Garrett's Friends

Honey is one of Garrett's friends. She is a shepherd mix who lives with our friend John here in Tucson.

John and I were both born in Duluth; he was born a few years later than I was.

John is a Groundwater Consultant and has a website at www.wardgroundwater.com.

The first picture below was taken by John in April but not in Tucson. The rest were taken at the dog park in June 2011.

The six high speed shots above show Honey at the park in June 2011 - - photos courtesy of Max and Larry

Honey and John went to the beach in San Diego in September of 2011. Honey met some other dogs and had fun playing in the water. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full images at higher resolution - then the back button to return.

courtesy of Max and Larry - - hi res

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