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Tanzania (Tanz) came to live with us on December 8, 2001. We adapted him from the Foundation for Animals at Risk (FAIR). Tanz had been one or two years old and had been picked up outside. He had long hairs at the tip of his ears, like a bobcat and a Maine coon. Our older cat Sammy came along to help select his playmate.

Tanz in July of 2005 - hi res

Tanz's friend and playmate Sammy passed away and November 2007 and Garrett came to live with him the next month. The pictures below were taken in March of 2003. Tanz passed away naturally at home on January 18, 2010, after a long battle with a tumor.

Tanz was definitely Nanci's cat. He followed her around the house most of the day. He was left-handed and so is Nanci. In contrast, Sammy was right-handed and so am I. Sammy was definitely my cat. From this, you can draw a conclusion. The two shots below were taken in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

The second picture below is a scan of a portion of a drawing showing Tanz. Our neighbor Dot created this art piece using colored pencils. The drawing is 9 by 12 inches and is hanging in our dining room in a 16 by 20 frame.

Tanz liked to be in the middle of things. When Nanci worked at her desk, he wanted to be there too. He loved to curl up in tight places. He really did not fit in that shoebox in the second picture below. The two pictures below were taken in 2002.

Tanz liked to find his own water source, like Sammy. Tanz was taller so he could reach from the floor. That's good because he was not as coordinated as Sam and would probably fall in if he had to stand on the board. The two shots below were taken in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Tanz weighed about 15 pounds when he first came to live with us. He was up to about 17 at one time but lost over half his weight before he died.

Tanz nursing Sammy in November 2007

Tanz and Aaron in March 2006 - - hi res - hi res

Tanz and Aaron in March 2008

Tanz and Garrett in April 2008

Tanz and Keeley in September 2008 - hi res

Our dear, wonderful and beloved cat Tanz passed away on January 18, 2010.

Tanz came to live with us on December 8, 2001. He had been found in the desert, and we adopted him when he was one or two years old. He lived with us for over eight years and traveled with us across the country. He was definitely Nanci's cat and a good friend of Allan's cat Sammy. He was a handsome, loving and easy going big fellow, weighing almost 17 pounds at one time. He suffered from intestinal surgery in December 2005 to recover from eating string on a cat toy, and he finally succumbed to a tumor after losing half his weight over the last year.

He died naturally and peacefully in his own bed after only a couple of days of real suffering. His spirit has now gone to join that of his friend Sammy out there some where. Nanci, Allan and Garrett will miss his earthly presence.

This portrait of Tanz was drawn by our friend Dot Maxson in 2002.

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