle

Aaron with Ben

Aaron with Chewy

Aaron with Dave

Aaron at Gavi's with Creme, Max, Garrett and Remy - hi-res

Aaron with Harley

Aaron with Garrett and Jasper at Gavi's - hi-res

Aaron walking Jasper and Garrett in the Gavi parking lot - hi-res

Aaron walking with Jasper in McDonald Park

Aaron with Jethro

Aaron with JoJo

Aaron with Karma and Jasper

Aaron with Keeley in August 2005 - hi res

Aaron with Molly

Aaron with Garrett and Remy - hi-res

Aaron with Remy in our back yard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aaron with Remy and Garrett at Gavi's

Aaron and Ripple

Aaron with Sam

Aaron with Sheba - hi-res

Aaron with Sierra and Garrett

Aaron with Sierra and Garrett (and maybe a mouse on the far right)

Aaron with Tanz in March 2008

Aaron with Willie and Garrett

Aaron at Viv's with Garrett - hi-res

Aaron, Nadia and Garrett in Pennsylvania in August 2011

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