Maurices - Duluth

Maurices store was located in Duluth.

Marices was owned by Maurice Labovitz. He also owned Maurices Bridal Shop.

Maurices Store - source unknown - date unknown

Maurice, Joel and Elia Labovitz
published in the 1996 Jewish Fellowship News - Jubilee Edition

Maurice Labvitz is Emanuel Maurice Labovitz (1900-1993) in our family tree database. He was a son of Rachel Solomon and Frank Labovitz (1874-1933). He was married to Ella Lavine (1903-1992). Family tree data for the family are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Maurices is still in Duluth

Maurices and Maurices Corporate Office - "Source for womenswear, shoes & more" - - On West Superior Street
source: googlemaps - September 2019
view from the west - click here

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