Maggie (2006-2017)
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Maggie was a red standard poodle who is a friend of Garrett and Coco. Maggie was six years old at this writing (July 2012). She was adopted from Arizona Poodle Rescue. She had been given for adoption when her owner couldn't take care of her. She was nine months old when she came to live in her forever home with our friends Dom and Chuck here in Tucson.

Maggie passed away on November 29, 2017 because of complications of auto immune system issues and Valley Fever settling in her joints.

Maggie lives with two other standard poodles Lucas and Tyler and our friends Dominick and Chuck here in Tucson.

Dom and Chuck are shown with the "French terrorists" here.

Left to right are Maggie, Tyler and Lucas. Click here for more pictures of the three of them.

"Maggie is the smallest of the three but 'rules the roost.' She bosses the two boys around like you wouldn't believe. She started out red but has since turned to a tan-rad color. When poodle rescue called us and said that they had a red poodle I was sure that they were pulling my leg, but sure enough, she was really red. It's not a popular color and they usually fade as they get older.

Maggie in 2015 and 2016 - captured from Facebook

Chuck and Dom got married in Octoberr 2014

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