Cappy - First Day at His New Home
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Cappy (formerly Snowy) is a parti standard poodle. He is white and coco, has green/gold eyes and was born on September 19, 2011. Cappy came to his forever home with Coco and Garrett on February 25, 2013. The pictures on this page were taken during the first day or two after Cappy came to live with us.

More pictures of Cappy are shown on his regular page.

Pete and Lexi brought Snowy to our house after they decided not to adopt him

SnowyCappy before his grooming in February 2013 - hi res

hi res - - hi res - - hi res

hi res - - hi res

After his first haircut after coming to live with us - - hi res - - hi res

Cappy's new family - pictures taken the first week he arrived.

Garrett and Cappy - - hi res

Coco and Cappy - - hi res

Garrett - - hi res

Coco- - hi res

Harley and Tazz- - hi res




Garrett Garon
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Harley Garon
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Tazz Garon
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Coco Garon
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Cappy Garon
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Garrett & Coco

Garrett & Cappy

Coco & Cappy


Harley & Tazz

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