Zona Rosa Restaurant - Superior
Chef's Restaurant and Library Restaurant

Zona Rosa Restaurant in Superior was owned by Henry Harry Cohen (1915-1996) and his wife Edith Levine Cohen (1917-2001). They also had owned two other restaurants, Chef's Restaurant and the Library Restaurant. In addition they had at one time owned City Market and City Market Distributing. Edith's obituary mentioning the businesses is shown below.

Edith Levine Cohen (1917-2001) - obituary

Henry Harry Cohen (1915-1996) was a son of Tilllie Solosky Cohen (1894-1936) and Hiam Shimon Cohen (1883-1939). Edith Levine Cohen (1917-2001) was a daughter of Rivka Molsky Levine (1876-1959) and Meyer Levine (1870-1953). Edith and Henry were married in 1961 and had three children. Their son Theodore Gary Cohen (1939-2010) was apparently involved in the Zona Rosa Restaurant and, perhaps, the others.

There is currently a Zona Rosa Mex American Restaurant located at 1410 Tower Avenue in Superior. There is also a Zona Rosa Restaurant Inc located at 120 53rd Avenue East in Superior. Could one of them be the same restaruant or not?

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