Lucas, Maggie and Tyler
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Lucas, Maggie and Tyler are black, red and white, respectively, standard poodles who are email friends of Garrett and Coco. They live with our friends Dominick and Chuck here in Tucson.

Dom and Chuck are shown here with the "French terrorists." From left to right are Maggie, Tyler and Lucas.

Lucas (black) is eight years old and weighs 66 pounds,

Maggie (red) is six years and 53 pounds, and

Tyler (white) is nine years and 85 pounds,

as of this writing
(July 2012).

More pictures of the three are shown below:

"The three of them love going in the pool for exercise and we try to do that almost every day. We've trained them that when they have their 'jump 'n swim' collars on they can go in the water, but if we're out at the pool and they don't have their collars, they don't go in the water. This is great because we don't have to worry about them going in swimming if we're not watching.

"Maggie is a total nut when it comes to the water. All she needs is the Jump 'n Swim collar on and for somebody to throw a ball into the pool. She flies off the edge, all four feet spread eagle, and splashes into the water to retrieve the ball. I love to throw TWO balls in and watch her try to get both balls into her mouth, which is just impossible, but you can't tell her that! Sometimes if the ball gets too much water in it, it sinks, but that doesn't deter her as she will even dive down for it!

"Lucas will only jump in from a step at the shallow end of the pool and he will swim out to get the ball and then paddle out once he gets it in his mouth.

"Tyler is just the opposite from the other two. He only goes in using the beach entrance ramp, gently swims around the island in the pool and down to a bench at the deep end where it sits until he's cooled off enough and then gently slips into the water and exits up the ramp to get out. He never gets his head, and only the bottom sides of his ears wet while he's in the water! Tyler is the most lay-back of the three."

Tyler, Lucas and Maggie love to swim. This image of them in the water was captured from a video showing them having fun in the pool. To see the video as a .AVI file, click here.


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