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Razzamatazz (Tazz) is a purebred Maine Coon cat who came to live with us on January 16, 2011. He and Garrett are house mates, friends and "brothers."

Tazz and his brother Harley had been living with a couple who had to move out of town. Both cats then lived for a while with our groomer and her son until they found a permanent home with us.

Tazz was born on January 25, 2009 at a breeder in Iowa (Stormytown Maine Coons). His pedigree name is Stormytown Rubble. His sire was GRC Verismo T'Rex of Starcoon and his dam was CH Tan Tara Windermere of Stormytown. To see his pedigree and pictures of parents, click here.

Tazz in January 2011 - hi res

Tazz in January 2011 - hi res

Tazz in December 2011

Tazz in February 2014 - full face image

Tazz with Garrett in 2014 - hi res




Garrett Garon
2004 / 2007

Harley Garon
2007 / 2010

Tazz Garon
2009 / 2011

Coco Garon
2011 / 2012

Cappy Garon
2011 / 2013



Garrett & Coco

Garrett & Cappy

Coco & Cappy


Harley & Tazz

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