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Jews of the Iron Range - Introduction

Many of our Jewish ancestors imigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe and settled in the Duluth, Superior, the Iron Range and the surrounding areas of Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. They came in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This family website is about our family, our huge extended family and about many of the other Jews who settled and lived in this region. This page is specifically about the Jews of the Iron Range.

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Friends of B'Nai Abraham - - click here    (website)
The B'nai Abraham Synagogue in Virginia Minnesota is a story of loss and reuse. Built in 1909-10, it was the last remaining active synagogue on the Iron Range until its congregation dwindled to a handful of members who could no longer maintain the handsome brick structure. It closed its doors in the mid-1990s. It was acquired in 2004 by a not-for-profit organization, The Friends of B'nai Abraham, who raised funds, and continue to do so, for the building's restoration and reuse in order to serve as a cultural center for all the citizens of Virginia, Minnesota and surrounding areas, and to preserve the history of its Jewish community, of which it was so much a part.

FRIENDS OF B'NAI ABRAHAM - Cemetery Links - - click here    (website)
Cemetery Listing for the Range Hebrew Cemetery, 9th St N., Virginia, MN 55792
Most Jews on the Iron Range were buried in cemeteries in Duluth and Superior.
The Range Hebrew Cemetery is a part of a larger Virginia community cemetery and has only been in use since 1957.

Jewish Settlers on Minnesota's Iron Ranges 1889-1924 - - click here    (pdf file)
by Marilyn J. Chiat

People of the Iron Range - - click here    (website)
Minnesota Humanities Center website;    section: JEWS ON THE RANGE

Home on the Range - - click here    (website)
Family Website by S. Aaron Laden, son of Bernard Laden, grandson of Sarah Ellis Ladin, great grandson of Miriam Naividel Eliaschevitz, great great grandson of Hillel Naividel - July 2000

Jewish Religious Life on the Iron Range - - click here    (website)
MNOPEDIA - - Minnesota Historical Society
In the late nineteenth century, some of the Jewish immigrants who had originally settled in the Twin Ports of Duluth-Superior saw economic opportunity in the nearby Iron Range of northern Minnesota.

Jews on the Iron Range Tour - - click here    (website)
Minnesota Historical Society
Jews began to arrive in the area of the Iron Range as early as 1840, as the drive to open the frontier and exploit natural resources expanded.

Jewish Names Associated with the Various Range Cities - - click here    (page on this site)
This page lists Jewish names that lived or were associated with the vaious Range cities.
DRAFT - preliminary work in progress

Iron Range Jews - Part 1 - - click here    (youtube video)
Youtube video posted on Facebook in 2014 by Phil Sher with the following comment:
"Hard to believe that it's been 17 years since they filmed me for this piece. Sad to say that I'm one of the few left alive. Those who passed were my Uncle John Siegle, Phil Myzel, & Izzy Crystal."

Iron Range News - 1883 - - click here    (pdf file)
The Vermillion Iron Mines - news 1883-2-9
The company ready to go ahead and spend $4,000,000 inside of 15 months.

Iron Range News - 1892 - - click here    original (pdf file)       click here    - transcription (htm file)
The Rich Discoveries of High Grade Iron Made Upon the Mesaba or the Giant Range Within About Fifty Miles of the City of Duluth.
The Largest Uninterrupted Stretch of Iron Ore Formation Ever Found on Any Range
Forty Million Tons Already in Sight and Indications of Millions More.
Duluth Daily News - - 1892-2-21

Iron Range News - 1905 - - click here    (pdf file)
A review of several mining towns on the Iron Range
Bessie Kanter and Sam Shapiro mentioned.

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