Breakfast with the Dogs at Lodge on the Desert

One of our favorite patio restaurants for Breakfast with the Dog is at Lodge on the Desert. They have a dog-friendly patio, a nice menu and friendly wait staff. They are located at 306 North Alvernon Way here in Tucson and are open early (at 7 am) seven days a week. The dogs eat breakfast there occasionally on Sundays and for special occasions. We celebrated the 70th birthday of Garrett's two-legged companion in October 2011 (but no pictures) and we were there for Christmas Breakfast with the Dogs in December 2011.

We ate a Holiday Breakfast with the Dogs on Christmas Day, 2011

We had dinner at the Lodge on Nanci's birthday in April 2012 - - hi res

We had breakfast at the Lodge a few days after our 48th Anniversary on August 23, 2012
with Nadia, Aaron, Garrett, Coco, Sheba, Jasper, - - hi res

We also had dinner at the Lodge for 48th Anniversary in August 2012, courtesy of Tammi, Aaron and Nadia.
left to right: Aaron, Coco, Garrett, Nadia, with Allan and Nanci in back - - hi res

Breakfast with the Dogs at the Lodge on Christmas Day 2012 - - hi res

Breakfast with the Dogs at the Lodge on Christmas Eve morning 2013 - - hi res


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